Arthur sank with a groan onto the bed. Muscles were sore that he didn't even know he had. How easy the exercises were a few months ago and now it just feels like he had never done anything in his life.

Merlin gave the prince a small smile as he slipped into the room. He held up a tray filled with a few vials.

"How are you feeling?" Merlin's voice was loud in the quiet of the room.

"Like I was hit by a wild borek." Arthur pushed himself up a little bit. His eyes followed Merlin as he put the vials onto the table.

"I told you, it was too soon for you to join them." Merlin looked slightly over his shoulder.

"It was time, I can't just stay from the field the whole time. It was time to get back into it." A groan left Arthur's lips as Merlin pushed him up.

"At what cost? You tore your stitches and would now be even longer before you can join them." Merlin was gentle as he supported Arthur's weight.

Merlin's hands were warm against Arthur's skin. The prince groaned slightly as his skin tingled.

Arthur could hear a jar opening up. And then a cool sensation as his skin burned. He forced himself to keep the whimper inside, even as his eyes burned.

"You need to be more careful." Merlin pulled slightly away to clean off his hand.

For a moment Arthur just wanted to pull him back keep him close for every. A soft sigh left his lips when Merlin bandages the wound again.

"Gaius would need to check it later on and restitch it, but for now it would be fine." Merlin gave Arthur a tired look.

Some days he truly wonders how he is meant to keep Arthur safe when he does stupid stuff like this.

"Will you stay?" Arthur pulled slightly at Merlin's hand.

Merlin's eyes softened slightly. "Of course my love." Merlin planted a slight kiss onto Arthur's head before settling behind him.

With gentle movements, Merlin settled beside Arthur allowing the prince to settle as he needed.

Arthur could feel his eyes starting to fall close as Merlin's body heat wrapped around him. A soft love you could be heard.

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