Hello dear reader!

My name is GeoFicts, and I am proud to present to you my first story! Total Drama: The Final Marshmallow takes the place of All Stars as the shows 5th season. However this is not an All Stars rewrite, this season has different themes, settings and even some characters. The season takes place one year after World Tour, and all of the cast are at least 18 years old.

Oh, and as I am a bit of a musical theatre nerd there will be parodies in some if not all of the chapters. When you reach the parody song I recommend listening to the original song whilst reading my lyrics for extra immersion, but that's just a suggestion.

Alright, that's enough blah blah blah! Onto the show!

Prologue: We're back, baby!

The rusty door of the cellblock creeks open, sending rats scampering into the shadows. A tall, muscular African-American man in an apron walks past the cells with two guards at his side. In the dim lights he catches glimpses of scarred and deformed faces from behind the jail bars as they jeer obscenities at him. Then he hears it.

"Oh ho ho, Jo has passed Duncan! But what's this? Lightning is hot on her trail! I don't believe it! The Creepy Cockroaches win!"

Chef takes a deep breath, it had been a long time since he'd seen his old acquaintance. One guard, whose name tag reads 'Simon', pulls out his keys and opens the cell door. Chef enters the room and sees Chris. The normally clean and handsome man is now grimy with sweat and dirt, kicking the bugs he had been playing with aside. The prisoner squints confused at Chef, unsure if he can believe his eyes, but when Chef gives a disgusted grunt at the smell of the cell he immediately recognises his only friend.

"Chef? Chef... Chef!"

Chris leaps into his burly arms while Chef awkwardly pats him on the head. When the guard clears his throat Chris snaps out of it, reverting to his jolly, arrogant self.

"What gives man? A whole year in the slammer and you don't visit me once?"

"Like you'd visit me…" Chef mutters under his breath, before declaring "Your sentence for dumping toxic waste has been served, you're free to go."

"Why should I? I have everything I need here." He bluffs, gesturing to the dank prison cell.

Chef produces an orange file "Well the producers have green lit one last season, and there's no host like Chris Mclean."

The year of hardship and despair seems to fall from Chris' face and his black eyes light up with glee "Well what are we waiting for? We have some kids to torture!"

While Chris is preparing to re-enter society, Trent sits by his bedroom window as the stars reflect in his sad eyes. He drops someone's old lucky necklace to the floor, a memory of a better time. The musician sighs and picks up his guitar. In the quiet of the night his guitar fills the room with the slow, sad melody of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know". While the music plays in the background Courtney tosses and turns in her bed across the country, she gets up and trudges into the bathroom. She stares sullenly at herself, tears in her eyes, with a scream she punches the mirror. When it falls into the sink she looks up to see a skull carved into the wall. The C.I.T miles sadly and winces from the pain. In another apartment Duncan kisses his sleeping girlfriend's forehead and goes to the living room, where he pulls out a wrinkled picture of Courtney and smiles wistfully. In the darkness of the night the punk sings softly.

Parody of "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye


Now and then I think of when we were competing

Like when you said that every king needs a queen

Told myself that I was right for you

But when you're bitching man I feel so blue

Your low blows caused an ache I still remember

Courtney (Bandaging her wound):

You can get addicted to a certain kind of madness

Like when we signed up to play again, with that bitch Gwen

So when I found that we could not make sense

Well, I screamed and said that we weren't friends

But I'll admit that I was sad it was over

Trent (Strumming sadly):

But you didn't have to vote me off

Like our long talks never happened and that we were nothing

I was sick and needed your love

But you acted like I'm crazy and that feels so rough


No, you didn't have to stoop so low

Have your lawyers collect your records

And then change your pda

I guess that I don't need that though

Now you're just some crazy A-type psycho


Now you're a delinquent that I used to know


Now you're just some goth girl that I used to know

Gwen (Getting out of bed):

Now and then, I think of all the times Trent threw the challenge

Part of me believing that I actually deserve to win

But I don't wanna win that way

And then he started acting crazy (She sees Duncan holding Courtney's picture and runs off to the bathroom)

Duncan said that he could let it go

And I wouldn't catch him hung up on

Somebody that he used to know!


But you didn't have to vote me off

Like our long talks never happened and that we were nothing

I was sick and needed your love

But you acted like I'm crazy and that feels so rough


No, you didn't have to stoop so low

Have your lawyers collect your records

And then change your PDA

I guess that I don't need that though

Now you're just a princess that I used to know

Girls (Boys):

Somebody (I used to know)

Somebody (Now you're just somebody that I used to know)

Somebody (I used to know)

Somebody (Now you're just somebody that I used to know)


Backstage at the Aftermath studio the dysfunctional duo of hosts are sitting in a make-up room while Chris reads the outline of the season. He is back in his classic outfit, with a stylist styling his hair when suddenly he leaps out of his chair excitedly with a wide grin on his face.

"What the hell is wrong with you man?" Chef raises an eye-brow at his 'friend'

"I sense great drama in the force" Chris blurts, staring into space "As if several teens cried out in emotional pain, and were silenced. I love it!"

Chef just rolls his eyes and mutters something like "prison messed this guy up" before he goes back to reading 'Drag Queen Magazine'.

After the host calms down he goes back to reading season five's document "This sounds interesting, sixteen all-star contestants and four big losers compete in one last season for FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! How the hell can we afford that?" Chris gapes at Chef.

"Just keep reading, you'll see." he replies.

"To save money on location fees the season will be taking place in virtual reality? Is that even possible?!"

Chef rolls his eyes, "Tech's advanced while you were locked up, Alon Must got so rich from this tech he bought New Zealand."

"It says here the hosts and contestants' consciousness will be uploaded to a Vector-Rift -the latest and greatest in virtual technology- where the producers and I have complete control of reality! Could this be more awesome?!" Chris' smile is so wide it looks as though he might die from excitement.

Chef breaks into a similarly wicked smile "The best part is, those teens won't know they're in a machine."

They break into a fit of maniacal laughter, which is interrupted by a chiming bell, signaling for Chris to go onstage and announce the new season.

Chris jogs on stage and beams out to the crowd, winking at the teenagers sitting onstage in a tiered seating arrangement labeled 'The Peanut Gallery" opposite him "Hello my beautiful people!" He ignores the boos from the cast, the spotlight making him glow like an evil god "Let's give an extra warm welcome to our ex-contestants!" Chris takes a deep breath and pulls out a list "Katie and Sadie, Eva, Tyler, Gwen, Cody, Duncan, Sierra, Trent, Justin, DJ, Beth, Heather, Courtney, Leshawna, Harold and Lindsay from Island and World Tour -Gasp- and from Revenge of the Island we have Dakota, Jo, Mike, Zoey, Brick, B, Scott, Anne Maria, Dawn, Sam, Lightning, Cameron and Staci!" Chris pauses to catch his breath "It's been far too long. Don't worry though, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to catch up in the new season of Total Drama that I'm proud to announce. Are you ready for Total Drama… The. Final. Marshmallow!"

As he declares this, interns armed with marshmallow guns open fire on the cheering crowd and at the peanut gallery. Tyler catches five in his mouth before choking and passing out while Cameron cowers from the soft blows of the fluffy treats and sugar-high Cody makes a marshmallow angel on the ground. Heather appears to be scanning the group, looking for someone.

"Typical of Ale-jerkwad to not even show up." She huffs to no-one in particular

"Hold on!" Courtney's piercing shout brings an end to the cheers and fun "I was told this was a trial to send you to prison for life. I prepared an entire speech to testify!" She drops her suitcase full of paper to the ground.

"Honestly," Chris smiles back at her "I'm surprised you fell for it."

"Whatever, it's not like he can make us compete." Gwen shrugs, unamused by Chris' antics.

Chris bursts into a fit of laughter "Oh Gwen, you've been in what, three seasons now? You have to realize something… I ALWAYS get what I want!" He smirks at goth girl "Remember those contracts you all so eagerly signed to put me in jail? Yeah, if you had read the fine print you would know that you were actually signing up for another season! Isn't that fun? The only person who actually took the time to read it was big Bev, how come you didn't tell everyone else B.?"

"Wow, thanks Beverly!" Scott spat at the boy sitting beside him. B could do nothing but hang his head in shame.

"Hmm, something is wrong here…" Justin's face is strained by the effort of thinking.

"Uh, yeah. We've been tricked into potentially competing in another season!" Cody sighs.

"No, it's not that..." The model struggles to connect his brain to his mouth, "It's just that, nothing smells like-"

"Beans!" Harold realizes "Of course, Owen isn't here!"

"Then where is he? And his girlfriend too?" Justin asks.

Chris, overhearing this, answers the boys questions "Owen and Noah are absent due to some spin-off season they started when I went on… Vacation"

"We mean his other girlfriend, Izzy." Cody chuckles.

Gwen leans over to the nerdling and says, "Uhh, they broke up, like, two years ago."

"Chris went prison though!?" a somewhat recovered Dakotazoid interrupts to yell at the host-with-the-most.

Chris, eager to change the subject, explains "Geoff, Owen and Noah are busy on some other ridonculous -I mean ridiculous- show which, let's face it, none of them will win. Bridgette has been out at an oil rig pointlessly protesting for weeks and Blaineley isn't a real contestant and you can't tell me otherwise. Oh, and I sold Izzy and Zeke to some random scientists who wanted to run experiments on those weirdos."

"Harsh, McLean. Real harsh." Jo glares disdainfully at Chris.

"Yeah dude." Sam adds,"That's a major toxic move"

"Whatever, like I care. Season five will feature sixteen of our best players and four lucky losers who we will decide on soon as they compete for not one, not two, three or four but FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!"

Everyone in the building erupted into excited conversation.

"OMG Katie! We could totally buy those cute outfits we were looking at!" Squealed, you'll never guess who... Sadie.

"Or a few brain cells." Heather snarks, rolling her eyes.

"My Great-Great-Great-Great-to-the-power-of-one-million-Grandfather invented brain cells after he got sick of people wandering around aimlessly and bumping into walls!" Staci adds helpfully, "It's totally true, yah."

After the audience calms down Chris continues "Well now folks now's the moment you've all been waiting for, if I call your name please come stand center stage. The all-stars competing in season five are, in no particular order… Gwen!"

"Of course." Gwen rolls her eyes sarcastically and walks to center stage.


"Of course!" Jo stands up proud and joins Gwen.


"Here we go again," Duncan slowly strides to the center, and tucks his arm around Gwen, "At least I have you babe"

"Haha, yeah..." Gwen's eyes dart to her feet.

"Mike, or whoever he is at the moment."

The MPD pats Zoey's shoulder and stands up "It's Mike, Chris. Just Mike."

"Whatever" Chris sighs, before whispering "I would have preferred Vito, Next up is Harold and Zoey!"

"Logically. What would the fans do without my mad skills to entertain them?" The lanky teen joins the group as Zoey sprints to Mike's side.

"Cameron and Lindsay."

Cameron receives a painful high five from Brick whilst Lindsay buries Tyler in a joyful hug

"Oh my gosh, Tyler! We're stars! We're stars!" She squeals excitedly, pulling her boyfriend in for a hug.

Despite being squeezed so hard he turns blue, Tyler manages to gasp "Actually, I think it's just you babe."

Once Lindsay finally lets go and joins the others Chris continues, "DJ and Scott will also be competing."

DJ stands up proud with a tear in his eye, but as he goes forwards to the group someone's foot sticks out and trips him.

"Oh, sorry big guy, didn't see you there." Scott smirks, stepping over DJ to stand by Jo.

"Hey, save the drama for the show guys." Chris warns "But then again the drama seems to never stop for these next two, Leshawna and Heather!"

"Why am I being called up at the same time as Leshawna!?" Heather stomps her foot in outrage "My name should have been the first one called!"

Leshawna glares at her enemy "Like I'm thrilled to be competing with you."

"There's no order to this, so please shut up." Chris sighs, exasperated "Courtney and Lightning will also be competing this season."

Courtney crosses her arms "As if I have a choic-"

"SHA-BOO-YAH! Lightning for the win!" In one enthusiastic leap Lightning lands center-stage

"Good to see someone's happy to be here." Chris says, before lowering his voice to create tension "And, the last All-Star with a guaranteed place in the season is… Anne Maria!"

"Aw yeah!" Anne Maria tucks her hair-spray in her pouf and struts on stage.

"Aw man!" Justin, Sierra, Tyler, Sam, Dakota, Trent, Brick, Cody, Beth, Staci, Eva, Katie & Sadie sigh.

Jo's face turns from hopeful to shocked "How come Jersey girl gets a spot?!"

"Because you're all the top seven from season four. I'm not counting Dakota because she was brought back and, you know… She's a Mutant"

"Wait a minute!" Courtney interrupts "I thought you said there were sixteen all stars, but there's only fifteen of us."

"Yeah, I thought there would be too," Chris says, annoyed "but it looks like SOMEONE forgot to show up, so I guess there's nineteen contestants this season. Oh well, your chances at the five mil just increa-" A small voice murmurs from his earpiece "Oh, oh yeah! Joining you kids this season is the Drama Bot!"

"Dude, we're all eighteen now, stop calling us kids" Duncan crosses his arms "What is the Drama Bot anyway?"

"I'm glad you asked kiddo!" The handsome host grins back, ignoring Duncan's angry snarl "Drama Bot is everyone's favourite Total Drama icon and companion," He produces a plastic box featuring a miniature Drama Bot and smiles at the camera "Celebrate season five of Total Drama with this awesome toy! What are you waiting for? Grab your parent's credit cards NOW! With zero percent recyclable materials and several choking hazards this toy is the perfect gift for your child."

"A Drama Bot? Really?" Gwen scoffs

"Hey, we tried to have a Drama-Man, but apparently that was already taken. Talk about tyranny." Chris sighs in disappointment "Anyways, please welcome the one, the only, Drama Bot!"

A large, rusty robot rolls onstage and stops besides the contestants.

"Did you hear something?" Zoey asks Mike, who shakes his head "Oh. I thought I heard some kind of muffled scream from inside the robot."

"Really?" Chris scowls, "That shouldn't be happening, let me try to fix it" He pulls out a remote control and presses a yellow button. The robot jerks around from the electric shock and comes to a stop, silent. For a moment everyone is quiet. There was something strange about this robot.

"Well then," Chris breaks the silence "Shall we pick those four lucky losers then? Great. The first 2 contestants will be selected by those already competing. There is a make-up booth just off stage where you can vote for anyone from your season. That means both one newbie and one original competitor will make the cut for season five. And no discussing your choice! We wouldn't want you all voting for one person now, would we? And of course, we will be editing out the name of the person you vote for to maintain that juicy juicy drama! Now chop chop, we've got a lot to get through!"

Make-up Confessional: Gwen

The goth inspects the images of the 'losers', "Hmm, I'd rather not pick, but since we have to I guess I owe it to BEEP to make up for the whole Action ordeal."

Make-up Confessional: Courtney

Courtney strokes her chin thoughtfully as she ponders her options "Hmm, I don't think I'd be able to coerce any of these people into an alliance with me. So I guess I should vote for the person who poses the least of a threat, BEEP."

Make-up Confessional: DJ

"Oh man, I love all these guys!" DJ rubs his head uncertainly, "Tyler and Cody were great when we teamed up to get the million dollar case at the end of season one. But come to think about it, I'd love to be able to hang out with Trent a bit more after all the bro-time we had at the Playa-Des-Losers. Oh, but Beth is so kind and gentle..." A sharp knock on the make-up booth's door startles the gentle giant "Sorry!" He calls out "I guess I pick BEEP."

Make-up Confessional: Lightning

"Puh-lease, as if Lightning needs to bring in another sha-loser to destroy! But Lightning guesses BEEP will be the easiest to sha-crush!" He slams the picture of his choice into the voting box and marches out of the booth.

Make-up Confessional: Zoey

"Can you guys believe I'm an All Star?" The indie chick asks excitedly "Guess I proved all my high-school bullies wrong! And my classmates. And my teachers. A-and my family… Hehe… Well in my time on the island I suppose the nicest guy was BEEP. Aside from Mike and Cameron of course."

Make-up Confessional: Duncan

"The thing is," The delinquent explains absentmindedly as he carves a skull into the desk "I don't like any of these losers... Whatever, I guess BEEP's alright."

Make-up Confessional: Mike

Mike seems uncertain, "I really can't pick, I like everybody from my season! Who do I choose? Ugh... Gasp!" After a sharp inhale Mike's eyes squint and his back hunches "That's bullshit!" Chester wheezes "Our favourite is BEEP and you know it!"

Make-up Confessional: Heather

Heather picks up each photo one by one "Justin? No way, diet-Alejandro. Tyler? Could be an easily manipulated ally, but he's too close to Lindsiot. Eva? Ha! Yeah right. Katie or Sadie? They'd be useful pawns, but I'd rather put a shotgun to my head and pull the trigger than listen to their constant whining. Beth? How did that nerd make it to a finale? Sierra? Nah, crazy girl is smarter than she looks. Cody? Hmm, now there's a good option. But, he's just too popular with the others and he'd probably spend the whole time simping for Gwen again. Sigh. I guess that leaves BEEP, come to think of it, it was really fun toying with him the first time." She smirks devilishly "And having him there would totally mess up Gwen's game."

Make-up Confessional: Anne Maria

"I don't really know any of these nerds. I wish I could pick Vito, now there's a man" She drifts into daydream until a knock at the door brings her back to reality "What wuz I sayin'? Whatever, I guess I vote for BEEP for swimmin' me back to shore after our elimination."

Make-up Confessional: Scott

"Ah, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Ya see I eliminated every single one of those losers. So they'll probably be holding a grudge. I'll just have to vote for someone nobody else will, BEEP." He smirks devilishly

Make-up Confessional: Leshawna

Leshawna holds two pictures out in front of her "Look, Beth's my friend and all but she's already made the finale. And since Bridgette's not here, my vote goes to BEEP, for ol' times sake."

Make-up Confessional: Lindsay

"OMGosh!" The model squeals "I'm in another season! I hope Tyler gets picked, and Beth! And Katty! And Saddy! And Bridger! And Omar!" She proceeds to attempt to name every single original cast member except Heather.

Make-up Confessional: Harold

"Over the course of the show I've formed bonds with Cody, Trent, Tyler, Justin and Beth. However I believe the person I'd most like to compete with in season five is my main man, the BEEP-meister." The uber nerd places a confident stamp on his choice.

Make-up Confessional: Jo

"I pick BEEP. No particular reason. He's a solid competitor. Heh." The jockette rubs the back of her neck awkwardly.

Make-up Confessional: Cameron

Cameron looked anxiously at his castmates faces, before sighing and picking one up "As much as I like Sam, Dawn and Dakota, BEEP is the most logical decision after he lost the game to save our lives in season four."

Once Cameron and the other competitors returned to the peanut gallery Chris tallies the data "Alrighty campers, I have the votes. If I call your name please stand up because you have received at least one vote. Dawn, Brick and Staci. You were the only ones who received votes from your generation."

The moonchild, cadet and blabbermouth stand up while the others complain or look offended.

"Someone voted for Staci over us?" Sam groans "Weak…"

The host soaks in the disappointment gleefully before continuing "And from the original castmates… Cody, Tyler, Beth and Trent received votes."

Justin sighs, Katie & Sadie cry in each other's arms and Cody pats Sierra on the back while an unsurprised Eva maintains her trademark scowl.

"Not that your reactions aren't great and all…" Chris yawns, "But I'd rather jump straight to the challenges. So Staci, Tyler and Beth, please sit down."

The remaining two losers from each generation glance nervously at each other.

"And the loser with the most votes from the second cast, who will join the All-Stars in season four, is… Brick, by a landslide!"

Dawn sighs and sits down while the cadet blushes and marches forward, shaking every castmate's hand on the way, to stand proudly at Cameron's side.

"Thanks buddy" He whispers to Cameron, offering his hand.

"You're welcome Brick, I'm really- EEP!" The bubble boy winces from the crushing enthusiasm of the handshake.

"And from the original cast, with only one vote in it…" Chris leans in closely, his speech gradually decreasing in speed for dramatic effect "The next person to be joining season five…"

Cody and Trent lean in expectantly, hanging on every word.

"And getting a shot at five MILLION dollars…" He pauses yet again, drinking in the suspense "Is…"

"JUST GET TO IT ALREADY!" Eva snaps, breaking the silence and earning approving nods from Lightning, Jo and Duncan.

"Fine! Ruin the moment why dontcha" Chris murmurs, "Trent!"

"Nice one." The musician pats Cody on the back and strolls onstage, pointing finger guns to the applauding fans in the crowd. He comes to a stop beside Brick as the cadet offers him a congratulatory handshake. As he looks at the faces of his fellow castmates he locks eyes with Gwen, who sniffs and looks away as Trent awkwardly rubs the back of his neck.

"Which two of the remaining losers will earn a spot on the show?" The host asks the camera "And what other surprises do we have in store? I guess you'll have ta wait around and see after these messages''

"And we're back! Looks like you're just in time to find who the last two castmates to earn a spot in season five are. The next qualifier challenge? Physical ability." He gestures to the losers, who are standing centre stage by a row of mattresses, as well as treadmills and various other pieces of gym equipment. Some look more nervous than others.

"Whelp, it was fun while it lasted…" Beth sighs, watching Tyler and Eva confidently warming up.

Cody and Sierra hear the girl and walk up beside her. "Hey now," Cody puts a hand on her shoulder "Don't count us out yet! If we can make the final three then anything is possible."

The uber-fan shakes her head in agreement and forces herself between the two nerds "Totally. And who knows? Maybe everyone else will spontaneously combust, leaving us victorious." She adds in an attempt to comfort her.

A sharp whistle makes the trio cover their ears as Chef Hatchet marches on stage in his commando outfit "Listen up maggots!" He commands "My job is to whittle you down till only one remains. Your first challenge will be to hold a mattress above your head as long as you can. First five to drop them are out. Ready?" The teens all nod and grab their mattresses "Begin!"

After a few shaky minutes the first mattress hits the ground.

"Looks like Mrs Blabbermouth couldn't take the heat." Chef frowns at her "You're out maggot."

As Staci walks to her seat she gasps when she sees that Chris has relabeled the Peanut Gallery as 'The Seats of Shame'.

Not long after Cody also drops his mattress "I'm sorry" He sighs, as he returns to his seat he calls out "You got this Sierra. You too Beth!"

A few minutes later and things are looking bleak for Dawn, Sam, Katie, Sadie and Beth. Eva smirks at them as she balanced her mattress on one finger. Tyler, eager to prove himself, also attempts this. The sudden shift in weight causes him to stumble forwards with a shriek, but thanks to his immense finger strength he is able to catch himself in a one handed push-up position, with the mattress miraculously balanced above his head. This distraction causes three of the struggling teens to drop their mattresses with a sigh of disappointment and relief.

"Gutless Gamer, Thing #1 and Micro Moonchild are out!" Chef blows his whistle, signaling to the others that they can drop their mattresses.

"Aww man." Sam sighs as he, Katie and Dawn take a seat "You can do it babe!" He calls out to Dakota.

"And it looks like Sadie, Dakotazoid, Tyler, Beth, Justin, Sierra, B and Eva progress through to the next round" Chris declares "For your next challe-"

"FOR YOUR NEXT CHALLENGE" Chef butts in, "You will be running on these treadmills at full speed. First four to fall off are out. Ready?" The remaining teens reluctantly step onto the treadmills "Begin!"

"I could have done that" The host huffs to himself.

As the treadmills accelerate with great speed it doesn't take long for Beth, Sadie and B to come crashing down onto their mattresses.

"You're out soldiers! Get your sorry butts to the gallery" The burly soldier commands.

As the race continues even Sierra and Dakotazoid's long legs begin to fatigue as Eva breaks into a determined sweat. Things were looking especially bad for Justin as the model began to slow down when Tyler, who was running backwards in an attempt to impress Lindsay, tripped. The jock fell on the rotating surface at such an angle that he stayed rolling on for several seconds until -against all laws of physics- he was launched directly upwards into the air. As Tyler reached the pinnacle of his tratectory, narrowly missing the roof of the studio, he plummeted straight down onto his treadmill. By yet another defiance of physics he rolled back into running position, his landing sending a shockwave that made the nearest competitor stumble and fall.

Chris eagerly grabs the opportunity to narrate, "It looks like Tyler fell head over heels for Lindsay, leaving Sierra on a trip to loserville!" He triumphantly declares, smirking at Chef Hatchet "Top that, buddy".

"Humph, just you wait. Pal" Chef growls in response. He snaps his fingers and three interns walk onstage with a table and two chairs. "Your next elimination challenge will be an arm wrestle. Justin and Tyler will go first."

"X-treme!" The jock cheers "Prepare to go down."

"I wouldn't count me out yet," The model replies calmly "I mean, have you seen these bad boys?" He flexes his biceps, causing several girls in the audience to faint.

"Sha-please!" Lightning scowls "Those things got nothing on my guns. Sha-bam!" He tenses his arms only to receive a noticeably weaker response from the crowd. "There-there babies, they're just jealous. Mwha, mwha" He begins to kiss his arms, much to Heather's disgust.

The scene cuts to Tyler and Justin glaring intensely at each other as Chef tapes their right hands together. "Alright maggots, here are the rules. One arm only. No spitting, biting or fighting, ok? Although, trash-talking is highly encouraged. You may begin."

The two muscled teens begin their arm wrestle as intense background music plays. Two minutes in and neither contestant has a significant lead.

"J-just give up now, bro" Tyler pants determinedly "I can do this all day!"

"Please..." Justin grunts with a smirk as sweat drips down his forehead "These hands are perfectly sculpted uh… sculptures. They'll wear you down eventually."

"Ding!" Tyler exclaims in realisation, momentarily faltering in his grip. He only just stops his hand from hitting the table. "If your hands are such sculpted sculptures… You won't mind if I do THIS!"

The jock tightens his tremendously strong fingers around the models hand, causing Justin to yelp in pain.

"Not the hands! I forfeit!" He cries, letting himself go limp so Tyler could pound their fists on the table.

The jock leaps joyfully into the air as Lindsay rushes to his side "Yes! X-treme!"

"What the hell dude? You almost crushed my paw and destroyed my career as a hand model!" Justin groans, cradling his throbbing hand.

"And Tyler has progressed to the final two!" Chris declares "Now the question is, who will he be facing? The unstoppable iron-woman Eva? Or the fame-mongering mutant Dakotazoid?"

The two aforementioned females glared at each other with burning intensity while Tyler can be seen gulping nervously behind them as the camera cuts to black.

The camera fades back in to reveal a smirking Eva and a teeth-baring Dakota's fists locked in a tight grip "Alright girlies!" Chef barks, earning him a kick to the shin from Eva "Same rules apply as last time. Begin!"

As the arm wrestle commences Eva's smirk is replaced by barely concealed surprise as the semi-mutated fame-monger immediately forces Eva into a defensive position.

"Go Dakota!" The gamer cheers "That's my girlfriend" He brags to an impressed Cody.

Zoey, Mike and the paparazzi in the audience join in to cheer her on.

"Me crush ugly girl!" Dakota roars, pushing Eva's hand closer to the table and earning another "Woohoo!" from Sam.

"Look who's - hrgh - talking." The bully grunts, before glaring at the spectators "Where's my encouragement guys?"

The onlooking teens stare at the ground awkwardly, causing Eva's eyes to flare with the same fire that they had seen when she returned in season one. Chris leans forwards excitedly, waiting for her to explode… But instead she takes a deep breath, calming herself and channeling her anger into her arm, regaining a little territory. But no-matter her strength, Dakotazoid matches it. The scene cuts forwards, and Eva is barely able to keep her hand off the table. The mutant girl cackles with glee.

A particularly nervous Tyler watches from the side-stage, "This is really bad Linds," He whispers to his girlfriend, "I might stand a chance against Eva, but there is no way I can beat that green-haired chick."

Duncan overhears this and states, "Dude, Eva demolished you in the opening theme every episode! No matter what, you're screwed."

"Hey, I've been training a lot since then." The jock rebuts, flexing his arms "I think I can take her. Plus back then I wasn't using my wicked strong fingers. I just need to find a way to distract Dakota…"

"Oh! Oh! Leave it to me!" Lindsay says, "Since season three finished I've totally become a master stategerizer! Courtlyn used this trick on me in Hawaii, so it'll totally work on Dakosha."

"Not that I don't have total faith in your, ah, strategerizing, but maybe we should plan out- Wait, Linds-!" Tyler tries to stop her but the blonde has already walked up to the table.

"Ohmygosh! Dakosha, is that the interviewing crew for Megastar Models?! I think they're looking for you!" The blonde squeals excitedly, winking at her boyfriend.

"WHAT?!" The mutant girl gasps, "Dakota's here! Dakota's here!" She raises her free arm and begins scanning the audience for the camera crew.

Eva sees her chance and takes it, with an almighty roar the iron-woman slams Dakota's fist on the table with such force that it breaks in half. She victoriously lifts a table leg over her head and snaps it over her knee before eyeing Tyler like a lion eying an antelope.

"Still think you can take her bro?" Duncan smirks, causing the athlete to gulp nervously. On the other side of the stage Sam holds a crying Dakota in his arms, trying to comfort his girlfriend.

"We are down to the final two in the competition to compete. It's a battle with a whole lotta brawn and not much brain!" Chris joyfully announces.

"Watch it McLean!" Eva growls.

"Who will earn their spot in the game? Find out when we return!"

"Welcome back folks!" Chris declares "It's time for the ultimate showdown. The match you've been waiting for… Eva Vs Tyler!"

The camera pans to the two jocks standing in opposite corners of a boxing ring, each wearing big red gloves. The blue of Eva's activewear clashing with Tyler's red jumpsuit.

The Female Bully growls at her opponent, "You're going down, meathead. I've waited three seasons for this, and nobody can take this away from me!"

"Y-Yeah?" Tyler responds, nervously sweating. "Don't underestimate me, I'm totally faster than you! I got those catlike reflexes." He demonstrates with a few jabs to the air.

"Listen up soldiers!" Chef barks "I want a good, clean fight. Or alternatively, a bad, messy one. Either way, there will be blood. Ready?"

Eva nods with a dark scowl whilst Tyler gulps and raises his fists.


The match begins with the athletes circling one another. Eva throws a punch which Tyler half-doges half-trips to avoid.

"Woohoo! Go Tyler!" Lindsay cheers.

"Yeah, you got this man!" DJ joins in.

"Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!" Lindsay chants, with a dozen other joining in.

With newfound confidence, the clumsy jock unleashes a barrage of punches at his opponent, who easily blocks them all.

"You're going down!" Tyler declares, sending another swipe at her while the audience cheers him on.

After a few more easily blocked punches Eva grunts, "Enough, playtimes over. I'm a national kickboxing gold medalist, and you're a failure who's lost every game you've played. I've been training every day of my life!" She throws a punch that connects with the athlete's shoulder, knocking him back.

"I joined season one of Total Drama to push myself out of my comfort zone, and to meet new people!" Another blow lands on Tyler's gut, causing the audience to gasp.

"And I was humiliated!" A strong uppercut sends The Uber-Jock flying into the ropes.

"Tyler!" Lindsay squeals.

"I don't care if nobody likes me!" She glares at the onlooking castmates, "But I deserve a second chance! Don't you see how much this means to me!?" She lifts the nearly unconscious Tyler over her head, ready to toss him out of the ring.

"I have to prove myself! I need to show I have what it takes…" " Eva glances at the others again and sees the looks of horror (and in some cases respect) on their faces. The audience is silent aside from Lindsay's terrified whimpers and Tyler's pained wheezing. She takes a deep breath. Someone in the audience starts a slow clap, others join in until the studio erupts into applause and chants of "E-VA, E-VA!"

"Ugh... Forget this." She says under her breath, dropping Tyler onto the mat and jumping out of the ring. The bully stalks over to the Peanut Gallery and takes a seat, the losers giving her a wide berth.

Chris is the one who finally breaks the silence, "And in a surprising turn of events Eva forfeits, and Tyler wins! Who could have predicted that?"

Chef holds up the limp jock's fist. Tyler gives a triumphant groan before slumping back to the floor. Lindsay, DJ, Cody and Harold race over to the ring and carry him victoriously over to the other season five competitors.

"Whelp, it's time for our fourth and final loser to be selected." Chris announces "And this time the viewers at home get to decide! That's right, text which loser you'd like to see compete in season five to 0800-DRAMA. The winner will be decided after these quick messages."

The camera pans from the Peanut Gallery, over the now bare stage, past the All-Stars and over to Chris' lectern.

"And we're back!" The host with the most smiles at the camera, "The votes have been tabulated and we have our winner. If I call your name please stand, as you have received a significant amount of votes. But before I start, I'd like to give a shoutout to Staci, who got a total of zero votes!"

"My family mustn't have been watching, they probably got distracted by some amazing new invention they made. Yah." The blabbermouth rubs her arm awkwardly.

"Wow Chris, that was low." Beth shakes her head disapprovingly.

"Hey, it's not like you did much better nerd." Chris retorts. "Anyway, those with a chance of returning for one more season are… Dawn. Justin. Cody. And… Eva? Huh, guess they must have liked her freak-out."

The jockette gives a dismissive snort and Cody gulps as Sierra engulfs him in a nervous hug. Dawn leans forward with wide eyes and Justin barely hides his anxiety under a cool smile.

"And the twentieth and final contestant is…" Chris takes a deep breath and opens the envelope in his hand, "Eva! Wow. Never thought I'd see that happen."

Eva cocks her unibrow in surprise and goes to stand next to the other winners. Tyler and Lindsay make sure they're at the other side of the pack.

"W-well done, Eva." Zoey rubs her arm nervously as she addresses the girl next to here.

"Yeah, that was awesome." Duncan smirks.

"I'm looking forward to having a competent rival for once." Jo walks up to the bully and claps her on the shoulder, ignoring Lightning and Bricks complaints. "Try not to get eliminated early this time."

Eva turns to her fellow jock, "Watch it, sweatpants. I've been given another shot and I'm not letting it go to waste. Get in my way and you will be crushed. Tyler can attest to that."

A startled Jo starts to blurt out a comeback when Chris interrupts with a closing speech. "Alright folks. Make sure you tune in one weeks time for the biggest, baddest, most brutal season in Total Drama history… Eleven veteran contestants, eight season four noobs and one mysterious robot will compete in the last season ever for five million dollars in Total Drama: The Final Marshmallow!" The camera pulls out to show the whole stage, and above it is a sign blaring the season's logo. Fade to black.

The studio audience had left and Chris and Chef were backstage. The rest of the cast were milling around discussing the new season. Only Heather, Eva and Scott don't join in socialising, instead they stand solitary with frowns ranging from scowling to scheming.

"Congratulations on making the cut Cam." Sam walks up to the bubble boy, distracting him from his conversation with Brick. "Think you can win two in a row? Huhuh."

"Hello Sam. Although the chances of that happening are incredibly slim, stranger things have happened." He replies, "Sorry for not voting for you by the way…"

"It's ok. I don't really think I'm all star material anyway… Huhuh." The gamer rubs his neck awkwardly.

"Don't say that. I'm sure you'll get your chance soon. Anyway, I downloaded that game you wanted on that shady website." The nerdling presents a USB stick from his pocket and an ominous tune plays in the background. "I won't really be able to play it on the island, so here you go. I haven't had a chance to play it yet so you'll have to tell me what it's like."

"Mega awesome! Thanks Cam, I knew if anyone could do it, it'd be you." The music spikes as the gamer takes the drive off him.

Cameron's voice takes a serious tone, "Just remember, I haven't tested it yet and-"

"SAAAAAM!" his girlfriend yells offscreen "Where are you?"

"Coming Dakota! Sorry Cameron, see you later dude!" With that the gamer ran off, leaving his friend behind.

"C'mon Cameron." Brick claps the brainiac on the shoulder. "Chris says he wants all competitors to meet him backstage."

"Uhh, where's Chris?" DJ asks the contestants in the backstage lounge as Brick and Cameron walk in the door. Nobody notices as it locks behind them.

"He better not be standing us up after we dropped everything to play his stupid game again." Leshawna crosses her arms and surveys the room.

"Hey guys," Scott backs into the middle of the room, "Please tell me that isn't knockout gas leaking through the grate!"

Surely enough, a green gas seeps into the room through the air-con and under the doors.

"This is getting real old real quick." Gwen sighs, taking a comfortable position on the couch. "Let's get this over with."

"Pfff, you wanna get sha-gassed? Fine. But Lightning ain't gonna let no invisible chemicals take him down!" The meathead takes a deep breath, then quickly passes out.

The teens start collapsing to the ground until the only thing left standing is the Dramabot. Its hulking figure stands in the middle of the room, sleeping teens all around it. As the camera zooms in the sound of faint crying can be heard from within.


Guys: Brick, Cameron, DJ, Duncan, Harold, Lightning, Mike, Scott, Trent, Tyler

Girls: Anne Maria, Courtney, Eva, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Leshawna, Lindsay, Zoey

Robots: Dramabot

Alright, that completes the setup for the season.

Who do you think should have got in that didn't?

Who's gonna get the first boot?

What's up with that mysterious sad robot? And come to think of it, where's a certain seductive Spaniard? I'm sure these two questions have nothing in common.

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