Tohru walked along, briefly looking down to the set of directions she had been given. Soon she reached her destination: Ritsu's house. It was a rather typical house, if not for the high fence and heavy gate around it. Tohru, seeing no doorbell system, waited outside the fence, until she saw Ritsu hurriedly run out and unlock the gate.

"I'm sorry for making you wait" Ritsu said, "I-".

"It's fine" Tohru said. They entered the house, and Ritsu served Tohru some drinks. However, the visit was interrupted by the sound of a window being shattered. Ritsu and Tohru heard loud footsteps coming towards them, each thud driving up the terror, until the intruder revealed themself.

"Akito!" Ritsu exclaimed, "What are you doing here?".

"Why are you with Tohru?" Akito asked, "Can you not find a little girl willing to fuck you? I guess Tohru is pretty close". Ritsu went pale with terror and shock.

"What brings you here?" Tohru asked, repeating Ritsu's question.

"I want something to eat" Akito said.

"Oh, do you want me to make you something?" Tohru said, ideas already forming about how she might put Akito in her place.

"No" Akito said, "Ritsu should make it".

"Why?" Tohru asked. Akito smirked.

"Because cooking is women's work!" she replied. Tohru sat, dumbfounded.

"I-I'm a woman" she eventually managed.

"Are you sure?" Akito said, "I mean, you've got a pretty masculine name, and I've never seen your pussy". Akito looked over at Tohru, but realized that her insults only served to confuse Tohru even further.

"Just make me some food!" Akito shouted angrily.

"Okay!" Tohru exclaimed, before she and Ritsu hurriedly went into the small kitchen of Ritsu's house.

"I'll get the food, and you can make her a drink" Ritsu said.

"What does she like to drink?" Tohru said quickly.

"I'm not sure.." Ritsu said. He walked out to ask Akito what she wanted to drink (and to eat, seeing as he wasn't completely sure about that). He soon fled back to the kitchen, having transformed in fear.

"What does she want?" Tohru asked.

"It's fine" Ritsu said, "I can get the drink, you- wait.. I'M SORRY, I SHOU-".

"It's fine" Tohru interjected, "I'll just.. um.. l-let you make Akito's meal". She walked along back to the last room, in which Akito was sat on Ritsu's dress.

"What are you doing here?" Akito demanded.

"I'm just visiting Ritsu" Tohru said.

"You know that's not what I asked" Akito growled.

"Huh? Oh! Well I came in here so that Ritsu had space to make your food" Tohru explained.

"Shouldn't you have helped him?" Akito asked.

"He said he didn't need any help" Tohru replied. At this point, Ritsu entered, naked in human form, carrying a plate of chicken tenders and a glass of beer, and quickly set the food down on a table. Akito quickly shuffled over, staying on the floor to keep Ritsu's clothes pinned beneath her.

"Um, Akito" Ritsu said, "Would you le-".

"No" Akito said.

"OK then" Ritsu replied, "So I guess I'll go ge-".

"No, stay here" Akito demanded.

"O-OK" Ritsu said, sitting down embarrassed and trying to cover his private parts. Tohru and Ritsu sat awkwardly while Akito ate her tendies and drank her beer.

"Get me another one" Akito demanded after finishing her drink. Ritsu awkwardly went to get another beer, and hastily returned, still nude. Having served Akito, he swiftly scampered away to get dressed. Akito grumbled, drank the beer, and finished off her tendies. Ritsu soon returned, fully clothed.

"Sorry for running off" Ritsu said. Akito turned towards him.

"Hey, Ritchu" Akito slurred, already feeling the effects of the apparently-quite-strong beer.

"What is it?" Ritsu said.

"Walk into the wall!" Akito slurred amusedly. Ritsu sighed, and walked into the wall as Akito demanded, colliding with the wall with a thud. Akito broke into a drunken fit of laughter, punctuated by several hiccups.

"Do it again!" Akito giggled, and Ritsu repeated his collision with the wall. Akito started to laugh even harder. Suddenly, Akito had an idea.

"Ritchu, take your clothes off" Akito slurred.

"O-OK" Ritsu said, as he disrobed.

"Now walk into the wall" Akito said. Ritsu once more walked into the wall. Apparently his nudity made the collision even funnier, as Akito started to laugh so hard that she ended up throwing up on the floor and passing out. Ritsu sighed in relief, and quickly got dressed.

"I'll help Akito" Tohru said, trying not to sound too excited. She dragged away Akito, and brought her into a spare room. She opened the window to make sure it was nice and bright, and wrapped her up tight and warm in a futon. Before she left, she noticed a space heater in the corner of the room. She dragged it over, and turned it on directly facing Akito's swaddled form. Before Tohru could leave, Akito opened her eyes and groaned.

"Are you OK?" Tohru asked Akito. Akito, her face red and drenched in sweat, let out another groan. She squirmed a bit, and soon woke up fully. Her head pounded in pain, which was not helped by the bright light in the room. Then she saw Tohru.

"Hey" Akito said, grunting in pain from the heat and light. She tried to move, but found herself trapped in thick covers that prevented every motion.

"Is something wrong?" Tohru asked, seemingly oblivious to Akito's predicament.

"What do you think, you fucking tard?" Akito shouted.

"Well, if everything's alright, I'll leave you here" Tohru replied, ignoring Akito's insults.

"No, wait!" Akito called as Tohru left, too weak to either escape or call for help. Tohru closed the door, and returned to Ritsu, who had cleaned up the spew at this point.

"What took so long?" Ritsu asked.

"Nothing!" Tohru exclaimed quickly.

"OK" Ritsu replied, slightly suspicious. Before Tohru could defend herself, Akito burst through the door. Ritsu leapt out of the room in fear, leaving Tohru and Akito alone. Akito walked towards Tohru, her face dark with fury.

"So" Akito began, "Did you think it was funny to leave me tied up in there?".

"I was just trying to help!" Tohru said, unconvincingly. Akito charged at Tohru, who was barely able to dodge her. Tohru ran for the door, but Akito grabbed her and threw her across the room. Akito slowly strode towards Tohru. Tohru shook in fear, until she saw an opportunity. She suddenly threw herself at Akito's legs, and once the woman fell, kicked her hard in the crotch. Akito screamed and collapsed to the floor in pain. Tohru got up and ran out of the house. She stopped to catch her breath, but soon heard the sound of Akito getting up. Tohru started to run, but realized that she was trapped by the fence. She had no recourse besides trying to hide in the rather small bush. She quickly ran over, and hid beneath the branches. Akito stumbled outside, and looked around the fenced region. She wandered around, looking for Tohru. She soon gave up, and called for Ritsu to open the gate. Once Akito had passed and the gate was locked, Tohru squirmed out from under the bush. Finally, she had escaped Akito's grasp