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Chapter 22

Elizabeth's second wedding day was just as happy as her first; although she lacked the nerves that she had had the first time. Darcy, on the other hand, was full of agitation. He was imagining all sorts of things going wrong. What if someone objected to the wedding? What if Elizabeth changed her mind? What if she decided she could not love him as she loved her first husband? Fortunately, his cousin Richard was there to buoy him up.

"She loves you, Darcy. I have seen it in her face when she looks at you. And very soon she will be yours forever. Do not borrow trouble."

Faster than he knew how it happened, he was at the front of the church in his cream-coloured suit and silver cravat, looking down the aisle as the music swelled. Instead of having Mr. Bennet escort her up to the front of the church, Hugh and Sarah walked on each side of her. Darcy could not help but stare in wonder at how beautiful she looked. He admired her sparkling eyes, her bright smile, and her lush figure in the blue morning dress that she wore. She held a bouquet of white lilies in her hands.

When she reached him at the altar, Sarah and Hugh went to sit with Georgiana, who was already seated next to the Crandalls. Darcy soaked in every word of the ceremony, savouring the moment when he slid the golden ring onto the fourth finger of her left hand.

"With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."

Then the clergyman prayed for God's blessing over both of them, and declared them husband and wife. Before he knew it, they were walking down the aisle, and she was finally his, just as he was finally hers.

He could barely taste the sumptuous wedding breakfast Mrs. Bennet had prepared; although he thanked her several times for her splendid preparations. His mother-in-law preened under the attention, said he was a dear boy, and patted his arm.

They had to leave right after the wedding breakfast so that they could arrive at the cottage before nightfall; so he and Elizabeth said a loving farewell to the children, who were both laughing and crying in happiness, and then they climbed into the carriage.

Nothing had gone wrong after all. He was married to his dearest Elizabeth for the rest of his life.

The ride in the carriage was not as long as Darcy thought it would be. With Elizabeth at his side, there was no lack of conversation. They tried to steer talk away from Lady Hermione's threats: they knew Lord Matlock would do what he could on their behalf while they were gone. Instead, Elizabeth pestered Darcy for the revelation of what his wedding present to her was. It was only when they finally arrived in front of the cottage that Darcy was willing to answer her.

"What a beautiful cottage, Fitzwilliam! Does it belong to a friend of yours? Are you renting it?"

"No, indeed. It belongs to you, my dear."

"To me?" she questioned.

"Indeed. I purchased it and put the deed in your name, so that we may visit this cottage whenever we need some time alone, or want to take the children on a holiday."

"Oh, Fitzwilliam, it is beautiful!" she cried. "I want to see the inside!"

Laughing at her eagerness, Darcy led her out of the carriage and through the front garden path to the door of the building. Darcy had ordered just a couple of servants to stay so that they would have relative privacy during their honeymoon.

The "cottage" was actually much larger than the name would imply. Two stories high, with twelve bedchambers, it could house a very large family easily. After he had shown her all the rooms, Elizabeth stood before the master bedchamber. "This is the one I am most interested in," she said, with a wicked grin, taking his hand and pulling him toward the door.

Darcy was shocked into speechlessness for a moment. "But, do you not wish to have some repast before we retire? I ordered for there to be a meal –"

"We had plenty to eat in the basket my cook provided for the carriage," she said; then added seductively, "Now I wish to feast on you."

Almost in a daze of desire, Darcy followed her into the bedroom. It was when Elizabeth began to take off her finery that he realized, "I must call my valet," he said.

"No need. We can undress each other."

She turned him toward her and began to untie his cravat. Darcy was reminded that she had done this all before. He realized it was time for a confession of his own. "Elizabeth," he said, as she turned to allow him to unbutton her dress. "I have something to tell you."

"Yes, Fitzwilliam?"

"I have – I have never done this before."

She stilled for a moment. "You have never made love before?"

He swallowed heavily. "No."

She turned to him and put a hand on each side of his face. Her smile was beaming. "I cannot tell you how happy that makes me, Fitzwilliam. Gregory was experienced before we were married, and it always grieved me that he had lain with other women before me."

"There shall never be anyone for me but you, Elizabeth," said Darcy fervently.

Elizabeth reached up on her tiptoes to give him a kiss. He was surprised, but a surge of lust filled him and he kissed her back hungrily. He had a strong urge to simply lift her skirts and sink inside her, but she pulled away.

"I knew that would be dangerous!" she laughed.

"What?" Darcy asked, in a daze from the kiss.

"The reason I never kissed you until now," she said. "I knew if I once did, that I would not be able to stop."

"That is why I never kissed you either," said Darcy. They both chuckled.

"Let us finish undressing before I ravish you," said Elizabeth.

Soon they were both naked, and Darcy was able to take in the lush, womanly figure he had desired since the first time he had seen her in Hyde Park. Elizabeth, he noticed, was admiring his figure with as much desire as he was hers. Their lips crashed together in anther kiss, and Darcy devoured her mouth with less finesse than enthusiasm. Together they tumbled onto the bed, with Darcy on top. As much as he wanted to simply find his pleasure, he wanted even more for Elizabeth to get pleasure too.

"Tell me how to please you," he said, nearly panting.

She cupped her breasts with her hands. "These are sensitive," she said. "Your hands or your mouth would feel very good on them, especially the nipples."

Eagerly, Darcy pushed her hands out of the way so that he could feel her breasts with his own hands. They were large, and he imagined them filled with milk for his child. That image got him even harder, if that was possible. He shaped them, caressing and fondling until Elizabeth said, "Use your mouth, Fitzwilliam."

He lowered his head and laved a nipple with his tongue. The moan he heard was all the encouragement he needed. He began to feast on her breasts, nipping, sucking, and licking, until Elizabeth was writhing beneath him. "Fitzwilliam, I need…"

He lifted his head. "Yes, my darling?"

"I need you to touch me here."

She lowered her hand between her thighs and fingered her core. Darcy looked down from the generous hips and flat stomach to see pink folds amid a tuft of dark curly hair. He had always been curious about this part of a woman's body, and wanted to see it close up. He moved his head down until he could see how she was manipulating her flesh. She seemed to be making little circles at the top of her folds.

"See here," she said, pulling back a little hood of flesh to reveal a small nub, "this is my centre of pleasure. If you stroke it or lick it, it will bring me to climax."

"Let me try," he batted her hand away possessively, as if her womanhood belonged to him now, and he heard Elizabeth laugh breathlessly.

He began to make little circles around the nub the way Elizabeth had showed him, and her moans grew louder. "Put your … put your finger inside me," she panted. "Move it in and out."

Darcy did as she suggested, and felt at once how wet she was inside her core. He decided to try using his mouth as she suggested, and lowered his head toward the nub of flesh while his finger worked inside her. He could smell her down here, and he thought he had never smelled something so intoxicating. He gave her nub a lick, and then practised different touches.

"Oh, please, Fitzwilliam, please," Elizabeth begged, lost in passion. "Suck on me there."

Surprised, Darcy did as she requested, sucking the sensitive nub into his mouth. At once, Elizabeth choked on a cry and her whole body shuddered with pleasure. A flood of moisture filled his mouth, and he kept working her with his hand until she finally relaxed and pushed his hand away. "Too sensitive," she panted.

Darcy looked up at her, pleased with himself. "Oh, Fitzwilliam, that was wonderful," she said, breathing heavily, her cheeks rosy. "Now I want you inside me."

Eagerly, Darcy climbed between her thighs, which she widened for him. He took a hold of his manhood, and, positioning himself, pushed into her.

He had never felt such bliss as when the warm silken walls enclosed his flesh. She was so wet that he slid easily all the way in. "Oh, Elizabeth," he cried raggedly.

"That is good," she said. "Move however you feel is right."

Slowly, so as to prolong the pleasure, he moved in and out of her. Soon, however, he found himself thrusting faster, and then slamming into her. Elizabeth cried out in pleasure again, and scrabbled at his back and buttocks with her fingernails. "Harder, Fitzwilliam!" she cried. He could not have stopped even had he wanted to, and he was happy to fulfill her request. It was only a few minutes before Elizabeth cried out again in climax, and he felt her intimate flesh squeezing around him. That was enough to send him into his own climax, and with a loud groan he spilled his seed deep inside her.

After a few minutes, once he had regained the use of his senses, he realized he was lying on top of Elizabeth, and she had her arms around him.

"That was … that was …" He had no words for the experience.

"I know," she said. "It was wonderful."

She gave him a kiss, and he returned it languidly, his body too sated to become aroused again right away. He rolled off of her to give her room to breathe, and then took her in his arms.

"Was it as you imagined?" Elizabeth asked, trailing her finger down the muscles on his chest.

"It was better," he said, and she gave a breathless laugh.

They lay there together until their bodies cooled. Then Darcy heard his wife's stomach rumble. "I think we should order that supper now. Shall we eat in our sitting room?"

"Oh, yes, please. We need a little sustenance so that we may re-energize ourselves for a busy night."

She gave him a seductive smile, and if he could have gotten erect again at that moment, he was sure he would have been as hard as stone just from that one look.

As they ate their supper, Elizabeth relaxed on Darcy's lap dressed only in her sheer nightgown. He had put on his banyan, and they munched hungrily after their vigorous round of exercise. Once they had finished eating, Elizabeth rose.

"I want to give you your wedding present," she said, moving toward her trunk.

Darcy was touched. "There was no need to give me a present, Elizabeth. Just having you as my wife is gift enough."

"Yes; but I love you, Fitzwilliam, and I want you to know it."

He stopped breathing for a moment. "You love me?"

Her brows furrowed. "Of course I do. Do not tell me I never told you before?"

Darcy shook his head speechlessly.

"Well, I do, dear husband," she said, picking up a package from among her things, and coming back to sit on his lap. It was wrapped in brown paper, and the size and shape of a book.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Go on; open it."

Darcy carefully unwrapped the paper, and gasped to see inside a first edition of Paradise Lost by John Milton. "Oh, my darling, I have wanted this for so long. Thank you." He enfolded her in his arms, and felt her kiss his neck.

"I also have this from Hugh and Sarah," she said. She drew out another package, this one a large, thin rectangle.

"They did not have to give me anything," he said.

"They wanted to. Hugh already loves you like his own papa."

Darcy opened the wrapping to find two pieces of artwork within. Sarah had used watercolours to paint a picture of all of them swimming at the lake near the folly at Pemberley. It was remarkably good for a ten-year-old. Next, he looked at Hugh's. Hugh had drawn in crayons an imitation of himself, standing with Darcy on one side, and his new pony, whom he had named Frank, on the other.

Darcy was touched. "I will have to thank them," he said, laying the pictures down carefully on the couch next to him so they would not become damaged. "And thank you, for giving me such a wonderful family."

"I love you, Fitzwilliam." She ground her bottom against his groin, leaving kisses along his neck, and dragging her fingernails down his arms.

Darcy groaned, feeling himself harden again. "I love you too, Elizabeth. And now it is time for me to show you again how much."

She squealed and then laughed as he swung her up in his arms and carried her to the bed.