I Am Here

(An Alternative Ending for Attack on Titan)

"Wanted, Eren Jeager and Mikasa Ackerman for stealing the power of the Attack, War Hammer Titan and the Founder from the kingdom of Paradis…" Mikasa read as she saw the fallen flyer in front of her. "Mikasa, stop reading irrelevant things, let's go bring these woods to our home." Eren said as he's picking up the flyer and ripping it in front of Mikasa. Mikasa followed Eren as he heads towards the direction of their house. She smiled at him and immediately Eren blushed, "What are you smiling for?" he asked shyly. "Nothing, I'm just happy that you are here with me, both on a run from our own friends and comrades." She answered happily. "Earlier you were frowning by that same thought and now you're telling me you're happy?" Eren looks away from Mikasa to hide his now extremely red face, he was happy to hear what Mikasa said he's just shy and he doesn't know what to say to her. "I love you, Eren. Wherever you are I'll follow you." Eren immediately looked at Mikasa who is now slightly leaping in joy. "I love you too, Mikasa." He whispered but he made sure that Mikasa would hear it. Mikasa turned, "What?" she asked. "Hmm? Did I say anything?" Eren said pretending he doesn't know anything.

A strong wind blew that made the scarf detangle from Mikasa's neck, Eren immediately jog towards her and out of pure instinct he wrapped the scarf around her and covered her face with it. "I said I love you, Mikasa." As he kissed her forehead through the cloth. "I will never be tired of telling you that, till my last remaining breath. I love you my strongest." He removed the scarf that covers her face and gave her peck on the lips. As he looks at Mikasa's face which is extremely red he also turned to a ripe tomato and cutely blushed with her. "Say that again one more time." Mikasa cutely requested. "I love you, dummy." Eren continued walking and pat her head, "Let's go, it's getting late." Mikasa followed immediately.

It is now the last year of Eren, his 13th year, the last year with Mikasa. They both knew that the time is ticking, that the world will soon end if the other died. Their little world amidst this chaos will soon close its curtains upon them. They lived life the way they wanted for 5 years, knew that Armin already knew where they were, that their best friend was just protecting them in the shadows continuously avoids their home.

"Mikasa, if I die would you still look at the stars?" Eren asked while they're laying on the ground watching the night unfold its beauty upon them. "Yes, of course. Because I will be reminded of you." Mikasa buried her face at Eren's chest, Eren caressed her head. "Even if you exist in a world of Titans?" Eren's heartbeat gone wild as he mentioned his enemies. He still and will always hate his enemies, but no other thing matters now. He is happy and his world is happy, they are living their dream together, even for a short while their fairytale happened.

"I would still watch the beauty of the stars in a world of Titans, because I am special to be born in a world such as this. As you are to me."

Only a month is left for Eren, a month to be happy and be enslaved in the continues march of time he could drop dead any moment now. He wished and wished for the time to stop. Eren awoke in his deep thought when he heard a loud thud, "Is that Mikasa?" Eren ran outside and saw Mikasa on the ground. "What's wrong Mikasa?" Mikasa looked at Eren for the first time with evident pain in her eyes. "Eren, the baby! I think he wants to come out!" and she screamed in pain while holding her belly. Eren doesn't know what to do, he doesn't have any experience in delivering a child nor being of assistance to his love.

"Eren…" He heard, that voice sounds familiar to Eren. He knew that voice. "Eren…" he heard it again. "Father?" He whispered. "Yes, it is I. Eren carry Mikasa to the bed and boil some water…"

All throughout the process Grisha was there, he told Eren everything he should do. For the first time in a while Eren knew he have his father by his side. For once in his titan reign, he felt that his father agreed to what he's doing. He felt the love of his own father, and now for the first time he felt love towards his son.

He kissed Mikasa and showed her their baby, "What should we call him, my queen?" Mikasa smiled and said "A befitting name for a king should be Emyr" Mikasa held the baby when Eren gave him to her. "Emyr Jeager do sounds nice. A slave of freedom leaving ang king behind seems not right but I trust my Queen. My last month would be solely for the both of you." Eren cleaned up everything he used, and went straight outside to breath some fresh air, he immediately tears up as soon as he closed the door. "I don't want to die! I don't want to die!" he whispered to himself. But he suddenly heard multiple horses getting closer. He immediately went back inside and locked the door. He saw their friends on horse back he got afraid. Will his time with Mikasa and their son end today? Would they be separated just as they had their child?

Mikasa heard a knock on their door. No one ever visits them. "Were we found out?" many thoughts ran through Mikasa's mind but that alone scares her.

"Eren! Mikasa! Are you guys okay? Sasha saw Mikasa fall to the ground earlier, are you okay?" Mikasa heard Armin's voice from afar. "Please, Armin! Let me spend my time with Mikasa—what?" Eren got confused, his mind went blank there. "How is Mikasa? Is she okay? Let us in idiot!" Connie shouted, "Stupid, we didn't come for a chicken like you. Is Mikasa okay?" Jean asked. Eren slowly opened the door for his friends. "She's okay…" he couldn't finish what his saying because Armin immediately stormed inside trying to find Mikasa, Sasha followed behind him. "Mikasa! He's so cute! What's his name?" Sasha shouted, to be followed by Jean and Connie running towards the room.

They all talked like they never lost contact with each other, they laughed like everything is okay. "We've been keeping an eye on this house and avoid any other troupe to get near here. We built a fortress for you guys." Armin said. "Let's keep it down, Eren is sleeping. He's always tired lately let him rest in his room." Mikasa said and asked Jean to carry Eren. Jean immediately stood up to get Eren, "Hey! Idiot you can walk right? Look at this dumbass smiling in his sleep."

Despite not touching Eren yet, Jean knew he wasn't just asleep. Everybody stopped talking even Sasha who's always loud became quiet. Mikasa get out of bed where she's been lying this whole time and went straight to Eren. She cried so hard and kneeled in front of Eren. "He's smiling. He died the way he wanted right? Not the death he saw in his premonition at the event in the palace? Eren… he's…"

"He's happy Mikasa." Armin as if whispering said and went straight to her best friend. "Eren, are you free now?" He asked to the lifeless Eren.

They were just laughing earlier, but now everyone weeps as if their world had ended.

(A Year had passed)

Mikasa was in front of the tree where this all started, with their son. "Emyr, remember your father? This is him." Mikasa said in a manner that will hide her tears. "Dada?" Emyr said. "Yes, Dada is here." Mikasa can't hold her tears anymore and bawled in tears.

"Mama?" Emyr said as he pointed to Mikasa and she nodded in response, "Dada?" the child pointed behind her. Mikasa immediately looked behind and saw no one, but what met her gaze was a blowing wind.

"I am here." Mikasa heard the voice she hasn't heard lately but knew too well by heart. "Eren, we are here."