She awoke in a flash with a scream, throwing the pillow across the entire room. She flew off the bed, off her blankets, before her foot hit air and she nosedived face-first into the hardwood floor. That was when she realized. Damn.

"Right. I'm not being pursued anymore." she said. That was when she realized that she was covered in sweat. And she remembered. The nightmare that she had for what felt like... what?



She got out of her sweaty nightclothes, and showered before preparing herself for the morning. Throughout the entire day, however, she never left sight of her Colt 45 automatic pistol. Dressing herself up, she inserted the weapon into her right pocket, it's handle sticking out enough that it was concealed, but can be drawn at a moment's notice. Then, she walked out. Checking the mountain of unpacked boxes lining the corridor like a primitive barricade, she sighed.

Those are a bunch of rifles and grenades, anyways. she thought.

Or ammunition boxes.

At least they would make a half-decent combat door if they tried to break in. Not that she was going to fight, but she was taking no chances. Her enemies came with automatic rifles and a host of other stuff, after all.

All the while, the nightmare of the previous night ran through her mind.

She would be standing in the rain, immobilized and helpless as she saw the Panther's treads suddenly be destroyed as explosions simultaneously detonated across its hull. She would be helpless as the disabled tank slide of the ground to hang over the riverbank, only to be shoved in by more explosions. She would struggle against her invisible restraints, and they would let go with another explosion. She was find herself in the cramped tank slowly filling up with water, as she saw her faceless comrades turn to face her.

"You killed us," they would say.

"You let them murder us."

"You knew they sabotaged this tank, and yet you ignored it."

"It's because of you."

As the tank filled more, the voice would slowly die down. Then, another explosion would rock the tank and kill them all.

The nightmare would then repeatedly torment her throughout the day—


She was suddenly awoken from her replaying nightmare by the lamppost that she had walked into.

Well shit.

Beside her, a few girls dressed in white and green walked past her, their voices lost to the wind.

Anyways, I'm not pursued anymore. she thought.

After all, today was a new day. She had left Kuromorimine and her strict mother behind. She had successfully escaped the terrible hand of the secret society that had murdered her loved ones and sabotaged her life. She might not be granted happiness, or whatever excuse of "happiness" did someone like her have to after whatever she'd done, but perhaps her life was finally on a new direction. She kept walking through the streets of the Zuikaku as she made her way to school. Still, the nightmare kept replaying.

She would stand in the rain

The Panther would explode

It would be shoved into the river

She would then struggle

The voices would berate her

The bomb would kill them all

The rainfall

The explosions

The river

The voices

The bomb


She didn't even hear her teacher calling her name.

"Huh?" She said as she snapped back to the present as a girl with long orange hair sitting behind her to her right kicked the bottom of her chair. Her thoughts left the explody river behind as she found herself sitting in a classroom. The teacher was motioning at her.

"Nishizumi? Can you answer this question?"

Miho nodded.

Oh, here we go.

She raised her hand.

"I can!"

South Pacific, Kawasaki National Academy schoolship Forward Unto Dawn

The morning sun shone bright. The wind blew swiftly. Schoolgirls walked with each other, their chatter lost to the wind as they walked with each other on their way home from school. Never could there be a more carefree community. But then, there was one.

As the wind blew, the sun shone on a single young girl with flowing jet black hair with a pointed tip on her forehead who walked alone. She was alone. Obviously.

She ignored the smell of trees and nature around her. She ignored the strange signs around her. She wished she could ignore the chatter around her.

For anyone from afar, she might have looked like a normal, carefree schoolgirl on her way home from class. But looking closely would reveal something different. Her blue eyes stared emotionlessly around her as she walked on her way from school. But one may see something different. Her eyes had the look of a hunted person. She would tense up when anyone ventured within twenty paces of her. When they got to ten, she would place her hand next to her pocket, which bulged in a strange fashion. Upon closer look would reveal two Glock pistols holstered in there. She was different from the others. She knew she was being pursued, and she knew who was. Or rather, what organization. She was heeled and ready. She would act normally towards others, but if anyone came as far as to threaten her, she would be ready to fight.

Nothing out of the ordinary, she thought.

But as she removed the keys to her apartment, she drew her pistol in her left hand, and opened the door. Locking it behind her, she wiped any fingerprints from it like a ninja, before replacing the weapon in its holster and removed the other weapon, from its holster. Placing her finger on the trigger, she scanned the area.

Nothing here, she thought.

But she wasn't taking any chances.

After combing the flat several times, and she had satisfied herself that nobody had invaded her apartment when she was gone, she removed a glass from the kitchen, her weapon in its holster. Filling the glass full with brandy, she sipped it down, as she removed the bullpup assault rifle from its place on the wall. She literally had an entire armory in there, complete with a bunch of SAWs, grenades, and several rifles (MA37, MA40, MA5D). She wasn't taking any chances, after all.

After satisfying herself completely, she sat down on the sofa. The rifle was placed on the table, its magazine already loaded.

The clock said 16:45 pm.


Before anyone yells at me, let me wrap up this:

This story was inspired by:

1:"Dein Weg ist Mein Weg" by Rhinoswirl

2:"Hearts of Iron" by Skywalker T-65

As a result, the story will share a passing resemblance to both stories, HOWEVER:

This story is independent and will follow a storyline similar to a mix of the GuP canon, plus "Dein Weg ist Mein Weg" by Rhinoswirl. All similarities to other works are coincidental.

Hope you enjoyed it!

PS: The original was too similar to RhinoSwirl's work' so I rewrote it. All credit goes to him for noticing this and notified me, allowing me to create the current version.