AN: I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of MDC/Ladybug keeping secrets. Some of them are okay but not all of them. Also, a little bit salty at Fu for showing favoritism without a canonical explanation

"Destruction has many forms. It's most basic form is destroying physical things, which you are already familiar with. But you can reach beyond the physical realm. Into space/time."

Adrien nodded his head, completely absorbed into Felix's lesson. After accidently meeting the former Ladybug and Chat Noir, Adrien often invited himself over to their apartment whenever he had the chance. At first it was more out of being awestruck, but that eventually faded away. Now, they feel like home. His father's mansion, which he always called it now, stopped feeling like home after his mother died. Thanks to Felix and Bridgette, he began to realize that his father didn't see him as a son anymore. Just a pawn.

Felix was also kind of cold to him at the beginning, but the two warmed up to each other. Bridgette pulled Adrien aside one day and let him know that Felix genuinely cares, but is horrible at doing so. Being a grump was just his personality. Adrien had his doubts until Felix approached his father and miraculously (LOL) managed to make a deal that eased up Gabriel's control on him. Now, he was free to visit as Chat Noir or Adrien Agreste.

As for Bridgette, she was like the big sister he never had. She would make awful puns with him that Felix would groan at. Although, he SWORE that he saw Felix crack a smile a few times, despite the older blonde's denials. She taught him how to cook, how to clean, and lent him a sympathetic ear. She also taught him about how to approach girls. He was pretty sure that he was finally wearing Ladybug down if her more recent blushes were anything to go by.

One of his favorite things to do with them was training. Being his predecessors, they knew more about his powers than he did. Bridgette was also willing to train Ladybug eventually, but not yet. She already had Fu as a mentor while Adrien was left out of the loop. Why Fu was ignoring Adrien the three of them couldn't figure out. Unless the situation called for it, they were content to leave things as they were. Which brought them back to the present, with Adrien learning a new power.

"This new power is called black hole. You can use this to create a portal to whatever location you desire. This ability can be as powerful as your cataclysm, if not more, so be very careful when using this. Understand?" Felix questioned.

Adrien nodded his head. He had the feeling there was more but Felix wasn't going to tell him. Felix noted the look on the young blonde's face.

"There is more to this, but we're going to build up to it. It is too dangerous to throw all of these powers at you without getting proper training." Felix mumbled a few curses at Fu. Perhaps the man was finally going senile?

"So how does it work?" Adrien asked.

"Think of a destination inside of your head. Make sure it is somewhere without people. We don't want civilians walking around for this to see."

Chat tried to think of where he could go that was safe and had very little people. His first thought was his room, but Nathalie could walk in anytime. Then he thought about school, but the overnight staff could also be there. Plus, he didn't want to accidently destroy the school and explain it to Ladybug. She wasn't supposed to know about this stuff yet! Finally, he decided to focus on the top of the Eiffel Tower, the place where he and his lady hung out. She shouldn't be there tonight.

"I got it" Adrien told Felix.

"Put your hand on the ground, and while thinking of the location, say BLACK HOLE"

Chat did as instructed. Green and black energy spread out from his hand and slowly formed a black circle. Looking through the portal, Felix and Adrien saw what looked like a balcony. Chat realized this was not just any balcony. It was Marinette's balcony! He had accidently created a portal at his friend's house which could jeopardized his identity! Then again, it could have been worse. If anyone aside from Ladybug had to learn about who he was hanging out with, Marinette was a good option.

Felix gave Adrien a quizzical look. "Where were focusing on creating the portal?"

As Adrien opened his mouth, Bridgette opened the balcony door. "Who wants hot chocolate?" She sang.

"BRIDGETTE NO!" Felix and Adrien yelled. It was too dark for her to notice the portal and she fell straight through and let out a startled yelp. Cautiously approaching the portal, the blondes saw Bridgette on the floor, but she somehow saved the cups and not a drop of hot chocolate fell.

"I'm okay!" She yelled back. "Just tripped."

Adrien and Felix let out breaths of relief. As Felix started to step towards the portal, it started to close on him and he jumped back. In a few seconds, the ground was completely portal free like it had never even been there.

"Adrien" Felix said slowly. Adrien gulped. This was not going to be good.

"Where exactly is my wife?!" Felix was annoyed and angry. Both at himself and Adrien for not being more careful during practice.

"Don't worry!" Adrien was quick to assure him. "She's at a friend's house. Perfectly safe. Nothing can harm her at all." Adrien's back was pressed against the railing as Felix glared at him. Suddenly, Felix's phone went off. He answered it immediately, seeing that it was Bridgette.

After the bluenette calmed down her husband, he turned back to Adrien and apologized for yelling at him. They were interrupted by a beeping from Chat's ring.

Felix sighed and pinched his nose in annoyance. "I knew this would happen someday. Might as well detransform now." He grabbed a wheel of camembert and some goldfish for Adrien. Green light signaled the de-transformation sequence.

"Felix! It's been too long!" Plagg yelled as soon as he left the ring.

"Plagg" Felix was hoping he would never have to see the little cat ever again. He once thought that he would never get involved with the Miraculous again either, but fate seemed to have other plans for him.

Plagg gasped in delight and snatched the cheese away from Felix, ripping of a slice

"Have you been camembert in the refrigerator for me this whole time? And here I thought you wouldn't miss me in the slightest" Plagg teased.

Instead of responding, Felix simply reached for the spray bottle they kept on a special shelf in the apartment, just for this.

"Oh, I see you hung onto some other stuff too." Plagg commented.

Felix simply held the spray bottle in his hands stayed quiet. Plagg quickly downed the cheese and Adrien transformed again. Arriving at Marinette's balcony, he was surprised to see Bridgette and Marinette sitting on the balcony, drinking hot chocolate. They were giggling about something. He debated interrupting them but Bridgette saw him coming and called for his name. She handed him the last cup of chocolate and he downed it in two sips.

"I have to get going now. My husband is probably worried. It was wonderful to meet you Marinette! And your family's baked goods are absolutely delicious!" Bridgette told the younger girl.

"You as well. And thank you for the advice! I'll be sure to try it." The two girls smiled at each other brightly and waved goodbye as Chat leapt off towards Bridgette's apartment with the older woman riding on his back. The serving tray and cups were stored inside of a bag Marinette supplied.

"So, what did you talk about about?" Chat asked.

"Girl stuff. And you'll get nothing more out of me" Bridgette said with a smile.

Chat sighed, but his annoyance was dampened by the small smile on his face.

Arriving on the balcony, they see Felix pacing up a storm in the living room, in worry. Bridgette opened the door and Felix rushed to her and crushed her in a hug.

"No more experimenting at our place" Bridgette told him.

"Agreed" Felix replied.

Adrien had the decency to distract himself with his baton so that he wouldn't hear their conversation. Making sure he still wasn't looking, Bridgette leaned up and cupped her hands over Felix's left ear.

"We should talk. I met Ladybug."

Felix raised his eyebrows at that. Bridgette would always tell him something like this immediately. The only place she had been was that balcony. Could Chat have accidently sent Bridgette to Ladybug's house? Intriguing. It seemed as though history was repeating itself. He just didn't know how right he was at the time.