I am trying something new hunger games crossover lightly with games of thrones. This does not belong to me I just playing with the characters. Lots made up due to writers ideas


No one was standing on the tip of the mountain it was a big fall to the ocean the air was salty and the rain was socking my clothes, the horses were galloping to me, shouting was heard, I knew it was my time to meet my death our greeting to the many faced god it was today. I closed my eyes my face changing for the last time as I jumped to my death, then nothing.

My life had been harsh slavery to assassin to death I glad I have quite my rest is peaceful I am content know.

Chapter 1

I felt floated and free, I seemed to relax in the emptiness of the abyss and my conscious was fleeting and light, not knowing what time had passed, I felt something pain it made me very dizzy and I was very unaware what was going on I saw a light and heard a baby cry then as the darkness took me I awoke sometime later hungry, I was feed it was a long time later I realised I was reborn, there was lots of children around me and they were grabby and poor looking, it would take until I learnt the language and history that I had been born in another life. When I was three and learnt to speak, I was shocked that rebirth had been possible, I missed the comfort of the house of black, the comfort of my fellow comrades. I morn for my lost, I learnt my name I was called Jade knightly. It was when I was five, I was visited in my dreams by death who gave me a face one last time to try on, it was a women vera daily who lived in the capitol. She was a vase load of knowledge betrayal, love ,lost and the hunger games, what happens after also played out the rapes the violence the slavery the dark side of this world, death then took the face and left, I awoke the next day, I felt that change would come to the world, patients was needed. The hunger games were a problem and training would need to be undertaken.

It was a school day in district 6 transporting it smelt horrid here but we were not on top of the smoke and factories, it was amazing what this world had achieve in slavery, the school was just learning about the history of pamen and the districts, also learning what took part here. There were lots of peace keepers here, their was lots of abuse of a people, lots of adults took drugs to dull the pain and memories, it felt like an uprising was slowly coming up slowly ebbing closer and closer. The place was loud and intimating, I rose above this children in any world are cruel as our adults, I started to lose interest in this place, due to the abuse I was suffering from, it started small just name calling freak, bitch and other childish names that oddly hurt. It then progress to physical violence hitting and kicking, stealing my food and then the adults in charge turned there back on me, and then outside the hell hole called an orphanage, the repression was too much the smell the abuse the lack of attachment, my grief of being away from the faceless men, I started to turn into what I used to be an assassin, but I would have to train and train I did for years and years I hit out and I was cold with my words the children were frighten of me, I turned my back on the people here and slowly nursed my hatred of them and opened my heart to death only Valar Morghulis" valar dohaeris were the only words any one heard from me as I turned into a teenager, I never knew what hunger games we were on they all blended into one long game with changed players.

Chapter 2

It was on my 14th year of my name day that I was chosen district 6 knew to stay the fuck away from me. I looked like that beautiful dragon lady white blonde hair, cold blue eyes good features and good figure, shaggable as it was called here, I was still a virgin. But no one like me at all and I hated them, you may wonder why I remember this hunger games and not any that came before me easy you guessed it I was chosen for the 59th games, I was cold I said nothing and looked down at their smiley faces thinking they had killed me I will show them, the boy was david lark, he would die. We went to the train no one saw me and I never expected it and on the train I washed up and laid on the bed to sleep, which is a lot harder to do with the noise, but finally fell, it was a few hours later, I was woke up and I left the train all this time I had not spoken to anyone I ignored the crowd, I just went and got into the car and when to the centre to get fucked over by some shitty designer, I never spoke or answer a question, I did eat and drink, I enjoyed being clean. I fill nice and duing this time I act as there shit on my boot, I look down at them, I find them lacking, my designer kitty is becoming creeped out by me and I get dress in a body suit with lights stupid but shit happens.

I never look at the crowds and never acknowledge anyone, when it comes to an end I am not impressed by anything at all, and walk towards the elevator and press 6 and wait for it to come David and the rest follow behind.

I go into my room when shown and take of the clothes and have a shower and then in the dark I pray to the red god, feeling his comfort and stay there until dinner, I eat dinner then go back to my room. i think they get the hint as their focus is all for David and for the next few days, I do the things needed my score for the games is 1 I do not care. I think everyone wrote me of I never engaged with anyone the night of the interview the lights were bright and the air was clogged with perfume and sweat of to many people, death was a game to these people I wore my hair down and had little make up on and kitty gave me a sliver dress to wear, and a small heel shoe, it looked nice, when my name was called I never smiled or acknowledge the crowds I never bother with any of it, I never shook hands, I sat quietly and never said a word never giving anyone eye contact, only when it was near the end I said four words that chilled them all Valar Morghulis" valar dohaeris what does that mean Cesar said I looked at him them everyman should live and everyman should die. And I got up and left the silence seemed louder than the applause.

Chapter 3

When we went up in the tubes, I looked around an old wrecked village lots of hidey holes, at one let the games begin, I ran and pick up two bags and left, after running for twenty minutes I then saw something like a crack and big enough for me to take a break I had some matches and wire I also had a waterproof and in the other beef jerky and some bars of grain I also had two water bottle, I waited until dark and got out of my hole and went to look for water and got some water and made it drinkable, lots of booms, lots of face I never cared about. I went on the downlow until I was in the final eight I stole a knife on day two form the start , day four when that night I killed with the wire I killed all four careers, the cannons went off as then I killed the other three form district 4 .4, 8 were killed by day five at sunrise Jade knightly from district 6 won the games.

Chapter 4

I think the nation was shocked that I killed with a knife and wire given in the bags, I was taken to be cleaned up and I slept well I was fine, I showed nothing it was easy to give there life's to the red god and I knew they would find peace, And maybe rebirth. I was put in to a nice dress and went on stage watch the footage, I spoke Valar Morghulis" valar dohaeris

and then left the stage.

The next day I was on the train to district 6 my talent was learning secrets that could make my life better. I rarely was sent to the capital it was not until I was 16 and snow came and asked me to be a sex slave I turned him down he murder people form the orphanage he really did not know me, it never even register and I became a problem due to the fact he had no control with me. I went in to the background and when I was 21 I had to mentor some tributes. I wore black pants and a sliver top, my hair down, I spoke to them in a calm way and them started to relax rex 13 and poppy 14, I looked like sex on legs as I walked into the centre everyone was looking at me I looked around I saw kitty she looked scared but come forward to tell me I needed to change into this I said no and turned my back on her, she asked again I got her by her neck against the wall and told her no I anit no fucking capital slag. A man came and grab my hand and said realise her Jade, looking at him I slowly let go she left straight away.

It was haymitch who had helped me, and we talked a little waiting for the tributes pride to start.