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5had0wHand: Oh yeah Alex is not heartless and has morals like he would not kill an innocent person unless he ABSOLUTELY had to and even then he would try to find a way to not kill him or her. Alex also hides a lot of pain and sadness in his heart. So no Alex is not heartless.

Guest: Hm I can't say anything on that right now but for sure Touma isn't going to turn evil.

SaSaltyDog: Always happy to hear someone enjoying my story. Mikoto I feel is a character I have in this story because of what she's to be for Touma and being involved in his life and Alex is targeting people who know Touma. I have the entire story mapped out but the thing I have to really plan is other characters' involvement to not make them shoehorned.

Alright, chapter time.

"Hey." A voice said behind the Judgment officer by the name of Raita Shedo.

He turned to see the boy he met just a minute ago walking towards him.

"I'm coming with you and I don't care what you say." The spiky-haired boy known as Touma Kamijou said.

"I work alone." Raita said.

"Look if someone is in danger I want to help in any way I can so let me help you."

Raita sighed before he turned around and started to walk. Touma took this as a reluctant yes so he followed.

They followed their target Kuro for a while.

'Great.' Kuro sarcastically thought.

Kuro decided to walk faster and go down alleyways and other populated areas to lose his followers.

Once he figured he lost them he went to the location where a meeting was taking place with troops and their leader of a part of Skill-our to give them an update and inform them what's happening moving forward.

Kuro was moving quickly but unsuspectedly as to not cause much suspicion.

He had a meeting to get to and he will not be late.

'I think that but I'm already late.'

Eventually, he got to the building that surprisingly looked nicer than some of the others in the alley.

He approached the door and knocked three times before pausing then knocking twice more.

'Is this seriously necessary? It's a little cliche if you ask me.'

The door opened slightly and a man peeked out but then having seen who was in front of him let Kuro inside.

The man took Kuro to a large room with a large table with chairs and a lone light hanging above the table.

"You're late." One of the people in the room spoke in a disapproving voice.

"Sorry," Kuro responds.

"Okay, now that everyone's here let's get this started we got some new toys to share." One of the others in the room said.

"This seems to be where he went." Raita Shedo said as he and his companion Touma Kamijou made their way into an alleyway.

"Okay, but where to exactly?" Touma said while looking around the alleyway.

"I think I might have something that'll help." Raita said.

Raita's hand went into his left pocket and pulled out tiny mechanical-looking flys and brought them towards Touma to showcase.

"These are tiny drones that I can control and surveil an environment." Raita explained.

Then he pulled out a pair of large goggles.

"The drones connect to these goggles where I can see what they see through a camera and I control them with a controller." Raita finished.

'I didn't know Judgement officers got gadgets like James Bond.' Touma thought with a raised eyebrow.

Raita got out his controller which looked similar to a portable handheld game system where two mini joysticks were located to the left and the right of the controller.

"Let's start with the building right in front of us." Raita said.

Raita controlled the drones to enter through a tiny crack of the small building.

The drones entered the building and Raita saw the meeting through the drones.

"Okay, I've found Kuro and a group of people sitting around a large table."

"Do you think you can pick up what they're saying?" Touma asks.

"I would have to go in closer."

Raita tried to move the drones around the table to listen in. He began to pick up on their conversation.

"Thanks to our new supplier we got a few new toys to play with." A long-haired guy dressed in all black explained.

He then proceeded to pull out what looked to be a large gun but had a bar handle on the top as well as the normal handle and instead of a normal barrel the end seemed to be shaped like a triangle.

"This baby can fire one hell of a blast." The guy said raising the gun so the others could inspect this.

"We have this and many more coming our way soon our first delivery is happening tomorrow at 5:40 AM. When we get our new toys we will start to launch some of the largest strikes this organization has ever pulled off and then we will be treated with respect and we will show the higher-ups that we are not ants we are strong and we are at their front door." He finished raising his voice a bit towards the end.

The whole room cheered all except Kuro.

"They have a new weapon and they said they have more coming tomorrow at 5:40 AM." Raita said to Touma.

Raita pulled the drones back but Kuro seemed to notice the odd formation of the bugs exiting through a crack but didn't have much more time to ponder.

"Okay, I have what I came for I-" Raita's talk got cut off mid-sentence as things went dark for both of them.

Touma's eyes started to open slightly and noticed that he was tied up against a wall. He looked to his right to find Raita coming too as well.

"I thought you said you lost your follower Kuro?"

Touma and Raita snapped their attention to the Skill-out members standing in front of them. Two of them were not in the meeting before and had metal baseball bats.

'Hm must've been late arrivals.'

"I thought I did as well," Kuro responded.

The man in black who seemed to be a leader was in front of the rest of the thugs looking down at their captives.

Unknown to them was that a tiny mechanical fly enter the building through the same crack the drones did.

"And whose is this weasel?" One of the thugs said.

"He helped me out with something earlier. Don't know who he is." Kuro responded.

The man in black merely smiled and brought out the large gun from the table.

"Well, it looks to me like we have some test dummies."

He pointed the gun towards Touma as the end started to glow blue but he flinched in pain and brought a hand to his neck.

"Ah ack." He reacted in pain. He pulled something from his neck and found that it looked to be a tiny robotic mosquito.

He began to wobble a little on his feet before falling on the ground.

Raita's eyes were slightly widened in surprise while Touma looked shocked and the Skill-out members looked around in alarm.

Kuro brought up the gun from their leader's hand and brought it up towards Touma and Raita.

"I don't want to have to do this but I've learned that to make a difference in this city you have to be stronger than what the rules can bring you. You have to be your own man rather than follow what they want." Kuro said.

"Wait so all this is because you saw a few bad things and thought that the system wouldn't work?" Touma said.

"I don't know much about any dark secrets this city I call home may have but that doesn't mean that I don't understand your perspective. I've seen some things a person like me doesn't normally experience daily but if you let it control you then you just let the bad guys win."

Raita and Kuro looked at Touma with a bit of surprise.

"I understand it may be shocking to see the darkness of people and the sicking things they may do but that doesn't mean you have to forsake the right way to do things you push on stronger than ever and punch that darkness in its face."

Touma finished with a yell "So if you think that's how things should be done then I'll destroy that illusion of yours."

Touma's words had a kind of power that surprised Raita and seemed to slightly shake Kuro.

Kuro walked toward Touma with the gun pointing at him with a hard expression on his face.

"Don't think you understand what I've seen your just a civilian," Kuro said with a raised voice.

"I do understand more than you know," Touma said in a soft voice.

With Kuro positioning his left leg over his right it opened a shot for Raita to slam his foot to Kuro's crotch.

Kuro yelled in pain and Raita quickly pulled the gun towards the four other thugs in the room.

While Kuro was slightly disoriented Raita quickly charged the gun and it glowed and he released the trigger before it charged up too much to the ground below the thugs throwing them off their feet.

Kuro's head-butted Raita throwing him off for a split second for Kuro to quickly swing a punch in his face.

Touma quickly got up and hit Kuro with his fists but his wrists were still entangled.

Kuro dropped the gun to start swinging his fists.

He punched Touma in the face and Raita slammed his fists to Kuro's stomach.

Touma swung his two fists to Kuro's face and he stumbled a bit before he eyed the gun at his opponent's feet.

He quickly got the weapon from the floor and charged it at their feet which set them off their feet and bang their heads against the wall.

Kuro grabbed a grenade from a box of them and pulled the ring before inserting back into the box and slid it towards Touma and Raita.

"Enjoy assholes." Raita said before exiting the building.

Touma stirred before coming too and noticing the grenade and his eyes widened in shock.

"Hey, we gotta get outta here. Come on wake up."

Touma shock him which worked as Raita awoke saw the danger which caused his eyes to go wide.

"Go. Go. Go." He yelled as they ran out of the building.

They ran out before an explosion-filled their ears.

They looked behind them to see the doorway engulfed in smoke.

"You alright?" Touma turned and asked Raita.

Raita nodded.

"While I didn't apprehend Kuro I did learn what they're planning. I'll tell Judgment about their meet-up and round them up as well as get what weapons they were going to get their hands on."

"So we won huh?"

"Yeah, I'd say so," Raita responded.

Touma then let out a comment that was unexpected for the officer.

"It was nice working with you."

Raita looked surprised a little.

Then he softly said.

"Same to you."

Kuro walked further into the alleyway and away from his enemies.

The gun in his hand made him slower but he still managed to get away.

He was safe.

Or so he thought.


A gunshot was heard in his ears and pain went into his legs making him fall as he yelled in pain.

He started to hear footsteps and whistling.

"Hello, Mr. Uragiri." A voice said.

The footsteps got closer and closer and shoes entered his vision.

Kuro looked up to see a guy in white holding a handgun looking down at him with a smile.

"I have to say that was kind of something. That was interesting. I wish I had popcorn with me watching through that small bug."


"You killed him," Kuro said in a small gasp.

"Yeah, I did."

"W-Why?" Kuro let out.

The guy leaned in and said words in a haunting voice as his smile got cold.

"Because no one kills Touma Kamijou but me."

Kuro looked at him in fear.

"W-Who are you?" Kuro weakly let out.

The guy simply smiled just as he did before.

"Kondoko. Alex Kondoko." The guy said.

Alex looked at the gun next to Kuro.

"That's a pretty interesting weapon you have there. Mind telling me all about it?" Alex said.

Kuro shook his head.

Alex leaned back.

"Won't tell? Okay."

Alex walked to the other side of Kuro and slammed his foot on Kuro's injured leg.


"How to torture you? I've learned many tricks of torturing from my teacher and I also got some pointers from the most psychotic Kihara member in the family he's sick even by Kihara standards." Alex said.

Kuro had a look of fear on his face.

Finally, he cave in.

"Okay okay, I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything." Kuro said.

"Good. Thank you for your cooperation. I wonder if I can get myself a few of those."

Alex had a wicked smile on his face.

Whatever he had planned it would not be pleasant.

At all.

Ohh what a chapter. Hope you enjoyed this one. Stuff is cooked up and it sounds like it'll be a nightmare for our protagonist.

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