"Kay Ma!" Izuku shouted as he pulled his head out of the engine. He looked around and glanced at his mother, who was sitting comfortably in their old work truck. Somehow, she managed to make the whole truck look a whole lot bigger than it actually was, but then again, she wasn't like him or Pa in that regard. "Start'er up!"

Inko nodded and started up the truck—the clutch bucked slightly, but he could fix that in a moment—and then the engine purred to life. The old work truck was held together largely by elbow grease, prayer, and what his mother liked to call 'Izuku-Ingenunity' which he reckoned was a thing given how he was accepted into U.A. despite being quirkless. Though, most people never believed him when he told them that.

His mother hopped out of the truck with the engine still running and rushed over to give him a hug, her arms not quite able to wrap around him. "I knew you'd be able to fix her, Izuku!" She beamed up at him and patted him on the chest with a slight wink. "All those legos we got you have finally started to pay off. Your father wanted to take a look at it, but you know how useless he is with machines."

"Hey now Ma, that's not right, Pa's plenty good at wreckin' machines." Izuku gave a light laugh and looked around the spacious garage that had once functioned as his workshop, spotting several unfinished projects designed around making his Ma's life a bit easier around the ranch. Sure, Pa could do most of the work, but there was still a lot for her to do, and while she was strong for a woman her size, she was still a woman of her size.

"Oh, I'm well aware of your father's penchant for destruction, but you know him, he's a gentle soul. It's why he insists on taking care of the cattle himself." Inko gave a short sigh and shook her head, her long green ponytail swishing like a stubborn horse's tail. She clapped the truck with a smile and gestured towards the trailer filled to the brim with produce. "Now I can make it to market day while the gettin's good! Might even make a donation to U.A. so they give my baby boy some of that preferential treatment."

Inko gave him a sly wink that made her look like the troublesome mischief-maker of her youth. From the photos that Izuku had seen, his mother had been a delinquent. Mitsuki, whose house he was staying at in Tokyo for school, had confirmed that on multiple occasions with photos, a promo video, and even a gangster tattoo on her back.

Whether or not his mother may or may not have a tattoo was a mystery that Izuku was quite content to take to his grave.

"You know Ma," He let her name drawl off of his lips for a moment as he tried to think of the right words to say. "If it's too much for you and Pa, I can drop out and help out around the farm."

"Hell no." His mother's rebuttal was swift, sharp, and final. "You are far too smart to be wasting it on farm equipment Izuku, that funny little rat from U.A. said so himself, so if me and your father have to work a little harder, so be it."

"But Ma, I—"

"What? You got someone bullying you down there? You're at a hero school, who the hell would bully you there? Just sic Mitsuki's boy on them, Katsuki's like an over-caffeinated yappy dog that will actually tear a fucking ankle off if you're not careful." Inko let out a sigh and looked towards the spot where a tree once stood. Said tree had been an old cherry blossom that had meant something to someone at some point and went up in cinders when Katsuki got just a bit on the ornery side of things. It wasn't intentional, the boy just had some anger issues, and the fact that Izuku was just a year older than him seemed to piss Katsuki off.

But, they were technically friends, because while Katsuki wanted to be a hero, Izuku just wanted to make things to help people. Well, that and swing a big-ass hammer at villains, but he technically wasn't allowed to do that.


"No, no, most of my classmates are real nice Ma. I get along with most of them, and this year Maijima-sensei is giving me the keys to the workshop."

"Good!" Inko spun and wagged her finger at him. "Now, no more talk about you coming home to work on this farm. Help me load up, and I'll give you a ride to the village."

"Yes Ma'"

Despite being among the smallest of the critters on the farm, there was little to no doubt that his Ma was the one in charge. Only the goats argued with her.

"That's right. Now, provided nothing else breaks down, me and your father included, the next time you're here you best bring along a girlfriend." Inko opened, slammed, and shut multiple items as she spoke, but the words carried with them a clear ultimatum that he was to have a girlfriend the next time he came home or there would be nothing on this green earth that would stop his mother's disappointed scowl. She might even beat him with a sandal.

"What? A girlfriend? But, I, uhh, It's not that simple Ma, most of them are cityfolk, and I'm—"

Besides, there was already a certain girl he had his eye on: an amazing, kind, cheerful woman that he had only seen glimpses of from time to time. There was the sports festival where she flew through the air like a fairy, the beauty pageant where she dazzled them all with her stellar moves, and a few glimpses in the lunchroom when she got excited and flew off.

"You have the biggest heart there, Izuku." His mother scoffed and looked him in the eye. She placed a hand up onto his chest and patted softly right above his heart. "Likely literally. You are sweet, handsome, and what's her name?"

"Huh?" Izuku asked, looking down at his much smaller mother. He didn't realize he had been smiling just then.

"What. Is. Her. Name." His mother tapped her foot on the ground between each word.

Lucky, his mother's favorite horse, neighed in agreement.

"Don't you play coy with me Izu-ku-Mi-do-ri-ya." She spoke his name like each syllable was its own word and looked at him with a wry grin on her face. "You were thinking about her right then, weren't you?"

"Uhh, yeah,"

"Then tell me her name."

Izuku stared at the trailer hitch as he fastened it into place. His own belongings had already been placed into the back of his mother's truck; there was a lot less there than when his mother first drove him all the way to Tokyo. He shrugged. Well if he couldn't tell his own mother who he had a crush on, he might never get around to telling anyone.

"Nejire Hado."

"That's a lovely name," Inko smiled and hopped into the truck. "Now go tell your father goodbye."


In Mei's opinion, orientation was boring. And worse. Classes were boring.

She had to sit through terrible things like English, and History, and Art, and Math, and so many other classes until she got to the fun part of the day! How on earth were her teachers expecting her to sit through several boring hours first thing in the morning when there were babies to be made!? There was no way she'd be able to stay awake through all that, especially not with the promise of being able to make some really high-quality babies! She'd been stocking up on ideas too!

There was a physical need in her body that was manifesting itself as an itch in the back of her head that was telling her that she absolutely had to make something as soon as possible. Or, it could just be that she hadn't taken a shower in a while and the filth was getting to her.

Either way, that certainly explained why her classmates were avoiding her.

But that didn't matter.

What mattered was what they thought of her babies!

But to do that she needed to survive until the afternoon where her sensei (What was his name again?) would take them to the workshop.


What happens if she didn't get to make something?

That was how this was going to go, wasn't it?

Her sensei was just going to show them the workshop and go over rules and other junk that the rest of her class needed to hear but she didn't. She knew all the stuff in there! Probably. And if she didn't, she'd read the manual, and if it didn't have a manual, then she'd make a manual for it! Sure, her manuals were simple, but that was fine. For the most part, the simpler the instructions, the better they were!

For example, her older brother often told her not to burn the house down whenever she was left alone. And that was easy to do!

Mei drummed her fingers along her desk, eyes locked firmly onto the clock as she watched it click slowly, ever so slowly, towards the final stretch of classes for the day.




All rolled into one three-hour stretch of time that she was just waiting to dive into. There was a good chance she'd even be able to convince Whateverhisnameis-Sensei that he should totally keep the workshop open and let her stay late and make her first baby! She was so creatively constipated that her first real support item was probably going to be the best thing ever!

Maybe she'd be able to live in there?

"Alright class." Whateverhisnameis-Sensei tapped on the podium with a large metallic claw and then scratched his own chin. Was it normal for their sensei to be shirtless? "Since today is the first day of class, we'll be going over the basic functions of the workshop, and more importantly, safety protocols."


"Sensei!" Mei stood in her seat and held her hand up. "Will we be able to make something today?"

Whateverhisnameis-Sensei glared at her for a moment before he nodded. "The workshop will be open after class if you manage to pass the safety test."


Mei was at the front of the line as she followed their sensei to the workshop. Well, one of the workshops at U.A. There were a few depending on the needs. There was the general mechanic workshop for boring mundane stuff, the large robot workshop that was for third years and up, then, there was her ultimate goal: the gear workshop where students and teachers alike created support items for heroes at the request of students and teachers alike!

And from there, she'd be able to get her foot in the door as up-and-coming heroes would use her gear! And then marketing would see her and she'd be able to sell her babies to them and get lots of money to make more babies so she could get even more money for even more babies! And then she'd retire, build a giant robot, run out of cash, and then start making babies again from ground zero!

Repeat until dead!

Her brother was both impressed and concerned by her life plan.

Her former teachers were mostly just concerned.

She had to remove the part about going to the moon and creating robots that could mine asteroids in a timely manner.

But those were still a part of her plan!

Mei could barely contain her excitement as they entered the workshop. It took all of her willpower not to dive into the component cabinets, grab the welder and the plasma cutters, and start working on some babies!

"Alright, welcome to the Creation Station," Whateverhisnameis-Sensei began a long spiel about how they were going to be using this area for projects and other such things, but Mei was too busy focusing on all the different tools she was going to be able to use in the near future. They had a fabricator here!

"Ahh, and before I forget." Whateverhisnameis-Sensei clapped his metal hands and opened a back door. "Izuku, come on out, you need to introduce yourself."

A large green-haired man stepped out from the back room. He dwarfed her by a lot, and just one of his large muscular arms probably weighed as much as she did. A farmer's tan could be seen on his arms despite the fact that he had on a tank top that left his broad and mountainous shoulders exposed. With a casual motion, he pulled off the large gloves on his hands and placed them on a table.

Then his smile lit up the world.

"Pleasure to meet y'all. I'm Izuku Midoriya; I help Maijima-sensei in the workshop. I hope we can all get along."

She knew that Izuku was talking to everyone.

But, it really felt like he was talking just to her.

After a moment's consideration, her ovaries decided to explode, taking her plans for the future along for the ride.

AN: I finally found an idea that lets me write Mei and Nejire with Izuku in it.