Chapter 5: Evie

Evie frowned. Where was Dr Facilier's office?

"Lost?" called a voice from behind her. Evie turned.

"Hey, Sunset," she said. "Looking for Dr Facilier. Happen to know where his office is?"

"We do," replied Gil. "We know where Dr F is."

Evie smiled. "Thanks." she said shyly.

They led Evie to the Administrative tombs.

"Here," said Harry Hook. "We're gonna meet another new kid. You okay on your own, or shall we send Gil to look after you?"

Evie looked at the group. "I'll stay with Gil." she said.

Sunset smiled, before leaving Evie to chat with Gil.

Uma and the others waited at the entrance to Dragon Hall.

"Dash!" cried Sunset, giving the multi-coloured haired teen a quick hug. "So glad you could finally come!"

"Yeah." said Rainbow Dash. "Dad let me come, as long my idiot bastard of a brother, Jay, looks after me. Never letting that happen. Gonna hang out with you instead."

Uma hi-fived Rainbow Dash, as the bell rung.

"Well," said Sunset. "Let's go. We'll be late for class."