Jack glanced at the pink liquid in his cup, realizing he was thoroughly screwed. After all, he was pretty sure orange juice was supposed to be, well, orange. What were the odds that the lighting was just off and Flynn's smirk meant nothing?

It was his own fault. The white-haired boy continuously pranked Flynn so retaliation was expected. Jack had been able to avoid all the obvious pranks, keeping an eye on his friend at all times. However, today he had been distracted.

Elsa Winters was wearing a dress. It sparkled beautifully, drawing Jack's attention to the girl. It was likely his attention would have been on her anyways though, even if her long legs weren't exposed. Were legs supposed to be attractive? Hers sure were. Not to mention, the dress hugged her curves in all the right places.

The boy had been so focused on his magic partner that he didn't even pay mind to the fact that Flynn had willingly gotten him 'orange juice' nor that it wasn't actually orange. It wasn't Jack's fault; he didn't ask to be paired with the most beautiful girl at Enchantment High.

At this school, everyone had a partner, a magical half so to speak. Their powers were meant to complement each other so that they could grow stronger because of it. Most of the time, people with opposite powers were put together; for example, someone with Jack's winter abilities may be paired with someone who controlled fire.

Instead, he was with Elsa. She controlled the same element as him but she did it so differently. Everything the blonde touched was beautiful and controlled. She was always focused, pouring her heart into her power. It was amazing what she could do, honestly, and it never ceased to blow the boy away. Elsa had the detail and structure to turn Jack's abundance of power into something perfect.

Jack shook his head, forcing himself to look away from Elsa and focus on his predicament. "Okay, you win, Flynn. I drank it." Jack wasn't sure what potion it was but normally even a sip was enough to get the job done. "What is it going to do?"

Flynn's smirk widened. "I have no clue what you're talking about." Jack pointed to his drink causing his friend to scoff, placing a hand over his heart. "As if I would give my best friend a potion. No, this is just very special orange juice."

"Special, right." Jack groaned, placing his hands over his face. He needed to figure out what this was in order to accommodate for it. No headache; that was good and ruled out the more serious potions. Of course, Jack already figured his friend wasn't trying to harm him, at least not physically.

Most likely this was meant to humiliate him. The pink color would suggest a love potion but that seemed unlikely. While a person could not tell when they were under a love potion, they did normally realize they suddenly had feelings for someone they didn't like yesterday.

He glanced over at Elsa who was smiling widely while talking to her sister. God, she was so beautiful. Jack was sure he had liked Elsa yesterday too -and many days before that- so it didn't seem to be a love potion.

What else could it be? He closed his eyes, forcing himself to focus on the way his body and mind felt. While his mind seemed clear, his body was tingling a bit. In fact, it felt a bit like he was being drawn towards some unknown force as if a magnet wanted to pull him in but wasn't strong enough.

If it got stronger, Jack would try to figure out where it was leading him. For now, he chose to ignore it, mostly because Elsa was heading over to where he was sitting.

"We're still on for later today, right?" Elsa tilted her head slightly, smiling at him. "To study for that potions quiz?"

Jack nodded. "Of course." In fact, maybe the boy could kill two birds with one stone by using his books to figure out what potion he had consumed. If the symptoms got stronger by the time they studied, it should be easy enough to look up in the book. And if he couldn't find it then surely Elsa could.

While Elsa was the one who first suggested they start studying together, it was Jack who benefited from it the most. On top of being insanely gorgeous, the girl was also intelligent. Even if she didn't study, Jack was sure Elsa would still do fairly well. However, that didn't stop the girl was trying harder than anyone else. She constantly had her nose in a book, always learning something new. Jack admired her endlessly for it.

The pulling sensation on his body suddenly got stronger, his body almost vibrating due to it. He had the overwhelming urge to- well Jack wasn't sure what he wanted, just that he wanted it really badly. Something had made the magnetic effect increase. Was it something that would grow with time or was he triggering it?

Elsa smiled at him, snapping Jack from his thoughts. "I'll see you later then." He watched the blonde until she left the dining hall, leaving his line of sight.

"You're worse this Kristoff." Flynn rolled his eyes. "Keep staring at Elsa like that and I won't be the only one who can see you have feelings for her."

"No one is worse than Kristoff," the boy replied without thought, realizing after that meant he was admitting to staring.

Flynn chuckled slightly. "I don't know what it is about the Winter sisters but you and Kristoff can't keep your eyes off of them. It must be hard being single." The boy shook his head in mock sadness, before looking off in the direction of his girlfriend.

Jack wanted to say something about how he was just as bad with Rapunzel but bit his tongue. If he couldn't figure out what this potion was then he'd have to get Flynn to tell him. Best to stay on his good side, at least for the day.

The boy was glad it was Saturday and he was able to roam the corridors for a bit. Every time he sat down he felt uneasy as if he was too far away from something. He wasn't sure what direction he needed to be going but the longing got worse in certain parts of the castle. It was like a game of hot and cold as Jack tried to find whatever it was he needed.

He didn't understand why Flynn thought this would be amusing. Sure, Jack felt weird but this hardly was a prank. Maybe the boy just wanted Jack to be on edge today; what had the potion even done? Perhaps he was forced to chase something that didn't really exist.

Or maybe it did, Jack realized. He felt better suddenly like he was close to what he needed. He took a few steps forwards, realizing it was getting stronger as he walked down the hallway. Yes, this felt good; Jack's body was tingling as if filled with anticipation. He wanted so desperately to be able to touch something. It was inconvenient to chase something without knowing what it was.

The boy stopped as a door now blocked his path. The girl's sleeping quarters. Of course, Jack realized, feeling the urge to facepalm. He had heard of this before, hadn't he? A potion that makes someone desperately crave the opposite sex. Flynn was probably hoping he'd make a fool of himself in front of some girls, possibly throwing himself at them. The dose seemed mild enough though that Jack felt he could keep himself from doing anything too rash.

He sighed slightly, heading away from the door. It was almost time to study with Elsa anyway; he'd wait in the library. The only problem was the way his body practically demanded he stay by the door, angry with every step he took in the opposite direction. This was going to be a long day.

Jack plopped himself onto a couch on the edge of the library, grabbing his potions book from his bag. He could try to find more about this potion before Elsa arrived. What was it called again? The boy tried to find it based on its symptoms. It was called Inclusive Allure and it was clearly what had taken.

The potion was often pink and the number one symptom was finding oneself drawn to areas that contain many members of the opposite sex; for example, the girl's sleeping quarters. The good news was that the book explained that it would wear off within the next 12 hours.

"You're early," Elsa pointed out, sitting down next to him. "And already studying." The girl leaned to look at the page Jack was on.

Without fully thinking it through, Jack slammed the book shut, his face turning red. He didn't want Elsa to realize he had been stupid enough to drink this potion, nor that he possessed the overwhelming urge to touch her.

Surely Jack could resist the urges though. He clenched his fist, forcing a smile on his face. He always had to hold himself back with Elsa, after all. If there was any girl he could handle being around, it was her; he was used to wanting to touch her. Jack shook his head, realizing how creepy that sounded.

Elsa was staring at him, seeming puzzled. In her defense, Jack had slammed his book close when she tried to look at it. That could be perceived as strange, Jack supposed. He'd have to be more careful.

"So, um, where should we start?" If they got lost in studying then Jack would be able to ignore the way his body felt, the way he scooted closer to Elsa without meaning to. He just wanted to reach up and stroke her hair; it looked so soft. He should take out her braid and run his fingers through her hair. That made sense, didn't it?

Jack reached forward to do just that when Elsa cleared her throat. "Chapter 7." The blonde was flushed now and the boy wanted to place his hand on her cheeks, to combat the heat on her skin with the coolness of his hand.

Elsa looked up from her book, studying the way Jack had stretched out his hand. "Are you, um, are you alright?" She flushed even more, still looking thoroughly confused. "You're acting strange; I should take you to the hospital wing to make sure you're alright."

The concern on her face melted Jack's heart. Beautiful, smart, and kind. Elsa Winters had no flaws. After four years of being partners with her, Jack only ever found more things to love about her. She was truly beautiful inside and out.

Jack couldn't help himself from reaching forward, not when the pull was getting stronger with each passing second. It was like Elsa was a magnet; the white-haired boy was unable to resist the urge to go to her.

His hand stroked her arm, surprising the girl. At least, he assumed she was surprised considering how wide her eyes had gotten. Oh, and her lips; her lips had parted ever so slightly. He needed to touch them, more than he had ever needed anything before.

He moved his other hand up to brush against her lips. He traced them slowly; they were so soft. His finger couldn't fully appreciate them though, Jack realized. Deep down some part of him knew he needed to stop himself but it was overpowered.

"Jack, what are you-" Elsa's lips were beautiful when she talked, so beautiful he couldn't let her finish. He craved to get closer. That was why Jack cut her off with a kiss, his arms wrapping around her. Close wasn't close enough. Still, some part of his brain was active enough to realize it would hurt Elsa if he hugged her any harder. He couldn't hurt something so precious.

"Get-" Elsa tried to say something, but Jack couldn't get himself to let her. Now that he had what he wanted, the boy wasn't sure how he would ever let it go. A part of his mind tried to remind him of the potion; it was ignored though. Well, ignored until he was pushed back.

Elsa was panting deeply, her lips swollen. She stared at him with wide eyes, holding up her hands. "Jack, whatever you're doing, stop. Please stop." She looked close to tears, her body shaking slightly. "I'll freeze you if you come closer."

The boy wanted to stay away, especially when the girl he loved looked so broken. Elsa was always composed and yet now she looked far from it. The boy couldn't hold himself back though. He wanted to hug her, to comfort her. He needed to.

Jack tried to step forward but realized he was unable to do so. Elsa had frozen his feet to the floor, still looking alarmed. "What did you take?" The girl asked, clearly trying to stay calm. "This is more than a prank, isn't it? Someone gave you something."

The boy nodded, trying to find his voice. "Inclusive Allure, page 119." He pointed to his textbook. He wanted desperately to touch her and found himself slightly grateful he was being forced away. "Flynn gave it to me," he added.

Elsa nodded, grabbing the book. She scanned the contents. "No, it can't be that." She looked around the room in confusion. "With how strong it seems to be you would be drawn to the place with the most girls. There are no girls here."

It was true that there was no one in sight, not even the librarian. "You're a girl," Jack pointed out dumbly. "Besides, the potion didn't get this strong until now. You must have just been the closest girl when it fully activated.

The blonde looked unconvinced. "I wouldn't be enough. You should have run out of here. " She was clearly thinking and Jack was glad his partner seemed to have recovered from him kissing her. At least, until she suddenly widened her eyes, scanning the book in horror.

"What is it?"

Elsa didn't look up from the book, her cheeks flushed. "Have you tried to touch any other girls?" Her eyes were scanning the page furiously.

"No, but-"

Elsa threw the book down, grabbing her bag. "I need to go!" And then she ran out, leaving Jack both puzzled and stuck. Immediately an ache grew in his body, urging him to follow her.

He reached down and grabbed his textbook, turning to the page about Inclusive Allure. He hadn't finished reading and had clearly missed something important.

However, it all seemed straightforward. Elsa was right, as usual, about it not making sense that he hadn't run to the biggest group of girls he could find. Still-

Jack froze, his eyes scanning the next page. There was more than one type of Allure; however, Inclusive Allure was the most well-known. There was also Anti-Allure where the drinker wants nothing to do with the opposite sex. And then there was Passion Allure.

The boy wanted to throw himself off a cliff. Had he really thought Flynn wouldn't take advantage of the crush he knew Jack had on Elsa? Passion Allure made it where the consumer felt the overwhelming urge to be near their "heart's obsession".

The worst part though was the tiny print at the bottom of the page: "Passion Allure differs from the other types as it does not create new desires but merely amplifies existing ones, making them nearly impossible to resist." Thar explained why it got much worse when he was around Elsa.

That was that; Jack would start planning his funeral now. Maybe Elsa and Flynn wouldn't mention it to anyone and he could die somewhat peacefully. No one would mock him if he was dead, right? They'd ignore the fact he was stupid enough to drink a potion, misclassify it, and then reveal his love all before dinner, right?

Except, Jack couldn't kill himself. His body literally would not let him. Despite his horror, Jack's legs had begun trying to pull themselves from the ice, trying to run to Elsa. the boy, for once, was glad that Elsa was the only one who could melt ice; there was no way he could break free, right?

The words "nearly impossible to resist" rang through Jack's head as he looked down at his bloody legs. What would it take to stop him? He was running now, the pull strong enough that Jack's body knew exactly where to go. For a moment, the boy wondered if what they really meant was that it was impossible to ignore.

He ran out of the school, heading towards the nearby lake. Now he knew where his body was leading him. Elsa had a spot out here she liked to go. It was by the lake, a tree blocking Elsa from the view of those at the school. The pair had studied there before.

Sure enough, the blonde was there, staring at the water with an empty expression. He didn't feel like confronting her nor like talking about this. He couldn't stay away though.

Still, Jack knew kissing her again wouldn't make the situation any better. Using all his willpower, Jack shot ice at his bloody ankles, forcing him to stay still a few feet from Elsa. He made the ice thick, hoping it would hold him.

Elsa turned to him in surprise, her eyes focusing on the blood. "I am so sorry," she immediately burst out, her empty expression turning into concern. "I should have known the potion would force you to try and break free. We need to take you to the hospital wing." She lifted her hand to melt the ice.

"Don't!" Jack flushed at her startled expression. "I don't want to do anything to you." He was close enough to her that the pull was partly satisfied. He still felt uneasy though, his body begging to be closer.

Elsa hesitated for a moment before dropping her hand. "They might have something for the potion too." The blonde averted her eyes. She fumbled with the bottom of her dress nervously.

Jack took a deep breath, ignoring the blood rushing to his face. He had to bite the bullet. "I know you already know this because, well, the potion makes it fairly obvious. It's interesting, isn't it, how magic can do stuff like this. I wonder who sat down and thought they should try and make a potion to-" The boy cut himself off, shaking his head. "I'm stalling, sorry."

The source of Jack's affection looked up at him, smiling gently. It was clear she didn't feel comfortable right now, especially since she scooted back when Jack's body tried to spring towards her. Elsa was trying to listen though and that was enough. Even if she rejected him after, he'd live.

"You're smart and driven. You push yourself constantly, achieving things I never would have even thought of. You make me want to try harder, to be a better partner. You're sweet too, constantly helping me out." He rubbed the nape of his neck, averting his eyes slightly. "Or not punching me in the face for randomly kissing you."

That was, apparently, the wrong thing to say. Once Jack's mind focused back on her lips he couldn't remember what he had been trying to say before. "I've always wanted to kiss you, to touch you. I mean, not in a creepy way, I just want to play with your hair and hug you and give you all the love you deserve." Love. Jack shook his head, remembering suddenly that he had been trying to confess love. "And I do. Love you, I mean. I, um, love you."

Elsa wasn't looking at him anymore, her head turned away. "Why didn't you do those things then?" The girl cleared her throat. "Before the potion, I mean."

Because it almost made you cry, Jack thought. "I just-" He shrugged, even though she wasn't facing him. "I didn't know how you'd respond. We have such a good friendship; it wasn't worth the risk of losing you."

The girl slowly turned her head. "The potion won't make you do anything you didn't already want to do, right?" She asked softly, her eyes focused on his.

"No, but I won't be able to sto-" Jack collapsed to the floor as the ice around his ankles disappeared, his body suddenly jerking forward. He tried to force himself back, wondering why Elsa would let him go.

"I just wanted to make sure I wasn't taking advantage of you." Elsa gave him a shy smile before grabbing hold of his arm and pulling him towards her. Without so much as a warning, her lips were on his. Jack would have felt guilty but, well, she had initiated it, hadn't she?

They kissed each other vigorously and even if Jack had been able to hold back, he wouldn't have. This was pure bliss. He just didn't understand where it was coming from. The potion fought with his brain for control. Half of him wanted to pull Elsa closer, the other wanted to pull away and get an explanation. Surprisingly, the ladder won.

Jack broke the kiss, unable to pull his mouth more than a few inches away. "Why are you kissing me?" She had been completely unresponsive in the library.

Elsa shrugged slightly. "At first I was afraid it was a prank."

"Els, I would never-"

She nodded, cutting him off. "I know, I was just afraid." The vulnerability in her eyes surprised the boy. "And then I realized you had taken something and I didn't want to take advantage of that, not if you didn't want it too. I just, well, I'm kissing you because I love you."

Jack couldn't hold himself back any longer, his lips attacking the girl before him. Elsa loved him; he was fairly certain nothing could make him happier than that. Perhaps he should give Flynn a present rather than pranking him back. No, that would mess with the balance of their friendship. Slipping a color-changing potion in Flynn's shampoo would do the trick. Maybe he'd also buy the boy that chocolate he liked though.

However, the boy couldn't think much about it, not when he had Elsa Winters pressed up against him. Yes, Flynn definitely deserved chocolates for helping make this happen.