footsteps can be heard throughout the forest memories play through the leafs as him was walking with the book in his hand covered in blood but he didn't care, he just keep walking and walking in the forest, leafs were stained by blood and modernized weapons can be heard so far away yet he just keeps walking as he thought about one thing 'How did everything came to this?' reminiscing about painful nightmares or as they call it "Memories"

he stopped to a halt when he stumble to a rock infront of him, staring at it with a sad look through his face yet those feelings can never be found in his metallic facial expressions, he turn's his head sideways to see the destruction and death he caused, Blood appeared on his face and disappeared as if there were no blood appeared on his face

he shook his head as he glance towards the rock before sitting on it he take a look around to his surroundings, no life form of any human was in the area other than those who are in the ground in pool of blood, some even missing their limbs, some are missing organs and others were heads are crushed with brain cells on the ground

it was truly disgusting to look at, he felt like he would vomit but he remembered that he cannot due to his body being different than the others, a man made body for him to control alone for the war he declared to the enemies who wanted to rule the world he grew up in and he knew things would not go peaceful even if they talk, only actions and fate will decide as to what will happen to the future

"Let me tell you a story..."

A robotic voice said as his voice echoed throughout the forest yet no responses from anything or anyone, he was met by silence and wind passing through his robotic body, no one will listen to his story yet he didn't care, he just wanted to pass this story for others to know about what happened to cause such conflicts and deaths surrounding him

he closes his eyes and sigh, he was thankful to those who made this robotic body that atleast he could do body language, he open's his eyes once more and stared at the book by his hand as he stare for it forever but in real time it was only a minute, he sighed once more and spoke:

"About a boy who was born to a disappointing cruel world and experience hell at such a young age..."

"His name Kirigaya kazuto, a man who wanted to become a swordsman, a man who experience hell more so than he can count, fate who controls him who tries to change his own fate...

The one who stood up and fought the star king till the bitter end."

A sound of an axe can heard throughout the forest, butterfly sipping the energy of a flower, a blur on the background that's only focus on the butterfly as it continued to sip without a care on the world until it stops when it heard a loud sound coming from a few feet away, the butter fly began to descend and fly away


A boy yelled as he swing his axe to the tree, creating sounds that can be heard miles away, many trees are located few feet's away from the tree that's been trying to cut "Gigas Cedar" or as the residents of the village called it "The demon tree" a massive tree planted by the evil god vector, sipping the energy of the land created by stacia, given a life by terraria and supplying the energy from solus through the world


there were no grass that surround the tree, only dirt could only be seen, There stood a boy gripping his axe preparing to hit the tree once more as he yelled the number of how many hits that's been taken


The sound echoed again throughout the forest as he prepare to hit it once more


the sound echoed again


And the last sound echoed of the tree being hit by the axe was completed well half of it

A boy was panting, his shirt wet because of his sweat running through the side of his face, others are infront of him as he catch his breath from all work he done for the past 5 hours since he started

a presence on his side who was laying on a thick blanket that he can rest on, the boy started to stir and the other boy glance at his direction who appears to be getting up from his nap and look at the other boy's direction

his appearance are black hair and black onyx eyes, his clothing was a black shirt with knitting on his shoulder are sleeves that stretch's to his near hand, he wore grey pants and light grey slippers, his skin was little tanned but still white skin

"I can't believe I only managed to hit quarter of the weakness, i guess I lose to you again kirito!" a clone? Brother? or a friend? stood before kirito, his eyes and hair resembles his face but his hair is a little longer than the black haired kid, blonde hair and green eyes and his appearance are similar to kirito except it's teal blue, people often say that they look so similar yet they are not, others say they are a twin but it's not either, it's a mere coincidence that they're looks are just similar, nothing more nothing less

"Welp looks like you got to try hard than that eugeo!" Kirito spoke to his friend with a happy face as he walk towards the tree

"Next time I'm gonna beat you kirito!" Eugeo said with pride, the blonde man isn't always the competitive one but his friend kirito always insist him that he should compete even if it's pointless

Kirito kneel infront of the tree and brought his hand with two fingers attach and stop close to the tree as he began forming an S sign and light blue appear and follow kirito's finger until it stop and kirito taps it, something appear infront of him what seems to be some kind of menu that has purple background, the image of the tree can be seen in a box, Durability is certainly high and a quarter of its life has been reduce to a certain amount of time, There are no high object authority and there seems to be some kind of code for the tree

"50 huh figured it wouldn't go that high..." eugeo said, disappointed that he didn't manage to get higher this time"No matter how much we deal damage to the tree, were never going to be able to cut it until we die"

"Its going take our entire lifetime and more generations just so we can cut down this stupid tree!" Kirito complain, ruffling his own hair at how long they'll be able to cut it down

"Were the seventh generation that's currently cutting this tree down and if we calculate it carefully then that means it would take 18 generations just so we can cut this tree down"

"At this rate we won't be able to become a swordsman!"

"Well it's disappointing but we had no choice, we were given this calling"

"Your always thinking about how we weren't always we'll be able to cut this tree down!" kirito said as he push his friend down to the ground"if you keep thinking about that then I'll punish you by tickling you to death!" as he said this he started tickling his own friend

"Ahahhahahahah-kirito-ahahhahahh-stop-ahahahah-it" eugeo was having a hard time trying to stop his friend, he decide to flip him over"This is payback!"

"ahahahah-Not-ahahahah-yet!" kirito flips him over and tickling him again and eugeo flips and did the same, flipping each other trying to overcome one another

"You two are skipping your calling again!" a female voice said behind them and they can only know who's voice that was

'Crap' both of the boy's thoughts as both boys look behind them who appears to be a maid clothing, long blonde hair that's braided with headband on her hair, blue eyes that can be told as heaven atleast some people said they were chubby cheeks that hint of blush, some said they are looking at a goddess but to both boys, they just see her a secret little troublemaker

"H-Hey alice already done with your sacred arts lesson?" kirito was scared of alice, not because of her beauty but her anger's wrath, the moment he saw alice everytime, he was scared to the point of almost pissing himself in his pants due to the chaotic experience he had with her, he shook his head trying to stop himself from ever remembering that chaotic experience

"Yes I'm done thank you and don't change the subject kirito, you wouldn't want me to report this to papa about what you two are doing?" she was teasing her with evil smirk on her face, she delighted whenever kirito is scared of her and she would always tease him or scare him

"A-alice please don't I'm begging you, i don't want to experience being reprimanded again!" kirito beg as walk and kneel, trying to change her decision

"Alright that's enough of teasing alice and kirito get up" eugeo said as he walk over the two with a smile on his face, alice pouted to which eugeo found it cute, he avoided his gaze to her and scratch his head, blush in his face

"Well i cook some food for you two for lunch, figured you two will be tired" alice said with a smile that brights like a sun Atleast what eugeo thought

"T-too bright..."

"Too hot can we get some wind here?"

eventually the three just stop joking around and walked to the blanket that's on the floor and sit and the three of them decide to eat the food alice cooked up for

"Its good as always alice!"

"thanks eugeo atleast someone here is praising my food for its quality and delight" Alice said intentionally making kirito mad but the boy was too dense to actually know what's she's talking about

"What was that?"

"N-nothing, just continue eating!" Alice stutters, hiding the disappointed tone, she was still a girl and she needs the attention she can get from the black haired boy

"It would be better if these food could stay a little longer then we can eat them later." kirito said saddened that the foods they eat are going to disappear

"Well there might be a way for us to make the food stay on its durability till we eat them"

"And that is?" kirito was confused about what the boy's talking about or how will they make the food not lose its durability

"The high end mountain, i heard there was ice cubes sitting in there" eugeo said smiling

"Oh right I did heard there was a cave that leads inside the high end mountains and that's where the dragon sleeps" kirito said, getting excited at the fact that they're going to the cave

"no!" alice interject

"Wha- why no alice?" kirito asked confused

"Because we weren't allowed in there to play and who knows what would happen if we wake up the dragon!" alice reprimanded the two

"Were not going to play if we're just going to get some ice cubes, beside it would be a dumb reason for the dragon to wake up just to find 3 kids getting ice cubes!"

"its still dangerous kirito!"

"Its gonna be fine, we'll just grab some ice cubes then leave!"

"Kirito did you even know the legend of bercouli and what happened to him?" alice asked kirito, trying to make him understand that this will be dangerous

"Yeah yeah bercouli barely get out of there alive blah blah blah, we'll still go right eugeo?" kirito asked his best friend who has been quiet this whole time

"i-uh" eugeo doesn't know how to make a decision in this situation since he's not exactly expert for these situation

"Eugeo you better say no!"Alice demanded

"Eugeo just say yes then we will go!"Kirito said with a grin

"i uhhhh i-i I think it's fine?" eugeo wasn't exactly sure if he was questioning them or himself

"Its still too dangerous and we'll break the rules of the taboo index!"

"On my knowledge of the great kirito, there is nothing that says we're not allowed to go if we're just searching something instead of playing" kirito said with a smug face

"Sometimes i regret teaching you about rules and such" alice said, accepting her defeat to which kirito smile widely than before

"Well then it's official, were going to the high end mountains early in the morning" eugeo said with a smile, alice just sigh and mumbling about how this will be a bad idea

"well if you guys are done eating, I'm going to take this basket back at the rulid village since i have afternoon classes"she said grabbing the plates and returning it to the basket before getting up

"If you keep practicing alice, you'll be able to make a good wife!" alice said with a grin and the blonde hair boy couldn't not help but agreed about his friend

alice's face became a tomatoe hearing those words from the man himself"i-idiot"she mumbled to herself and the boys just look at her strangely

"alice are you alright, you look like your having a fever"eugeo asked, concern about his friend/secret crush

Alice thought about the those words from kirito, true people do often say she would make a great wife when she grows up but hearing it from her friend especially kirito it just make her heart skip a beat or get flustered about it

"i-im fine, i should better be going before I get late in to my classes see ya!" she said quickly and ran away

"Wow that was weird but whatever, I'm filled and I'm going to start cutting this tree down!" kirito said grabbing the axe preparing to hit the tree

eugeo stared at alice as she keep walking and walking till he couldn't see her anymore, he felt twisted to his stomach he doesn't know why but he just decided to forget it.

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