The girl eagerly stood behind the counter, running the cash register.

It was her first day on the job. It was only part time at a convenience store, but it was a start.

She finished ringing up a customer and said as they left, "Have a nice day!"

Another customer came up to the counter and placed down two items. She rang them up and.. noticed something.

She'd been vaguely warned of this, but to think it'd happen so soon.

"Excuse me sir?" She said. He looked up in acknowledgement. "Um, these cleaners you bought. If you mix them together, they'll make a poisonous gas, so..." She trailed off.

"Yeah, that's the point." He nonchalantly said.

The girl just stared at him. "I... I'm sorry..?" She stuttered out at a loss for words.

Did. Did he just say he was going to commit suicide? Or was he going to murder someone?

The man laughed. "Yeah, I plan on using them tonight. I hope it works this time."

This time!?

She's never seen someone so suicidal yet cheerful.

"I, uh..." She stammered. "I mean.. y-you shouldn't..."

"Hey, Dazai!" A proper looking man opened the door and called out. "Hurry up. We'll be late for the meeting."

"Ah, I just gotta pay real quick. Wait for me in the car."

"Fine." The man grumbled and left.

The customer dug around in his pockets and brought out a wallet. "So, how much is it?" He asked.

"...$12.79." She managed to get out.

He handed her the cash, grabbed his items and left for the door. "Thanks!" He said with a bright smile.

"Have a nice.. day..." She said as the man left, without even offering him his change.

"So how was the first day on the job?" Her boss asked after a long day's work.

"It was.. good?" She said as she was getting ready to leave, with a slightly worried look on her face.

"Something wrong?" He asked. "You look worried."

"Well..." She nervously began. "There was this guy.. who, he said that he was going to commit suicide..? And I just let him go. I-I didn't know what to do..." She admitted with a guilty expression.

"Hmm... Did he have brown fluffy hair and bandages on his arms?" Her boss suddenly asked.

"Oh, uh..." She trailed off in thought. "Yeah, I think so."

"Oh, then don't worry. That's just Dazai."

"Huh?" The girl said, confused. "Ah, now that you mention it, someone did call him Dazai." She realized.

"Ah, that must be him. Yeah, he does that all the time."

"All the time..?" She repeated with worry.

"Yeah. He never actually does it. I mean he's still here after all!" He cheerfully laughed.

She hesitantly chuckled along with him. "Yeah..."

"Well, see ya tomorrow!" He waved goodbye and left.


She sighed.

What a day.