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Chapter One

Beethoven played softly from the speakers in Hermione's room as she and Teddy sat on the floor making charms for Teddy and the Cullen family. George was once again off with Leah, something that Hermione truly didn't mine. She was happy there was a smile on his face again. And then Cullen's were busy turning their home into whatever vision Alice had seen, or planned.

She was making a small wolf charm necklace for Teddy, she loved her little boy so much but he could only stay calm for an extended amount of time before his hair changed into the blue that he preferred. Or if he was too excited, an explosion of color on his head. The muggles wouldn't be able to ignore it.

Then she would move on to small, stylish bracelets for each of the Cullen's. Alice had promised her that there would not no sunlight but Hermione just wasn't willing to take that risk. Once again, muggles.

So here she was, sitting with her boy while she made charm, Teddy was trying to help but he kept making the mess on the floor even bigger than it was.

"Hey, how is it going in here?"

Hermione looked up and smiled at Charlie in the doorway, "It's coming along. My little monster here is dead set on making sure this room will never be cleaned again though."

She rubbed Teddy's head which changed to match the mousy, straight brown hair that Bella Swan has. "Not that messy." Teddy tried to pick up a few of the strings that were lying around but the string just broke apart and he pouted.

"Well are you excited? Your big day is coming up." Charlie didn't seem all that surprised when Hermione and Edward has approached him three months back and told them that they would be getting married towards the end of the year. In fact, Hermione was sure that he teared up a bit when she asked him to walk her down the isle.

"As excited as one could be when they'e three days away from getting married." She was honestly a little nervous, which she successfully hid anytime she was at the Cullen house. She didn't want Edward to take it the wrong way. But the closer the day came, the more nervous she was for what would happen afterwards.

She was an adult, twenty-one now, but the furthest she had ever gone with a man was kissing. She loved kissing Edward, he set set her nerves on fire in a way she didn't realize a man could. A blush erupted on her face and she shook her head to clear her mind.

"I am very excited to get married to Edward, I love him." She said it in such a way that Charlie could only nod happily at her. She truly loved the mind reading vampire.

"What are you and Teddy working on?" Charlie asked as he walked into the room and sat on the end of Hermione's bed.

"Charmed bracelets and a necklace for Teddy, like mine. We'll be in front of who knows how many people for hours. So the necklace for Teddy will hide his hair in case he gets too excited and the bracelet will help the Cullens in case the sun comes out."

"Well I'm sure they're happy they have one less thing to worry about."

Hermione blushed, "They don't know yet. I planned on giving them the bracelets the day of the wedding. I have also taken the jewelry I will be wearing and cast a charm on them so I don't have to worry about keeping the glamour on."

"That's pretty smart."

Hermione shrugged, "I some times like to prepare for the worst case scenario."

Charlie bent over and rubbed her hair affectionately, "It's your wedding, you shouldn't have to worry about all that. I'm sure Alice has been making sure that nothing bad will happen."

Hermione bent over and pulled Teddy into her lap, bringing the string mess with him. "I can't help it, trouble seems to follow me as it used to follow Harry. I would rather be prepared."

"If it makes you comfortable, then go ahead. But I think Alice Cullen would murder any one who tries to stop this wedding. Or any thing. The sun doesn't stand a chance against her."

Hermione laughed and began to clean up the mess Teddy was making in his lap, "She would win, some how."

"Wolf!" Teddy howled as a knock echoed through the house.

"I suppose that would be Billy, Jacob, and Seth. The four of us planned to go fishing today." There was a small glimmer in Charlie's eyes as he spoke.

A glimmer that made only too much sense when Teddy perked up, "Fish! Mummy may I go"

"Oh, you're good!" Hermione laughed as she picked up Teddy and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "You can take this little pup with you as long as you don't stay out as late as you did last time."

"We thought we found a big one!" Charlie exclaimed as he took Teddy from Hermione's arms. "None of us wanted to leave before we could try to get it ourselves!"

Hermione stood and dusted off her pants, "Well just remember this time that you have a two year old with you that gets very cranky if he isn't in bed before nine."

"Promise! Come on, kid! Lets go catch some fish!"

"Fish!" Teddy screamed as he and Charlie walked down the stairs.

Moments like this, watching Charlie with Teddy, made the ache in her chest come back. She wished Charlie's daughter would talk to him more. He was a wonderful man and any girl would be lucky to have him as a dad. Sometimes he reminded Hermione of her own father. Hopefully one day, Bella would come to see that she would want her father in her life.

She shook her head sadly and then sat back down to continue with her project, better safe than sorry.