This MonStar AU features aspects of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Dragon Ball, Owl House, Hazbin Hotel, and The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Films and Agents of SHIELD. This Introduction will Label the Important Kingdoms, Organizations, Species, and Locations in a special chapter. Note that this is only gonna label the major and important things as well as not go into detail due to three major reasons. Reason 1: To be able to surprise the readers, Reason 2: Being unimportant, and Reason 3: Being a very Small Number of them. Examples for Reason 3 are Celestials, and Races that Beerus, Whis, and Glossaryck are a part of. Note: may change over time, but I'll try to keep it to a minimal

Major Locations: Mewni, Asgard, Beerus' Planet, Echo Creek, The Nether Realm, SHIELD's Avenger Academy, St. Olga's Reform School, Boiling Isles, Pixtopia, and Wakanda.

Major Kingdoms: Asgard, Kree Empire, Butterfly Kingdom, Kingdom of Wakanda, Pixtopia, Magne Kingdom, and Lucitor Kingdom.

Major Organizations/Companies: Magic and Chi High Commission, SHIELD, Capsule Corp, Stark Industries, Advanced Idea Mechanics, Vox's Multimedia, Daily Bugle, Oscorp, Immediate Murder Professionals, Pixie's Mirror Technologies, Blight Industries, and The Frieza Force

Major Species

Supernatural/Magic: Kitsunes, Septarians, Dragons, Minotaurs, Kappas, Demons, Mewmans, Pixies, Witches, and Frog Monsters

Cosmic: Saiyans, Kree, Asgardians, Tenos, Arcosians, and Klyntars

Genetic/Tech: Humans and Inhumans