A few weeks later Team Sonic, Amy, Cream, Blaze and Rouge were at the beach relaxing.

Sonic hadn't seen Shadow or Silver in a while.

He was laying on his chair with Tails and Knuckles on either side relaxing.

"Ahhhhh, it's nice to just relax for a change." Tails said.

"You said it little bro." Sonic said.

"Yeah. After saving the world so often we deserve a break once in a while." Knuckles said and they nodded.

An hour later they heard something and looked up to see Eggman.

They looked at each other and groaned.

"So much for a day off." Tails said.

Then they got up, hopped onto the X Toronto with the others with them and headed to town.

When they got there Tails aimed a shot at the Swatbot, Knuckles jumped down and aimed a fist at it and Sonic was aiming spikes at it.

Shadow and Silver were watching worried knowing this was a strong one.

Then they looked at each other and nodded. Then Shadow used Chaos Control and got them close.

"Where are the other two? Still not letting them help?" Eggman said.

"No! I'll never forgive them!" Sonic said and kicked it landing on his back. "Ow!"

Eggman laughed.

Then they heard something they all knew.


Then they turned around to see Shadow and Silver.

"Don't even think about saying it. You need as much help as possible." Shadow said.

Sonic ignored them and got back to work.

Shadow and Silver joined the fight.

An hour later Sonic knew what he had to do along with Shadow and Silver.

Then they looked at each other knowing they had to work together with them.

Amy, Cream, Blaze and Rouge backed up to leave this to them.

"We have to work together for this." Sonic said. "I'll never forgive you, but right now we need to stay together."

Shadow and Silver nodded, got closer then put their hands together, shut their eyes and transformed into Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver when the Chaos Emeralds got around them.

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge and Blaze were worried and wondered what was going to happen between them.

Will Sonic, Shadow and Silver get along during this fight? Will they be able to focus on this fight? Will Sonic ever accept their apology and forgive them? Or worse, will they lose one of them after this fight? This might be the end and a sequel next but I'll think about it.