"It's not true. It can't be true"

Mikasa leans against the wall, hugging her knees, burying her head between them. Eren sits next to her, hand rubbing her back, then making her lean against him, one arm embracing her.

"I'm sorry Mik...but there's nothing that I can do about it", Eren whispers at the raven, knowing that for now there's very little chance of consoling her.

Armin and Jean are standing near, not knowing what to do, just watching the couple try to get past this moment.

"There wasn't anything else in that memory? Nothing useful, for this situation?" Armin asks, but internally he already knows the answer that will come.

The brunette shakes his head, facing the blonde.

"No, nothing - it was about how my father came to be here. He learned about this when he was brought here,and that's it"

He turns back to Mikasa, who is leaning on his shoulder, noticing how she is almost sleeping, the stress getting to her. He stands up, helping her do the same, and then whispering -"You should sleep, Mik - you're very tired"

Mikasa shakes her head, even as she's leaning on him, taking a few deep breaths -"I don't want to waste time and lose ours", she admits, causing a few chuckles to escape from the brunette.

"Mik, I have at least 8 years left", he stops, making sure that his math was correct, and continues -"You taking a few hours to sleep won't impact them. Go to sleep"

The girl relents, stopping to hug Eren as strong as she can, who reciprocates the hug, matching her strength with his own hug. They break it at the same time, looking in each other's eyes, Mikasa's noticeably wetter and leaking a few tears.

"Come on, Mikasa - I'll accompany you to your room", Jean butts in, holding the door open for her. After being gently pushed by Eren, Mikasa walks towards the exit, begrudgingly going to get some rest.

They walk in silence for a while, Mikasa staring down at the ground, holding her scarf close to her face - Jean sees this, always having wondered what exactly that scarf was about.

"Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what's with the scarf? You never let it go" he finishes, holding open a door to the outside.

The raven doesn't answer at first, her mind still focused on that single detail about Eren's life, but she quickly faces Jean, answering his question.

"Eren gave it to me when we met - it's a long story, and I don't feel like going into it, if you don't mind" she finishes, hoping that Jean won't pry further about it. To he relief, he just nods, staring off in the distance, hands in his pockets.

They stay silent for the next few minutes, walking silently to their cabins, when Jean starts talking again - "I can't imagine what you're going through, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Eren is too stubborn to die, he'll probably find a way to survive out of pure spite, the arrogant bastard". Mikasa doesn't react at Jean's insult, knowing that the duo are close friends, despite them always throwing insults and nicknames at each other.

"And if he's already given up, me and Armin will knock some sense into him - you go and rest, ok? Let us handle the idiot" - they stop at the cabin's entrance, facing each other, Jean smiling at the girl, causing her to smile as well, due to the blonde's reassurance.

"Thanks, Jean - it means a lot to me" - the raven hugs her friend, him reciprocating the gesture, the height difference making her head meet his shoulder.

"Don't sweat it - now go, your boyfriend will kill me if you're not sleeping soundly" Jean jokingly says, while ushering her inside. Mikasa slightly blushes at that last part, Jean being the first one to refer to them as "boyfriend/girlfriend"

I mean...yeah that's where we are right?

Eren and Armin are still in the municipal building, just organising the things they found in the basement of Eren's house. The image of Eren's parents, now them knowing it's a picture, was just the start, the book on the outside world proving to be invaluable information.

"Damn...we're generally living good enough, but according to this, on the other side it's a whole new level" Armin reads the book, completely mesmerised by its content. Each page turned was a new source of amazement for the blonde.

"Yeah - it's only making me angrier to think that we have been cut off from all of that" Eren exclaims, part of its thoughts dedicated to the memories he had seen.

Armin can see what his friend is thinking, and instead of ignoring it, decides to inquire further.

"So those weird dreams that you were having were your father's memories?" The blonde asks, trying to imagine just how would that work, and what it would look like.

Eren nods, thinking about the latest one -"Yeah - I still don't know what to make of it, honestly. I don't know why only now they've become more clear to me. Before they were fuzzy, and I barely remembered them afterwards. This one is still clear though"

"Could be because you're more used to controlling your Titan - before you didn't know you had it in you, them you became aware of it but didn't know exactly what happened, and now with more knowledge about it you tapped into the last step" Armin says, his reasoning, although simple, seeming strong to both teens.

Eren shrugs his shoulders, after putting down the picture of his parents. -" Could be. Whatever the reason is, maybe it will help with my current problem.

The mention of the so called Curse of Ymir brings the atmosphere to get heavy, neither wanting to speak on it, looking at each other with heavy eyes.

"Maybe...maybe our Ymir knows something more? Maybe there's something else still-" Armin starts to speak, getting interrupted by Eren, who only raises his hand to stop him -"I doubt it. My father wrote more things, there's nothing in there about stopping this curse - the only one able to are apparently the royals, but...yeah" the words "I'd die anyway" are unspoken, but Armin understands them anyway.

A few more minutes pass, and then Armin freezes, eyes scrunching up in concentration. Eren notices this, getting closer to Armin, knowing that the blonde must be realising something.

"Where is Ymir? I need to talk to her!" Armin stands up, questioning Eren, who only shrugs, answering -"Probably with Historia. Those two have been inseparable-" the brunette stops talking once he realises that Armin already left, leaving him behind.

He follows him, climbing up two flights of stairs, up to the Queen's personal floor, and they see Historia and Ymir sitting at a small table in the balcony, drinking something and laughing.

"If I had known that this was what was waiting for us, I would've come out of hiding sooner" Ymir jokes, lifting up her cup of tea. Historia chuckles, watching the freckled girl, and smiles -"Well now you're going to stay here - so you better get used to it!" - Both girls hear the footsteps nearing, looking up to see Armin and Eren walking towards them.

"Hello, your Majesty - Ymir, do you know what happened when Eren was able to control the Titans when we fought Reiner and Bertholt the-" he stops, mentally counting the number of battles against them -" second time?"

"Is that any way to address your Queen, Arlet? Pay more respect!" Ymir jokingly answers, causing the shorter girl to burst out laughing, immediately trying to stop herself and appear serious, staring down Armin, joining in -"Ymir is right, Armin - you should've at least bowed"

Eren softly chuckles at the scene, Armin only slightly flustered, unable to continue the conversation he wanted - Historia sees the expression on her friend's face, and stops laughing, allowing him to continue -"Go on, Armin - we were just joking, don't worry"

Ymir looks at the shorter man, muttering -"I wasn't", and then deciding to stop playing around, addresses Armin -"For the question, you mean when Eren commanded the Titans?" - at the blonde's nodding, Ymir thinks for a while. -"Honestly, I don't know much more than you - Eren accessed the Founder's powers, and commanded the Titans to attack the one - I could feel his signal, let's call it that way, and I'm pretty sure Reiner and Bertholt felt it too. But we weren't compelled to follow it"

At this, Historia interjectes, remembering her own conversation with her father -"But wait, I thought that you couldn't access the power if you weren't of royal blood - wasn't that the whole point of me eating Eren?"

Ymir nods, finding the point weird -"Yeah - that's right...I thought so too..." she stops, looking at the brunette. Historia mulls over it a bit, and then speaks again -"Does that mean that Eren is of royal blood?"

The freckled girl shakes her head, while Eren looks at Historia with an incredulous expression -"I don't think so - if he were, he would've succumbed to the King's vow, or whatever it's called. He wouldn't want to kill all Titans. You still want to do that, right, Eren" she finishes asking, watching Eren with suspicion.

"Yes, that hasn't changed, don't worry" Eren assures, not doing much to clear Ymir's doubts. Armin sees the tension growing, and works immediately to dispel it, butting in.

"But then how did you command the Titans - if you aren't of royal blood, then something else must've activated your powers...what exactly happened, Eren?"

The boy just shrugs, recounting the events that happened -"I don't know...I was angry, and I wanted to protect both Mikasa and me, and I just, you know, screamed"

The group thinks for a while, each going back to that day, seeing if they could recollect some other detail.

"That's it? You just screamed?"

"Well...I was angry, as I said, so I wasn't thinking rationally...I may have attempted to punch the Titan as it happened" Eren explains, not seeing anything of importance. He fishes out the picture of his father, and focuses on the woman in there.

What else was there, dad - what did you-

Suddenly, in his mind an image of the woman appears, her introducing herself to someone, saying her name.

"My name is Dina Fritz"

Eren collapses on the floor, holding his head, with Armin rushing in immediately to catch him, everyone else concerned for their friend.

"What happened? Was it a memory?" the blonde asks concerned, worried if the content is other bad news. Eren shakes his head, clearing his mind, and answers Armin -" Yeah...I think it was my father's first wife..."

Ymir raises an eyebrow at this, a smirk coming to her face -"Wow...go dad... - how many wives did your father have?" she finishes,ignoring Historia's hand smacking her shoulder.

"Two...one here, and the other outside...it was her introducing herself to, I think my father. The name is Dina Fritz"

The mention of the last name blocks everyone, immediately connecting it with the previous king of the city. Armin thinks for a few seconds, then starts to speak -" On the book it was written that there was a first king Fritz, the one that commanded the Titans, right?" - at Eren's confirmation, Armin starts again - "So your father's first wife could have been a descendant from that lineage, making your brother Zeke of royal blood"

"I guess, but that doesn't help us much in our situation." Eren admits, sitting down on a chair -"We still don't know how to activate my power"

Ymir takes advantage of the silence to start softly tickling Historia, causing her to giggle at the action, Armin smiling at the couple.

Eren relaxes, sliding down the chair, closing his eyes and just enjoying the soft breeze. Would be better if Mikasa were here...

He smiles at the thought, happy that finally the two teens had reached a good solid place, thinking back to all their moments together where they still were not sure about the other's feelings.

"I'll wrap that scarf around you everytime you need me to!"

He recollects that moment, wondering for a second if he ever did good on that promise, when he suddenly opens his eyes wide and rushes to get the picture. He stares at it, wide eyed, ignoring everyone's questioning looks.

"Where is Connie?"

Connie, Sasha and Jean are busy with training, knowing that the following weeks will be busy with trying to clear out the Titans from villages and cities.

"Can we stop now guys? I'm tired" Sasha puts her hand up to signal the others, bending down and leaning on her knees.

"I guess -" Connie starts to speak, but gets interrupted by him seeing Hange and Levi come towards them.

"Hello guys! How are you? Everything ok?" Hange asks, waiving at the teens energetically, while Levi stands more on the side, wanting to avoid being near someone so dirty.

"It's all good, as good as it can get in here - are we going to go out soon?" Jean replies, wanting to know if there is any sort of schedule yet.

"We don't know yet, brat - but we've come here to remember you about the awards giving tonight - if your uniforms aren't perfect, I'm going to feed you to the first Titan we find" Levi threatens, the teens knowing that, even if this particular threat was a joke, they should make sure their uniforms are in shape.

Hange's expression turning serious, addressing everyone -"We also have to talk to the council what we found - even if I have trouble wrapping my head around it as well - I don't know how Erwin manages to keep track of it"

Erwin had completely accepted what was written in the book, not finding the information too mind staggering, not seemingly affected by all the avalanche of details that completely changed their world.

"Honestly I don't really understand it - we're subjects of Ymir, right?" Connie starts, waiting for everyone's nods -"Does that have anything to do with our Ymir? " he asks.

"I don't thinks so" Jean answers -"We know that that name was given to her, at least that's what she said - and she just went with it. And that's the reason she was forced here" he finishes, standing up from the ground, cleaning himself off of the dirt.

"Yeah - according to the book of Mr Yeager, the Ymir they're referring to is much older - so there's no connection aside from the name" Hange comments, watching the horizon.


Everyone turns to the voice, seeing Eren running towards them, Armin behind him.

"Connie - you said that your mother still looks like herself in her Titan form, right?"

Connie nods, confused expression on his face -"Yeah...why do you ask?" - Eren takes a few deep breaths, regaining oxygen in his lungs, before replying.

"I just had a new memory - my father's first wife, her name was Dina Fritz, like the royals" - he pauses, seeing Jean giving him a questioning look -" Hold up - weren't the Fritz fake royals? Just a placeholder for the Reiss family?"

"In here, yes - but out there, no - the First King was a Fritz - the one that started it all, was a Fritz." Levi explains, signalling Eren to continue.

"Yeah - and that would make your brother a royal, but I still don't know why that matters" Armin asks again, not seeing any connection between them.

Connie widens his eyes, recalling how his family was turned into Titans -" Wait - my village was turned into Titans, and the only one who would have been there at the moment was that Ape, your brother" - Eren raises his hand to stop Connie, finally having finished catching his breath.

"Yeah, probably he turned them into Titans, but that's not why I'm here - also the commander, when he turned, still partly looked like himself, right? Like your mother?"

Levi squeezes his eyes shut, not seeing where this rambling is leading to - "Yes - could you get to the point? I'm starting to get a headache from all of this"

Eren nods, and starts to speak again -"The Titan that was walking towards me and Mikasa that day when you came to rescue me, looked like Dina Fritz"

Everyone looks at Eren, most not seeing the point in all of this, while Armin is slowly connecting all the pieces together - "So...that Titan had royal blood? You said that you tried to punch it, correct?" - without waiting for Eren's confirmation, Armin continues talking -"So that would mean that, you were able to activate your powers because of that Titan!" he finishes explaining, smiling at the thought, with Eren enthusiastically agreeing.

"I still don't understand why that's important" Sasha intervens, Connie rubbing his head in obvious confusion. Jean is eyeing Eren, his mind trying to piece together what they said -"Since that Titan was a royal, their blood activated your power - and you were able to control the signal with your orders!" Jean screams, everyone else finally understanding the point, and one by one, smiling.

"So that means that you can order the founder to eliminate all Titans!" Hange exclaims, hands clasped together, Levi going forward to grab Eren and pull him back to the city -"Come on then - now we'll get Historia"

Mikasa woke up from her nap a couple of minutes ago, not having slept for long. She exits her room, not seeing anyone in the cabin with her, and goes outside to meet up with her friends. She also wanted to spend as much time as possible with Eren - Doesn't matter if eight years are a long time...for now they're not...

She then realises that she's not the only one in that situation, all of the other people in the 104th are going to say goodbye to Eren and Ymir in 8 years - Historia must be feeling most like me, out of everyone

She makes her way to the royal building, the ceremony in just a few hours, but wanting to already be there in advance. It doesn't take long for her to arrive there, noticing Historia and Ymir talking together on their balcony.

They're all smiles...

"What do you think happened with Eren? He basically ran to Connie - he must've realised something" Historia speaks, while leaning back against Ymir. With everyone gone, they allowed themselves to be as physically close as possible.

"Dunno - the hyperactive idiot probably thought of something about the outside world, and forgot I'm here" Ymir answers, her arms wrapped around the shorter girl, making her laugh at the comment.

They can hear footsteps approaching, and are quick to sit in different chairs, Ymir ready to glare at whoever came and interrupted their moment of calm. Mikasa walks on the balcony, gently bowing to Historia.

"Hey Mikasa! How are things?" the blonde asks, a smile on her face. The raven sighs deeply, and decides to ask them how they're dealing with the knowledge of the curse.

"Could be better - you know, for the..." Mikasa eyes Ymir, not knowing how to call it without outright saying deadline. "The Curse? The whole 13 years thing?" Ymir intervenes, saving Mikasa from explaining further.

Mikasa nods, gently sitting on a chair, her posture straight and proud despite the conversation. The freckled girl stays silent for a few seconds, after which she starts to chuckle a bit, surprising Mikasa.

"Well - I still have eight years left, that's more than all of the others recruits that didn't make it - I refused to help at first and let people die, so I guess this is just proper payback" she admits, expression looking almost bored. Eyeing Mikasa, she can see that her lifespan isn't the issue at heart -"But I guess that your problem is Eren uh?"

The raven refuses to answer, looking down on the table, hair covering her eyes. Historia reaches over and softly grabs her hand, making her look up to meet her eyes -"I know how you feel - and yeah, it's not a good thing. And while I will hate when that day comes, there's nothing any of us can do about it. We can just stick together until then." she finishes, her quick speech surprising everyone, the point coming across loud and clear.

"It's just so hard...me and Eren just started with this, and I hate the thought that it's going to last for so little" Mikasa admits, her hands fidgeting with each other.

Both girls listen to Mikasa, understanding that, while them may have accepted that fact, she still has to deal with the thoughts of losing Eren.

The only reason I'm not breaking down like her is because Ymir is basically by my side at all times...

"Where is Eren anyway? He went to see Connie like an hour ago!" Historja exclaims, wanting her friend to at least be somewhat happy for today.

Before anyone can answer them, they see the rest of the 104th squadron coming from the street, alongside Levi, Hange and Erwin. Ymir stares at them, confused by their presence, until she remembers the awards that Historia has to give them.

When they all enter the balcony, now a bit crowded, Eren immediately sits by Mikasa, hugging her -"How have you slept, Mik?" he asks her, pressing his lips to her head. Her response comes in the way of a mumble, not wanting to talk for now, burying her head on his shoulder.

"The ceremony isn't for at least a couple more hours, what are you all doing here" Ymir asks bothered that more people came to prevent her from snuggling up to Historia.

"We came because Eren had an idea of sorts - to activate his powers" Erwin starts, moving in front of the group." Apparently, the Titan that was after you two-" he continues, pointing to Eren and Mikasa -"was of royal blood."

Ymir widen her eyes, catching on to what they're explaining, turning to Eren, wondering just what his intentions were.

"That activated the founder, and the will to kill that Titan was enforced across all Titans in the zone. Eren said that you felt that too, correct, Ymir?" the freckled girl nods, still eyeing the brunette, who is rubbing Mikasa's back.

"So what are you saying exactly here?" she asks, worried for Historia, not so subtlety grabbing her hand as protection. Erwin turns to Historia, addressing her -"Your majesty, please hold up your hand - Eren, get ready"

At that point Mikasa realises what they're trying to do, asking confirmation before jumping to conclusions -"You are trying to activate your powers to kill all Titans?" she asks, locking eyes with Eren, whose hand is close to Historia's.

"Yes - maybe this is the answer"

The raven grabs his hand, preventing him to touch Historia, causing everyone onto stare at her in confusion, Mikasa ignoring everyone else and focusing on Eren - "What will happen if this succeeds?"

"The Titans will end? Mik, why are you stopping-" Jean comment gets stopped by Mikasa glaring at him, a signal to stop talking -" I mean what will happen to you three", she clarifies, looking at Erwin, Ymir and lastly Eren.

"If the Titans will get all killed, what happens to the people holding their powers"

The silence following that is enough to confirm Mikasa's worst possibility - they hadn't even thought about it. She shoves Eren aside to confront the commander -"You didn't even think about what could happen, and you just wanted to do it?"

Erwin looks at the girl with confusion etched into his face, not sure how to respond to that - Why is she trying to allow the Titans to live?

"What happens to us is of no importance - three people lost is nothing compared to the thousands we lost already fighting Titans - I'm not sure why you would object to that, Ackerman"

Levi steps in, putting himself between the taller man and Mikasa -"Actually she got a point - we gave you the serum so that you could survive. You're going to die immediately later having done no research whatsoever?" the man deadpans, staring down Erwin.

"We're not even sure if it will work, you guys - but it's something that we have to do" Eren comments, trying to sway everyone -"Even if all Titans die we'll be still at war with Marley! This solves nothing!" Mikasa almost screams, barely registering Levi's arm blocking her way.

"Well, for one thing, their Titans will no longer be a threat. That's a huge point in our favor. But also we have no idea of how big their military size is, so we could still lose horribly" - Levi lists, trying to keep everyone calm.

"We need to listen to facts right now! We know that against their Titans, we can't do much - Levi, next time they'll be prepared for you. We don't know if their military is bigger than we expect. Our best course of action is to remove the Titans" Hange interjects, siding with Erwin.

Ymir can see that Historia is getting more and more stressed due to the noise and confusion that the group is bringing, now Jean, Connie and Sasha too arguing, while Armin adn Eren are just watching from the sidelines. She stands up on the chair, and smashes her foot onto the table, claiming attention from everyone.

"We'll reach a decision - for now, you need to prepare yourselves for the ceremony" she states, obvious that her tone leaves no more space for arguments.

"Now get moving - Historia is getting tired of this clamoring", she finishes, eyeing Historia, mentally apologising for using her as a leverage.

Everyone leaves, Historia signalling for Eren and Mikasa to stay. When everyone left, they sit down again, around the table, no-one willing to ask exactly what Historia wants to talk about.

"Mikasa, I understand your point - I truly do. I don't want to lose Ymir." The raven starts to straighten up, thinking that she'll have one more person on her side -"But if there's a way to stop the Titans and let the people get back to their cities safely, I'm afraid we're going to make that happen - regardless of the outcome" - Ymir looks at the blonde, expression betraying nothing, Historia meeting her eyes -'Ymir. I know that this is your second chance. And I am so sorry if...if y-you will die-" Historia starts tearing up, vision getting blurry -"B-but I have to think about the citizens...t-they are a p-priority" she breaks down crying, not finishing the sentence.

Ymir gets up from her spot and lifts up the shorter girl, setting her down on her lap, letting her cry on her shoulder, hand caressing her back. She still doesn't speak, staring at the ground, deep in thought.

Eren is watching Mikasa, seeing her pained expression, knowing that she understands the reasoning behind that decision, even if not accepting it. He stands up, and motions for her to follow him, walking inside the building. They walk until they find a secluded place, both leaning against a wall and sitting.

He looks at her scarf, one of the ends coming undone, and he tucks it in again, in the process making sure the scarf wouldn't come loose.

They don't speak for a while, avoiding to look at each other, until Mikasa starts to speak -"I know - I'm being selfish again...I'm sorry...but...I don't want to lose you. Sorry"

Eren doesn't comment, instead moving his arms around her, hugging her tightly, seeing outside on the balcony Ymir is doing the same still.

"Honestly, I didn't even think about the possibility - I was just thinking of finally freeing us from this. My thinking was, without the Titans, there will be no curse." He turns to look at her, her doing the same, eyes locking -" We would have spent more time together"

Mikasa breaks down, realising that Eren was thinking about them the whole time, reciprocating the hug as strong as she could. Neither wanted to let go, just letting each other be the support they needed.

After taking a few shaky breaths, Mikasa looks at his eyes, tears still slightly falling from her eyes, and cups his face, eyes going to his lips for a fraction of a second.

Ymir is still cuddling Historia, who has now calmed down, just breathing normally. She hasn't really thought about that chance, still not knowing if she would be ok with dying again.

On one hand, the world will be better. Historia will not.She strengthen the hug, when she notices Eren and Mikasa across the floor, and starts to chuckle, tapping Historia's shoulder a few times, and motioning with her head towards the duo.

"I don't think either of them have any idea of what they're doing" the freckled girl comments, watching Eren's hand land on Mikasa's shoulder and staying still, slightly inhaling and grimacing -"That was the wrong place, Eren", Historia nudging her with her elbow -"Shut it! I'm sure that they'll like it as much as..." she pauses, lowering her voice -"As much as we did", blushing a bit.

Ymir looks down at the girl, smiling genuinely, and whispers in her ear -"If you want we can have another kissing lesson", Historia now fully blushing.

Eren and Mikasa separate, looking at each other, both breaking into a smile -"Sorry, I don't have experience with these things" Eren admits, tucking a strand of hair behind Mikasa's ear. "Neither do I - but I liked it very much", she blushes a bit, still looking at his eyes.

"So did I"

They stand in silence a few more seconds, the original issue set aside for that time at least. Eren grabs her hand, looking at the ground -"Listen. We're probably going to at least try with the founder thing - I want you to know that I wouldn't do this unless it meant that we...you could be free of the Titans - I did say that I was going to kill them all, after all" he jokes, hoping to make her at least smile.

Mikasa can't help but let out a small laugh, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. They both stand up, the need to get prepared for the ceremony urging them to get moving.

Jean is walking with Sasha and Connie, walking around the city, watching the people around them going on with their lives, seemingly without a care.

All three look at the crowd with a weird longing, wanting to be back where the enemy was just the Titans, and they were the last group of humanity.

"This has gotten way more complicated. Who'd have thought that humans would be the cause of our problems" Jean speaks, rubbing his head, leaving out a sigh.

Sasha agrees, eating an apple she picked from a tree, looking around them. She too misses the easier times where the biggest danger was getting caught eating more food than her ration.

"Do you think that they'll go through with it?" she asks, wondering if Mikasa is holding up alright, feeling sorry for her friend.

"I don't know, honestly" Connie interjects. "Getting rid of Titans would be the best thing - but would it be worth losing our friends and the commander"

"Not to mention that Marley will still try to invade us - and who knows how big their military is - we could be solving nothing here" Jean says, not knowing what to think.

The trio keeps walking, having circled back to their cabins, entering to get dressed for the ceremony.

"Well - whatever happens, at least we three will stick together" Connie exclaims, wrapping both his hands on the other two's necks.

The trio laughs, heading towards their rooms.

Oh well - what will happen will happen. Just now that I was getting along with Eren too...