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Anyway, this is the first of many projects I'll hopefully eventually be Posting.

A Naruto X Hotel Transylvania x Multi crossover fic, why Multi Crossover well, I have a hard time with such little content and couldn't figure out how to transition form the Animated series into the mvoies so I figured, hey why not take advantage of that Desrie to travel, and all those other movies I kinda maybe wanted at one point to do crossovers with a few series to, but couldn't think of a solid idea for one reason or another.

A few I may revisit in future fics but for now I'll satisfy my need for one of my Favorite Crossover Pairings or really Pairings Period.

That being said this is NOT a Harem, don't ask I can write harems but I prefer the intimacy of a monogamous paring.

Also, a heads up thanks to my ADHD, depression and unstable sleep schedule updates are probably gonna be sporadic, I also have to watch a lot of the stuff I plan to use.

I'll give you all a Preliminary list of movies and series I plan to use.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Up, Ferdinand, Despicable Me, Coco, Lilo and Stitch, Trollhunters, Megamind, the Smurf Movies, Milo Murphy's Law, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Madagascar all three movies and the penguin's movie, Open Season, Secret Life of Pets, Home Abominable, Monsters Vs Aliens, the Goosebumps Movie and maybe the Peter rabbit movie.

Does not matter if the movies are good or bad so long as I think they're fun and can realistically include them without time travel, dimension hopping or the like.

If you have a suggestion let me know and I'll see what I can do just keep it to pg-13 at the most and preferably animated.

Kfbanime87 has been a great pal letting me bounce ideas off him and proof reading this so Check out his fics they're pretty good.

Now Enjoy!

Naruto had never focused this hard on anything in his entire life.

But to be fair Fuinjutsu was a complex meticulous art that required untold amounts of planning, forethought, knowledge, calculations, and precise brushstrokes- oh damn it!

On that sunny morning, a mere three days after getting his prosthetic arm after the third shinobi war Naruto Uzumaki was practicing Fuinjutsu or rather had jumped straight to making his own original sealing formulas to try and overcome the accursed three-minute wait time for instant ramen.

Had made a grave mistake while applying chakra infused Ink to an already complex transit seal based on the hiraishin.

Because Naruto thought he could sue seals to time travel three minutes into the future.

Three things happened when Naruto's prosthetic arm had a brief random spasm.

First the bad stroke completely altered the seals nature when combined with the other additions Naruto had made, turning it into essentially an isekai randomizer for lack of any better term.

Second the spasm in his prosthetic arm resulted in a faint amount of chakra being expelled JUST enough to activate the seal which caused it to draw on MORE chakra to power itself form Naruto.

Third it sent Naruto shooting through space to somewhere unknown to him, whether another dimension or a far away land it would be a good long while before our orange clad hero figured that out.

Also, it blew a whole in his apartments wall.

When Kakashi and the ANBU arrived the masked sixth hokage EASILY figured out what Naruto had done…and why…and proceeded to violently face palm before calling a kage meeting.

As for Naruto well.

-Unknown Location-

"WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!" the spiky haired blonde screamed as he was flung through a perfectly cylindrical tunnel of light, stars, colors, and various alien geometries.

"HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW! WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST WAIT THE DAMN THREE MINTUES! NOW WE'RE PROBABLY IN SOME KIND OF HELL!" the voice of his lifelong Demon Fox Partner Kurama roared in his head.


Anything else Naruto planned to yell at his bijuu partner was cut off as he slammed face first into unfamiliar ground getting a mouth full of dirt and grass.

He groaned slowly raising up on his arms letting a clump of dirt and grass fall out of his mouth.

Falling back onto his butt he proceeded to spit wildly and attempt to scrape off his tongue.

"yuck, the hell did I do to deserve THAT!" the blonde grumbled annoyed.

"oh, gee let me think, how about making a sela that would manipulate space and time so you could skip waiting three minutes for your fucking wet noodles to cool!" Kurama snarked in irritation

"HEY! Its really inconvenient to wait three minutes!" the whisker cheeked teen countered almost petulantly.

"oh my fucking god, I swear you've somehow gotten dumber I blame that idiot forest monkey's genetics being added to your own." Kurama retorted not bothering to hide his hatred for the first hokage in the least.

"look I don't need outside influence to do dumb shit; we both know that I do dumb shit unprovoked on my own just fine without old man first's stupidity required!" Naruto's almost proud retort nearly flummoxed his tenant… nearly.

"I am well aware, but why in fucks name do you sound proud of it!?"

"not important first I should go into sage mode and figure out where the hell we are…this…looks like a forest…but pretty sure Konoha had bigger trees…" the blonde trailed off as he dropped into the standard lotus position.

Ignoring Kurama's grumbling Naruto began drawing in natural energy.

It took a little longer than he was used too much to his frustration but only by a minute or so.

Snapping his now toad like eyes open the blonde turned towards an extremely strange but somewhat familiar feeling.

"is that…the edo tensei…but it feels different…like it's sort of natural? I need to check this out!" the unease he felt at the idea of THAT jutsu being in use or some variation of it was clear in his voice, not that Kurama the only one around to hear him would or could blame Naruto for that.

Leaping to his feet the whisker cheeked blonde dashed off shooting form tree to tree quickly closing in on the strange feeling.

And now he sensed the strange edo tensei like signatures closing in on a very panicked very ALIVE person.

Speeding up

The blonde broke form the tree line into the clearing landing in crouch in front of a pretty pale skinned girl with beautiful black hair as dark as a starless night, and vibrant sky-blue eyes as opposed to his own ocean blue.

Staring at the human looking beings in front of him eh frowned easily noticing they were wearing masks.

While his firs instinct was to unleash a rasenshuriken and clear out the problem.

His gut told him that'd be a bad call and as per usual he trusted his gut.

So, he spun around scooped the dainty young beauty into his arms and leapt with all his sage mode enhanced ability.

The ground shattered splintering and knocking the disguised undead beings back.

As the strange frog eyed young man and the girl they'd been surrounding vanished into the night.

Their boss was NOT going to be happy….

-Forest Clearing Some Miles Away-

Mavis was staring at the strange toad eyed whisker cheeked person who'd just saved her, she'd never heard of a monster like him before she wondered what he was or where he came from, she had to admit he was handsome though although his eyes and the weird orange pigment around them looked out of place to her for some reason.

"that was close, those weird dead feeling guys almost got you." Her savior offered with a relived sigh.

Mavis blinked.

"Dead feeling?" She questioned uneasily a pit forming in her stomach.

"yeah oh, right, see I use natural energy to go into this thing called sage mode and with it I can sense life energy and junk, and those guys were giving off this weird life energy that feels almost like what people resurrected by this technique back home do but more natural like it just happened instead of someone causing it…if that makes sense." The whisker cheeked young man rambled gesturing with his hands to try and get his point across.

Mavis stared…she stared hard then she began frowning then she began fuming as angry betrayed tears picking at the corner of her eyes.

"Zombies they were ZOMBIES? Then that whole village was FAKE…my dad, HE must have set it up he tried to Trick me! All so I wouldn't leave his STUPID hotel!" the dark haired girl began ranting hot tears pouring down her cheeks as the feeling of utter betrayal set in.

"I CAN'T believe HIM!" her eyes glowed red as she snarled showing her fangs which made Naruto blink although he was still rather stunned by the pretty girl's tirade.

"that-that…." Mavis dropped to her knees and began crying into her hands sobbing.

"woah, hey I didn't mean to make you cry, uh…crap...I dunno what's going on, but I hate seeing pretty girls cry, uh…I have no idea how to fix this…damn it!" the blonde shinobi began panicking rather…comically admittedly.

As Mavis looked over at him, she began giggling then laughing.

"um…" the now thoroughly confused and unsure blonde was genuinely at a loss for words at the sudden 180 in emotions.

"s-sorry it's just…I'm kind of all over the place…and that was pretty funny…I'm Mavis…" the young vampire extended her hand in an offered handshake.

Naruto scratched the back of his head letting sage mode fade as he extended his hand to shake her offered one.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

Mavis blinked.

"That's a weird name."

"hey what's weird About Naruto…I mean sure it's the name of a kind oof fishcake but…" the blonde trailed off flushing a bit

"wait your names Naruto I thought it was Uzumaki?" Mavis Questioned with an admittedly adorable cocking of her head to the side.

Naruto blinked.

"why would you I said my names Uzumaki Naruto!" the cast-away blonde ninja, said face scrunched up in confusion.

"OH, you must be used to speaking Japanese, so you say your surname before your given name…weird you don't have an accent or anything." The moonlight skinned vampire girl said in sudden understanding with curiosity at the weird quirk someone seemingly so used to speaking English would have.

Now Naruto blinked.

"…Japanese?" tolling the unfamiliar word of his tongue the look of genuine confusion on Naruto's face only served to make Mavis herself more confused.

They blinked again in shared confusion and for the first time their eyes met directly, a purple flash rippled outward as for a moment they were lost staring at each other.

"uh…what happened to your eyes?" Mavis said finally noticing they'd changed from being frog or toad like to normal human like, a deep ocean blue. she absently thought he looked better like this and a flush ran across her cheeks at that fleeting notion, she quickly fought it down shaking her head lightly, luckily going unnoticed by Naruto.

"huh? Oh, these are my normal eyes they only get all toad like when I'm in sage mode." The out of place shinobi responded cheerfully.

"sage mode? You mentioned that before…but I don't know what you meant."

So, Naruto explained, leading to more questions, then amvis responded leading to questions from Naruto, which lead to questions from Mavis and so on and so forth. at some point during the ever-lengthening explanation the unlikely duo began walking through the woods.

At the end Naruto and amvis had shared almost their entire life stories or at least the general gist of them.

"so, your dad, is keeping you locked up in his hotel…with all the other monsters to protect you from humans…and to convince you…he apparently made a fake village with these zombie dudes pretend to be humans…to traumatize you into being scared of humans so you wouldn't leave?" the baffled look on Naruto's face made Mavis snort in amusement.

"seems like it…but judging by the fact YOU'RE A human and you aren't trying to kill me after you found out I'm not I don't think he's been around humans since…my mom died." Her frown returned at least she hoped that's what it was.

"probably not…but then I can't speak for humans around here, I'm either form another dimension or somewhere FAR away and hidden." Naruto offered uneasily not wanting to crush Mavis' dreams but also nto wanting her to get hurt by potentially bigoted people.

"that's a good point…" Mavis seemed to shrink a bit at that.

"how about I take you to meet whatever humans are here? If they try anything I can handle them no problem and get us out of there, if they don't then they don't!" Naruto offered with his usual wide vulpine grin.

"really? You'd do that?" awed a bit at the blonde Human's friendliness and accepting nature Mavis felt her heart sore a little for some reason.

"Of course, were friends, aren't we? And I mean I need to get my bearings anyway if I want to try and get home so it's not like I'm going out of my way." Naruto explained rubbing the underside of his nose with his index finger grinning his signature sunny vulpine smile.

Mavis flushed again the grin causing her heart to speed up she shook her head much harder than before knocking herself out of the stupor her handsome new friend unknowingly put her in,

Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly he quickly meditated entering sage mode for the second time that night.

Focusing he sensed a town not far away. It was big not quite a big as Konoha but way bigger than the fake village he'd 'rescued' mavis from.

"alright there's people that way lets go." The now toad eyed blonde sage cheered with a grin

Holding his hand out Mavis flushed lightly taking it with a bright smile as the duo set off towards what was unknowingly the first of MANY adventurers to come for them.

-Dracula's Hotel-

Meanwhile having just returned to the hotel from his fake village, Dracula was panicking Mavis was gone according to the zombies some strange blonde monster a type they didn't recognize and hearing it described neither did he, and he'd whisked her off into the forest.

He should have NEVER let her out of the hotel, as he rallied his friends and sent out search parties Dracula had nothing but anxiety, fear and dread filling his heart.

Who knows what this mysterious being was doing to his Mavy-wavy!

-The Nearest Real Human Town-

Mavis Was having mixed feelings on the one hand she was ecstatic that people didn't even seem to NTOICE she was a vampire and upon finding out were surprised, curious and generally accepting especially once they learned vampires ONLY bit their spouses and significant others as a form of intimacy and didn't REALLY drink blood.

They also weren't undead, didn't turn humans into vampires, and were only sensitive to sunlight and garlic not fatally allergic.

But that brought her to her other feelings more betrayal and anger directed at her ad.

Did he know? Had he lied to everyone? When had things changed.

Heck it took convincing for most people to realize she was telling the truth she had to transform into a bat and everything.

But she pushed those thoughts down currently she was with Naruto while a rather helpful old lady at the library taught them how to use the computer.

Some research showed no indication of the Elemental nations existing.

Furthermore, while for some reason Naruto could SPEAK English, he could not read it.

He brushed it off saying it was probably some weird side effect of how he got here.

And while there was nothing concrete, he found LOTS of familiar things when he searched for certain names.

Leading to them being genuinely unsure if he was from a different dimension or simply form a part of the world that was isolated and thus information and stories were skewed when they left his home.

Needless to say, they had more questions then answers when it came to Naruto's origins.

"it's a shame you can't just use that phone thing to call your friends and find out…" the adorakable 118-year-old said with a small frown.

"…THAT'S IT!" the whisker cheek blonde shouted ignoring the 'shushes' he got from those around them.

"wait you can do that?" Mavis' confusion was palpable.

"no but I can summon the toads and they can figure things out!" Naruto's grin was in the young vampire's opinion heart melting.

Mavis blinked then followed as Naruto rushed off outside shouting a thank you to the kindly old librarian as they passed, she merely smiled and waved.

Reaching the park Naruto quickly summoned Fusaku without wasting any time ignoring Mavis's awe at the act.

Said elder toad blinked in surprise before immediately questioning his summoner.

"Naruto My Boy! Where have you been the five kage are panicking and have been searching all over for you! Since this morning!" the old toads worry was a bit touching Naruto had to admit to himself.

"well, that's why I summoned you I dunno where I am…well technically I kind of do I'm in a place called Transylvania a place in a country called Romania on a continent called Europe." The blonde explained scratching his cheek and chuckling nervously.

"…my boy I have no idea where ANY of those places are…" the flat look on Fusaku's face spoke volumes.

Naruto blinked.

"well…that's…not good…" the whisker cheeked youth's obvious understatement did nothing to stall the flow of the conversation thankfully.

"we tried to reverse summon you and couldn't even reach you… what exactly did you do to end up here?" the elder of the toad clan asked eyes narrowed.

"well…see I was bored, and you know how I've been learning Fuinjutsu?" for some reason what the blonde was saying made both Fusaku AND Mavis feel like they were about to hear something supremely stupid.

"yes…" the slow confirmation the toad gave would of bene enough for anyone who wasn't dense as a planets core to realize that maybe they should just say 'you don't want to know' or something of the sort, unfortunately Naruto was DENSER than the core of a neutron star.

"well, I figured hey, why don't I make a seal since I have some free time." Naruto's grin did nothing to ease those listening in fact it only reinforced the gut feeling his earlier statement had given them.

Fusaku hated where this was going.

"…and what exactly was this seal SUPPSOED to do?" he was almost sure he didn't actually want the answer to that question, but he needed to ask it anyway.

"uh…skip me forward three minutes into the future so I didn't have to wait for my instant ramen to cool." At the last possible minute Naruto realized how utterly stupid that was, Mavis felt her jaw drop before she began giggling a bit at the silliness of her new friend.

Fusaku walloped Naruto HARD with his walking stick atop the blonde sage's head sending him face first into the ground drawing a wince form Mavis.

"OWWWW the fuck was that for!?" luckily the blonde shot up none the worse for wear despite the fact his impact had left a near perfect imprint of his face in the ground.

"you decided arbitrarily to use the most complex, dangerous and methodical of all ninja arts to avoid waiting for your cup noodles to cool!? Are you daft boy? Manipulating the flow of time with a seal is so complex even your fellow Uzumaki shied away form experimenting with it! and most seals that involve time are intrinsically tied to space in some form or another, so all you did was layer space effecting seals connected to time on top of each other in random patterns!" Fusaku ranted a vein pulsing on the diminutive elder toad sage's forehead.

"yeah, I kinda realized that…" the sheepishness took the wind out of Fusaku's sails and pulled another giggle form Mavis.

The sagely old toad sighed rubbing his forehead.

"most likely you did something somewhat similar to that Kaguya's ability to cross dimensions or Kakashi-boy's Kamui, its simply dumb luck that you didn't end up somewhere in hospitable like the vacuum of space or the middle of a lake of magma or the bottom of an ocean!" Fusaku's explanation caused Naruto to pale and Mavis to somehow grow paler herself.

"…that I hadn't realized." Say what you want about how much he'd grown the blonde was still young dumb and reckless.

"most interestingly is the fact you somehow created a cascading translation effect…" Fusaku hopped towards the girl standing a bit behind his summoner eying who was staring at him in curiosity.

"miss what language are we speaking right now?" with a kind grandfatherly smile the toad inquired politely.

"um English?" Mavis said a little uneasy at being addressed by the strange talking toad for the first time.

"I see, likely I'm speaking it as a side effect of you summoning me Naruto-Boy, somehow you actually anchored our to realities together so perfectly reality causes a sort of auto translation for us." Fusaku explained hopping back over to Naruto who was now sitting cross legged on the ground face furrowed in thought.

"I can't read the language though." Naruto added Fusaku merely nodded chuckling a bit.

"Well, you did achieve this entirely by accident…but the fact we can't reverse summon you implies that there's a STRUCTURED passage between our worlds so other methods aren't getting through because of that trans-dimensional tunnels interference…but at the same time the openings to the tunnel are firmly closed." The elderly sage pondered aloud.

"but then how did I summon you?" the whisker cheeked young sage replied with a confused blink getting Fusaku to frown his brow furrowed

"hmm…that's right...perhaps rather than preventing other methods…you specifically are being prevented from being pulled back?" Pa offered almost as a question now unsure at the nature of what Naruto had done to an extent.

"oh…so I'm stuck here?" a frown marred the young shinobi's face at that thought.

"not necessarily…this is all just Speculation my boy, I'll take what we now know and my theories to the kage summon me in a few days and I'll tell you what we figure out." Patting the blodne on the SHoudler Fusaku gave another kind grandfatherly smile.

"alright pa, thanks and sorry for the mess."

"not to worry Naruto-boy, think of it as a vacation if anyone's earned one you have…" the toad turned and eyed the midnight haired girl.

"besides, it seems you've already made a friend here…why don't you introduce me Naruto-boy?" the old toad said with a coy smile and a quirked eyebrow.

"oh RIGHT, Fusaku this is Mavis Dracula, they say their given names first here, Mavis-chan this is Fusaku or Pa, he taught me how to sue sage mode…oh and Mavis is a Vampire!" Naruto spoke cheerfully hopping up and over to Mavis putting a hand on her shoulder causing her to blush and stare at her now clasped hands.

"a vampire? Interesting are all people in this world vampires? What's exactly the difference between a vampire and a human?" Fusaku asked his curiosity getting the better of him.

"uh…it's a long story…" Mavis said chuckling nervously rubbing her arm.

"I see no worries we'll have plenty of time to discuss it later, I should really return and let the five kage and young Sasuke know your fine before they begin accusing the lesser villages of abducting you or some such." With a chuckle the toad hopped back a bit.

"Please look out for Naruto-Boy Little Miss he's as you no doubt realized prone to causing trouble." With a friendly teasing wink to mavis that caused her to flush which Naruto missed to busy grumbling indignantly at the good natured and entirely accurate jab.

The elderly toad summon vanished in a poof of smoke with a smile and a wave.

And Naruto sighed

"Well looks like I'm stuck here for a while…"

"sorry about that." Mavis said with a frown feeling genuinely bad despite the traitorous voice in her head cheering that Naruto was going to be sticking around for at least a bit longer.

"don't sweat it, I got to meet you and Pa was right I could really use a vacation." The blonde gave quite the bright sunny smile to punctuate his heartfelt statement.

Mavis smiled blushing a bit at the charming grin the blonde gave her to go with his words.

"so…now that you've met humans what do you want to do?" Naruto questioned his companion putting his hands behind his head as they started to walk back to town.

"well…I really want to travel the world…and especially visit a place called Paradise." Mavis said hands clasped behind her back as she skipped a little smiling.

"then let's do it!" Naruto said jumping in front of Mavis with a wide grin.

"huh?" said pretty vampire stopped walking blinking in confused shock.

"lets you and me travel the world and go to this paradise place together it'll be fun!" giving his version of the nice Gai pose Naruto practically radiated excitement.

"r-really?" she tried to hide the excitement and joy she felt, luckily Naruto was dense as a brick, so he didn't really pick up on it.

"sure! Better than just sitting around waiting for Pa and the Kage to figure things out!" the blonde happily stated.

Mavis overwhelmed by joy launched herself at Naruto and wrapped him up in a hug that thankfully he was MORE then sturdy enough to endure even with her Vampire Super Strength.

"thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" babbling as she tightly squeezed the young man, she was slowly realizing she MAY have Zinged with earlier ecstatic at this sudden turn of events.

The cheerful shinobi form an alternate dimension simply laughed returning the hug it was rare he got to hug pretty girls after all or anyone really.

By the time Dracula thought to check the near by human settlement for his daughter, the two youngsters were off on their grad adventurer, who knows what was lying in store for them between Transylvania and Paradise.

Only time would tell.

And that's a Wrap not a particularly long first chapter but it gets the point across.

For those of you whoa re curious about why I choose not to go through the first hotel Transylvania movie well all will be made clear in time.

I plan for this story to be epic in length, each movie will be stretched into maybe 3 or four chapters and I don't plan to do that by cutting any corners I plan to have enough content that it feels natural, plenty of inner monologues and new moments caused by Naruto and Mavis' presences.

There will also be plenty of original bits in-between and don't expect movie sequels to follow immediately after the previous one unless that's how it happens canonically.

Gonna be 4 or 5 sagas split into multiple arcs, and we'll be ending with the second and third hotel Transylvania movies with a small arc including the short in between them.

If a fourth movie comes out and I've finished this, I'll consider coming back but odds of a fourth movie coming out while this story isn't in progress are low.

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