A man walked up the stairs to what he assumed was a detective agency.

It was nothing serious, just a lost dog, that's all. He saw the place on Google Maps and, well, it was right on the way to the doctor's office he was heading to, so why not pop in? He was a little nervous since he was going to a detective agency for such a trivial thing, but what's the worst that could happen? If they refuse to take his request, well that doesn't really matter. His dog will probably show up soon anyways.

He reached the door and knocked a couple of times. However, no one came. He didn't even hear any rustling from inside. He waited a second before knocking again, but still nothing.

Curiosity overtook him so he tried the doorknob. Surprisingly, it was unlocked. He took a peek inside, and, as he suspected, no one was there.

Well, they were probably just out somewhere and forgot to lock up, yeah.

He went in and sat down on one of the chairs, deciding just to wait for someone to show up.

He was about to bring out his phone and just browse the 'net in the meantime, before he suddenly heard one of the most ear-splitting and agonizing screams he has ever heard in his life. Well, it wasn't exactly ear-splitting because it was a bit muffled, but it definitely sounded like whoever was screaming was in incredible pain.

The man looked around nervously as the scream died out. He didn't have much time to process when, just seconds later, another scream rang out.

Okay. This was starting to get weird, or more like terrifying. It sounded like someone was getting murdered for Christ's sake! And close by too!

The man walked back over to the door and looked out at the street, to try and see if the commotion was coming from outside. However, everyone he could see was acting completely normal. There was no one in agonizing pain, or anyone who seemed to be hearing the screaming too.

He was about to go outside and ask some people, before he heard another scream, distinctly from behind him, inside the detective agency.

He nervously looked behind him, and the screaming could really be coming from anywhere within the building. The agency seemed huge; there were all sorts of doorways and corridors he could see just from within this room.

Weren't detective agencies supposed to solve the murders, not make them!? Or maybe the murderer just happened to choose this place to commit the crime. God, what sort of idiot would murder someone inside a detective agency?

He flinched as another scream rang out. He accidentally let go of the door, causing it to soon shut close behind him.

He really should get out of here, shouldn't he?

However, he felt practically frozen in place.

The screams seemed to die off for a bit, allowing the man some time to calm down. He regained his composure, and was finally able to get his feet moving again.

Realizing the stakes, he hurriedly headed toward the door. He had his hand literally on the doorknob and was this close to leaving when he suddenly heard the creak of a door behind him.

He whipped around to see one of the doors about halfway open. There was a woman standing with her hand on the knob just staring at the man, stopped in place. She had short black hair and wore a plain white button up and a black skirt, which both looked hastily put on. She wore simple black shoes, with no socks on.

His eye drifted down to her other hand. She was holding something, and, from what little he could see, it looked like some sort of large blade. The man became even more terrified when he noticed a very suspicious red liquid on it. He looked over at the woman again and noticed some suspicious stains of the same red liquid, various places on her body. There was some on her sleeve, some by her ankle, and some underneath her ear. There was probably more but he was too scared to look.

Yeah, it looked like she just killed someone and hurriedly washed off the blood.

He looked back up to her eyes and she looked slightly surprised but there was a look in her eyes, a very scary look that was probably not good for him.

She turned back towards the room and bent down as if she was picking something up, or, more likely, putting something down, like a giant blood covered weapon.

"Oh..." She said as she stepped into the room. "Didn't realize we had a client."


Did that mean she was an employee here!?

Wait, no. She must be pretending. A detective agency wouldn't hire a murderer.

"Sorry, I hope you didn't wait long. Everyone's out right now." She continued. "So, what do you need?"

The man froze. "I-I, uh.. u-um..-" He stammered. "I, i-it's.. n-nothing!" He squeaked.

She gave him a look.

Oh god, he was going to die. He was just talking to a potential murderer after all.

The man felt like crying.

He just wanted to find his dog!

"I, um, sh-should probably leave." He pointed over at the exit. "I was just, uh.. looking for the bathroom! Yeah, the bathroom." He ended with a very nervous chuckle.

If he were not in such a life threatening situation he would've face palmed at what he just said.

The bathroom? The bathroom!?

God, why did he even think that would be a decent excuse!?

The woman gave him a very skeptical look. "The bathroom..?"

Yep, this was it. He was going to die. Murdered, in a detective agency. How ironic.

"Yep!" He said. "The bathroom. This does not look like the bathroom so I'll just leave you be." He quickly said (perhaps too quickly, the words almost blended together to the point that it was hard to understand) as he turned around to the door.

"Alright..." She didn't even make an attempt to stop the man as he opened up the door (not that he was complaining).

The man politely closed the door, then bolted down the stairs, not daring to look behind him.