Chapter 1: The Letter

Hello, readers welcome to my first fanfiction story. I'm new to and writing in general so if you wish to give me some tips and suggestions it would be much appreciated. I'm very excited to write this and I hope you enjoy this ride as much as I enjoy creating it. Timeline wise this will take place after NT 17 and disconnect everything afterwards.

Synopsis: Touma is enjoying his time away from fighting however when a cryptic message from a figure from Touma's past emerges that threatens his present he starts to go headfirst into another fight that will lead him to some mysteries of his past that may lead to his downfall.

"Just because you forgot the past doesn't mean the past forgot about you"

"Why did I do to upset you this time index was it because that bottomless pit of yours is not full yet?" Touma said as his head was being bitted into by a nun in training.

"You promised me a feast tonight Touma you need to be punished for lying to me." The nun named Index said back to him.

"Yes I did but that was before lunch when you wanted to go to that restaurant and I said that we wouldn't have enough money for the amount of food you wanted for dinner but you didn't listen to me. Why must I be punished for something that wasn't even my fault such misfortune?"

"I agree with the human nun he did say such a thing and you were too busy drooling to pay attention to what he said and stop looking at me like I'm meat for your fangs to chew you beast." Othinus the former magic god said while on top of the table where the food was present.

"It's not my fault Touma is broke and barely has enough money to make sure I don't starve."

"Oi the reason I lose money for your feasts is that you keep asking for snacks in the middle of the day before and after lunch."

Index chomped a little harder as blood began to slowly seep down the spiky hair boy's head.

"Hey hey don't bite down harder Ind-"

knock knock*

There was a knock at the door.

"Hm must be another scammer again. Index could you stop biting me so this Kamijou could open the door to see who is knocking on the door please?"

Index got off of Touma's head turned away from him and pouted.

"Hmph fine your punishment is proposed for now Touma."

Touma walked up to the door and opened it to find his teacher from his school Yomikawa Aiho.

"Oh, Yomikawa-sensei what are you doing here?"

"Kamijou I require you at an Anti-Skill office it's important." The older woman said with an unreadable expression.

"Um okay give me a second."

Touma slowly closed the door the grab his jacket.

"Touma, what's going on? Wait are you in trouble again?" Index said with her hands or her hips and a disapproving look on her face.

"I don't know Yomikawa-sensei said she needs me for something I don't know what it is or how long it'll take."

He then walked out of the dorm and walks with Yomikawa to an Anti-Skill office.

The walk was awkward for Kamijou as he had no idea what this was about and why Ant-Skill needed him.

After a bit of walking, Touma asks the Anti-Skill officer beside him "Soo what do you need me for exactly?"

Yomikawa moves her eyes to Kamijou before looking forwards again and replaying with "You'll see."

Touma had a bad feeling about the obscure answer. After more walking, they got to the nearest Anti-Skill office and went up the stairs to the second floor.

Yomikawa walked Touma into an interrogation room which didn't help with Touma's anxiety.

Touma took a seat and Yomikawa took one of the two seats in front of him until another Anti-Skill officer came into the room and took the seat next to Yomikawa.

"Okay kid first things first I want to clarify that you aren't in trouble for anything but we do need to talk to you about something."

The officer cleared his throat and continued.

"The body of a student was delivered to us."

Touma looked shocked and thought to himself. 'A student? An innocent student dead? And delivered to an Anti-Skill office?'

But then another thought came to him 'Wait why did they bring me here they want something from me but what can I give them for this this is the first I'm hearing this.'

"To answer your question a letter was next to the body that was for you," Yomikawa said and she pulled a green letter from her pocket.

Touma took the letter and found that it said Touma Kamijou on it...but the thing was looked to be written in blood. But it was like a pen was dipped in blood and wrote his name on the letter for him.

Touma proceeded to open the letter and unfolded the piece of paper in the envelope and began to read.

"Dear Kamijou Touma

It's been so long and I have been waiting so very long for the moment we meet again but now is not the time at least not yet. We're going to play a game with the lives of your present in the balance my first move will begin soon and remember this



just because you forgot the past doesn't mean the past forgot about you.

Goodbye for now


Touma looked up to see the officers looking at him with the eyes sharping a little.

"Does that mean anything to you?" The officer besides Yomikawa says.

Touma looked confused and shocked.

"No, it doesn't. I-I wish it did but I don't remember meeting whoever wrote this letter."

"Well, whoever he is certainly knows you. Are you sure you don't know who might've done this?" Yomikawa asks with a bit of suspicion sprinkled in her speech.

'He must be someone I met before my memory loss but I can't remember him and he also knows that I have memory loss'

"I don't know this guy I wish I did but I don't."

Touma was trying his hardest to remember if he knew someone with the letter K in his or her name with this kind of behaviour but to no end.

"I'm trying to remember if I met anyone like this but I don't remember anyone with a K in his or her name that would do something like this."

The officers leaned forward a bit with the eyes getting even sharper but then let out a breath.

"Kamijou is my student and he's a trouble maker but not the kind to be involved with dangerous people."

'Say that to my life' Kamijou thought.

"What about the letter?" The other officer said.

"I don't know. Maybe we check the students' school to see if we can get something there from a classmate or teacher." Yomikawa said to the officer.

The officer let out another breath and turned to face Kamijou.

"Okay kid you can go just be careful and tell us if there's anything that we need to know."

After Touma left the office his mind kept racing with thoughts.

'What happened with the old me for me to have met this guy?'

'How does he know me? And what's he going to do next?'

Those were some of the many thoughts going through Touma's head.

But unknown to the certain level 0 someone was watching him from a tiny motor drone hidden behind an alleyway.

And the person controlling the drone merely said the words "Let the game begin."

In a dorm room of a certain middle school a girl with long blonde hair and stars for eyes was putting on her lingerie for sleep and she quickly looked at herself in the mirror.

"You are one beautiful lady Shokuhou Misaki."

Suddenly something broke a hole through her glass window scaring the girl as she quickly turned to see what it was.

It was a manikin head but she noticed something on the head she picked it up.

It had the words "Be afraid" in dry ink on the back of the head.

Touma headed up the stairs that lead to where his dorm was with one single thought in his mind that he didn't know was shared by three other people

'This will not end well'

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