Remus had watched her fall, unable to do anything about it. He'd had his own battles to fight, Harry to protect, Bellatrix at his back, Sirius falling into in the Veil.

When the dust began to clear and Dumbledore started sending everyone back to Hogwarts, Remus knelt next to Tonks, Mad Eye beside them, waiting their turn.

"Her breathing is steady." Mad Eye reported, having checked it several times. He was worried about his protege though the tough Auror wouldn't admit it publically.

"You've said." After making sure Harry had been sent to Hogwarts safely, Remus had picked up one of Tonks' limp hands and not let go. He'd lost one friend tonight, he was determined to not lose another.

"We'll be going to Hogwarts tonight. Most likely she'll end up in St Mungo's." Mad Eye knew Tonks had some nasty injuries. "Sprout and Pomfrey are good healers but Tonks might need more. Not to mention, they can't keep an Auror at Hogwarts."

"Are you ready?" Dumbledore had saved the trio for last. "I would suggest you each put a hand on the portkey and use your other to help her through. It won't be an easy trip for her but soon over."

Remus and Mad Eye nodded and adjusted themselves to each prop Tonks up in an awkward manner as so to hopefully not make any injuries worse and held on to the Portkey, a golden wizard's head.

Just as Dumbledore had said it was a quick trip and they were stumbling into the Hogwarts infirmary within seconds. It was brightly lit and after the darkness of the Ministry's halls it took a moment to adjust.

Remus could see the kids had arrived safely and were being taken care of by Madame Pomfrey, who was flitting back and forth between the beds. No one was seriously hurt but almost all of them had various bumps and bruises. He recalled Hermione had been knocked unconscious even. He didn't see Harry at all. Before asking about the boy, he and Mad Eye carried a still limp Tonks to an empty bed to wait her turn with the healer.

"Where's Harry?" he finally asked, summoning a chair to sit in next to Tonks' bed. It was a great relief to sit and be safe for a moment. Hogwarts had always been his safe place.

"Dumbledore has already snatched him up into his office. He's fine." Neville seemed to have faired better then some of the others, Pomfry had already fixed his nose. "I think everyone made it back."

Mad Eye shook his head. "Not quite everyone, boy. Sirius Black got pushed into the Veil."

Neville looked stunned at this. He didn't know what to say anymore.

Remus didn't want to think about it. He just wanted to sit beside Tonks and go blank in his mind. He leaned back in his chair, never letting go of her hand.

The light streaming through the oversized windows in the infirmary woke Remus the next morning. It'd been a long night, and he'd finally dozed off for good close to dawn. Tonks had never awakened to his dismay.

As he looked around at familar yet not surroundings he realized the kids were gone. He supposed this meant none of them had had bad injuries, which he was glad about, one person badly hurt and another gone forever was enough to handle. Mad Eye seemed to be gone as well, and Remus wondered where the old Auror had gone off to.

In the bright lights, Remus studied the still sleeping Tonks. She looked better, he thought. Still asleep, but the bruises seemed a little less in the morning then they had the night before. Pomfrey had fixed Tonks' broken arm as well, it no longer hung at an awkward angle. She looked peaceful and he was glad to let her have bit of peace before she woke up to being cursed, her cousin dead, and war been declared. That brought him to sudden realization, the last conversation he'd ever had with Sirius had been about Tonks. It was a bit sombering to realize. It'd been so wonderful to have his old friend back even for a little while.

"Wotcher." Tonks slurred, eyes opening at last.

That certainly got Remus' attention. "Wotcher yourself." he attempted to get out of the chair, but his knees protested as he hadn't moved much since the night before.

She looked around, seeming to be confused as to where she was.

"You're at Hogwarts," he informed her. "They're going to transfer you to St Mungo's later, Pomfrey isn't fully equipped to take care of you."

That seemed to confuse her even more. She struggled to say something but whatever curse she'd been hit with was making it difficult for her to focus on words.

"Hey, now, don't worry. They've got good healers there, you're going to be fine." Remus hoped so. "You don't need to speak, don't worry about it."

Tonks smiled at him, the most glorious smile he'd ever seen. It was a very welcome sight after the long night.

Before lunch, Madame Pomfrey had made the arrangements to send Tonks to St Mungo's via the Floo system.

"Now, don't you worry, Mr Lupin, it's not going to be a difficult journey for her. Why, I'll just dust her, shove her in and bam, there she'll be, right there in the hospital." Pomfrey bustled about her infirmary, the events of the night before seem to have baffled her.

"I plan on going with her." Remus said, slowly. He hadn't actually given it much thought until the arrangements were made.

Pomfrey glanced over at him but didn't argue. "It wouldn't be hard for you to follow. But they're not expecting you, just her. Might be better if you popped down to Diagon Alley first and went through the visitor's entrance."

"Seems ridiculous when I'm already here." he pointed out.

"Have it your way." She made her way back to Tonks' bed. "I've the Floo powder right here, they're expecting her any moment now, so we need to get her closer to the fireplace."

"Hey." Remus leaned closer to Tonks, who was awake, but hadn't tried to talk much since her first unsuccesful attempt."We're going to St Mungo's now.

"Duh." she replied. She'd listened to the whole conversation.

He gave her a smile, he had known she was paying attention even it hadn't seemed like it. "I wouldn't be surprised to find old Mad Eye there, waiting to yell at your healers."

"He likes me." she was sticking to short easy sentences, it was still hard to focus. Pomfrey had given her something to fix the concussion but Remus was worried it hadn't been caused by the fall but by whatever curse it'd been that Bellatrix had thrown at Tonks. Tonks, at least, seemed oblivious to that for now.

"He does, indeed. Mad Eye doesn't truly like many, but I think you're one of the lucky ones."

"But you love me."

That stopped Remus. "Um, it might be best you not mention that in the hospital." he wasn't even sure he was going to be allowed in the hospital. It wasn't very well known he was a werewolf but he could never be sure who exactly knew or when.

"Okay." Tonks shrugged.

"Now, if you'll help her into the fireplace. I fixed the bones, so she's able to stand just fine but since you're insisting on going with her, you may as well help her." Pomfrey told Remus.

He reached for Tonks, to help her up and out of the bed. "Short trip, then new bed." Together they shuffled the few feet to the fireplace Pomfrey had enlarged to accomodate both of them at once.

"Tell me when you are ready, I'll throw the Floo powder on the both of you, and remember to speak clearly. You'll be there in no time and they're waiting, so no time to waste!"


The powder was thrown and the pair was zipped along the Floo system, arriving at St Mungo's before they had time to think.

Tonks was whisked away by the healers and Remus was left to his own devices for the unforeseeable future.

For once in his life, he didn't like being alone. Thoughts of the night before crowded his mind, his final conversation with Sirius, his talk with Tonks, the battle at the Ministry, it was overwhelming him. He slumped against the wall, everything catching up to him.

Hours, or maybe minutes later, Remus wasn't sure, someone tapped on his shoulder. He looked up to find Mad Eye standing over him. "Why are you in the hallway, boy?"

"Good to see you,too." Remus mumbled. "Waiting for Tonks." he said, louder.

"Well, go see her then. They put her in a room already. Her parents have been notified," Mad Eye's voice lowered, "by the Order, so they won't be coming straight away." he nodded. "But she's going to be fine. Probably go home in a few days or so if all goes well. And it will!" he stared down a healer coming down the hall. The healer scurried away past Mad Eye.

The action almost made Remus smile. "Where is she?"

"Right down here," Mad Eye pulled Remus to his feet. "She's asked for you, so you best be going to her." he paused. "Remember who trained her?"

Remus looked at him, baffled. "You did. Why?"

"Good. Now, if you hurt her in any way, remember that. If she doesn't curse you, I will." Mad Eye stumped away, leaving Remus at the door of Tonks' room.

He stared after the old auror, speechless.

Tonks was awake and sitting in bed when Remus came in. She did look considerably better, for which he was thankful. He'd hoped whatever curses she'd been hit with wouldn't be too long lasting. It had seemed most of her injuries had been physical from falling down the stairs rather then magical, but he was no healer and hadn't been in a good mindset to judge.

"Wotcher, Remus." she even sounded better.

"You look better." he said, suddenly a bit shy.

"I feel a lot better. Don't remember much of what happened though. I know we went to the Ministry and there were Death Eaters." she looked a bit confused still. "Were we at Hogwarts last night, too? I think I remember that."

"Yeah, we went to Hogwarts after the Ministry. Pomfrey felt you'd be better off here at St Mungo's for whatever the curses were you got hit with."

She nodded, slowly. "Dunno what they did exactly, but it sure knocked me around." she paused. "Anyone else hurt?"

"Some of the kids had some bumps and bruises, nothing too major. Pomfrey took care of them."

"That's good." she was quiet.

He inched closer to her bed, taking a seat in the plush chair that was conveniently by the bed. Tonks reached out for his hand, grasping it tightly. "I'm glad you're all right."

He gave her a small smile, there was much she didn't know yet, but for now, they were together and both safe. "I'm glad you're all right too." Remus decided she didn't need to know yet about Sirius, that they could just sit together in peace, short lived as it would be.

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