At noon, Perry went to a special luncheon. He stayed out for a while, which cause Della to start worrying a bit. Finally, at 2:03pm, he came back.

"Hi, Della!"

"Chief, you were gone a while! I was starting to worry about you."

"Well, you can stop worrying, 'cause I'm back!"

And then, it dawned on her:

"Chief, you're drunk!"

"I hada few drinks, at the lunch—Happy New Year!" He giggled.

She got up from her desk. "Come with me, Chief!"

"Where ya taking me?"

"To get some rest!"

She led him into a room that was in the office. It had bookcases of law books, and also a comfortable leather couch.

"Lie down, Chief."

"If you insist."

He lied on the couch. She walked over to his feet and took his shoes off and put them on the floor.

"There you go."

"Why don'tja also take your shoes off, Della!"

"All right!"

She slipped her shoes off!

"Now, get some sleep! I'll hold down the fort, for a little while.

"All right, Della. I'm a bad boy, aren't I?"

"No, you're not bad, you're just a little naughty, that's all."

"G'night, Della."

"Good night, Chief."

He settled off to a drunken sleep. She looked at him for a bit. Then she put her shoes back on and left.

One client was due to meet Perry. Della had to call him to rearrange the appointment; she told him Perry came down with a 24-hour bug.

At 3:30pm, Perry emerged.

"Hi, Chief. How do you feel?"

"Like hell warmed over! Be right back, I gotta use the facilities."

"Sure, Chief."

He went to the bathroom, returning five minutes later.

"Listen, I'm really sorry. I drank much more than I intended to."

"I understand, Chief. It can happen to all of us."

"I was supposed to meet Mr. Vancleeff, wasn't I?"

"I rescheduled him for tomorrow at 11:00am. I told him you came down with a 24-hour bug."

"That's not too far from the truth!"

They both laughed.

"Listen, let's make it an early day. I don't feel like doing much work, right now."

"Sure, Chief."

"And thank you, Della."

"You're welcome."

"One thing: Did I behave badly towards you, while I was drunk?"

"No, Chief; you were a perfect gentleman."


"Well, you did ask me to take my shoes off!"

He shook his head. "I must've been looped!"

"You sure were, Chief! Oh, by the way, you need to put your shoes back on!"

He was still in his socks!

"Right, Della!"

He went back in the room and put his shoes back on. Then he and Della left together.