Sonic, Shadow and Silver have one thing no one but them knows about the three of them. They swore to never tell anyone and never will.

They were fighting Eggman with Tails and Knuckles as usual. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are Team Sonic. Shadow and Silver don't fight with them that often.

But today they needed help because Amy, Cream, Rouge and Blaze were trapped by Eggman.

Sonic had just gotten through a Swatbot and on his feet.

"God I'm getting sick of this." Silver said.

"No kidding." Shadow said.

Then they saw Sonic go flying and Tails and Knuckles trapped with Amy, Cream, Rouge and Blaze.

"Guys!" Sonic said.

Silver and Shadow were a little worried about them now and knew Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were a family to each other.

"Let them go!"

"Not a chance hedgehog!" Eggman said.

Sonic growled and went through another Swatbot while Shadow and Silver looked at each other knowing Sonic was fighting something in him he hates to get out.

"Just admit what you three are!" Eggman said causing them to freeze. "Admit it and I'll let them free!"

"Huh?" they all said except the three hedghogs.

They looked at each other then Eggman.

"What's he talking about Sonic, Shadow, Silver?" Tails asked.

Eggman opened his mouth but was cut off by Sonic getting him hard by a kick. To hard for Shadow and Silver's liking.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" he yelled.

"Easy Sonic." Silver said.

"Don't want him to get out do you?" Shadow asked trying to fight the older brother in him.

They saw him getting a little darker.

"Admit what you three are!" Eggman repeated.

Shadow and Silver were ignoring him focusing on Sonic.

"Please Sonic, calm down!" Silver said.

Both of them had seen him as Dark Sonic and didn't like it at all.

They looked at each other a little nervous about what they were going to do and sighed.

"Doctor wouldn't want his third and strongest Ultimate Lifeform to become the dark side. And we don't want our, brother to hurt anyone." Shadow said causing everyone to gasp.

"WHAT?!" Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Amy, Rouge and Blaze said together.

"Chao!" Cheese said.

Sonic started to slowly get back to blue.

"That's it, that's it, just relax." Silver said gently.

"We know you consider Tails and Knuckles more of a family then the three of us ourselves now." Shadow said.

Then he finally came back to his normal self.

"Hahahaha!" Eggman said. "You probably hurt your friends and family. Tails and Knuckles are more of a family than them. They're more of a family because they haven't left you and help you with me every time I come."

Shadow and Silver winced at that.

Tails and Knuckles felt hurt that their best friend and brother didn't tell them he had other brothers, Shadow and Silver of all people. And another Ultimate Life Form to.

Sonic shut his eyes tight knowing he was right.

"Tails and Knuckles are more of brothers to me than Shadow and Silver. I'm sorry for not telling you all but I didn't know what you would think." he said then looked at Shadow and Silver. "And you two really hurt me, leave me alone and leave him to me. I have my team but it still hurt. We swore to stay together our whole life and you broke it." he said crying a little.

Shadow and Silver looked at each other feeling guilty.

"We're sorry." Silver said with tears coming from his eyes.

"I failed to be an oldest brother when I should be the one protecting you, not the other way around. You have your own team now but we should never've left him to you." Shadow said tears coming to.

Sonic just looked at them and looked away.

"Hahahaha!" Eggman said. "You are going to take a very long time to get his acceptant at this."

Everyone knew he was right and Shadow and Silver felt even more guilty.

Then they saw Sonic get up and into stance so they did the same thing.

"What are we doing little bro?" Shadow asked causing Sonic to freeze for a second then to everyone's surprise turned around and kicked him hard.

Shadow went flying and Silver backed up a little while everyone else, even Eggman was shocked.

No one knew Sonic was that strong and wondered if he had everything Shadow has.


Tails and Knuckles shivered knowing how bad his temper can be.

"You two are not my family anymore! Not a cousin, uncle, distant cousin or anything! ESPECIALLY MY BROTHERS!" he yelled, opened his gloves, pulled down his socks, took off his limiters and took out his now limiter free hand to show them what he can do with just one. "CHAOS SPERE!" he yelled and got every Swatbot shocking everyone but Shadow and Silver.

Then he jumped up, got into a ball and cut open the trap his teammates and friends was in and they landed on their feet.

"What do you need?" Knuckles asked surprised but hid it and got back to work.

Shadow and Silver stood there watching Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and seeing that they really are more of a family than they used to be and it's all their fault.

"Tails I need you to give me a ride and Knux I need you to crack open the door since the Swatbots are gone." Sonic said ignoing them.

"You got it!" they said together and Tails twirled up his tails, picked up Sonic and took him up.

While they watched Sonic, Tails and Knuckles doing their job Shadow and Silver felt a mixture of guilt and proud of their younger brother.

Then he jumped off Knuckles hands and grabbed a power ring and got Eggman hard enough to pass out. Then he landed on his feet panting.

Then he looked at Tails and Knuckles smirking and they smirked back and gave each other a high five.

Then Sonic looked at Shadow and Silver.

"Sonic we-" Shadow started but was cut off by a punch.

"Easy little brother. We-" Silver started but was punched to. "Ow!"

Knuckles and Tails looked at each other and put a hand on both Sonic's sides.

"Easy Sonic. Let's go hang out at my place in Angel Island. That way you can cool down and we can fight each other for fun." Knuckles said.

"Yeah. We can race each other to." Tails said and Sonic sighed and nodded.

"OK." he said and put his limiters back on.

Then he looked at the others and they smiled and nodded understanding he needed some team time.

"Well, since you know what I am," he started and smiled. "Care for a Chaos ride?"

"Yeah!" they said together.

"OK, CHAOS CONTROL!" he yelled and they were gone.