Sonic laid there feeling his Chaos getting weaker and weaker.

He knew he was going to be with Shadow again soon.

"Soon babe. Soon." he said smiling.

Then Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Blaze, Silver, Rouge, Sonia and Manic came to check on him.

"Hey." Knuckles said and gave him a kiss.

"Hey." Sonic said weak and smiling.

"How are you feeling?" Tails asked.

"Weaker and don't know if I'll last much longer."

"Please don't leave us mom." Sonia said. "Ask uncle Tails to fix your limiters up!"

"I'm sorry Sonia, but my time is almost done."

"Come on mom. You're a fighter! A Freedom Fighter! Y-you can make it." Manic said.

Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Cream, Blaze, Silver and Rouge knew he wanted to die so he could be with Shadow again. His mate.

He loves Knuckles but they knew he didn't love him as much as he did Shadow.

"Sonia, Manic?" Knuckles said.

"Yeah dad?" Manic said.

"I think your mom is looking forward to dying."

"Why?" Sonia asked surprised.

He looked at Sonic and he nodded.

"He misses his true love."

"Huh?" Sonia and Manic said confused.

"I thought he loved you?" Sonia said.

"He does. It's just, I'm not his true mate. He lost him after having a miscarriage. Shadow the Hedgehog. He committed suicide three weeks after losing their first baby. I had had a crush on Sonic for a while and when he started dating Shadow I kept it quiet. When he lost him we stayed by his side. I gave him a year so he could get over losing him and the miscarriage. When he did I admitted I love him and he loves me back. We all could tell he was never going to be over Shadow. The medallion he has on he can use to see and talk to Shadow. He uses it everyday and I'm fine with that. If it makes him happy then I'll do anything. But like I said, he's never going to be over Shadow. When he dies he'll be with his true mate and happy."

They looked at Sonic and he nodded.

"After giving birth to you two he was really weak and found out that he was going to die sooner than other people. It's really hard for men to get pregnant and we weren't surprised. But being the fighter he was he hid it as long as he could. Which is why Shadow told Sonic to have me fix up his limiters. Now after nineteen years his Chaos has gotten to him." Tails said.

"I love your dad but not as much as Shadow. When I'm with him I'll be happy and feel complete. Know that I'll always love you and your dad. I'm sorry for not telling you about this. I just didn't know what would happen." Sonic said.

"We're not mad at you." Manic said.

"None of us are." Rouge said.

"What we really do is owe you. You saved us all everyday since you were little." Blaze said.

"She's right. You sacrificed your life everyday. You fought certain people without our help to protect us. You let me join your group when you started dating Knuckles. We owe you so much." Silver said.

"You saved me, Cheese and my mother many times." Cream said.

"You saved me plenty of times and let me help once in a while." Amy said.

"You didn't make me go to prison after being the thief I've always been." Rouge said.

"You helped me protect the Sol Emeralds and even protected the Chaos Emeralds." Blaze said.

"You took me in when you found me when you could have left me. But you let me go with you and help you. Me and Knuckles owe you the most." Tails said.

"You knocked some sense into me the third time I thought you were after the Master Emerald. You let me join you and Tails, forgave me every time I was tricked by Eggman. You let me take Shadow's place and married me. Even gave me my own family. So like Tails said, we owe you the most." Knuckles said.

Sonic smiled then took out a hand.

Tails, Knuckles and Silver knew what it was for so Silver backed up to let the first and true Team Sonic to do it. Tails put one on top of Sonic's and Knuckles put his on top of Tails and they looked at each other.

"GO TEAM SONIC!" they said together for the very last time.

Then Sonic put down his hand and started to feel his Chaos shut down.

He shut his eyes.

"I'll always be there for you." he said and was gone.

They all knew he was gone and started crying.

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Blaze, Silver and Rouge knew he was happy and understood he was waiting for this for a long time.

Sonia and Manic may be adults but they still started to cry hard.

After finding out about his past and dying they cried hard.

Knuckles held them close.

Meanwhile Sonic was standing there and saw a black, red and white hedgehog smiling.

"Shadow!" Sonic said and ran to him.

They held each other close and for the first time in 21 years kissed like the day they're first kiss.

Maria stood behind them smiling.

"I missed you so much!" Sonic said.

"I missed you to Sonic." Shadow said.

They sat there crying for five minutes and finally calmed down.

"You did a great job protecting the world, getting over me enough to wait so long, having a family and everything else. I'm proud of you." Shadow said and gave him a kiss.

"You told me to and I promised I'd wait as long as I could." Sonic said.

They sat there holding onto each other tight.

A few minutes later they got up holding hands.

"Sonic, this is Maria. Maria this is Sonic." Shadow said smiling.

He really was proud of him for waiting to be with him again.

"So you're the Maria Shadow told me about." Sonic said for the very first time in years smiling like he used to.

"You must be the Sonic Shadow told me about." Maria said smiling and shook hands.

"Sonic the Hedgehog, hero, leader, Guardian of the seven Chaos Emeralds and mate. That's who he is." Shadow said still smiling.

"Yeah. I've been a hero since I was six. A Freedom Fighter." Sonic said.

Maria was shocked at what he said.

"It's a big surprise." she said.

"Yeah. After uncle Chuck being robotasized when I was six I continued being the hero to make him and my parents proud. I was a Freedom Fighter from three to six. Being their secret weapon pretty much. I left them to defeat him myself. And with Tails and Knuckles I did it."

Shadow smiled.

"Now why don't we go check on the others?" he said.

Sonic nodded and they went to watch them.

They saw them holding each other crying.

Knuckles was holding Sonia and Manic close.

"I know you want him back already but he can't come back. But know he'll always be with you." Knuckles said.

They nodded.

Sonic looked at Shadow and he looked at him and nodded.

So they focused on Sonic and Knuckles' room and were gone.

When they opened their eyes they looked at each other then the others.

"Guys?" Sonic said and they all jumped and froze.

"Sonic?" Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Blaze, Silver and Rouge said together.

"Mom?" Sonia and Manic said.

"Hey." Sonic said smiling.

"Hey guys." Shadow said smiling.

"Shadow?!" they all said in shock.

"Yeah." he said.

"H-how did you get here?" Manic asked.

"It's just something I can do." Sonic said.

"That's how I came to visit him the day I gave him his medallion." Shadow said smiling and wrapped his arm around Sonic.

"Are you happy to be together?" Tails asked.

"Yeah. I, I feel complete now. I'm with my true mate." Sonic said smiling and leaning on Shadow.

"I'm glad." Knuckles said.

"I'm sorry Knuckles."

"It's alright. I can tell you're happy and complete. I know you'll always be with me."

Sonic let go of Shadow and walked over to him and their kids and held them close.

"I'll always be there and love you." Sonic said.

"We don't want you to leave mom." Sonia said.

"I'm sorry sweetie but I have to." he said. "Be like me, dad, uncle Tails and Shadow. Fighters. Freedom Fighters."

They nodded and held him close crying.

A few minutes later they let go and Sonic and Shadow went to their friends and had a group hug.

"We'll miss you guys." Blaze said.

"We know Blaze. But we'll be there for you." Shadow said.

She nodded smiling.

"I'm glad you two are together again."

"Same here." Cream said.

"We can see the true smile on Sonic. The smile we haven't seen since the day he lost Shadow. Even after losing the baby he still had that smile with you." Rouge said smiling.

Then Shadow wrapped his arm around Sonic again.

"Thanks for taking care of him." he said.

They smiled.

"He's family. And a family stays together." Tails said.

Sonic looked at Shadow.

"We better head back." he said.

"Yeah." Shadow said and they looked at them.

"We'll always be there." Sonic said. "And if you need a Chaos Emerald think about it and it will come to me. I'll say what I always do. They're still staying with me. I still have the power to become Super Sonic because that form is immortal and all you need to do is call me through your Chaos. I don't know how or why though. But just so you know."

That shocked everyone but they nodded.

"Why can't I watch them like Manic will watch the Master Emerald for dad when he's ready?" Sonia asked.

"I don't know. The Master Emerald just said that only I can use them full power and am their guardian. I don't know why only me and Shadow can become Super Sonic and Super Shadow either. But that's just what it is. So like I said, call me and I'll be there. Super I might have Shadow come if he wants."

Everyone nodded.

Then they had another group hug and he kissed Knuckles, Sonia and Manic again.

Then he smiled.

"See you." he said.

"See you." they all said together.

Then Sonic looked at Shadow and smiled.

Then they shut their eyes and were gone.

Everyone could tell he really was happy and his old self. They missed him already but knew he was happy being with Shadow. His true mate.

When they got back in heaven Sonic and Shadow looked at each other smiling and gave each other a kiss.

They were complete.