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Edward's furious growl was heartbreaking for the members of his family. His siblings eliminated once and for all the threat that James was. But there was nothing they could do to reverse the transformation process. Alice had seen it once, but her visions are not set in stone. And Edward had counted on that to keep his love human.

He had told her that he would hold her personally responsible if she let anything happen to herself. But now, seeing her in that bed, he couldn't be mad at her. At least not that much. She looked so fragile, so small in that bed. Esme had tucked her in, as if she was sleeping and would wake up the next morning. But the whimpers that were leaving her body, and the muscle spams of the venom indicated otherwise.

How could he had been one minute late? How could one minute change so much? This wasn't supposed to be this way. She wasn't supposed to be this. He lowered his head and rested it on the bed, next to her left hand.

He sensed his sister coming, but there was no strength left in him to greet her or to tell her to go away. She came into the room anyways. She would have come regardless of what he had said. She always did that.

He felt her tiny hand on his shoulder in support. "She'll be alright. In 50 hours she'll wake up and you can tell her all you have been thinking."

He lifted his head and met her eyes. She saw the pain and desperation. He really loved her. "You haven't seen anything?" He asked surprised.

"She's unconscious. She's not making any decisions." She stated as if it was obvious.

"You know what I mean."

"I don't know, Edward. My visions with her have always been confusing." She said apologetically. It wasn't entirely true that the visions had been confusing, some had been, others had been extremely clear, such as the one where Bella was one of them.

"Alice" He warned, hearing her thoughts.

"Just accept it, Edward." She chided and left the room.

He was left alone again with his thoughts and Bella's soft whimpers of pain. He desired badly to take away the pain. If she had to go through this, he wished it was painless instead of painful.

The hours passed slowly, his siblings coming and going, offering silent support. Esme was the one who stayed the longest. Offering her silent love to her first adopted son, and her silent love to her new daughter. Edward appreciated Esme's presence. Her mind was focused on different things, both related and unrelated to Bella's situation.

"What if she resents me for this?" he spoke for the first time in 48 hours.

Esme seemed surprised at the sudden question. But after thinking about it for a few seconds she grabbed a chair and sat next to her son. She grabbed his hands on hers and squeezed softly.

"Honey. This situation was not your fault. You didn't invite the nomads into Forks. They came on their own. You couldn't have possibly known what would have happened. Not even Alice was able to predict it. It's just one of those things that happen. She's not going to resent you, or blame you for this, because she loves you just as much as you love her. She wanted this. Yes, in a different scenario, but nonetheless. You'll teach her what she needs to know, and you'll guide her. You'll get through this together."

He smiled softly at his mother. He really wished things were that simple. But there was an annoying little voice in his head telling him that something was wrong. He couldn't shake it.

"Do not worry so much, darling." She kissed his forehead and with a last soft smile she retired to start with her day. She had made a list of what things Bella might need once she wakes up. She didn't want Alice taking care of it. She knew Alice was of help in the house right now. Edward needed her, even if he didn't admit it.

He stayed next to her for the remaining time of her transformation. He spoke to her, he told her about the little moments they've shared, he told her about the lemonade tap he kept after that day at the cafeteria. How he stayed with her every night guarding her sleep, craving her company. How, even though he wanted her to fear him, he deeply desired her not be afraid of him, to accept him, which she did. He urged her to wake up, to scold him, to talk to him, to defy him. Whatever she wanted to do, as long as she was with him.

"I love you, please wake up."

As if on cue, her heart stopped forever, and a few seconds later she opened her eyes. She took everything on, the unfamiliar ceiling, the unfamiliar scents, noises, etc. It was a little overwhelming. And the burning in her throat was most distracting. Where was she? What the hell happened?

"Bella?" She sat immediately and turned her head towards the person who had spoken. There was a handsome man sitting on a chair close to her bed. He was smiling tentatively at her, for some odd reason. She studied him attentively, he seemed somewhat familiar, but she couldn't pinpoint why.

"Who are you?" She asked softly.

His face changed really fast. "What?" It was all he managed to say.

Downstairs, the rest of the family was equally confused. They looked at one another trying to find the answer. Alice looked like she wanted to cry. How could she not see this? Jasper attracted her to his arms and hugged her tightly while she hid her face in his chest. He could feel her distress.

"Where am I? What happened? Who are you?" She was starting to panic. Had she been kidnapped? Was he going to hurt her? "Why does my throat hurt so much?" At this point she was pacing all over the room. It was a good thing that Alice had changed her blood-soaked clothes for some yoga ensemble.

Alice looked up to her mate and said only one word, which was enough for everyone "go".

He knocked on the door, which distracted Bella enough from her panic attack. Edward stood up and walked to the door. Jasper palmed his shoulder and walked into the room. He sent her a wave of calm.

"My name is Jasper Hale. You had an accident and we saved you. Your name is Isabella Swan."

"I know what my name is." Esme looked at Carlisle when she heard that. He shook his head. Surprisingly, he knew little about amnesia.

"We are vampires, and we need to hunt, so the burning goes away." Jasper explained softly and slowly, peace of information by peace of information.

She laughed incredulously. "Vampires?"

Jasper nodded. "We have poison in ourselves, so when we bite people, we can inject that venom into their system and start a transformation. After your accident, the vampire that attacked you, he bit you and injected venom into your system. We were too late to suck it out, like you would do with a snake bite. I'm sorry we couldn't do more." He finished. Edward was still silently in shock. She had amnesia? How? Why?

She nodded. She was still very confused; she had a lot of questions, but she understood enough. "You said we need to hunt, so the burning will go away. Please tell me we are not going to eat people?" Jasper was ashamed for a few seconds, but he couldn't change his past. He could learn from it and do something with it. And that's what he was going to do. He was going to use his past to help Bella.

"No. This family does not hunt humans. We feed on animals. Would you like to go now?"

Bella looked at Edward, trying to determine what was wrong with him. He hadn't spoken a word since Jasper entered the room.

"Is he going to be alright?" She asked softly, almost whispering. Jasper smiled amusedly.

"He'll be alright." He confirmed. Bella didn't seem convinced, but the burning of her throat was too intense.

Jasper held his hand out, palm up, signaling the window, letting her know without words that they had to jump.

She saw the window and then Jasper. She laughed nervously. "You're not serious, are you?"

Edward reacted for the first time in minutes. He smiled amusedly. She was being stubborn, as always. It was good to know that that particular aspect of her personality had not disappeared.

Bella noticed Edward's smile and got sidetracked for a minute. 'He lives' she thought sarcastically. "I'm not jumping through the window. I'll kill myself." Edward laughed harder. "Stop laughing at me." She yelled more embarrassed than angry.

Edward had a flashback to a few days ago, when she thought they were going to ran into a tree. He sighed sadly, how things change in such a short time.

"You're not going to kill yourself. Besides it's only a two-story jump. Were you still human, at worst, you'd break a bone." Edward answered hiding his smile. Hiding how hilarious he found the situation.

Jasper was feeling Bella's anxiety, and nerves. 'Edward, you're not helping the situation. Either you shut up and show her how to jump. Or you shut up and let me handle the situation.' Edward nodded towards Jasper. He was right, he had enough time to make Bella angry as he used to.

"Jasper will show you how to hunt and how to jump from the window." He suspected she probably needed her space. And he needed it as well. Jasper was the next best thing.

She fought the disappointment going through her, she shook her head and focused on Jasper. "Fine. Teach me how not to kill myself."

Jasper smiled shortly, before going 'all business'. "You have a lot of strength in your body right now. You'll focus on that strength and use it to land on your feet. Most of it is instinctual, but it'll ease your mind having a game plan."

She nodded, repeating his instructions in her mind. "I'll jump first." He continued "And you'll follow. Try to remember what I just told you." He finished. She voiced her understanding.

Jasper jumped with ease and grace. Bella huffed, he made it look so easy. He landed on his two feet and straightened up immediately. Alice applauded mockingly from the ground floor, making him bow to her in return. He looked up and called her. "Your turn."

Bella started repeating under her breath what Jasper had told her as if it was a recipe she had to follow. "Don't overthink it." She jumped surprised when she heard Edward behind her. She had only met him a few minutes ago, but he made her nervous. "Close your eyes." He ordered softly. She followed suit. "Feel the strength in your body" She didn't know what that meant, but she was so nervous that she just jumped out of the window to get away from that feeling. Lucky for her, she landed beautifully on her feet.

"Nice land." Jasper complimented.

Bella smiled nervously. "Next time, can we just walk out of the front door?"

"Sure." He started running without notice.

She rolled her eyes and started running behind him. Running was easy, it was a normal thing in human beings. Jumping through windows, on the other hand, was for adrenaline junkies, or crazy people. She caught up to him quickly and easily. She remembered little to nothing about her life, but she had the feeling that she had never been an athletic person.

They ran deep into the forest, she stopped suddenly when Jasper did. "Perfect. This is the right spot. Close your eyes. Focus on the noises of the forest. What do you hear?"

She closed her eyes and opened her ears. "Birds chirping, squirrels, bigger animals drinking water."

"Perfect. Focus on those big animals drinking water. What else do you hear about them? Try to listen their heartbeats. And follow the noise. The rest is instinctual. Let your instincts take over. Clear your mind"

She huffed frustrated. "Is there anything that's not instinctual in this?"

"Sex." She opened her eyes and he shrugged. "You asked. Now focus."

She rolled her eyes, but closed them, nonetheless. She heard the heartbeats again. She admitted that she found them tantalizing. It was confusing information for her brain. Her brain was blocked, and all the information that it had gathered in the past years was blocked too. She knew her name, her age, that she currently lived in Forks, Washington, but nothing more. Were her parents alive? Did she have any siblings? What did they think had happened to her? How long had it been since her accident? What was she going to do now that she was a vampire? Was it supposed to be a secret? Did she know about vampires before her accident? Did she know her attacker? So many questions.

"Bella." Jasper shook her softly. She opened her eyes and met his concerned stare. "Are you alright?" She had a lot of mixed feelings, and she went through them with outstanding speed, not fixating on one.

"No." She admitted. He waited for her to elaborate. "I have so many questions. I'm so confused."

He nodded, understanding. He could not imagine how it would feel to wake up with no memories. Alice was the expert in this particular scenario. "Would it help if I answer some of them?"

"I guess."

He smiled and sat on a fallen log, he patted the space next to him and she sat in it. "Shoot."

"I don't know where to begin." She admitted. "How long was I unconscious? What happened? Why was I attacked by another vampire?"

"A few days ago, you were with us in a family baseball game, when these nomads appeared. One of them was a tracker, meaning, he coulf feel other's essences and find a person based on that. So, he knew my wife from a long time ago, that's another story, but she doesn't remember. Anyway, this nomad smelled your essence and found it tantalizing, he wanted to kill you for sport, but Edward wouldn't allow it, obviously, so we ran. Alice and I went with you to Phoenix to hide, but you escaped from us, thinking the tracker had kidnapped your mother, and that's when he attacked you."

"Why was I at a family baseball game, who are Edward and Alice? And why is it obvious that this Edward wasn't going to allow the tracker to kill me?"

Jasper looked uncomfortable for a second. "Alice is my wife, she was or is a good friend of yours, she is also a vampire. Edward and you were or are together, as in 'a couple' together, so obviously he wasn't going to allow anything bad happening to you. Edward's the guy that was in the room with us." That explained why he made her nervous.

"That makes sense. I think. Now, about my mother, is she alright?"

"She's perfectly safe. It was all a ruse to get you alone." She nodded. "What are the rest of your questions?"

"Well, the parent question is sort of half answered. How about my dad? Do I have any siblings? What do they think happened to me? Did I know you were vampires before today? What am I gonna do from now on?"

Jasper grabbed her hand affectionally. "You lived with your dad. He's a good man, the chief of police of the town, actually. Your parents think you had a fight with Edward, and you were taking a time off in Phoenix. I guess, since it's only been three days since you last contacted them, we have a few days more to come up with a story that might be believable. No, you didn't have any siblings. Yes, you knew we were vampires before today. Edward told you about it." He finished.

She nodded. "I think it might still be confusing, but somewhat less." Jasper nodded happy for her. "Would you help me with this…vampire thing?"

"Of course. We all consider you family, so we're all going to help you beyond the vampire thing. Carlisle might give you some exercises to jolt your memory."

Bella smiled. "One more thing before you take away the burning in my throat." Jasper nodded. "How many of you are back at the house?"

Jasper smiled amusedly. "There's Carlisle and his wife Esme, they're very caring, and they're the head of the family. At the eye of the humans, they're our parents. There's Edward, you met him. Alice, my wife, Emmet and his wife Rosalie, who at the eyes of the humans is my twin. And then, there's me." He winked.

"And all of you, think I'm family?" She asked surprised.

"I admit it took some of us a little longer to warm up to you, but yes. Rose is the most difficult one, but don't worry about it." She nodded. She had a lot of things on her plate to worry about one person not liking her.

"Now, how about we do something about the burning?" She stood up and smiled at him. He made her feel like it was alright to freak out and sidetrack the hunting agenda. He was very nice. She liked him.

"Let's go"