A teenager was walking down the street, scrolling through his phone. It was in the middle of the night and it seemed completely desolate. No lights were on, all the businesses were closed, and the only sounds were from far off cities.

He really shouldn't be out alone in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar town, but.. whatever. His phone still had service so he could still use GPS, and he wasn't that far from a train station. He'll be fine.

To keep himself occupied, he was just looking at social media as usual. He was scrolling through the news section when a particular post caught his eye.

Tiger on the loose in Yokohama!


That certainly wasn't his hometown. Unless... He opened up the GPS again and, yeah, that was where he currently was. Interesting to know his phone updated the news based on his location.

But.. a tiger?

How does a tiger just get loose in an urban city? Maybe it escaped from a nearby zoo or something. But, this doesn't exactly seem like the type of place to put a zoo...

Well, it was none of his concern. It probably got caught already.

He scrolled past the post and just continued on to the station.

A few minutes later, he suddenly heard a noise from behind him, as if something was knocked over. He turned around to look, but.. there was nothing. Well, he had just passed an alleyway so it must just be a rat or something. Nothing to worry about.

He continued walking.

Just a moment later, a bit of movement across the street caught his eye. Again, he looked over and saw nothing. He thought he saw something white and.. glowing? But it was probably just his imagination. He was just a little paranoid.

He kept walking, trying to ignore whatever was happening, but little noises and things kept on startling him. Once he swore he even heard a low growl.

Suddenly, a light illuminated from behind him and he heard some shuffling way too close to him. He whipped around and nearly dropped his phone in surprise.

He stared at a giant glowing tiger that was peeking around the corner of a building.

The teenager promptly screamed and ran in the opposite direction.

He didn't dare look behind him but he could hear it growling and running after him. At this rate, that thing was going to catch up to him before he knew it.

He noticed an alleyway up ahead, and, as a last ditch effort, he ducked into it and hid behind a trash can. The thing also turned into the alleyway but thankfully it ran through to the other side.

He just sat there, stock still, and listened as the beast prowled away. Eventually, the only sound he heard was his own panicked breathing and rapidly beating heart.

Soon, he shakily stood up and continued walking back to the station, realizing that he probably should get out of the area.

What the fuck was that thing?

It looked like a tiger but the one they'd fight in an anime or something, not a real life animal!


That couldn't be the tiger that post was talking about, right?

That thing was no tiger! That was a monster. Tigers don't just glow. Animals don't glow!

He sighed.

He guessed that post forgot to mention that the tiger was also glowing and twice the size of a usual tiger.

He really shouldn't have gone out alone in an unfamiliar town.