Rex heard the speeder approaching from a ways off, the man-made noise cutting through the natural ambience of bird song and the wind in the tall grass that surrounded Rex's small abode. He stopped the work he was doing in the garden and leaned on the handle of the hoe, shielding his eyes from the sun and squinting as he watched his welcomed visitor arriving. The sun was hot this morning and he'd already worked up a sweat but Rex was hoping that his guest's visit would have him sweating even more.

The speeder came to a gliding stop in front of Rex's small vegetable garden and the rider swept off the vehicle with a grace that few others Rex had ever met could match. Ahsoka's lifetime of Jedi training showed in every motion she made, gave her a cat-like grace and fluidity that stood out even among seasoned soldiers like himself.

"Captain Rex," Ahsoka greeted him with a simple nod of her head but there was a gleam of mischief in those deep blue eyes of hers despite her formal address and outward demeanour.

"Commander Tano," Rex answered in kind and his lips fought to hide a smile. He stood at attention for the younger woman, the very model of a good clone trooper, despite the time and distance Rex had put between himself and the army.

Ahsoka's forced decorum cracked with a brilliant smile and there was nothing professional about the way she crossed the distance between them and leaped into his arms. The old soldier caught her with only a slight grunt of effort and she aided him by wrapping her legs around his waist and holding her own weight in place. Her arms snaked around his neck while his hands held her up by her bottom and she gave him a devilish smile.

"Hello old wolf," she purred at him, pressing her forehead to his while one hand stroked the back of his bald head. A flush of excitement rushed through him as her hot body pressed against his and her intertwined legs pressed their hips together. By the Force, she was a stunning creature.

"Hello kitten. Glad to have you back so soon."

Ahsoka disentangled herself from Rex and dropped lightly to the ground, then nodded towards the house.

"Why don't we sit down for a bit and we can catch up," she offered and lead the way. Rex's eyes couldn't help but wander to her shapely ass as she moved, hypnotized by the sway of her hips and the motions of her well-sculpted body. She knew he was watching her and threw him a coy smile over her shoulder and he felt his heart skip a beat at having been caught looking. It passed quickly and was replaced by a warm feeling satisfaction when he remembered he'd been given permission to admire her. She'd come to him and offered her body to him already and if her warm greeting a moment ago was any indication it was likely why she was back here again. Rex had no idea what he'd done to catch the attention of the younger woman but he wasn't stupid enough to question a good thing and was happy just to enjoy the thrill of it.

The meal they shared was simple on that Rex had cooked himself with local ingredients, but the bottle of wine he opened for them was something from out of the system that he'd picked up off a trader in town.

Rex was already feeling the warmth of the drink working its way through his system and he leaned back in his chair, hands linked on his stomach, and listened as Ahsoka told him a story of her work in the rebellion.

"And then it turned out that he didn't even know how to cross-circuit the ship. Can you believe it?" she asked in outrage and tipped her head back to laugh, a rich sound that filled the empty spaces in Rex's lonely home. "I mean, next I'm going to have to teach these pilots how to fly in formation, or how to march in a straight line."

Rex chuckled at her exasperation. The spunk he had come to know her for when she'd been a young padawan had never tempered and it was good to know that some things never changed.

"Bet you're missing us clones even more these days. We knew how to handle ourselves."

The wine was obviously starting to hit her as well because the smile she gave him was unrestrained and full of teasing.

"I'll say. I think you've proven that." She leaned on the table and rested her chin on the backs of her hands, giving him a hungry smile. Beneath the table, her bare foot brushed up against the inner side of his leg and stroked his thigh. He had no idea how she was so flexible but chalked it up to youth and shuddered in anticipation of the possibilities.

"And here I thought you were just hungry for my home cooking," Rex said with a wink at her.

"I can't have both?" she asked and stuck out her bottom lip in an adorable pout.

"Well not at the same time. Could make a right mess if you don't let me clean the table first."

"Rex, what a great idea," Ahsoka said and that trouble-making grin reappeared on her face. In the past, that grin had usually meant him a world of trouble but here in his house while the two of them shared a bottle of wine together it gave him a different set of chills. Ahsoka leaned back in her chair and locked her eyes with him while her hands reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She peeled it off of her with tantalizing delicacy, stripping slowly for him so that Rex could enjoy the view. And what a view it was. Her arms and shoulders were toned with hard-earned muscles, her collar bones prominent and drawing his eye to her smooth, slender throat, the deep line of her cleavage that dipped into her bra and held such delightful promise.

Still without breaking eye contact and with that coy smile unwavering, she let the shirt fall to the ground. With equally slow and deliberate movements she reached across the table and took the glass jar of sweet nectar there that had been part of the their dessert.

"Oh, you dirty little kitten," Rex said with a widening smile as he caught on to what she was going to do. "You wouldn't dare make a mess in my house like that."

"I wouldn't?" she asked and hovered the pot of nectar in front of her chest. She tilted her head back and slowly tipped the jar until the golden syrup ran down in a thick stream and pooled at the base of her throat. It moved slowly down the natural curves in her body, speeding up as she continued to pour it, and snaked its way down into her cleavage.

Rex tisked at her playfully. "Oh kitten, you've gone and done it now. Now I've gotta clean that up." He pushed back his chair and stood up, took a moment to push aside the small table to give himself more room, and stood over the woman. "Better get you out of those sticky clothes."

Ahsoka, still not relinquishing the nectar, held her arms open invitingly and Rex bent down and reached around behind her to undo her bra. His practised hands worked the binding even without having to see it and he slid each strap down her shoulder and peeled the clothing from her, letting it fall to the floor along with her shirt. Rex's tongue caught the bead of syrup as it tried to flee down her chest and slowly, tenderly chased it back up to her breasts. The sweetness of it mixed wonderfully with the salty tang of Ahsoka's skin and the trooper went back for a second pass to make sure he did a thorough job. Ahsoka moaned in appreciation and she tipped the container again, this time spilling the nectar over her breast, and with her other hand she dragged her fingers though the sticky fluid and smeared it delicately over her erect nipple.

"I've spilled some more," she drawled innocently, cupping her breast in her hand and offering it to him. Rex dragged his tongue over to it and and began to lick clean that area too, pausing to dance the tip of his tongue over her nipple before latching his lips to it and giving it a good suckling. Ahsoka let out a moan of approval and held him there to her breast with a firm hand and he continued to tease her stiff little nub with his mouth. His facial hair only heightened the sensations and he even deliberately brushed his moustache over her nipple just to hear her giggle like she'd been tickled.

Rex paused a moment to unfasten her pants and she wrapped her arms around his neck to brace herself on him so he could slide the clothing off out from under her. Then she settled back into the chair and continued with her game. She dribbled the nectar down her body in a delicious trail for Rex to follow. He worked his way down her chest and her toned stomach, licking up the path of the golden droplets as they curled and pooled across her coppery skin, planting kisses along the way. When he got lower than Ahsoka could comfortably continue their fun Rex look over and plucked the bottle from her hand. With his other he took her ankle gently and lifted her leg, pouring a shining line of syrup down her thick thigh, down her shin and all the way to her delicate toes. Still with her leg in hand Rex started at her foot, sucking on each toe in turn and delighting the the way he could feel her shivering in his hand. He followed the trail back up her leg and to her slit, which was now properly visible with her leg up on his shoulder. It beckoned him and he was only too happy to answer the call, pressing his face into her warm, smooth mound and giving her clit and her pussy the same careful attention he had the rest of her body.

"Oh Rex, right there," she moaned and he focused his attentions, flicking his tongue rapidly across her pleasure nub and occasionally giving it a gentle pull with his lips. Ahsoka whimpered with desire in the chair and her hand found the back of his head again, pressing him deeper into her snatch. She trembled but with effort kept herself still enough that he could continue to have the best access to her wet pussy.

Rex's cock was at full attention and strained in his pants, so without breaking the rhythm he was setting with his mouth he unfastened his pants and pulled out his throbbing member. Ahsoka's mewlings became more and more desperate as Rex drew her close to climax, fuelling his own desires. His cock was hungry too for the dripping pussy that his mouth was currently enjoying so he stood up and, aiming his dick with one hand, drove it into her.

Ahsoka threw her head back and let out a cry of pleasure at the intrusion and Rex pounded himself into her until he was balls deep inside her warm, welcoming hole. He held her leg up over his shoulder and thrust his cock as far as he could into her with each stroke, eliciting more gasping cries from the younger woman. Her juices flowed freely, slicking the chair and Rex's crotch and making for satisfying wet noises each time he sank his shaft into her gaping hole.

Ahsoka was gasping for breath now and Rex could feel his own climax building. With his free hand he reached down between them and found her clit, rubbed his thumbs roughly over it while he continued to pound her. It was almost too much for Ahsoka to take and she let out a final strangled cry and arched her back and an explosion of hot wetness signalled her orgasm. Rex didn't stop though, and he could feel her pussy contract around his dick as the waves of pleasure washed over her. A hot rush came over him and he plowed into her one final time to explode inside her as deep as he could go. He grunted as he released his cum into her, holding himself in place until he'd fired off every last drop. As he pulled out he watched his semen spilled out of her, dribbling down her already wet slit and running over her tight, puckered asshole.

"Look at you, you dirty little kitten," Rex said affectionately, running his fingers through the mess spilling out of her and gathering their mingled juices. "Who's going to clean this all up?"

Ahsoka smiled and took him by the arm, guiding his slick fingers into her mouth where she sucked them clean again.

"That's my girl," he said with a grin and went back for a second helping, spooning more of his spent semen into her mouth. She moaned softly as she accepted his fingers into her mouth and her tongue worked to savour every last drop from them.

"I do love it when you come by," he said and rubbed a thumb over her glistening lips as she looked up at him with soft eyes. "You always know how to liven up the place."