"I've behaved badly."
She turns to see him standing at the foot of the stairs, a curious expression on his face. She waits.
"I deserve to be punished."

She wasn't sure what she was expecting, but it wasn't that. What game is he playing now? A shiver traveled up her spine at the idea that he might be willing. Could she...dare she?

She slowly walks down the stairs, eyeing him, and sees only his eyes get wider and his gaze get more earnest, and she hears him catch his breath as she stands before him.

Suddenly, she pinches his ear viciously between her nails. He goes down to his knees in heartbeat, wincing but standing the pain. He stifles his low moan in the back of his throat as he cranes his head back, tendons straining. And when she releases him, she's surprised to note that he looks...almost thrilled. His face is flushed, and he's breathing heavily, looking at her in near-adoration. She smiles, and understands him now.

"You've been very wicked haven't you?"
"I have." His voice is so deep, rasping.
"And what's to be done about that?"
"Anything you wish."
Her eyebrows arch and she lowers her chin, a set in her lips that tells him how he should have ended that sentence.

"Anything you wish...Captain"
She smiles then, and leans down to whisper in his ear.
"You have ten minutes to excuse yourself. Don't disappoint me"
He gapes at her and then swallows and nods.
"Will you be waiting for me, Captain?" He's breathless, and she's never looked at him with more desire.
"That depends on how punctual you are. I'm not very patient, as you know."
She ghosts her lips over the red welt her nails have left in the shell of his ear, and feels him shudder before her. It takes her every ounce of strength to leave him like that, but he's so beautiful on his knees in the center of the hall, eyes trained on her as she goes up the stairs. She knows he will wait until she's out of sight to move, and she takes one last glance at him before she confidently strides past the nursery, past her bedroom, and pulls open the large oaken door of the master suite.