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Hey guys, Pixel here and welcome to Jurassic Park (Cue Theme Music)…I'm just kidding.

Hello and welcome all to my new rewrite of one of my most popular stories to date. Cinnamon Bun's Music

In this rewrite, we're going to take a look back at the beginning of the story that led us from the discovery of Izuku's music to the concert but this version of the story is going to be way different to the original with new songs that I discovered during the year that will not be mentioned to now and with some old time favorites from the original and classics.

This story could be canon to the Cinnamon Verse (A universe for my creation where it follows Izuku and his friends on their journey to music history and how Izuku met his other friends.) if I think about it

(I'm thinking on making stories that involved Heroes and how they all met.)


And welcome to Cinnamon Bun's Music: Remix!

Pixel's Fan Books Presents

Cinnamon Bun's Music: Remix!

Track 1: Departure / Discovery

It was at the dead time of night within U.A High as the students and staff were sleeping, blissfully dreaming for various stuff.

But in one particular dorm, in one particular room. One individual was still awake, waiting for their mother to call them and tell them that she was just outside of the school's gate, ready to pick them up and head to America to go on a little family trip with her to see two very important people in their lives

"What's taking mom so long. The flight's going to take off soon." This person said as they looked at their phone's clock and saw that they had exactly 45 minutes before their flight would take off

"Well, I guess I could do a little something for the album with the time I have." The person said as he got up from his chair and went to open of his bags and took out a laptop and went under his bed and processed to pull something from under it. It was a guitar case with a large variety of stickers on it. He opens the case and inside it was a Vintage V6 ICON Electric Guitar in a Distressed Ventura Green color. He takes his laptop and places the laptop on his desk and processes to turn it on and open one of his software applications and straps the guitar and strums it a little bit right before he takes a microphone that was on the desk and places it close to his mouth and hit the record button

"Okay, so this song is about someone from my past who was an amazing person but she was kinda for abusive towards me and I got depressed. So, this is a song that's going into a little bit of my past so be warned." He said as he strums a little chord with his guitar right before he took a deep breath and started to sing

I'm still young, wasting my youth

I'll grow up next summer

I'm back on those drugs I quit

I kept my dealer's number

They sang while playing the guitar right before he pressed the space button on the laptop and a trap-like beat started to play from it

I'm still young, wasting my youth

I'll grow up next summer

I'm back on that girl I quit

I should've lost her number

The beat then changed into something that was more punk while the chord remained the same as the person continued to sing

I'm overcompensating for heartbreak

I swallowed a pill that was in a heart shape

Her hands on my chest, feelin' my heartbeat

She spillin' her drink all on my car seat

She'll get attached and then trap me

Then I gotta act like I'm happy

She posts pics to get at me

Déjà vu, it's like last week

I'm still young, wasting my youth

I'll grow up next summer

I'm back on those drugs I quit

I kept my dealer's number

I'm still young, wasting my youth

I'll grow up next summer

I'm back on that girl I quit

I should've lost her number

The person singing and playing now stared down to the floor with their hair shadowing their eyes as they continued to sing

Pedal to the floor, yeah, I can't brake

The floor of the hotel's my ashtray

She opened the door and walked past me

I'm a Hollywood whore, I don't ask names

Yeah, let's get high as fuck

I've tried to cover up

Eyes that have seen too much

I'd go blind for her touch

This person then picked their head up with a few tears falling down as they stood up and started to plat their guitar more intensely while banging their head to the beat

I'm still young, wasting my youth

I'll grow up next summer

I'm back on those drugs I quit

I kept my dealer's number

I'm still young, wasting my youth

I'll grow up next summer

I'm back on that girl I quit

I should've lost her number

I'm still young

I'm wasted and I'm not getting younger

I'll grow up

I promise that I'll grow up next summer

I'm still young (You plus me is euphoria)

I'm wasted and I'm not getting younger

I'll grow up (I have sinned, don't help me, Jesus)

I promise that I'll grow up next summer

The person stopped playing their guitar while the beat on the laptop stopped as well as this person continued to sing onto the microphone but pressed a button on the laptop and made his vocals echo

I'm still young (You plus me is euphoria)

I'm wasted and I'm not getting younger

I'm still young (I have sinned, don't help me, Jesus)

I promise that I'll grow up next summer

The echo stopped as the person stopped singing and took a few breaths while the tears continued to fall down their cheeks. They were brought out of their state when they hear something vibrating on the desk. They looked at the desk and saw that their phone was ringing with someone phoning them. they took the phone and answered the call


"Izuku, sweetie. Where are you? I'm right here at the gate waiting for you." The person on the other side of call said, making the person who is our favorite cinnamon bun, Izuku Midoriya to realize that he spent a little too long on the song he just made

"S-Sorry mom. I was busy writing a song and didn't see the time." Izuku said while rubbing his head

"Oh, it's okay sweetie. This isn't the first time that this has happened. Just hurry up. Our flight's going to leave soon." Izuku's mom said

"Okay." Izuku said as he ended the call. He then took his laptop and guitar and placed them back in where they belonged and grabbed his bags and guitar case and walked out of his dorm room. He locks the door and places a note on his door and ran down and to the elevator and started his run to the gate, ready to meet his mom and head to the airport

It's the next morning at 1-A's Heights Alliances and all of Class 1-A were now awake and eating their respective breakfasts, the girls are chatting about girl things, Mineta & Kaminari stares at the girls perversely and thinking some nasty things which causes a chill to down some of the girls' spines, some of the boys are cleaning the dishes or discussing the events that happened at the Culture Festive a week ago or working out plans of the day but only one classmate is not with them. All were having a good time but soon one of them discovers that one of their friends were not here…

"Hey, have any of you guys seen Deku-kun yet?" said Uraraka as she realizes that her crush is not with them

"No, in fact I haven't seen him since class ended yesterday when he left class." said Hagakure to her bubbly friend

"Maybe he's working out right now and trying out a new move *ribbit*." said/ribbited Asui

"Oh. Man that boy is trying to improve every time he trains." said Ashido

"Yeah but every time he does he gets hurt badly and sometimes it scares me." said Jirou

"Yes, I don't like that his quirk hurts him every time he goes overboard." said YaoMomo

All the girls are depressed because for the fact that their green curly-haired friend might get hurt really bad in the future like he was after the summer camp incident or worse….

'Please, don't hurt yourself Deku/Midoriya/Midori/Izuku. I can't stand seeing you like that.' Thought the girls

Now to the boys

Bakugou was walking down the stairs with a annoyed expression on his face as he walked to the common area where most of the boys were at and faced them

"Hey! Have any of you extras seen Deku yet, the damn nerd owns me a fight." Said Bakugou who is just ready to fight anyone but got angrier when to guys just shook for 'no' or said 'nope'

"The bastard is probably just sleeping in. I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind of making go get him." Said Bakugou as he and runs to get his rival to go and beat the living crap out for him, the rest of the class follow him to stop him from waking Izuku up but when they reach his room, Bakugou just kicks the door down to find that the occupant of the room is...not even in the room, in fact the room looked it was not used. They search for the reason why Izuku wasn't here. As they look around, Denki finds a piece of paper stuck on the front of the door.

"Hey guys, there's a note on the door." Said Kaminari as the others surround her to see what was a note doing on the door and what was written on it.

'Hey guys.

If you're reading this, then that means I'm dead.

"What!?" the class yelled in surprise and shock at what Kaminari just read but the electric quirk user wasn't finished

"Wait, there's more." Denki said as he continued to read the letter

I'm sorry but I've always wanted to do that. Sorry if I made you guys shocked

"Next time, read the whole thing instead of one part and scaring us like that Jamming Yay!" Jirou yelled with her earphone jacks floating dangerously close to Kaminari's eyes

"I'm sorry." Kamniari said, while holding his hands to his eyes, trying to protect them from the wrath of Jirou's earphone jacks

"Well, continued reading it bro." Kirishima said with Kaminari going back to the letter

I'm not going to be around for a while cause I'm going on a trip to go with my mom and two more other and visit a few friends and a family member in America. I've already told the teachers about this, so don't freak out about this Iida.

"Oh thank goodness. For a second there. I thought he just left." Iida said, letting out a sigh of relief

I don't know when I'll be back but please don't worry about me, I'll be fine. See you all soon

Oh and tell Kacchan that he needs to fix my door before I come back. Or he'll pay for it.

With love

Your Friend: Izuku/Deku'

'Where could he possibly have gone to? And to see who?' Thought the majority of the class wondering where could their adorable green cinnamon bun could have possible gone with his mother. While they were thinking they didn't notice Bakugou going red with rage as he now learns that Deku is not even here and won't be back for a while. He starts to look for a clue to where he could have gone to

"There's got to be something here that'll help me find the damn nerd so I can go and kick his ass." Said Bakugou as he tore through the room trying to find something related to Deku's location.

"Bakugou, stop this at once. Invading one's privacy is something not becoming a hero nor a human!" Iida yelled, trying to defuse the

"Fuck off four eyes! Not until I found something that'll tell me where the damn nerd went to." Bakugou said, still continuing to rummage through Izuku's stuff

"Midoriya just said he with his mom heading to the States for a trip. Isn't that enough info for you?" Sero asked

"I don't give a fuck!" Bakugou

The others tried to stop Bakugou from destroying Izuku's room in hopes of finding his clue but Bakugou pushes Mina off of him and into Izuku's Desk and bumps something off it and the item lands on the floor

*tish* *tish* *tish* All for them look to the floor to see what landed on it but were surprised to see a…

"CD, what's a CD doing in Midori's room in the first place." Said Toru as she picked up the container of the CD and looked at it

"Maybe he listens to some music?"

"Yeah, hey Toru. What's the name of the band?" Jirou

"I-There's no band or song name on this. Just...Take Me Back." Toru said

True to her words the class saw that on the front of the disc there was writing on it and it said Take Me Back, now this got the class thinking, since when did their green cinnamon bun classmate listened to music

"But why would Midoriya have a song if there's no band name on the disc." Kaminari asked, confused by this and so was most of the class. Momo thought on this and only one theory came to her mind

"You think Midoriya could have made this?" Momo asked, everyone started to think on this and some thought that this could be a possibility while the rest had doubts but one of them wasn't convinced by this

"Hah! As if that useless Deku could sing. I bet that he probably stole it from someone and wrote his name on that stupid thing to say that it was him that made the damn song." Said Bakugou thinking that Deku doesn't have the balls to sing a song. He let out a frustrated grunt, seeing that he couldn't find anything to find him.

"Hey! I'm sure that Deku-kun is a great singer!" Said Uraraka, defending Deku from his bully's harsh comments, "I bet that he's a better singer than you."

"Shut your face Round Face, like that useless nerd could ever sing better than me." Said Bakugou, pissed that this fucking extra was saying that Deku was better than him, "And I bet that his voice sounds like a dying dog."

"Well, why don't we just find out than." Uraraka said, catching Bakugou's attention


"I mean, we do have this disc with us. Why don't we just listen to it and see who's really on it?" Uraraka suggested with everyone's interest peaking at her idea…well everyone except one of course

"Uraraka, we cannot. That would be abusing the trust that Midoriya has of us. I suggest that we place the CD back where it was first located and fix Midoriya's door and continue on our day." Iida said

"Oh come on Iida. We just wanna know the song." Toru said

"I would have to agree with Iida on this. We're heroes in training and doing this. breaking into someone else's room, going through their belongings and then wanting in listening to something that could possible not ever them to begin with. It is wrong on many levels." Momo said

"Oh Momo. We'll just listen to the song, see if it really is Midori on the singing parts and then put everything back and everything will go back to normal. Plus Midori will never know." Mina said

"But we'll now and that doesn't change the fact we broke Midoirya's privacy in doing this." Iida fired back

"Please Iida. We just want to see if it's really Deku singing on the disc. Aren't you a little curious about this like us?" Uararka asked with Iida frowning

"No, I'm not. I'd rather never find out if my friend can really sing if it costs me his trust for me." Iida said, not really on this plan

"Shut it Four Eyes! We're listening to the damn song so I can prove that the nerd can't sing for shit! Let's just get this shit over with so I can continue to hunt the nerd down. Earphones go get a CD player from your room. I want this done as fast as possible so I can have my fun." Said Bakugou as he and the rest went downstairs while Jioru ran to her room and took one of her stereos and went to the common room and saw that everyone else were either sitting on the couches, or on the floor next to the table. so that all for them to listen to the track. Jiro puts her stereo onto the table as she takes the CD from Toru and places the CD inside the stereo

"Here goes." Said Jiro as she presses the play button, waiting for the song to start, hoping that the little green bean isn't too bad of a singer, they heard a melody play in the background being played from the speakers, as if was in an effect. Soon, the rest of the instruments started to play as well and it didn't take long to hear who's voice was about to sing

Yeah, yeah, alright

And all that I know is, taking it slow, is something I don't

I jump and I hope, I grab on the rope, I climb and I go

I find something more, I wish you could know

All the feelings that I have but you really don't

And now I feel like I'm running from myself all the time

All these doubts keep on coming while I think that you're mine

And this pain can be numbing I don't think I'll be alright

If you think that we're nothing then I'm just wasting time

The class jaws drop when they heard Izuku's voice going through the speakers and fill the room with his sound, most were surprised, while Uraraka was happy that her crush was a great singer and her smile turned into a smug smile and turned to Bakugou. Only to see that his eyes were wide open and his jaw was on the floor

And why won't you just take me back again?

I always wanted to be more than friends

I never wanted us to ever end


And why won't you just take me back again?

I always wanted to be more than friends

I never wanted us to ever end


Most of them couldn't help but bang their heads and tap their feet to the beat as it was intoxicating noise.

The rose withers, there's no pictures, I forget her

Don't regret her, hope she feels better, I'd hurt her never

Hearts deader, hold her forever, I won't surrender

No center, my hearts leather, hope I feel better

They say that pain is just part of the mind, I swear that I'm fine

I know that she used to be mine, but things change with time

I think I'm alright, my thoughts take my mind and twist like my spine

I look so alive but I'm dead inside

The boys (Most of them) were banging their heads to the rhythm of the music. They listened to their friend's voice, as he sung with so much emotion that it made the song awesome, some were getting hyped from just listening to the song

The girls were too banging their heads to the rhythm of the music. They couldn't believed that their classmate, the shy, geeky, heroic classmate Izuku Midoriya could actually sing and pretty well at that.

And why won't you just take me back again?

I always wanted to be more than friends

I never wanted us to ever end


And why won't you just take me back again?

I always wanted to be more than friends

I never wanted us to ever end


The room was filled with silence as the music stopped. The entire group stood in silence as they try to process the situation that they experienced.

"THAT ROCKED!" shouted Mina, Tooru, and Kirishima, helping in breaking the silence, as everyone else couldn't help in agreeing with the statement.

"Never in my life have I heard something like that. Izuku is an amazing singer." Said Momo, all excited and bubbly from the song. She gained a bit of blush on her face from the thought of Izuku serenade her while she was in a balcony, like Romeo and Juliet.

"I KNOW RIGHT! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT MIDOBRO COULD SING ROCK!" Yelled Kirishima, pumping his fist from the excitement.

"Deku is really amazing." Said Ochako, a smile plastered on her face, she couldn't wait to ask Deku if he could play another song for them, and maybe… just for her. Her face started to burn from the thought.

Bakugou was still in shock and had still his jaw on the floor as he heard he guitar being played only while the rest of the other instruments stopped playing, he couldn't believe that the nerd, who of most of his useless life had followed him around, had a great singing voice.

"Bakugou." Said Todoroki, forcing Bakugou to break out of his state

"What do you want Icy-Hot?" said Bakugou, breaking out of his shock.

"It would seem that Midoriya can sing quite well. What do you have to say now?" Todoroki asked as everyone turned to Bakugou to await what would he say about Izuku's singing now

"*tsk* Whatever." Bakugou said as he walked out of the room and headed to the elevator, it wasn't until later that they heard the slam, signaling that he went to his room.

"I felt my heart stop for a moment, that dude really needs to go to an anger management class," said Kaminari, terrified from the close call on his life, before jumping when a loud yell of 'I HEARD THAT, PIKACHU' came from Bakugou.

"Man, that surprised me, I honestly expected something else, all things considered. I mean I didn't know that the dude can sing so well. What do you think about it Jirou? Since you're the music girl of our clas…WHOA! Jirou! Are you okay!?" Said Sato, checking on the girl, seeing the blank look on her face, as she ignored the worried group around her.

"Uhhh…Jirou...You…Ok?" Asked Kaminari who was kind of creeped out from seeing the dead stare on her face.

"The way he sang was…just amazing…the emotion he portrayed in to the song was something haven't been heard since those from the pre-quirk era bands…he was amazing…and why didn't he sing with us during the Cultural Festival!" yelled Jirou out loud, mad that Izuku was holding out on her on this as she could have gotten him to sing with her at the Cultural Festival. Jirou then started to realize where she was and looked around and saw that everyone was looking at her right before huge blush on her face crossed her face, realizing that she said all that out loud.

Her classmates looked at her with an amazed look on their faces that Izuku could shake the hard rock girl into this state.

"Man, that was great! Wish I could hear more of Midori singing?" asked Mina, wanting to hear more of Izuku's voice.

"Yeah, me too but we don't have any more of his songs. I mean it's not like that Midoriya has a stash of his songs hidden in his room somewhere." Said Kaminari as he realized his mistake when Mina started to grin which most of the class saw

"Ashido. No." Iida commended, seeing what Mina was thinking. It wasn't long before Mina bolted out of the room and headed upstairs to her target

Izuku's room

"Mina! Stop this at once!" Iida yelled as he gave chase to Mina

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean


Izuku was in his seat on the airplane heading straight to Los Angeles when he suddenly sneezed. He turns to his window and looks at the direction where he thought Japan was

'Why did I sneeze like that? Is someone talking about me or something?'

Inko saw Izuku sneeze and was now looking out of his window. Clearly seeing that he was distracted by something she asks.

"Everything alright dear?" Inko asked which Izuku looks back to her and waves his hands

"I'm fine mom. Just a little sneeze. That's all." Izuku said

"Are you sure you're not catching a cold?" Inko asked

"I'm fine mom. Besides, I don't think that sneeze links to anything that's bad." Izuku said, sure that nothing bad was going to come in his near future

(Oh, how wrong you are boy. How wrong you are.)

Well looks like Izuku's secret has been discovered. What will unfold at U.A as Class 1-A now has found Izuku's hidden talent and what our green boi has in store as he heads to the States?

Find out next time in Cinnamon Bun's Music: Remix!

[Songs used:]

drunk face by Machine Gun Kelly

Take Me Back Again by NEFFEX

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