Hi everyone! I'm back with the first chapter of the Avengers watching the movie. Slight trigger warning for people, there are some mentions of child abuse (physically, emotionally, and psychologically). But nothing too graphic at all!

There was a convoy of Humvees speeding down a road in the middle of nowhere.

"Oh no, why is it starting here, of all places?" Tony groans looking absolutely pained and terrified to see this scene again.

Everyone immediately looks interested to see what is happening. Because Tony rarely looked so pained and scared.

All the while Howard was watching his sons carefully wondering what the brat had been up to and being disgusted that his son had male lovers. Which was disgusting, and not natural at all.

Then AC/DC's "Back in Black" began to play over the sound of the Humvee's trailing through the desert.

"Nice music, totally just like you Tony." Clint jokes smiling at one of his best friends.

"That it is, that it is Clint." Tony murmurs from where he is sitting on one of the couches, in between Nathaniel and Sam, his arms wrapped around his lovers.

A hand holding a small glass of alcohol appeared on the screen.

"You sure this is you dad? I've never seen you drink before." Peter teases. Everyone not from 2033 looks surprised to hear this but also interested to see Peter and Tony's interactions.

"Ah, well, you know Peter, I have changed a lot since this, it is 2008 in this movie. And it's now 2033 so that is 25 year apart." Tony says smiling at his son, happy that he had found him, and that he was in his life willingly.

Tony also reflects on why he stopped drinking, his father being a very loud abusive drunk was probably one of those reasons why he had stopped. He didn't want to be anything like his father, especially when Peter had come into his life, even if only then he was Tony's intern he still then had thought of him as his kid. And he did not want to be abusive at all around his kid.

Two soldiers were looking at the drinker. The camera shows a younger-looking Tony Stark, sitting in the back of the Humvee, taking a sip from the drink. Tony glances around uneasily at the soldiers. "I feel like you are driving me to a court-martial. What did I do? I feel like you're going to pull over and snuff me. What? Are you not allowed to talk?"

"Tones." Steve groans slightly putting a hand over his face.

"Hey, I was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere. It was terribly tense, and you know how I deal with tense situations Capsicle." Tony says, smirking slightly at his lover but also looking a little irritated, showing his lover that he was not impressed at all.

Steve winces slightly and says, "Fair, I do know how you are. And it does work in most situations."

Tony on-screen looks at the soldier next to him. "Hey, Forrest!"

Steve just rolls his eyes fondly knowing his lover loved to make jokes in dangerous situations, just like Peter..

"We can talk sir," the young man replied.

Tony looks away. "Oh, so it's personal."

Tony and Tony Stark both wince slightly, when they think something is personal it really gets to them and they get very insecure.

They both glance over at their father, knowing that he was the cause of all their insecurities. He had been physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive, and they quickly found being in the same room as him was damaging their mental health.

Breathing heavily, Tony snuggles into Sam's side surprising and worrying both of his lovers on either side of him. As well as his lovers and sons watching from across the room. His teammates also exchange a glance worried about him.

Rhodey and James Rhodes both narrow their eyes, having suspicions on why both Tonys were acting like that. Tony had talked in passing about how abusive his father was to him and his mother.

The woman sitting in the front of the Humvee replied that Tony intimidated them. Tony seemed surprised and commented he was surprised she was a woman and he wouldn't have been able to call that. He said he'd apologise but it wasn't what they were going for. He had thought of her as a soldier first.

"Oh a female warrior, I must meet her, I would love to meet more female warriors, here on Migard." Thor Odinson booms startling a good many people, while Thor nods agreeing.

The woman responded that she was an airman.

"Ah, a fellow airman, it's always nice to see a fellow airman. Even if I haven't been an airman with the Air Force in years, I am still an "airman"." Sam says softly, smiling remembering his time as an airman - mostly - fondly.

Tony was stunned by the revelation. "You have actually excellent bone structure there. I'm kinda having a hard time not looking at you now. Is that weird?"

The soldiers laughed.

Tony urged them to laugh, attempting to lighten the mood.

All the Avengers from 2033 smiled because they happily remembered some of the times where Tony had made them laugh in the unlikeliest of situations. He was very good at doing that, and that was one of the things that they valued in their friendship.

"Sir, I have a question to ask." The soldier sitting next to the woman turned to face Tony.

Tony held up his drink. "Yes, please."

"Is it true you went twelve for twelve with last year's Maxim cover models?"

Tony removed his sunglasses. "That is an excellent question."

Peter snorted slightly and laughed amusedly at that, amused his father found that to be an excellent question.

"Hey! Don't laugh! I had a much different mindset back then." Tony says throwing a can at Peter with all this might because he knew his son was just going to catch it, like he always did.

"Sure dad, sure." Mikhail said, finishing his husband's sentence as his husband caught the can and threw it with all his might at his father. He would have hit him if it had not been for Nathaniel grabbing the can.

"Boo!" Both Peter and Mikhail say looking disappointed that they had not hit their father.

"Well, excuse me for protecting your father, because I know you would have knocked the wind out of him if that had hit him." Nathaniel says sarcastically as Tony leans over and gives Nathaniel a thank you kiss.

Tony explained that March and he had a scheduling conflict but it was fortunate the Xmas cover was twins. He went on to ask if there was anything else.

Forest raised a hand tentatively.

"You're kidding me with the hand up, right?"

Peter Parker and Peter both snort looking amused. Peter Parker was so excited to be here, in a room full of his idols, meeting his older self, which definitely was interesting. Not only had he found out he was the biological son of Tony Stark, TONY STARK! He also had a husband, Mikhail, which he was interested to get to know.

The soldier blushed and put his hand down. The soldier wanted to know if it was cool to take a picture with Tony.

Tony Stark and Tony both groan-smiled, if they took a picture with everyone who asked, they would never stop taking pictures, but they still enjoyed the picture they took with people.

Tony said it was very cool. Forest smiled and got out his camera and passed it to the soldier in front. Forrest leaned in closer to Tony and then he raised his hand and made the peace sign. Tony commented he didn't want the photo on his MySpace page and to not use any gang signs. Forrest lowered his hand.

"No, throw it up! I'm kidding!"

Tony said he loved peace, but he'd be out of a job with peace.

Tony flinched violently and immediately everyone's eyes were on him. Tony was trapped in his mind. That was something he would say. He was the one who had started the company. He was the one who had built an empire off of making weapons of mass destruction. He was the one who would beat Tony everytime he didn't get a 100 on a test. He was the one who had laughed when Tony came home after being beaten up at MIT because of how young he had been. He was the one who made Tony go to MIT aat such a young age, promising pain if Tony didn't agree to go. Tony curled in on himself silently crying.

Sam immediately went into therapist mode slowly turning to his lover who was clearly in the middle of a panic attack. "Hey, hey Tones, it's ok, you're safe, shh. I'm here Nathaniel is here." Sam looks up and motions Steve, Bucky, Peter, and Mikhail over. They immediately are at his side. "Steve is here, Bucky is here. Your sons are here for you too Tony. Peter and Mikhail are right here. It's ok you're safe." Sam softly says rubbing Tony's arms soothingly.

Tony continues to cry for a moment before he hears, "Oh be quiet boy suck it up and stop quiet." Howard snarled at him as Tony started and immediately stopped crying and sat up almost mechanically.

Tony's lovers and teammates look murderous before turning on Howard, "Shut up old man. In our time you are dead, long dead. You have no authority over him, so be quiet." Steve snarls at his one time friend, mad out of his mind seeing how Tony was reacting.

"Steve- please I knew you. You must understand where I am coming from." Howards start placifingly holding his hands up placifically.

"No, I do not know who you are, the Howard Stark I knew was kind and nice, not abusive to everyone around him. So shut up and listen. I don't want to hear another word out of you." Steve said vindictively.

Steve turned to his lover slowly kissing him, "Are you ok Tones?" Steve asked softly, his eyes blazing with anger.

"I-I will be ok, eventually. Just just keep him away, please." Tony sounded so defeated it pained his teammates, "Can we- can we just continue please, I don't want to talk about this right now. Please Steve." Tony says pleading when he sees in Steve's eyes that he wants to continue the conversation right now. "Later, I will talk about it later, I promise."

Steve nods softly before sitting down next to Tony, everyone sits back down to watch the movie.

The past Avengers exchange startled glances looking at their Tony who was staring off into space.

Forest began to get impatient, urging the soldier in the front seat to take the photo. "Come on! Hurry up! Just click it! Don't change any settings. Just click it!"

Then the Humvee in front exploded, scattering debris and rained down dust around them.

Everyone jumps except for both Tonys.

"Shit!" Steve swears startled, he had heard about what had happened but to see it actually happening was a whole different thing.

"LANGUAGE!" Tony, Clint, Bruce, Natasha, and Thor yelled at Steve mockingly.

"Oh come on, am I never going to live that down? It's been over 20 years, please." Steve says pleadingly, his cheeks warming up.

"Nope, we are never letting you live that down don't worry." Clint said in an amused tone not sorry at all.

Every soldier screamed as the dust and fire fell around them. The woman in the front yelled: "Contact left!"

Tony was trying to keep it cool, though it was clear he was anxious. He wanted to know what was going on and glanced at the soldier next to him.

Tony pales worriedly knowing this part was going to be hard for all his lovers, teammates, and children.

On-screen they could hear guns firing all around the Humvee. The airwoman opened the door and was instantly killed by a hail of bullets. The man in front turned around, yelling at his subordinate, Jimmy, to stay with Stark.

As the soldier exited the Humvee, Tony was pushed down by Jimmy in an effort to protect him. Jimmy ordered him to stay down, just as the other soldier set up a defensive position on the bonnet of the Humvee.

But it was no use. He, too, died within seconds, his blood splattering against the windscreen Tony could see out of.

Jimmy was readying his gun, fiddling with the settings. "Son of a bitch!" He continued to fiddle harder with his gun.

Not even Steve made a comment on the language. They were all horrified to see what was happening.

Tony cast his eyes around, trying not to give away how desperate he was feeling. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye as Jimmy opened the door, preparing to get out.

Tony reached across, demanding a gun but Jimmy had already left the Humvee and yelled through the window for him to stay there.

A surge of bullets rocket through the Humvee, narrowly missing Tony in his seat and killing Jimmy instantly.

Tony and Tony Stark watch the scene shakily closing their eyes in pain remembering all the people who had died saving him. "I-I met each of their families after I came home, I made sure they were set for life and knew how brave their children were." Tony says softly smiling remembering the tears of gratitude that he had gotten when he had visited the families of the soldiers.

Tony moved to the right in his seat, opened the door, and tumbled out into the desert.

"Tony!" was the general groan from the peanut gallery.

"What? If I hadn't had left I would have been blown up, would you rather that had happened to me?" Tony says looking annoyed at his friends for criticizing what he had done over 20 years ago.

Tony ducked as a missile exploded close by him. Tony ran for it, heading to an outcropping of rocks and dived behind them as explosions rocked all around him. Scrambling in his pocket, he pulled out his phone –

"I was trying to call Pepper." Tony says softly. "I wanted to talk to her one last time. I thought I was about to die." Tony shakes slightly thinking about that time.

Everyone looks at him in understanding, not pity, but understanding. They knew pity was not what he needed.

He was trying to keep composed but to the right of him landed a small missile in the sand with the logo of Stark Industries plastered across the side of it.

Many people inhaled sharply worried for Tony, they knew how powerful his weapons were. Especially Rhodey and James Rhodes.

Tony saw the missile, his mind working furiously as he realised what weapon it was. He tried to scramble back but it exploded, sending him flying backward. He flung up an arm to protect his face and landed heavily on his back.

Tony lay on his back, groaning, and struggling to maintain consciousness. He glanced down and saw blood seeping through his white shirt.

The blood coated his shirt.

Steve grabs Tony, desperately needing to know that Tony was there and not dead as it looked like he was on the screen.

Tony immediately just smiles and grabs Steve's hand reassuringly, smiling up at him as he also takes Bucky's hand and leans into the embrace of Sam and Nathaniel conveying to them that he was here and that he was ok.

The past avengers watched this interaction very curiously. It was obvious their love for each other.

Tony Stark was watching this scene calculatively, he wondered how he had gotten with these men, and what about Pepper, Pepper was his life, something must have happened to her for him to get together with Sam, Nathaniel, Bucky, and Steve.

His head hit back in the sand again and his whole body went limp as he fell unconscious.

A strange material was covering the screen, a bright light shining through it and they could hear a strange language being spoken.

The material was pulled off and it was revealed to be Tony. He blinked and turned his head slowly inspecting his surroundings. There were cuts all over his face. He swallowed and saw a camera aimed at him and he was surrounded by men holding guns. The camera panned out and they saw Tony's chest wrapped with heavy bandages, some still stained with blood. Tony's hands were bound behind him as the men holding him continued to speak in another language.

Many people pale as they watch a friend, their lover, their father clearly brought down to his lowest.

The screen went dark and the words 'IRON MAN' appeared.

Everyone jumps at the loud joyous music. They are all happy to get a reprieve from the tense atmosphere.

Abruptly Tony Stark turns to Tony and asks the question that had been on his mind since Tony introduced his lovers. "What happened to Pepper?"