At five o'clock in the morning, after a full moon, Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody Stomped his way up the worn drive to the flat building that Remus Lupin was said to reside. As he made his way up the dark and dirty stairwell, he couldn't help but feel the beginnings of compassion for the young man whose circumstances trapped him in a place like this. Upon reaching the correct floor, the grizzled Auror scanned the hall with both his magical eye and his wand before casting spells on his foot and leg to make him silent and another spell to mask his scent, and finally breaking into Lupin's flat.

Breaking in was more manageable than Mad-eye anticipated, much to his displeasure, and as he gazed around the front room of the flat. The place looked tired with a couple of old crates transfigured into a table and chair and bookshelf. Stacked neatly into a corner were tanks and habitats, for various creatures all empty; nothing else was in the room. Moving down the dark hall towards the bedroom, Moody frowned severely, there was no food to speak off in the flat, and the owner had still not sensed him. Upon entering the bedroom, the grizzled old Auror finally laid both his magical and real eye on the poor sod who lived in the place. Remus Lupin looked as dilapidated as his flat, very thin bandages wrapped around his arms and chest, threadbare blankets, and pajama bottoms with no top. A glance at his wardrobe showed tattered and patched robes, shirts, and trousers. "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" Moody bellowed, annoyed that the man had not sensed anyone standing over him. Lupin jumped violently, crashing through his transfigured bed frame into his wardrobe. "Arglwydd da lad!" Moody shook his head, helping the boy to his feet and fixing the bed frame. "Mad-eye ?" Remus asked weakly, rubbing his head. "Aye lad," Moody canceled the spells hiding him from view. "I've been in yer flat for nearly twenty minutes now. If I wanted to do you in, I could have"! Moody shook his head and led the young man back to his bed. Running a diagnostic charm over him to make sure the boy was uninjured."Why are you here, Mad-eye?" asked Lupin. "Originally two reasons. one to handle your file update for the ministry, two to extend a job offer from Dumbledore, I have added a third more personal reason; we'll get to that when you and I are finished here." "Alright," Remus replied tiredly.

Moody took a bent-looking dicta-quill and parchment out of his coat pocket and, after clearing his throat, began the process "Head Auror Alastor Moody. For dark creature examination. Subject R. Creature number 02-29-1977. The subject is compliant, with no resistance presented. Step one: Testing Subject's mouth for presence of human blood." Mad-eye raised his wand toward Lupin's open mouth; after a moment, his wand flashed blue "Test results negative. Step two: testing the subject's nails for human blood and flesh. Test results three: testing Subject for steroids." Here Moody waved his wand over the entirety of Lupin's body, and the wand once again flashed blue. "Test results negative. Testing is complete. Subject passed.

Alright, laddie, do you want dumbledore's job offer first, or do you want to deal with our personal business?" "Personal business?" Lupin asked, confused. "Personal Business it is then," Moody replied, grabbing the boy and yanking him over his knee. "Mad-eye!" Lupin protested but was silenced by the first hard swat to his thinly covered backside. "Hush lad! When I ask you a question, and only with the answer to the question, you speak. Understood? "Yes sir, but…" " Na don't ti!" Moody cut the boy off before yanking his pajama bottoms to his knees and swatting his bare bottom in earnest. Lupin let out a yelp at the initial onslaught but afterward remained silent, only twisting slightly at blows landing on his vulnerable backside. "Alright, lad, what do you have to say for yourself? "Tá brón orm!" "Good. Now, are your injuries hurting you in this position?" Moody asked without slowing down the swats. "No, sir!" "Good, now why are you over my knee like an errant first year?" Lupin blushed "because I didn't know you were here?" "That an answer or a question?" "Answer, sir!" "Well, that is certainly part of it," Moody grumbled. "How about the fact that your security was better when you were 17? I know Charlus, and I trained you better ten that ``'' yes sir ``'' there is also the fact that no one knew how to contact you, do I have to spell out how dangerous that is? "No sir," Lupin gasped. Moody's hand stilled "so you knew and did it anyway, you didn't forget what we taught you?" he asked, his tone severe. Lupin gulped, keenly aware of his backside's position but answered the question honestly. "No, sir, I didn't forget." "Accio Hairbrush," Moody commanded. Lupin let out a whine at that pronouncement but did not complain. SWAT Moody slammed the hairbrush back into Lupin's backside, and the young werewolf let out a howl. Several more swats were landed onto his backside before Lupin went limp over Moody's knee. Moody grunted in self-satisfaction, seeing that the discipline was starting to make an impact on the young man he considered his honorary nephew. "Lad, the last thing I wanted to do after finally being released from St. Mungo's was to throw my only remaining nephew over my knee. Your safety is important to me and all the others who care about you, and you WILL NOT throw all Charlus, and I taught you to the wayside. wyt ti'n deall?!" "Yes, sir!" "Good!" Moody landed two more perfunctory smacks before ending the spanking.