A man walked into a restaurant. It was fairly packed, as it was lunch break for many workers. Most of the customers were businessmen, like himself. It was a great restaurant if you wanted something a bit more hearty. Their main specialty was pork cutlet bowls, and they delivered.

The waitress greeted him, led him to a table, and asked for his order. He ordered a medium. He was feeling extra hungry today. The waitress left.

The sound of the door opening caught the man's attention. He looked over at the new customer, and was fairly surprised. He was expecting another plain looking businessman, but instead he saw a young, foreign looking boy, with blond hair, freckles, and a pair of overalls, 14 to 15 years old, perhaps even younger. A few of the others looked over curiously; it was odd to see such a person here, especially at this time of day.

The waitress came out again and led him to a table. "What would you like to order?"

The boy browsed the menu for a second before saying, "I'll have two large pork cutlet bowls please."

All commotion in the restaurant seemed to halt. Many customers looked at the boy with surprised or concerned expressions, and broke out into hushed whispers.

The waitress broke into a nervous sweat. "Um... A-are you sure?" She stuttered. "The large is, um, very large..."

"Yeah!" He said without a second thought. "I'm really hungry today."

"A-alright then..." She hesitantly wrote his order on her notepad. "If you're sure..."

The boy nodded his head in affirmation. The waitress walked back into the kitchen.

The man internally scoffed.

This boy just made a huge mistake.

The large order at this restaurant was no ordinary large. If you truly wanted a typically sized large order, you should actually get the medium, like he had. The large size was actually like one of those eating challenges (the name was quite deceiving); the bowl it came in was larger than his head, filled to the brim with pork and rice. Once you make it through the first layer of pork and think you're in the clear, it surprises you with a second and a third. Truly a monstrous meal.

But he could pity the boy; he had actually made the same mistake before.

His gaze shifted up to the wall across from him. He looked at the photo with not so fond memories. He was holding up his empty bowl, with an awkward, strained smile on his face. His was the only photo that depicted success, on that wall. The rest showed the pitiful failures of the unsuspecting victims of the large cutlet bowl.

It took him everything he had just to finish that bowl, and he considered himself quite the large man. The only reason he made it through was sheer pride and will. And he had gotten just one order, let alone two.

This boy, he stood no chance.

The waitress came out of the kitchen holding a heavy tray of two heaping portions of pork cutlet, and set them down on the boy's table. Surprisingly, the boy had an expression of excitement instead of fear or regret. He must be underestimating how much he could truly handle, the man thought. Or perhaps, he thought that first layer of pork was the only one. Well, he's going to be getting an unpleasant surprise then.

The boy started to dig in.

The other customers tried to look disinterested, but it was glaringly obvious they weren't, if the quick and frequent glances they gave were anything to go buy.

However, the man himself wasn't too interested in watching this boy's downfall; he had his own lunch to finish. He picked up his chopsticks and went back to his own bowl, his phone in hand, thinking of what to post next on his company's Twitter.

The whispers started getting louder and more excited. The man took a curious glance over at the boy, and his eyebrows raised in slight surprise.

That was quite impressive.

It seemed the boy had already made it to the second layer, and without any issue.


The man blinked a couple times and looked again. The chopsticks fell out of his hands in shock.

The second bowl, which should've had his second order, was empty.

Did he...


There's no way he could've eaten the first bowl and already started on the second in such a short amount of time.

It just wasn't possible, especially for such a young boy.

But, it was.

Everyone else in the restaurant looked as shocked as he was, and the empty bowl had stray pieces of rice left in it, clearly implying there was once food inside.

The meals of the other customers were forgotten, as they watched in awe as the boy happily ate through his second bowl, making restaurant history. He finished in record time.

The waitress fearfully walked over, with a camera held carefully behind her back. "H-how was your meal, sir?" She asked.

"It was great!" The boy said, with a satisfied, cheerful smile. "Really hit the spot." He pat his stomach a couple times.

"U-um..." She held up the camera. "Would you mind if we took your photo?"

"Hm? Why?" He asked innocently.

The waitress nervously shuffled. "Uh, well.. we always take pictures of people who get the large." She gestured to the wall. "So..."

The boy looked at the photos curiously. "Huh, well I don't see why not." He agreed. The waitress sighed in relief and held the camera up closer to her eyes. "Just one more thing."

"Huh?" She lowered the camera. "W-what is it?"

"Can I get another large, please?"