Chapter 1

Allow me to introduce myself I am a reborn soul born into the world of the AU in to the hunger games, I read the books in our world was not impressed as it was to teen for me, I was an adult in our world a doctor in England I specialised in mental health and in my spare time I did karate, and yoga. I had a husband and a teenage son; my life was shit my husband was having affair and my son hated me and then I got hit by a car, I was 44 years old and died on impact.

Boo hoo to me I died being older and more interested in my present then going back into my past, I was looking forward to exploring my future, it was not until I was three that I was able to process everything, that had happened to me. I seemed to be in a house that needed a lot of work old and in need of repair the garden was dead grass with sand on it and the smell of the ocean in the wind, the sun shone brightly down and the other children played and fought over little attention , the noise of the telly came over into the house as the 55th hunger games were being played. I was shocked at the violence of the tributes and the cheering of the capitol it was like watching the singing shows in my old world, it was unreal what happen to see children killing children. I went outside I was reborn into the hunger games and my name was Sky Masters I was three years old with a mind set of a mental health doctor and fighting and yoga skills. I knew I would grow being an oc in this world I would set out a life for myself, over the next few years I would learn to read, write and fish to explore my environment, I would ignore the elephant in the room, and I would try to find happiness in this world.

I would go to the beach I would enjoy making seashell necklaces and bracelets, I would like to perfect the sandcastle and I would enjoy swimming and exploring the sea the sun would shine and tan my skin, and bleach my already white blond hair (I looked like the dragon queen in GOTs) I was very pretty and really happy I was born with good looks. This ebb and flow of going to school, playing and enjoying the little things in this world was wonderful, I never really spoke to many people I was a wall flower watching other live their lives, I was rarely thought about just another mouth to feed and not much fun as I usually was out and about from sunset to sunrise only coming back to bed as I caught and cooked my own food and doing different jobs for the fisherman and fisher wife's who fed me and helped me I also did lots of exercise and learnt to fish and hunt and look after myself. I needed to learn to survival in this cruel world.