I had this in my head even before quarantine and I had just finished writing my plot for the whole story. I had been searching for Tsunade being reborn but I had found that it was lacking. I hope you like this! It took me so long for me to create this.

This is a story crossover between Naruto and My Hero Academia. Obviously, both stories are not my property and their characters within just to be clear. Mashashi Kishimoto owns the rights for Naruto and Kohei Horikoshi owns the rights for My Hero Academia.

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Chapter 1: Tsunade's Second Life

"Come Tsunade, let me introduce you to your new baby brother."

Tsunade saw her tired mother carefully hand her a blue bundle of blankets holding her new baby brother. As if knowing that someone was staring at him, the baby opened his eyes and in that moment Tsunade swore that she will never let anyone hurt him. Deep emerald eyes stared back at her.

She would protect him from all the people who wish to harm her brother.

"W-what's his name kaa-san?" Tsunade quietly asked her mother, as the baby's arms slowly go up until they were holding her cheeks.

Inko seeing the love in her daughter's eyes directed to her new born baby made her want to cry a fountain of tears but she held it in not wanting to startle the loving moment. "Izuku… Izuku Midoriya."

After Inko had said the name, Izuku started to laugh and smile directing it to his older sister. Tsunade at that point smiled even wider before giving a kiss onto Izuku's forehead.

"I will always be here for youa sister you need."

4 years later ~

Tsunade saw Izuku looking very depressed in front of his computer while watching an All Might's debut video saving people from Youtube.

"Kaa-san… He is such a cool Hero…" The chair Izuku was sitting on turned until he was staring at Tsunade and Inko, "C-can I… be a hero, too?" Izuku asked while massive tears built up in his eyes.

Inko then ran and hugged her son crying, while repeatedly saying sorry, incredibly distraught and saddened, blaming herself for her son's lack of quirk.

Izuku looked to her sister's eyes and hoped, pleaded that he could still be a hero, while his tears fall onto his mother shoulder.

Seeing the tears and pain in Izuku's eyes made Tsunade's heart clench, no one had the right to hurt her brother! She had promised to always be there for her brother the day Izuku was born and Tsunade was not about to break that! Clenching her fists, she gave her brother a hardened look, and shouted.

"Yes… You will be a hero! I'll make sure of it, even if it is the last thing I will ever do!"

The conviction in Tsunade's words made Inko stiffen and direct her attention to her daughter, while Izuku's tears were held in its tracks staring at his big sister with a look of shock and disbelief.

"H-how, I'm q-quirkless?"

"I don't care! We will train you to become the best hero there is, a hero that will surpass even All Might!"

After her bold declaration, Izuku then ran into her arms, crying while saying thank you, which was then followed by Inko wiping her tears away while smiling at her babies.

"Do you really mean that?" Izuku asked tear-filled.

Tsunade then smiled and responded, "Stop crying Izu, and yes! I believe that you could become a great hero! You could even become the 1st quirkless hero in the world!"

Inko then came closer to her children and embraced both of them tightly, not wanting to let go.

"Our Hero…"

"Start running! You only have 10 miles more before we start your dodging lessons!" Tsunade shouted, while throwing her senbons.

Izuku after a quick inhale started running even faster, trying to avoid from becoming a pincushion, "H-hai!"

"Do you want to be a hero?"

"Yes, I do!" Izuku responded with a shout, jumping from tree to tree, while different kinds of knives, senbons, and shuriken were being thrown at him.

"Then dodge this!"

"Onee-chan! What are you doing with that large boulder?"

"Stop complaining! This is only 200 pounds!"

Screams of terror could be heard throughout the whole city.

"495, 496, 497, 498, 499, 500..."

"After you finish your one thousand pushups, start practicing your punches until the punching bag breaks! Do you understand me?" Tsunade demanded while sitting on the back of Izuku, eating noodles.

"Hai, Onee-sensei!"

"Good, I will then teach you Anatomy after your exercises." A stack of books were then dropped besides them by their mother.

'They're having so much fun!' Inko thought.


"I will now be teaching you Taijutsu techniques, there are many Taijutsu styles but we will start with teaching the forms."

Izuku nodded looking very eager and exhausted at the same time.

"Goken, require great strength, speed, endurance, as well as mastering the opening of the eight chakra gates in the body to tap the massive energy source in our bodies at the cost of increasingly severe physical pain every level."

"After mastering this type of style, I will then teach you Irohjutsu but we will get to that, later on."

"How do you treat a broken arm?"

"A simple break might be treated with a sling, an ice pack, and rest for couple of days. However, a broken bone may require realignment in the emergency room. A more complicated break would require surgery to realign the broken bone and to implant wires, plates, nails, or screws to keep the bone in place to heal properly." Izuku answered.

Smiling, Tsunade then continued. "What about a broken leg?" she asked.

"First, you must restrict the movement of a broken bone in your leg to heal properly. You may use a split or a cast and you may need to use crutches or a cane to keep weight off the affected leg for six weeks minimum or longer depending on the broken bone."

"Remember, you must always expect the unexpected. No matter what happens, never let your guard down, understood!"

"Hai! Onee-sensei!"

"Make your enemy think they have the upper hand before crushing them and pummeling down into the ground. Never be predictable when in a fight, always be unpredictable."

"A person's greatest weapon is the element of surprise."

Years passed and Tsunade has been teaching and training Izuku everything she knew for the past 5 years. She was currently 15 and had just been accepted at U.A on the Hero course, Tsunade would have went earlier but to attend a hero course, one must be at least 15 years old. One of the things she had liked and understood in her new life, no one had to train all their lives just to die in a mission or in a war. Specifically she would not be able to watch her brother die at a young age much like Nawaki.

Though not as strong as her, Izuku had proven to be a very persistent student, never complaining and even going beyond what was tasked. It wasn't a surprise that Tsunade would be stronger than Izuku, even in her old life; Tsunade was considered a genius and one of the best. And when you add that to her experiencing 3 consecutive wars and becoming the leader of her nation, no one would be able to compete with her.

If she had to put her little brother within Konoha ranks, Izuku would be an easy mid chunin. Izuku wasn't only trained through vigorous exercises that put every inch of his body to work but also he had been trained with tactical exercises and mind games helping him to decide what to do whenever put in any dangerous situations. The only thing holding him back from actually achieving chunin level was experience since; if a person with great power, can't fight properly in a deadly scenario everything would have been a waste of time.

He would be considered one of the best medic in all of the hidden villages. Better than her old student. Izuku had an analytical mind, able to analyze and point out the problem with little information. Izuku was also able to easily memorize symptoms and treatments of all kind while processing them in his head. Tsunade noticed this when Izuku would mutter faster than human comprehension, she capitalized on this until her little brother was a walking medical textbook.

She was currently celebrating her U.A. acceptance letter, especially since she had broken the record created by All Might with 140 villain points, and 60 hero points. The exam was extremely easy for her since large robots had no chance when faced with her fists. She actually got bored during the exam and thus decided to help other examinee by healing them and taking them out of danger.

The hero points were just bonuses.

"Congratulation, Onee-sensei! You manage to defeat All Might's record in U.A.!" Izuku said loudly with stars twinkling in his eyes. "I wish when it's my turn, I could do half as good as you did."

Tsunade couldn't keep her smile from appearing while staring at her brother, Izuku had changed from a small scrawny child into a muscular, and confident 10 year old, although still smaller than her. Izuku looked like a well trained prodigy ninja in Konoha. The only thing that stayed the same was his selfless and nerdy demeanor, and his love for learning about every quirk he hears.

"Thank you, Izu! I'm sure you'll do even better when it's your turn. I have been training you for years." She smiled, ruffling his green hair.

This made the happy hero/shinobi in training cry a fountain of tears. Tsunade had actually never knew where those tears came from, it was one of the many questions she had never found any answers from, her mother and brother could cry a sea of tears which made her question if Izuku was actually quirkless. At one point Tsunade had asked their father that worked on I-island how this phenomenon was possible, he told her that he had never found out where it came from and had actually theorized that at one point in their lineage someone had a water quirk which was passed down, but nothing was ever confirmed.

"Tsunade-chan, I'm so proud of you! I know that you will do amazing sweetie!" Inko exclaimed proudly while putting down more food on the table.

"Thank you Kaa-san, I appreciate it."

'If only I could get my hands on some sake without kaa-san knowing…'

"Onee-sensei! Congratulations!"

Tsunade saw Izuku barreling towards her after her graduation ceremony, forcing most of the students and other bystanders in to creating a pathway for her little brother. Once Izuku was close enough, the green haired teen had jump in to her arms embracing her with such force that she was sure that would if it wasn't her that was being embraced, the person would have admitted to the hospital with broken bones. She also ignored that people that were staring at the cracks on the ground Izuku made. Or rather, Tsunade glared at anyone that wanted to speak up.

They were then embraced by their mother, not wanting to be left out, "I'm so proud of you Tsu-chan!" tears then started to flood the premise. "Top of her year and already on the works in creating her own agency!" which was followed with another waterfall of tears.

If it were any other student, Tsunade would have been embarrassed and stopped their family from embarrassing then further. But she was not like other people and hugged Izuku and her mother back with vigor, "Thank you, I couldn't have done it without your support."

"If only Oto-san was here to celebrate with us."

A familiar voice then rang behind them, "Well… that could be arranged."

All three of them then directed their attention towards the voice, the shock etched on their faces was enough for the man to laugh out loud and join them on their family bonding.

"Oto-san what are you doing here?" Izuku asked.

Hisashi winked and said, "As if, I'd let myself miss my daughter's special day! And besides I saw one of Tsu-chan's requests in I-island for a tech-support specialist and had asked to be transferred."

Realizing what he meant a round of cheers and for the tenth time this day another waterfall of tears had burst from Izuku and Inko.

Meanwhile people in the crowd looked concerned for their lives; the water was now knee deep, some already standing on top of the chairs.

"Number three! With only two years of field experience, graduating from U.A. at the top of her game, her tremendous growth in rank unparalleled by anyone else! Beauty! Strength! And Intelligence! The Medic hero: Lady Tsunade!"

Tsunade smirked showing the audience her best side which was everywhere, the crowd then all started to shout their praise, awestruck at her beauty.

Some of the men in the audience were drooling.

The minute she had graduated, Tsunade had worked hard into creating one of the most successful agencies in Japan, Konohagakure. Starting her own agency had been tedious and very time consuming, but with the support of her family she had managed it at a young age. In her first months as a pro hero, she had already managed to make a name for herself. A villain had demolished the support beam on a business tower full of people forcing Tsunade to carry the whole building on her shoulders while waiting for everyone inside to come out. Another situation that put her on the map was when an engine of a Cruise ship had exploded, creating mass panic throughout the country. Fortunately Tsunade had arrived running atop the water in high speed, which she then followed by rapidly searching and carrying everyone else that were trapped inside.

Her success rate was only paralleled by All Might, the difference was that she could heal the victims that were affected by the criminals.


"I'm so proud of you Tsu-chan!"

"Smile for the camera sweetie!"

Knowing who those voices came from; Tsunade tried following the voice and saw her screaming and crying family members. She also noticed that her Oto-san was clicking like mad on his camera. Seeing how proud her family was for her achievement, Tsunade flipped her hair, proudly puffed her chest and grinned at the audience. While the announcer was talking to the pro heroes bellow her in rank, she saw Izuku's hand writing at a rapid speed in his Hero Analysis for the future while muttering. She had still remembered the first time Tsunade and Inko had given Izuku his first Hero Analysis notebook.

5 years old Izuku

"Here Izu," Tsunade and Inko handed the green haired child a notebook and a pencil, "You could write your analysis on Heroes and your thoughts in this notebook to be able to keep up with your thoughts."

Izuku's eyes widened, starts twinkling and took the notebook and pencil and started writing at a rapid pace. Minutes passed and Izuku had shown her what he had written.

"I'm not a hero yet Izuku, why did you write me at your first Hero analysis?" Tsunade asked.

Izuku then gave her one of his brightest and adoring face he could muster and said, "Well Onee-sensei… You were the first one that ever told me that I could b-be a hero and to me you are already a hero! My hero!" Izuku said with so much emotions and passion that it made Tsunade's heart clench.

Tsunade couldn't stop herself from shedding a tear and bombarded her little brother with kisses and hugs.

"I love you, Izu!"

"I love you too, nii-san!"

Their Kaa-san then started crying an endless stream of water.

Two towering individuals were besides her, the flaming douche bag, Endeavor and the Naruto clone, All Might. Tsunade liked the latter more than the former due to their personalities. Endeavor was like Danzo but a little less stiff and not as manipulative the bandaged man but both had the ambition so high it reached the sky.

At first she had thought Naruto had been reborn much like her when she first saw All Might, but if that was true All Might should be screaming at the top of his lungs while screaming his ninja way. No matter how much the hyperactive blonde grows up, Naruto would still be the same loud brat she knew.

Tsunade then felt like someone was scowling at her and looked at her right and saw the flaming douche bag sneering at her.

She then answered the man with a raised eye brow and a sneer of her own.

"What are you staring at old man." Her response shocked the man slightly but it morphed back into a glare.

"Don't get in my way amateur, you're likely unable to handle it."

"Endeavor, don't antagonize our new heroes." All Might breathed out trying to not be noticed by anyone else.

Tsunade answered the flaming man with a huff and said, "Don't worry I'll be running in front of you and take the number 1 spot, while you'll be demoted to number 3 behind All Might just like always."

With her remarks, Endeavor's glare intensified "Who do you think you're talking to woman!" Endeavor said loud enough for the announcer to notice.

"It seems our top 3 heroes are conversing with each other everyone!"

The said heroes did not notice the people eavesdropping on them.

"Oh young, Tsunade! You'll be taking the number 1 spot from me? You can gladly try but it won't be that easy I'm afraid." All Might boomed out loudly.

"Don't worry I'll first become the number 2 to prepare you for your inevitable demotion," she said after which Tsunade then faced Endeavor smirking "Please warm my spot for a while and I'll do the same for you." She then ended her statement with her sweetest sugary smile.

Endeavor growled with anger, flames burned hotter but before he could respond, the announcer interrupted them with a loud exclamation, "Did you hear that everyone! Lady Tsunade said that she would surpass All Might and become the new number 1!"

Loud cheers came from her family members along with people holding sign with her name and face, while the rest whispered with each other before following along with the loud cheering.

"Lady Tsunade could you tell us more about how and why you will be taking the number 1 spot from our very own All Might?"

The audience all leaned forward when Tsunade walked to the announcer brushing Endeavor in the process with her hair and took the microphone.

"I will be the number 1 hero because there is no place where I belong, other than the top. When I was only 9 years old, I had witnessed my little brother's dream to become a hero shatter when he had been diagnosed as a quirkless individual which then prompted the doctor to tell my brother to stop dreaming." The crowd held their breath waiting for her to continue.

After hearing what Tsunade said Izuku blushed deep red, tears streaming down his freckled cheeks.

"But when I was asked by him if he could be a hero… I knew that there was only one answer." Silence spread throughout the whole stadium. "I had told him that he could be a hero! That I will make sure that he could achieve his dreams against all odds, against everyone's disagreement."

"I never again wanted to see what I had seen on my brother's eyes in other children. I will make sure of it! I will embody the will of our people and protect everyone within my strength. To protect those in need. To shoulder the burden of our glorious country and become a role model for not only young girls but also to aspiring heroes that wish to protect the peace of our nation."

"I will protect my people, so that they could achieve their dreams!"

After the Top Hero Billboard event had finished, Tsunade was in the backstage waiting for her family.

She noticed All Might passing by on her opened door in her private room. "Hello young Lady Tsunade!"

"Hello to you too All Might, what brings you here?" Tsunade asked with a smile

"Well you see, I just wanted to congratulate you on being the youngest hero to achieve top 3 and also I would like to commend you for your wonderful speech! Just thinking about it makes me rile up with excitement!" All Might loudly proclaimed while flexing his muscles.

"Thank you All Might, but you didn't have to, I was just doing my jo-" Her statements were interrupted by All Might coughing blood. "What's wrong All Might?" she said panic prevalent in her voice.

"I-it's nothing L-lady Tsunade, I have to go!" But before he could dash out of the room, Tsunade had already gotten a hold of the blonde man's muscled arms.

"Hmm… let's see. Your hand immediately goes to your stomach which indicates that you have an injury which may cause coughing of blood. For the past 5 years you were statistically less seen until you have average about 3 hours per day. And about 5 years ago, you had suddenly taken a break for a couple of months…"

By now All Might was already sweating like bullets, unable to hide his nervousness at the rapidly going down situation. The number 1 hero could not believe that someone had just pointed out all his secretes with just a few moments of observation. Smiling uncomfortably All Might then said, "F-forget you ever saw anything Lady Tsunade, you're probably just seeing things."

"Don't try to belittle and question my expertise" The glare and tone she gave the man made All Might close his mouth tightly, "I know an injured man when I see one and you're clearly one."

The only response she had gotten was All Might swallowing nervously.

"This is clearly a serious matter, we could get this over with if you comply and tell me what happened. I may be able to help, understood?" She firmly said.

All Might nodded which was followed with the buff man deflating into a skeleton. He then breathed in heavily.

Lifting his shirt up, "As you may have already known, I was injured heavily in one of my secret mission, 5 years ago forcing me to take a break and recover some of my strength. But the lasting effect on that specific mission was too high, injuring my stomach and hindering my hero work for the past years, most probably until I retire."

The first thing that came into Tsunade's mind was that 'Who was able to injure All Might this much? All Might wasn't someone where you could just injure to the point of fatality'

Seeing the concern in the young heroine's face, All Might reassured Tsunade in saying that, "Do not worry, the threat is no longer with us so it's fine now."

This made our heroine sigh in relief, although she was sure she could handle any threat that this world would give to her. Someone that was able to injure the number 1 hero that much could not be good news.

"I appreciate your concern Lady Tsunade but I don't think this is something you could help me with. But please hide this information with caution, we don't want this information leaking out to the public or the masses, it will be the cause of a massive panic."

Clearing her throat, Tsunade had deliberated within herself and nodded at the number 1 hero. Already sure of her decision, "Of course All Might, your secrete is perfectly safe with me."

"Thank you Lady Tsunade, you are a true hero!" The man said lighting up with glee.

Tsunade's face then raised her eyebrow and lifted up a cup of sake to her lips, "But it seems you have again questioned my expertise All Might."

The confusion etched on the man's face made her want to roll her eyes but decided to just shake her head and smile.

"What made you think that I am not able to help with your situation?" She asked.

Still confused, "Well I've travelled around the world and had made appointment with one of the most renowned Doctors in the world and not one of them was able to release me of my burdens. What made you think that you are able to help me with this burden of mine?" All might said rubbing his stomach with a gloomy face.

Huffing, "What if I told you I could heal your injury one hundred percent?" she questioned.

"But it's impossible, I've tried and I have continued to fail all the time!"

"You haven't met me, that's why you kept on failing." Tsunade then rummaged through her bag and took out a business card, "Here take this." She handed to All Might.

"What's this?"

"That's my business card, I want you to come to my agency tomorrow and this business card will help when my employees ask for what you want." She said.

If there was a word to describe All Might's confusion, Tsunade would have used it by now. All Might was wearing the most flabbergasted expression known to mankind.

"Again, why? I don't think any of this could really help me with my injuries, does it?"

Sighing already getting bored with their conversation, "All Might-"

"Call me Yagi-san when in this form, my real name is Toshinori Yagi."

"Very well, Yagi-san. My agency is not only an agency for my hero work it is also a makeshift hospital. The best in the country might I add." Tsunade proclaimed proudly, "And do you know why?" she asked the confused man.

Still very confuse, Yagi shook his head in respond.

"Well it's because I am one of the Doctors there that cure patients from their illnesses, although I am not able to bring back a person life, but this," Tsunade pointed at Yagi's injury "Is right up my ballpark, due to my quirk."

After hearing her statement, All Might had a given her a wide eyed and jaw dropped expression which made her laugh for the sheer ridiculousness it radiates. "B-but that's impossible!"

She then glared again at the man, "I thought I said don't question my expertise?" She said darkly making the man cower in fear.

"W-well, if I may…What is your quirk exactly?"

"Glad you asked."She smiled, "I call my quirk Chakra."


"Yes, Chakra. This enables me to harness the power within me to do unimaginable things like walk on water, move at incredibly fast, and," Tsunade then took one of her dumb bells and crushed it easily, "enhance my strength."

'As if I have to…' she scoffed in her mind.

"Another facet of my quirk is this," she said pointing to the diamond in her forehead. "I can regenerate any part of my body with this technique of mine; subsequently it is also possible for me to do the same to others. Granted I can only do this sparingly and in small quantities since it takes a lot of energy to re-grow limbs"

Tsunade demonstrated this by pressing her nails into her skin drawing blood, making the blonde man wince. She then channeled her chakra into her hand which now was being surrounded by green energy.

After a couple of seconds, the wound in her arms healed perfectly showing no sign that there was any wound or blood drawn in the place.

The awe in Yagi's face and the rise in hope she had seen from the number 1 hero, solidified her belief that she was doing the right thing.

"Look I promise you I'm not joking about any of what I am saying, I just want to help. And besides I do not want to take the top spot if it will just be handed to me without a fight. Just go to my agency tomorrow morning and I'll make sure you are back in shape in no time."

After Tsunade had said her last words, the door in her room burst opened revealing her family, two of which crying with joy.

"Onee-sensei!" Izuku hugged the life out of her, "You were so amazing!"

Her parents soon followed Izuku and she was currently being hugged an inch her life. They then next, showed all the pictures they had gotten on their father's camera roll. Inko teary eyed while telling Tsunade how proud she was.

While all this was happening All Might had been sitting on the sidelines looking very very awkward.

Finally after a few more minutes of fussing from the Midoriya family, the three newcomers had noticed that there was someone other than their family inside the room. Making all three blushed extremely red at realizing that they had interrupted something most probably a very important conversation.

All three repeatedly said sorry to a skeletal All Might looking very embarrassed, Tsunade on the other hand was looking very amused.

All Might was holding his hands up trying to stop the three from apologizing.

"Don't worry guys; we were actually done with our conversation. Mr. Yagi is one of my special patients, he was only explaining to me his condition." Tsunade explained.

All Might realizing that this was an opportunity for him to leave, "Y-yes, Lady Tsunade's right! In fact I was just about to leave. Thank you for your hospitality." Yagi bowed, "I'm leaving." He said looking very awkward while speedily running out of the room.

As silence spread throughout the room, a sweat drop Tsunade at how suspicious the number 1 hero looked while leaving the premises.

"Well… that was weird." Hisashi said giving her daughter a confused expression.

"Tsunade you were so amazing with your speech during! You were very inspiring!" her aunt Mitsuki told Tsunade while celebrating inside the new Midoriya residence.

Tsunade had bought their new residence a year after graduating; her success in her hero worked paid off and at that time she had just recently been part of the top 10, giving her the title the fastest rising hero.

She had bought a large plot of land at the upper class prefectures in Mustafu. The home had a large two story home surrounded by trees and greenery, akin to the Senju ancestral home on the hidden leaf. At the center of the plot of land, there was a Japanese style building shaped like a square with a hollow middle part where a luxurious garden had been built. Around the areas were also large training areas where she had continued with training Izuku. They had needed many training areas; this was usually due to both of them decimating the area, leaving cracks and craters littered throughout.

Both her kaa-san and oto-san had been working for her since the establishment of her agency. Hisashi had been the head of the support department at Konohagakure, he had brought many of his coworkers in I-island to help. While Inko had been made the head lawyer of the whole agency, she would patent all Tsunade's research and finding. Both of them would also handle Tsunade's damages, and there was a lot they had to handle.

Tsunade would constantly create craters when angered. Good thing people now knew not to piss of the busty blonde medic hero, if they didn't know…

They will eventually.

"Thank you Mitsuki-san, I was just saying what I believe was right." Tsunade responded while filling her plate with her mother cooking. Inko didn't play around when in the kitchen; their kaa-san had always done her best to give the best food she could to her children and family.

"If only Katsuki was as behave like you and Izuku-chan." Mitsuki sighed.

At this statement, Tsunade couldn't agree more with her aunt, Bakugou Katsuki was very rabid. The blonde exploding twerp had always had a temper and a mouth that would put a dumpster truck to shame. The kid had tried to bully her baby brother when it was spread throughout their school that Izuku didn't have any quirk. This had stopped when Izuku had one day not comeback at the time he usually does, making Tsunade go to Aldera. When she had seen her brother lying on the ground on the school field, with bruises and burn all around his body, Tsunade was livid.

It had actually been difficult to get the answers from Izuku on who had done it. But when he had been backed into a corner, her innocent and crying Izu-chan had told her everything.

After knowing who had been the perpetrator to Izuku's burns and bruises, she had marched to the Bakugou residence and proceeded to teach the little brat a lesson in human decency. At first her aunt Mitsuki had been mad at why she was beating Katsuki but after she had calmed down and told her what was the reason. Katsuki had been disciplined by both his parents and forced the brat into apologizing to the Midoriya family.

The brat had been given anger management classes which had mellowed down the brat. It had the added bonus since Katsuki was still a child, the negative behavior he had likely picked up from the teachers were easily reversible, although his attitude and his choices of vocabulary had not changed.

Inko then had filed a huge lawsuit to the school when it had been known what was happening to Izuku in Aldera. All the teachers that had perpetuated the abuse and the discrimination directed towards her brother had been banned from teaching and any profession that would put them near an impressionable child.

Their mother wasn't the only one that was livid and boiling with suppressed rage. Hisashi Midoriya had gone ape shit, especially when the school system as well as the teachers had argued that Izuku was just a quirkless kid that lied about everything. Hisashi used all the connection he had from I-island and proceeded to hit the nail in their coffin by wrangling all his friends and coworkers in I-island to file a bill to the congress to stop the quirkless discrimination prevalent in their society.

It had helped that more than half of the population that worked for I-island were quirkless individuals that wanted to make a change and help all their fellow quirkless kind. The whole situation had turned into a political and societal war that got to the point where I-island boycotted their work if the government didn't follow their demands for change.

Pro heroes also told their beliefs and support throughout the whole process, they were marching along with the people. All Might, Crimson Riot, Nedzu and many more stood along with the people wanting to stop the discrimination.

After the quirkless rights movement, the "villainous" quirk movement came next. This was also supported by her family along with I-island and all the heroes' schools. The whole country had no break, and the people didn't let it. No one wanted to let all the discrimination to continue. The other countries also joined in with everything, to the point where the Avengers made the whole situation internationalized.

People needed to know that they should not belittle or disrespect people by what they don't have but by their actions.

The verdict was set, change and become better or be scrutinized for your damaging beliefs. Schools that didn't follow were demolished, private entities that didn't follow were shut down, and people that discriminate were turned into pariahs.

That was why no one even cared when Tsunade had demolished the whole school building after it had been announced that Aldera would be shut down. What our heroine didn't know was that everyone had been scared to stop Tsunade from demolishing the building; all of them were too scared to say anything. Not wanting the girls rage directed at them.

It didn't help that Inko was cheering her on the sidelines holding a banner with Tsunade's face.

Izuku was then transferred to a private school where he had flourished into an amazing and brave aspiring hero.

The Bakugou and Midoriya family had also decided that Izuku and Katsuki should no longer interact with each other until Katsuki had mellowed down his anger and ego.

Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou had actually apologized as well but Tsunade had told them that they were not at fault with Katsuki's actions and was still perfectly welcome inside their home. Inko and Mitsuki would still regularly go outside and gossip to each other on a regular basis.

Izuku and Katsuki's relationship was now on civil terms, they were no longer the best of friends like when their quirks or in Izuku's case lack of quirk had appeared. Izuku had never actually created another bond outside their family higher than acquaintances, but Tsunade was sure that when her Izu-chan finally attends U.A., she was sure that he would create bonds that would last for a life time.

She would know, it was there where she had met the first friend she had made in her new life; Rumi Usagiyama, known throughout Japan as Mirko the number 5 top hero, one of the only three female heroes in the top 10. The rabbit hero was her senpai in U.A., they had met when Tsunade was training on the school grounds. Both had decided to test each other's strength and obviously Tsunade had won, one thing led to another and both of them decided to hang out and train with each other.

"Don't be too comfortable Tsunade, if you don't… I'll take your spot without you noticing." Rumi declared smirking.

She had attended the party wanting to celebrate her friend and colleague's success.

"Take it if you can bunny ears, I'll be waiting." She fired back.

Another friend she had made was with her homeroom teacher, Nemuri Kayama aka Midnight, known for pushing the boundaries. Although they were very different people, they managed to work well with each other. The relationship was first student and mentor but by the time Tsunade graduated, both of them could be seen hanging out with each other drinking alcohol till morning.

"Tsunade, your speech made me so excited." The dominatrix hero said while licking her lips. "It was full of life and conviction that it made me want burst!"

Tsunade couldn't stop herself from laughing at what Nemuri said; her friend was just like a certain white haired man in Konoha. Not as perverted but comparable.

Nemuri came along with Rumi, dressed in their casual clothing. Their friendship was unconventional, both different and strong women in their own right. But because of those differences they manage to make a wonderful friendship.

The three friends then conversed with each other, drinking and talking with each other late into the night.

"Onee-sensei, I wish I wouldn't disappoint you when I finally take the entrance exam." Izuku said.

Putting a hand on his green hair, "Don't worry Izu-chan I know you will make me proud, and you could never disappoint me as long as you do your best."

Their sibling moment was interrupted by their mother putting down more food.

"Eat as much as the both of you like! I made everyone's favorite."

"Thank you, kaa-san!"

Not wanting to keep the food waiting, everyone dug into to their food and said, "Itadakimasu!"

Late into the night, Tsunade was laying on her bed inside her room. Everyone was already a sleep, exhausted with all the festivities. Rumi and Nemuri decided to sleep on their guest bedrooms while the Bakugous left to go home. Izuku and her parents were snoring on their rooms fast asleep.

Tsunade stared at the ceiling thinking about her new life.

Her life had been a dream, she had an amazing family. A family not destroyed by constant skirmish with other villages, wars didn't appear every generation. She sometimes missed the bonds she had made in Konoha but knew that she had to move on and live her life.

Naruto had achieved his dream to become the Hokage while also bringing peace into their world. The brat even managed to settle down and make a family of his own. The orphaned and lonely genin now was the strongest shinobi all around the world with a loving family. She was proud and full of pride at what the loud knucklehead had made of his life.

At first she had thought that her new life was quite strange, people had kekhei genkai, and everyone was unique in their own way. You couldn't really blame her either, some people had 6 arms, some can fly, and some could create miracles.

People here had a longer life span than in the hidden nations; some could live until they were in their 90s some could even reach and surpass 100 years old. Life spans that people in konoha considered to be impossible. The 3th Hokage, her mentor died when he was 69, one of the oldest ages a person could achieve and that was because Hiruzen Sarutobi was one of the most powerful individuals.

But Tsunade new that this peace wasn't achieved easily, a quick search on the internet would teach you how bloody and scary this world could be.

The only regret she had before dying was continuing her families legacy, she was the last Senju, she would have if Dan hadn't died but in Konoha. People died and that was how the world worked.

It would also been possible that if Jiraiya hadn't died, Tsunade and her perverted teammate would have created a family for themselves. Till now she blamed herself for the death of her long time friend. She just wished she could have said goodbye properly. But she knew that Jiraiya wouldn't have wanted her to ponder on what if? Rather he would have wanted her to live her new life and make the most out of it.

Dan, Jiraiya, and Naruto would have loved this world. Peace could be achieved here; yes! Danger was still possible but not as much as in the hidden nations.

Although, Tsunade was very sure that if Jiraiya was with her in this new world, he would have already been behind bars. His perverted tendencies would not fly with the people here.

Izuku, her little brother was full of life, innocent and filled with love. She had promised to herself that unlike Nawaki, Izuku would be able to live his life much longer. She'd be damned if she let her brother die without living the life he was supposed to.

She had wished for a more calm and warless life in her first life and Tsunade had gotten it here.

Tsunade was great full for the chance of a new life, she wouldn't change anything.

To be continued…

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