Chapter I

Boys, I need you at the store, immediately.

David tossed his drained kill to the sandy beach, Now? We have bodies to-

NOW, David!

"I wonder what's got 'Daddy' so upset?" Marko dropped his dinner, covered in blood.

"Wash that off, all of you." David growled, diving into the surf for a moment, to wash the blood off.

"Great, we're going to get soaked." Paul grumbled. "I hate getting soaked."

"That's why you stink so much," Sam stuck out his tongue, "A bath would do you some good."

Paul gave Sam the finger before plunging into the water.


Marko was debating whether it was worth it to keep his jacket dry at the expense of walking around with visible blood stains on the fabric.

"It's not gonna' shrink, dude."

"Are you talking about his jacket or his dick?" Michael was tackled by Marko, and they wrestled in the shallow water.

"Come on, this serious! Hurry up and let's go!"


They realized what was wrong before the even touched down.

The smell of death, blood, cologne and male teenage hormones.


Outsiders had come to The Boardwalk, to their territory!

The soaking wet boys entered Max's Famous Video, dripping all over the carpeting, hissing. The sign on the door had been turned to CLOSED, and the shutters were down. The boys stormed in and took a look at the new arrivals.


Not just kids, but fledglings, less than three years old, if David estimated right. They both looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old, tall, handsome and well built, though one was a bit lanky. One boy was wearing black leather, with a jacket over a white wife-beater and a thin gold chain necklace, he was broad-shouldered and solidly built. He was traditionally handsome with a strong jaw, chocolate brown eyes and light brown hair slicked back liked a 50's greaser. The other was dressed more conservatively, a black long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans with sneakers. He was slim, but clearly had lean muscle beneath his clothing. He had an exotic, almost hour-glass shaped face with a sharp chin, but it only accentuated his fine features and slender black eyes. His dark brown hair was slightly mussed, as if he'd just woken up. He was even taller than the first, who was around 6' tall. They were standing in front of Max, apparently in the middle of a conversation.

Both boys nearly jumped out of their skins as the gang entered the store.

The leather-clad kid grasped at his dead heart, "Geeze! Warn a guy, you nearly gave me a heart attack, and considering that I'm a Vampire that's a pretty impressive feat!"

Max chuckled, "Boys, these two young men have just arrived from Sunnydale."

"The Hellmouth?" Dwayne asked in surprise,

"Born, raised and turned on the good ole' Gates of Hell." The slimmer, taller one grinned nervously.

"Boys, I'm sorry if I worried you, I wasn't sure what our friends here wanted." He nodded toward the strange boys, "Meet Xander Harris." He indicated the leather-clad youth, "and Jesse..." He looked a bit embarrassed, "I'm sorry, son, what was your last name again?"

"McNally, Sir. Jesse McNally."

The boys snorted at the use of the word 'Sir', and Paul actually laughed.

"It's comforting to know that at least some young people still have manners these days." Max chided, "These are my sons, David, Marko, Paul, Michael, Samuel and Dwayne."

Xander looked at Marko, "Hey, aren't you Alex W-"

"No. I'm not." Marko's eyes narrowed and he glared at the boys, clearly tired of being compared to an actor or the character he played.

"Oh, lighten up, dude." Sam grinned, and Marko moved to throttle him before being restrained by Paul.

Xander and Jesse reached out their hands to shake, no one took them. Max just shook his head in disappointment.

"Now, would you tell my sons here what you told me earlier?"

"The Master of Sunnydale is dead, as is most of the Coven. The humans got a traitor to help them, a rat called 'Angel'. He used to be a Big Bad, but he was cursed with a soul, and now he's a worthless Emo-Pire who sits around all day moaning about all of the poor humans he's killed." Xander looked like he wanted to spit, but wasn't rude enough or stupid enough to do so on a Master Vampire's carpet.

"But that doesn't stop him from killing us." Jesse added angrily, "He helped take out The Master, his Right Hand and just about everyone else."

Max nodded and turned toward his boys, "I believe you are familiar with the name 'Angelus'?"

The boys all froze with horror, even Dwayne shuddered a bit at that name. Angelus. The Scourge of Europe. Possibly the most sadistic Vampire to ever walk the earth, he made The Lost Boys look like choir boys.

"Well, Angelus is Angel now, and he's nothing but a fangless puppy. He's worse than those sparkling wimps from Twilight, 'Oh Woe-is-Me, I'm a blood-sucking fiend!'" Xander gave an exaggerated swoon, "I'm damned forever, nobody loves me and my mommy dresses me funny!"

The tension in the room was immediately erased as they all broke down laughing.

Finally they calmed a bit, and David looked the pair over. He had a feeling he already knew where this was going, "And why did you come here?"

"We want to join you." Xander tried to look as tough as possible, the clothes helped, but not by much. "Listen, we can be useful. I was The Master's Left Hand, we're both enforcers and Jesse ran The Bronze, the biggest nightclub in Sunnydale."

"The biggest nightclub in Sunnydale, huh? Did it have the town jukebox or something?" David smirked, "Sunnydale is a Hellmouth, sure, but it's a backwater hole that makes Santa Carla look like Los Angeles. It's a suburb for God's sake!"

"Actually, Sunnydale is a fairly impressive community, they even have a college. Not that any of you would know anything about college beyond eating co-eds." Max took off his glasses and began to polish them, "And I visited The Bronze when I went to negotiate with The Master two years ago. It was a very classy establishment for the young people of the town, and usually filled to capacity."

Michael smirked, "How did a teenager he get a license to run a nightclub?"

"Simple," Jesse smiled, showing pearly white teeth, "The Mayor's a Demon and an ally of The Master, he got the paperwork in order."

Max chuckled, "Ah, Mayor Wilkins. How is Richard? Still immortal?"

"Yeah, not even The White Hats can get rid of him. Even Giles and Oz wouldn't dare face him."

"There was that time they dumped hundreds of pounds of hummus on the steps of city hall..." Jesse noted.

"Yeah, what was up with that?"

Hummus? Marko mouthed, looking at David in confusion.

"Rupert Giles. I hate that man with a passion." Max hissed in disgust, "Who is Oz?"

"Oz, Daniel Osbourne. He's a musician and, now, a Vampire Hunter. He was a friend in high school, helped us out with bullies and such, but we got turned and now he leads The White Hats, the 'good guys', and he's almost as good as a Slayer. Oh, he's also a Werewolf."

"A Werewolf?" Marko's huge brown eyes lit up with glee, "I always wanted a doggie of my own."

Xander snorted, "Yeah, well this doggie carries stakes and is a dead-shot with a crossbow. He's like five-foot-nothing and he took down Willow, in his human form."

"Willow? The Dark Witch Willow?" Max shook his head in disbelief, "Of course, you said that they'd killed The Master's Right Hand, I'd forgotten that they were the same person. A powerful Vampire with incredibly potent Dark Magic enhanced by the Hellmouth itself... If they took her down... That is a disturbing thought."

"And you guys want sanctuary here?" David interrupted, "What if those guys followed you? You said you were The Master's Left Hand, that would put you really high on their hit list."

Xander and Jesse looked at each other warily. Their hands found each other and held tightly in support and affection.

"And how did you two get away?"

"We fought our way out and rode like Hell until dawn." Jesse explained, "Then we holed up, waited for night and rode like Hell again."

"You didn't stay and fight?"

"For what? Everyone else was dead and the plant was on fire. There wasn't anything left worth being dusted over."

"The plant?"

"The Blood Bottling Plant." Jesse explained, "The Master had a big plan to bottle human blood like cola and sell it to the thirsty masses. Of course, the humans didn't like that much, and we got our asses handed to us."

"So he finally went through with that?" Max scratched his chin, "A pity the humans had to ruin it, it was a good idea. It would probably have succeeded if not for-"

"Those meddling kids?" Marko snickered behind his fist.

"I was going to say his unfortunate habit of telling his plans to everyone around him like a Bond villain. But meddling kids were involved, apparently."

"They have too much going on in Sunnydale to bother with us, as long as we stay out of their way. And we have skills, useful skills. Jesse is good with business and dealing with humans, not just eating them, but manipulating them for our benefit, and we're both strong. Strong enough to get The Master's attention out of all of his minions and servants."

"Hey Max, maybe we should open a nightclub! Or a strip club!" Paul cheered at his own idea, "Babes, blood and Rock n' Roll!"

David smirked cruelly, "I don't know. These little boys look like their balls haven't even dropped yet. Naked chicks might be too much for them."

Both boys flashed their 'game faces' at David in anger. Jesse's face was terrifying, even by Vampiric standards, looking even less human than the boys. Sam actually backed away at the sight.

"David! There's no need to be so rude, or crude. These young men are around the same physical age as you and Marko. And they certainly act much more mature." Max admonished sternly.

"I'm pretty sure they won't be chasing many chicks, dude. At least, not for anything other than a snack." Marko nodded toward the boys' tightly locked hands. "We don't have a problem with that, by the way." He reassured the boys.

"Willow was twisted enough to turn any man gay." Jesse mumbled under his breath, even though everyone could hear it anyway.

"I heard she was pretty wild. A real pain freak. Whips, chains, blades, fire... My kind'a girl." Paul smirked.

"That's because you're sick in the head, Paulie." Marko punctuated this by slapping Paul on the back of the head.

Jesse gave a charming smile, rubbing the back of his neck, "Not to be rude, but, we were wondering if you'd decided if we could stay..."


"Look at this! Hyper-Sapien : People From Another Star!"

"And here's The Alien Factor!"

"Laserblast!" Xander waved the DVD around as if he'd found gold.

"Dear God, they're nerds!" David moaned.

"No, we just have an appreciation for classic Science Fiction." Xander replied, sticking his tongue out.

"Kirk or Picard?" Sam shouted.

"Kirk!" They both answered instantly, then started laughing.

"Super-Nerds." Paul snorted, "Vampire Super Nerds from Sunnydale."

"They'd probably watch that, too."

These White Hats might not come here chasing those two. David mentally opined, I wouldn't waste my time on hunting them, but if Angel is anything like Angelus, he wouldn't want anyone involved to get away. Especially someone as high ranking as Xander claims to be.

Max sighed, It is a great risk, David, but I like these boys and if Angel does come, he might be willing to listen to reason. If he's willing to work with humans, he might be willing to just let them go...

David couldn't help but laugh out loud at that idea, and turned toward the two young Vampires, "Why would a Vampire fight against you? Why not just ignore you or leave?"

"The soul." Jesse stated, "His soul wants him to protect humans, that's why The Master captured him in the first place."

Even Max's eyes widened at that revelation, The Master had held Angelus captive?

"Why on earth would he do that? Why not just stake him?"

"Because then he might come back from Hell, again, without the soul and destroy the world or plunge it into Hell, like he wanted to before he got it. It being the soul, of course." Jesse stated.

"And Willow enjoyed playing with her Puppy." Xander added wistfully.

"Did this 'play' happen to include, oh, I don't know, Torture?" Marko asked.

"Yeah, she treated him worse than she treated the minions, or even the humans. Whenever she got bored she'd go play with Puppy... Burning, cutting, clawing, that sort of thing. And Willow got bored easily. And cranky."

"And did you two 'play with Puppy?'" Dwayne asked warily.

"Jesse wouldn't go near him, the wuss, and I watched Willow sometimes. She was hot when she was being really evil, as long as it wasn't to us, of course." Xander replied dreamily, "Our relationship was kind'a complicated, I loved her, but not like I love Jesse. I was just her trophy boy. Xander Harris, arm candy..."

"Did Angel know that you were there, getting your rocks off watching him being tortured?" David was looking incredibly pale.

"Uh... Yes?"

"Don't you think he might want to 'play' with you a little as payback, with Willow dead?" Sam squeaked.

"Maybe? I hope not. I hope I never see his face again, unless I'm staking him. But if he comes, I won't run. Because he'd just follow us forever, or follow me forever..." Xander looked at his lover, "Jesse, he won't care about you, or the other Vampires here-"

"I won't leave you! You, me and Willow, The Three Musketeers, remember? We've known each other since forever, now Willow's gone... No, Willow died years ago... But now it's just us. And it's more now, since we figured out how we felt about each other. I can't go on without you." Jesse wrapped his arms around Xander, "We came into this world together, and we're leaving together."

What was he saying about Twilight? God, it's like a soap opera! Marko had to resist the urge to stick his finger down his throat and mimic retching, Paul had no such reservations. Fortunately, the two boys were too caught up in their emotions to notice.

Finally Xander turned toward Max, "I'm sorry. We shouldn't have come here, I shouldn't have come here. If Angel does come after us, you'd be in danger." he slung an arm around Jesse's broad shoulders, "We'll get out of your hair now. Hey, did you know that bats really don't fly into people's hair, that's just a myth, like us turning into bats and wolves. Hey, can you guys turn into bats or-" Jesse's hand covered Xander's mouth, cutting off the babble. "Xander-Babble, hazard of living with this nerd. Thank you. We'll be leaving now."

He turned, steering his boyfriend toward the door, and ran into a solid mass of muscle.

Everyone took a deep breath, and none of them even needed to breath.

"Oh, hey Angel. We were just talking about you." Xander thrust Jesse behind him, "Uh, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon." He swallowed nervously, "No hard feelings, right? Water under the metaphorical bridge and all that..."

Angel just glared at the young Vampire.

Max turned to the intruder, "You're trespassing on our territory, and in my business, Angel. I know that you have some... Issues with young Xander here, but there's no reason we can't act like reasonably civilized Vampires. "

The boys were shocked, Max was standing up to Angelus? Had he finally gone insane? Of course, despite his nerdy appearance, Max was a Master Vampire, older than Angelus and possibly more powerful.

"Don't worry, I have no issue with you, and this will only take a moment."

Both boys stood straight, (no pun intended), and tall as Angel pulled a wooden stake from his coat, ignoring the warning growls from the local Vamps. Xander hadn't brought any weapons with him because he hadn't wanted to spook Max and lose this chance.

This chance.

He should have known better...

Everyone turned to look as Xander Harris began to laugh.

"Remember when we both wanted to grow up to be Captain Kirk, or Luke Skywalker, or Commander Adama, Jess? Heroes. Space explorers. Brave knights riding into combat to save the princess and slay the dragon, which was really stereotypical about gender roles and assuming that dragons are bad and-" He took a deep breath, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain." They wrapped their arms around each other, "We never had a chance, did we? We didn't even get to grow up, two dead kids walking, pretending to be alive. Maybe Drusilla was right about the stars singing, and some of us just have tiny, dying stars that can't even sing anymore."

"Our stars might be crossed, but they'll go out together." Jesse hugged Xander tightly, tears streaming down his cheeks, "Just one blow, bro..." He laughed, a genuine laugh, and Xander laughed with him, crying as well.

Angel looked at the stake in his hand, the boys laughing and crying, so young. Too young, to have suffered like they had. He looked around the room, at the strangely dressed Vampires who lived here: the tall man in a tacky suit with coke-bottle glasses, looking so silly, but radiating the essence of an ancient and powerful Master, the small, angelic looking boy with wide brown eyes, curly blond locks and a patchwork vest that must have taken decades to assemble. The angry-looking blond with piercing blue eyes that spoke of authority and power beyond his youthful appearance. The tall blond with terrible fashion sense and a face crossed by laugh lines. The beautiful curly black haired boy who must have been turned before he hit eighteen, the even younger blond fashion victim who couldn't have been more than fourteen or fifteen when he'd been turned, the tall Native American who studied him cautiously, watching his every move, strategizing.

All of them killers.

He'd need to get more stakes.


He couldn't do it, of course, that troublesome soul got in the way.

He'd heard everything from the moment the two entered the video store, being called a 'worthless Emo-Pire' made him laugh. The 'My mommy dresses me funny' was so childish he wondered if either boy had gained any maturity since the age of sixteen. Or perhaps fourteen. For all of his cruelty Xander was incredibly naïve. Max was old enough, powerful enough, to destroy them with a thought. Hell all of the Lost Boys except Michael and Sam were much older and more powerful than they were. They were a different breed of Vampire altogether, had they wished both boys would have been dead within seconds, or worse.

Apparently they believed that it was worth the risk.

The Lost Boys were infamous, Sunnydale and Cleveland might have Hellmouths, but in terms of sheer audacity The Lost Boys were up there with that prick Dracula. Young, arrogant and ruthless, those boys, they were... something. Evil, yes, but capable of more than just cruelty, at least with each other.

And Jesse and Xander were capable of so much more as well. Without Jesse, would Xander have fought more recklessly at the Blood Bottling Plant, and gotten himself staked? Where would Jesse have been without Xander? Vampires weren't supposed to feel love, but Spike had great love for Drusilla, even though she could never return it. But Jesse and Xander, it must have been some kind of miracle that they met, two of the very few Vampires on earth capable of truly loving someone.

He'd seen how evil Xander could be, heard him occasionally make suggestions to Willow, and standing back and watching as he was tortured mercilessly. He knew very little of Jesse, only that he kept things running at The Bronze and that Darla had done something awful to the poor boy before she turned him.

He wondered if she regretted hurting him when he staked her... It was incredibly rare for a Fledgling to stake their Sire unless they were insane from the transformation or bore some desire for vengeance that even death and The Bond could not quench. Whatever the case, Darla was dust, and good riddance.

Perhaps it was that kinship that gave the added nudge to spare the boys, as Darla had been his Sire as well. They were brothers, in a way, a scary thought. He remembered how Xander and Willow were almost always together, and how clear it was who was in charge, who held all the power. It wasn't like that with Xander and Jesse, they were willing to die for each other, neither placing himself above the other, equals.

He looked up into the sky, at the countless stars, some bright, some dim, stars being born and stars dying. He wondered what songs they sang to those mad enough to hear.


"Do you ride?" David asked.


"No, ponies. Of course we mean motorcycles."

"That's how we got here. Fast, more maneuverable than a car and it can go off-road. I'd hate to get dusted because we got caught in traffic just before sunrise."

"And here I thought you were nerds."

Paul gave a loud whoop, "That was some amazing acting back there! You must have a silver tongue, my friend, to talk yourself out of being staked."

Marko looked over at the pair, chewing his thumbnail thoughtfully, "I honestly don't think they were acting, Paulie. I believe they meant every word."

Neither boy was listening as they held each other and stared up at the stars.

To Be continued...


The year? I don't know, but it's after 2001.

Xander was about to compare Marko to Alex Winter in his role as William (Bill) S. Preston Esq. in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and it's sequels, or maybe his role as Ricky Coogan in the 1993 sci-fi/dark comedy Freaked, which would be more along Xander's tastes but with Alex Winter looking much different, with short, dark hair. Marko hates it when people call him 'Bill' or 'Dude'.

Seth Green (Oz) is 5'4'

Razell is 5'6"

Alex Winter (Marko) is 5'7"

Nicholas Brendon (Xander) is 5'11"

Eric Balfour (Jesse) is 6'2"

Yes, I made Willow completely Evil. It's not really her fault, between the Vampirism, the Dark Magic drawn from The Hellmouth, and The Master's tutelage, she would have been really, really messed up. Basically Dark Willow and Vampire Willow combined, but she's not destroying the world, yet. If she gets really bored or cranky, then yeah. Boom. Bye-bye earth...

About Darla, Jesse, etc... Darla raped Jesse. So did Willow, she raped both Jesse and Xander, forcing them to do things they didn't agree to, kinks they hated, etc... The boys are sadists, but not masochists. She also raped Angel. Xander still loved her, but Jesse didn't. He only loves Xander. Xander loves Jesse more than Willow, but Willow is/was powerful and helped them survive and thrive in The Master's Court.

Vampires have a very warped view of sex, much like many humans, it's about power and pleasure, their own, not the other person.

Xander is still evil, but he's smart enough to behave. He slept his way to his position as Left Hand, (via Willow), and has no real ambition beyond survival and keeping Jesse safe. He was basically a trophy husband for Willow.

Jesse did have a crush on Cordelia, but it wasn't really love, he was just too young to realize that. He and Xander were always sneaking looks at each other growing up, but too afraid to admit their feelings, thinking the other would reject them, maybe even push them away. Jesse is gay and Xander is bi, but would they never truly want anyone except each other.

Both Xander and Jesse officially run The Bronze, but Jesse does all the real work. Xander is more the face of the club, while Jesse is the manager.

Commander Adama is, of course, the commander of the Battlestar Galactica from the show Battlestar Galactica. In the original 1970's series he was played by the late Lorne Greene.

Hyper-Sapien : People From Another Star was a 1986 sci-fi movie about a teenage farm boy named Dirt, (yes, Dirt), who meets a teenage alien girl, her little sister and pet cutsie alien. Obscure enough that you have to be a true nerd to have heard of it, much less seen it. I've seen it.

The Alien Factor is a 1978 movie about a trio of alien animals escaping a crashed ship and killing humans.

Laserblast was a 1977 movie about a teenage boy who finds an alien amulet that turns him into a killing machine. The aliens in the movie look like bipedal turtles without shells.

Differences from Canon:

Lost Boys: Michael, Sam and Lucy were turned. Laddie doesn't exist, as Max wasn't twisted enough to try to make a 10 year old a Vampire, and Star killed herself before she could turn, blaming herself for what happened to Michael and his family. The Frogs are no longer a problem... I have a backstory about that but it's not pretty.

BTVS: Jesse and Xander are Vampires and lovers. Cordelia is a White Hat. Buffy died shortly after arriving in SunnyHell. Oz is both a Werewolf and a White Hat. Mayor Wilkins runs SunnyHell now, and is still immortal, but not a giant snake demon. Anya doesn't exist. Spike and Drusilla are off somewhere else and don't care about 'Daddy'. Miss Edith rules the world and nobody has figured it out yet. Larry is still alive, the rat-bastard. Nancy is still alive. Faith doesn't exist. The First doesn't care enough to go after SunnyHell. The White Hats tried killing The Mayor with hummus but he survived. Tara was a Vampire and Willow's actual lover, but she doesn't come up at any point in the story.

This AU is separate from my Lost Wolf series and the BTVS episodes The Wish.