"Hey Nejire!"

Nejire spun, a tiny bottle of milk pressed to her lips to help her recharge from hero training, and to replenish her skin after having taking a shower to get rid of all that sweat. It was a good thing she could dry her hair by sending her quirk through it! Her Wave-Motion even styled it! She came a long way from hating her quirk because it made her sleepy when she was little.

Yuyu stuck her entire body into the locker room, her hair was a bright neon pink this month that made her look like she had fallen out of some sexy cyberpunk anime! Oh! And Nejire looked like that too! Blue and pink were so good together. Maybe that was why she liked purple.

With one last gulp, Nejire let out the traditional sigh that came with drinking milk. Milk after a bath wasn't the most uncommon thing in Japan, but a lot of people didn't like the taste of milk. At first Nejire did too, but she kept at it for one very stupid reason. An upperclassmen that had huge boobies told her that she got them because she drank milk after every bath. And so Nejire started to do the same.

She honestly had no idea if it worked or not, but, Yuyu hated drinking milk and she was—

"Seriously, I get it you're busty, now stop comparing our tits and get dressed." Yuyu blushed and crossed her arms with a huff, "Seriously, despite how cute you are it's like you have a boob for a brain."

"Well that's not true at all! I got lots of stuff in my brain! Like, how to beat Mirio in the sports festival, or how to get Tamaki to stop being a chicken and ask that one girl out, or how I can get Ryukyu to dress cuter!-"

"Clothes Nejire." Yuyu gave that sigh that normally meant she needed to hurry.

"But, I like running around naked," Nejire stuck her tongue out and dove back into her locker, her hero suit was already tucked away into her briefcase and she was all set for spending a weekend at Ryukyu's agency again. "Anyway's what's up? You're normally busy with the student council this period right?"

"Yeah, kind of, but, that guy from the support department wants to talk to you."

Nejire pulled her head through her under shirt and stared at Yuyu for a second. Shedid put in that request for a support item recently, but there was no way that they were done already right? Also she said guy. "Which one?"

Not that she knew many of the people in the support department, let alone the guys, but she was loosely aware of a few.

"The one that has a crush on you."

Nejire stopped buttoning her skirt for a moment and gave Yuyu the best stink eye she could manage. Did she have any idea how little that narrowed it down? "Is it the the tall one with green hair and has unironically said 'ya'll' at least once a day?"

"Yeah, his name's Izuku, apparently he's done with your support item and wants you to test it out and see if there's any additional modifications you want." Yuyu scratched the back of her head and sighed. "I honestly don't know why everyone treats me as the 'go get Nejire' girl."

"Because you love me." Nejire gave Yuyu the biggest open mouth smile that she could muster. "And you've been my BFF forever."

"Don't remind me," Yuyu groaned. "Anyways, I guess head to the workshop after class or something."

Nejire nodded. "Kay! You wanna come with?"

"Nah, I have student council stuff to deal with, and then I have to head home early to take care of my brother." Yuyu let out a sigh and shook her head. "Besides, no offense but watching you test stuff is kind of boring."

"What? But you used to love watching me train!"

"Not really, I was just bad at standing up for myself and couldn't say no." Yuyu waved her off and headed towards the door. "Oh, and I guess I should thank you for helping me grow a spine."

Nejire pouted as she watched her friend vanish behind the door.

And then frowned when she realized how tight her bra was. Either it shrunk in the wash, or the milk was paying off.

Still, bras were expensive.

Wait, could she order a bra from the support course? Wait, then she'd only be allowed to use it in her hero costume. She bet the support department could make great bras, even if she preferred to free boob.


Now that she thought about it she had never even talked to Izuku, let alone actually seen him, sure, most of that was because she always ate her lunch on the roof with Yuyu and she struggled hard to come up with any support items that wouldn't just be wasting people's time. So, all she knew about Izuku was that he was a second year, he had green hair, he had a crush on her, and apparently he was from the boonies.

"Come to think of it," Nejire paused in front of the workshop and tapped on her chin. How come she'd never been in here before? Ever since she had seen her neighbor wearing a grease stained tank top while working on her car in the summer heat she had a mild to severe thing for grease monkeys. Oh right, Bibimi existed.

It wasn't that Nejire hated Bibimi, it was just, the two time winner of the Miss con contest had a habit of rubbing Nejire the wrong way.

Which was really hard because Nejire actually liked to be rubbed.

She still wasn't exactly sure which version she liked more, a grease monkey girl or a grease monkey boy. Both had their merits, on the one hand the girl would likely be a tomboy and have short messy hair and exposed upper arms, and if she had big boobies that'd be a bonus too. But if it was a guy, then it would just be great! Especially if they were buff!

With a hum, Nejire opened up the door to the workshop and was greeted by a beehive of busy bodies buzzing around a bunch of workstations as they made a bunch of gizmos and doodads. But despite the business she found herself drawn towards the back corner where she saw a grease covered angel with pink hair.

It wasn't the first time that Nejire had been attracted to a girl, and it wouldn't be the last, but, something about this girl, probably the fact that she had thick pink hair that just looked like someone had stuck a bunch of bubble gum on her head and called it good, or the fact that the tank-top she was wearing was tight across her chest.

Who was bigger? Did she drink milk? What was her name? What was with those goggles? Could she try them on? Oh! Her eyes were pretty! Were those because of her quirk? What was she making? It looked like a boot. Why was she making a boot? Where was the other one? Where'd she get so dirty? Did she wanna take a bath?

"Ahh, Nejire," The slightly raspy voice of one of the shirtless teachers —she never talked to him so she never learned his name besides he was the support teacher—waved her over from behind a large desk that had a solid stone countertop that looked far more damaged than anything else at U.A. "You're just on time."

"I am?" She asked looking around the busy support room again, she didn't see anyone that looked like they would say ya'll to her or with green hair. "Was there some appointment or something?"

"Just a phrase," the metal-clad sensei leaned forward and pointed a metal claw towards a back room. "Izuku's in there, and make sure you don't let that stench out."


"Close the door behind ya."

"Ahh, got it, thank you Metal-Hand-sensei!"

"Its Power Loader!"

"Oh! Sorry!"

The moment Nejire entered the room she was hit by a pungent sour smell that was blended with the strong burning scent of bleach. Did she need a mask or something? Was this why she never met Izuku? Did he just smell like this all the time? She plugged her nose and looked around the room. More advanced looking tools lined the walls and there was even a large stand that had what looked like a half built All Might sized robot, or armor. Scattered on a clean looking metallic table was a bunch of bags in trays with several little dishes with stuff in them that were soaked in some stuff that looked like water, but probably wasn't water.

All of that was fine and all, but all of her attention was drawn in towards the black hole in the room.

Why the hell did no one tell her that there was a sweaty, grease covered, green haired version of All Might that was younger than her? That was hitting so many boxes she was going to need to have to come up with a whole damn test just to cover everything! Like, he was tall, really really tall, why? Why was he so tall? Was that his quirk? It didn't have to be, because of random mutation quirks, it wasn't uncommon for someone to just randomly be fucking tall, but still, this guy's arms look bigger than her entire body!

She knew the saying anything more than a handful was a waste but if that was a case she'd need head sized boobs to even come close to wasting boob around this guy.

Seriously, this guy had a crush on her? What the hell! Why did no one mention that he was so tall and hunky, and beefy?

"Uhh," her voice was off due to her pinched nose. "You wanted to see me?"

Izuku jumped, his attention had been on some kind of a project or something, and she had disrupted that. A mask and goggles obscured much of his face, but still she could see the shock and panic in his. It was almost as bad as Tamaki when anything with a pulse talked to him. "Nejire! You're." He looked towards the clock. "On time! Sorry, I was busy and got lost in my quirk and, oh, we should get out of here, I'm sure it stinks."

She barely understood what was happening before she was escorted out of the room and back into the busy beehive of busy bodies.

"Why'd it stink in there? What were you making? What was with all of those little dishes? Were you making drugs."

"Huh?" Izuku pulled off his goggles and mask, okay, she needed to stab the person who told her that Izuku had a crush on her but failed to mention the fact that he was tall, buff, had a great smile and just looked like a great guy. And her size-queen senses were tingling, even if it was just proportional…

"Oh, that? Uhh," Izuku scratched the back of his head his cheeks were growing redder by the moment. "Well, you're friends with that Mirio guy right?"

Nejire nodded.

"Wel, I'm busy trying to figure out how to turn toenails, boogers, and hair into a glass or something else see-through." Izuku blinked and let his arm drop. "It's as gross as it sounds, sorry you had to smell that, I wanted to wait for ya out here."

"Oh, don't worry, it was kind of neat, besides, I can smell fine now." She took in a deep breath of the smell of the workshop and regretted it slightly as she still smelt a bit of those chemicals. "But what'd you want to see more for?"

To ask her out? She'd say yes.

"Oh right!" Izuku clapped his hands and gave her a great big smile that reminded her of a five year old being told to cheese for a camera. The fact that a seven foot tall man was doing it was just adorable. "Hey, May, can you bring me Nejire's bracers?"

"Huh?" The pink haired grease angel asked from across the shop. "Oh, her, right."

In the blink of an eye the pink haired girl appeared in front of them holding a set of seafoam green bracers.

"Oooh," Nejire floated a bit and looked at them. "Those are super pretty, are they really going to help me direct my waves?"

"Should," Izuku admitted and grabbed one of the pair. "At least after some fine tuning, that's what I wanted to talk to you about, If you're free we can start testing right away."

"Oooh! That sounds fun! I think Gym Epsilon is open right now."

"Great!" Izuku laughed, "Let's head on over there, May, did you want to come?"

'May' looked towards Izuku and then back towards her own project before looking back towards Izuku before she nodded.

She was going to have both a big giant teddy bear kouhai and a slightly grumpy curvy as heck kouhai watch her shoot lasers out of her hands? This was going to be a great day!

AN: And here we have Nejire! (Originally she was supposed to show up like way after the sports festival but that was too slow for this story)