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"Okay everybody, listen up you've been told your teams and which truck to go into but before we head out here are our positions, targets, and objectives."

Alex Kondoko in a dark black suit that looks similar to a SWAT uniform spoke to his men who wore similar suits as they all gathered around a table with a large map of the city.

They were all in a dark room with only one light above the map currently on.

"Okay teams A, B, C, and D will move to these dorms. I'll be with team A."

Alex said as he leaned forward and tapped his right index finger to four different places on the map of the city.

"Our main targets are these individuals."

Alex said as four photos were dropped on the table.

"These scumbags have done just about everything from being creeps to murderers. The mission is to get inside their safe houses, kill every Dark Side goon including our main targets, take some pictures and prepare for the stream and take their phones, computers, and any files they have."

Alex finished explaining and then one of the troops spoke up.

"Sir we found something else out."

Alex looked to him then hand signaled to him to continue.

"We found that two of our target's current location of residence are student dorm buildings that have been in a drug ring for their schools. What should we do about that?"

Alex thought for a second then responded.

"Blow them both up it'll cause a good ruckus for Judgment and Anti-Skill if our job goes sideways."

Alex then straighten up and clapped his two hands together.

"Okay everyone, load up. It's go time."

'I can't believe I'm doing this.' Misaki Shokuhou thought to herself as she prepared to knock on the door of the safe house that belonged to someone she didn't like.

At all.

"Ah, Shoukhou Misaki what do I owe the pleasure?" Said Kumokawa Seria in a cheerful voice that was obviously fake.

Misaki held back a grimace and stayed serious.

"We need to talk."

"Ah of course please come in."

Misaki did just that as she walked inside the small but noticeable fancy safe house.

There wasn't much to it besides the already said fancy decor of the room.

The room was small but had a small kitchen to the right of it with a big window overseeing a good portion of the district. There was a queen-size bed that looked very comfortable.

'Why would she need a bed that big for one person?'

All that can be said about the size is that Seria Kumokawa can dream. Especially about sharing a bed with a certain someone.

"You can sit on the bed," Seria said as she had planted herself on the chair of a desk that was to the right of the bed.

"What exactly did you want to talk about? I don't normally have the time as I am a very busy working woman that also enjoys her relaxation and beauty sleep whenever she can." Seria said with a smile that spoke the kind of confidence she had.

Misaki held back a remark that almost instantly popped into her head.

"Just after Christmas, I got a package from a mysterious sender."

Misaki had a bag hanging on her arm to which she handed to her rival.

The black-haired girl took the bag and put her hand inside.

She pulled out two wooden figures.

One was of Mituari Ayu.

And another one was of herself.

She placed her hand inside the bag again to find a third figure.

This one was of someone of great importance in both of their lives.

Kamijou Touma.

And a detail that Kumokawa noticed was that the figure had a small knife stuck to its back.

It was this detail that made her eyes narrow in seriousness.

"That's not all," Misaki spoke up.

Seria's eyes went to her guest for a moment before she dug in the bag again and pulled out a piece of paper.

"You are all pieces being put in place for the ending we deserve," Seria spoke aloud.

Seria turned her head up and stared at the other girl.

"It's funny you mention this," Seria said before she turned the wheeled chair around to her computer.

Seria pulled up an email and two pictures attached to it.

Misaki leaned in and narrowed her eyes to view the pictures.

One of them was taken while looking through her window as Seria had her back turned.

Another one was of a message that was written with blood.

"I'll be seeing you soon. I can't wait and don't forget one thing…

I'm always watching you."

Misaki wasn't surprised her rival got contacted too she was one of the figurines.

"Have any idea who sent us the messages," Misaki said.

"I have some idea," Seria said before going back to her computer and moved aside to show her guest her findings.

It was a paused video clip from a camera in what looks to be an old apartment or facility judging from the old, run-down but yet roomy look of the actual location.

Inside the room, there were two figures one was familiar to her and one wasn't.

'My prince'

The other figure that wasn't familiar wore a white jacket and had slicked-back blonde hair.

"After I received the message I searched through video footage and kept a lookout for anything that might be a clue as to who the boy could be facing this time when I saw him head to a building strangely so I took what footage of the building I could and saw this."

Misaki looked at the blonde boy trying to see if she could remember seeing him but drew blank.

"Who is he?" Misaki questioned.

"Alex Kondoko. I looked at his file but the strange thing is I can't find much if anything on him."

Misaki raised an eyebrow after she spoke.

"I couldn't find where he lives, where he goes to school, anything about his family, or where he used to live before coming here. All I can see is that he has some affiliation to Sen Kihara but that's about it."

Almost everyone was dead. There were only so many still alive after these troop sons of bitches busted in guns a blazing and killed everyone.

One of the survivors wore a brown hoodie and jeans with slicked-back brown hair was limping his way to a bedroom where he knew had a window he could climb out and get away.

He closed the door behind him and saw the window but before he could break it he heard a voice.

"Hello is someone in there? Please I'm hurt I've been hit and I'm bleeding."

The thug was at a standstill. He thought it was a trick but he thought he recognized the voice.

"Finn? Is that you?" He said.

"Yeah it's me ahh I'm been shot and I'm kinda bleeding here. You think you can let me in?" The voice said.

"Yeah give me a sec." The thug said heading to the door.

He let the guy named Finn inside who was clutching his right side tight that was covered in blood.

Finn had brown hair with short hair and he wore a brown jacket over a plain white shirt and yellow pants with red shoes.

'He never was good with fashion.'

The thug led Finn to the bed.

"Are there any others?" He said to Finn.

"No. I think it's just us." The injured guy said.

"There are medical supplies in the bathroom give me a minute and I'll batch you up."

The thug left Finn to go the bathroom behind him.

Finn smirked as he left.

Finn got up on his feet without any problem and pulled out a gun from his brown jacket pocket pointed it at the person in the bathroom looking for medical supplies.

"Turn around and walk out of the bathroom slowly."

The thug stopped stood up straight and turned around to see Finn up on his feet with a gun pointing at him.

The thug did as he was ordered and walked out of the bathroom slowly and went to the opposite end of the room.

Finn's body started to glitch to the confusion of the thug.

In Finn's place was a guy wearing the same kind of gear that the troops killing everyone were wearing. He had slicked-back blonde hair and green eyes.

"You fell for it."

Alex said with a grin.

"Want to know how I pulled that little magic trick?"

Alex started to walk around the room still pointing his gun.

"My esper ability is called Reality Shifter. You see I put tiny chips somewhere on a person most of the time at the back of the neck for the forehead and I insert what I want you to see via this device."

Alex says while pulling out what looked to be a phone at first but the top of it seems to be what looked to be a light-emitting diode that you would find of a tv remote.

"I can create the illusion on this device and use either the normal size chips or smaller to put it inside your head making you imagine your seeing something that is not real. The smaller chips will need a more up close and direct range for me to turn the chip on with my remote."

"I can also even upload things from my own mind with the chips and put them in my remote for future use."

"So you could say I'm like an esper illusionist."

"I could get enough of your friend's voice from all his begging and pleading."

After his explanation, the thug then asked "Why are you doing this?"

Alex's smile dropped a bit but was still present on his face.

"I'm aware of what you have been doing and I want you to face justice for it plus this help with my own agenda a double win in my books."

The thug's eyes narrowed slightly.

"You want me to talk?" He said.

Alex let out a small giggle.

"No, I want you to die."

Alex stopped smiling but there was still a playful edge to his face as he shrugged.

"Well, now it seems it is time for you to die."

After those words were spoken Alex pulled the trigger and out came the bullet and it hit its intended target right in the heart.

Alex ventured to rejoin with his team.

"The mission is done, sir." One of the troops said.

"Any casualties?" Alex asked.

"A few injured by esper powers and lucky shots but no one is dead."

"Alright," Alex said before he addressed the rest of the troops.

"Mission accomplished everyone, good job. But don't celebrate yet we still have another mission to do we'll head back for a 3-hour break but I want us to move immediately afterwards."

Everybody nodded.

"Alright, we got everything? Files, drives, phones, computers, etc?" Alex asked.

Everyone nodded.

"When the time comes, leak their activity with the dark side."

"Now let's begin the stream."

Raita was one of the Judgment officers investigating the explosion that happened over 10 minutes ago.

'Hmm, something doesn't feel right. I've had this feeling before usually when we're falling for a diversion.' He thought to him.

Raita proceeded to pull out his phone to look at the map.

'There's nothing of value nearby for bad guys to get. So if this is a diversion what could they be after?'

He put his phone away and sneaked away from the area.

"I'll have to investigate this myself."

Index was watching the latest episode of her favorite anime.

"Hey, Touma? For dinner, you think you can-"

Index looked over at Touma and noticed that he seemed distant like he was in a far away place.

"Touma?" Index said to the boy in concern.

"Huh? Oh sorry, Index what did you say?" Touma replied.

Normally he was good at hiding what he was feeling or at least he hoped he was he faltered this time.

"Are you okay?" Index asked.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine," Touma said while trying to pull off a smile.

It always looked so convincing but it always had an edge of sadness to it.

Touma moved towards the kitchen.

"Is this about what happened at New Year's?"

Touma turned to the voice that belonged to the tiny former goddess that had witch-like attire on the counter.

"If you're depressed over that villain because he made you do something you would never actively do then I have to say you have to be the bigger fool at this moment."

Othinus said with her arms crossed.

"He wants you to feel like this and of course being who you are you can't help it but you can't let it control you while he is still plotting. Being emotional with an enemy like this where he could just stab you at that wound will just become an easy weakness he can exploit."

"So how about this beat this fool like you normally do and not let him control you like this."

Othinus finished.

Honestly, he kinda needed to hear those words.

He had to be strong so he could beat Alex and put an end to this.


Touma's phone buzzed and he turned it on to see a news report on his phone.

"Killer live-streaming his latest victims."

It read.

Touma's stomach sank.

He rushed to the tv to flip it to a news channel at the behest of Index.

"We are reporting to you live tonight where a serial killer claiming to be behind the New Year's Eve murders has live-streamed his latest killings and went viral."

The lady on the tv spoke.

"We will now be showing you the video but be warned this video is highly disturbing and not for the young."

The video changed to what looked to be a dorm that had dead bodies littered around. The bodies were lying around in an almost display-like way as if they were meant to be viewed as a twisted kind of art for the deranged.

The video kept scanning the room as a voice spoke.

"Hello, Academy City as you can see I have claimed more lives in my little game, and in the coming weeks more deaths will occur until we hit the magical day where we finally get what we have desired for years. After that everything will stop and I will kill no more. I just want people to smell the fire but it is one that is born outta the want for justice. Our hatred is forever and don't hold it against us. Well, that is all, for now, have a nice rest of your day."

And with that, a lot of people in the city had one thought.

This is going to get worse.


Operation: JIGSAW is starting in 3 hours

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