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Lory was not a fan of March. It was such a dull month. Sure, the Ides were fun (he always wore a toga in its honor), but the rest was so drab. So, as he always did, Lory spiced things up.

"Attention, my lovely LME family!" he boomed, striding into the front lobby, clad in his toga best. "One week from today, I will be holding a costume party! All are invited, and anyone who does not have other obligations is expected to be there! Details should be in your emails tonight. Anyone in need of a costume is welcome to borrow one from the company. That is all!" And he vanished in an explosion of glitter and sequins.

Kyoko, who had just walked into the lobby when Lory started yelling, had a horrible, awful, stupid, fantastic idea. She'd need to stop by the fabric store and start sewing tonight. And probably also the art store, to get some other materials - unless she could use old socks as stuffing? Maybe she should stop at home first to plan. She hurried to the LoveMe room, finding exactly the person she was hoping to see there. "Moko!"

Kanae expertly dodged Kyoko's hug. "Hey."

"I have a great idea for the costume party!"

"The what?" she asked, no small amount of dread in her voice.

"The costume party that the president is holding a week from now! There's going to be an email. Anyone who isn't busy already has to come. I already know what I'm going as, so do you want to match?" She clasped her hands together. My costume won't be as weird to everyone else if Moko matches!

"Depends. What are you going as?" When Kyoko told her, she replied, "Absolutely not. There is no way in hell I'm going as anything that matches that."

"But Moko!" Kyoko whined, latching onto her best friend's arm. "It would be so much fun to match! It's what best friends do!"

"In middle school! For crying out loud, Kyoko, we're both out of high school now!" Kanae groaned. "I don't even want to go to this thing. I hope something comes up for work."

"It could be a good networking opportunity, though! We could get to know our fellow LME employees better!" Kyoko's saleswoman smile was on. "Anything you wear wouldn't be as bad as the LoveMe uniform. Plus, depending on what you wear, it could help expand your appeal! Dressing as something funny could show that you're open to more roles!"

Kanae planted her hand on her best friend's forehead and pushed her off of her arm. "Stop making that stupid face! It's creepy. And my answer is still no. I don't know why you're going as that, but you're not dragging me into it. I'll find something else."

She pouted, breaking her mask. "Oh, fine. Do you want to come to the craft store with me?"

"The craft store?" Kanae asked.

"I need to make my costume!"

"Does the company not have one that would work?" At Kyoko's silence, she asked, "Did you not even think to check?"

Kyoko looked very determinedly at the floor, her cheeks pink. "No."

"Mo, come on, then." Kanae led the way out of the room. "You're done for the day, right?"

"Yes!" Kyoko bounced after her. "What do you want for dinner? I found this really tasty-sounding recipe to make for dessert, and -"

"Kyoko, are you trying to make me fat?" she groaned. "You keep making these stupidly delicious desserts when you know I can't resist your food!"

"Of course I'm not! That's why I picked this dessert!" She sped up to match Kanae's quick pace.

"Look, there's no way I'm eating it unless it has no calories. I honestly can't afford to eat anything sweet with that shoot I've got in a couple days." She rolled her eyes. "And since there's no way to make a dessert with no calories, it's a no-go. So I won't forgive you if you make it."

Oddly, Kyoko grinned at this. "What if I could make a dessert with no calories?"

She snorted. "Look, even your cooking skills aren't that good."

"But what if I could?" Kyoko stopped just outside the door to the costume department.

"You know what? If you can do the impossible and make a calorie-free dessert, I'll let you pick my costume. Deal?" She regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth.

"Deal!" Kyoko dug in her bag and pulled out a copy of the recipe, a shit-eating grin on her face. "Ta-da! Agar. It's made from seaweed, so there's no calories! I found out about it when I was studying up on the manga for the Kitchen Princess adaptation I'm auditioning for. Akane-chan's a model and she eats it!"

Kanae read the recipe, hating her rash bet more with every word. Sometimes she forgot that, despite not having the same memorization abilities that she did, Kyoko was very smart. Not just smart, but clever. And, apparently, able to play her best friend like a flute. She should be glad that Kyoko didn't do this more often. "I hate that this sounds good."

"Yay!" Kyoko hooked her arm through Kanae's and dragged her into the costume room. Kanae sighed, accepting her fate.

[Line Break]

Kuon snickered as he pulled on his costume in one of Lory's spare rooms. This was going to be hilarious. He couldn't wait to see her face. It almost made up for Boss throwing a costume party for no reason on his day off. Hell, he was only going because Kyoko had said she was going, and he wasn't going to pass up a chance to see his secret girlfriend. Because Kyoko was his girlfriend and wow, was he not used to being able to say that yet. That was about as surreal as the sight in the mirror. Maybe someday in the future, they could match. Costume parties had never really been his thing, but Kyoko loved them and he loved Kyoko. And if dressing up in a costume would make her smile, he would do it gladly. But with tonight's costume, he was going for laughter. Full-blown, gut-busting laughter.

He stepped out of the room at the same time Yukihito was exiting the one across the hall. He snorted. "Fitting, but shouldn't it be smoking?"

Yuki rolled his eyes from where his head stuck out of the screen of his flip phone costume. "Ha, ha. Very funny." He raised an eyebrow. "Are you going to be able to sit in that thing?"

"Absolutely not."

"Is that-"

"Yes. Yes, it is." He gave his manager a grin that had absolutely no business being on Tsuruga Ren's face. Yuki made a note to keep a close eye on his charge tonight as he followed him out to the main event. Only to bump into his back as Ren came to a sudden halt, staring at someone halfway across the room.

"Oh my God," he choked, before doubling over in laughter.

Because Kyoko was a giant ear of corn. She was Corn. He might be flustered from flattery if she didn't look so adorably ridiculous. Just her face was uncovered. Her arms stuck out fully, covered by green, striped fabric, while her legs were partially engulfed by the bottom of the ear of corn. She didn't seem to be able to walk much faster than a shuffle, but that just made her cuter in his eyes. And speaking of eyes, hers had just latched onto his. His laughter had probably caught her attention. She was one of the few people who had ever heard him laugh like this, after all. Behind him, Yuki asked what was so funny. Kuon couldn't answer, breathless from laughter and waiting to see Kyoko's reaction.

She stared at him. Took him in. And then a wide, beaming smile split her face. She grabbed whoever was standing next to her and shook her arm, making the person - Kotonami-san - turn to look at him, too. She said something to Kyoko (probably "Mo, you two are the worst!" said in the girl's equivalent of a loving tone) before pushing her in his direction. Kyoko grabbed her arm and dragged her with her. She was bubbling over with giggles before she even reached him, the beautiful sound growing louder as the pair neared them.

"Buck-buckaw," he said in greeting, and bowed, nearly knocking over Yukihito in the process.

Let it be to Kyoko's credit that she was able to keep what was left of her composure until their eyes met again. And then she fully lost it, laughing so hard that she actually went silent. Tears streamed down her face as she clung to Kanae's arm to stay upright in her unwieldy costume. Kuon flapped around her, doing his best to mimic Bo's movements (because yes, Yappa Kimagure Rock was his current favorite show, because no other dramas of hers were airing, and no, he had not missed an episode since he found out that she was Bo). She clutched at her side with her free arm, unable to stop laughing. The only thing different from the real Bo costume was that his face was showing where Bo's should be.

Then Yuki delivered a sharp kick to the back of Ren's leg, reminding him that they were in a public place. And that Kyoko's initial shriek of hysterical laughter had drawn an awful lot of attention. They only gathered more when a small black wraith hurtled into them, yelling, "Ren-sama! Onee-sama!"

"Hello!" Kuon scooped her up as best he could in Bo's suit. "And what name are you going by tonight?"

"Lydia Deetz," she replied with a solemn face. Then it split back into her usual smile. "And you're Bo! Onee-sama's Bo!" Bo's identity was something of an open secret at LME these days. After all, the main person for whom it needed to be a secret already knew.

"I am. He's such a silly character that I thought he would be perfect for this. You make a lovely Lydia." He tried to adjust his grip, but only succeeded in tickling Maria.

"Ren-sama!" she squealed, squirming in his feathery grip. She settled again and twisted enough to see Kyoko. "Hi, onee-sama!"

"Hi, Maria-chan," Kyoko choked out, still getting ahold of herself. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I love your costume!"

"Thank you, onee-sama! But you should be careful tonight!"

"Why?" Kyoko tilted her head as much as she could in her costume.

"Because you're an ear of corn and Ren-sama's a chicken! He could eat you," she teased, grinning. Kyoko's face went red. Maria giggled.

"Aaaand now we have steamed corn," Kanae said dryly, making Ren and Yuki chuckle.

"Moko-san, you're dressed as a cow?" Maria half-asked, half-stated.

"Yes, because Kyoko is a witch who knows how to make calorie-free desserts that somehow still taste good," she grumbled. At least it was a onesie, so she was comfortable.

"And so Moo-ko is part of my farm theme!" Kyoko beamed. Kuon managed to hold back his snort of laughter. Yashiro was not so lucky, nor was Maria-chan so subtle. The little girl gave a peal of laughter.

"Moo-ko! That's genius, onee-sama!"

"What did I do to deserve this?" Kanae groaned to herself.

"You made a bet against my cooking abilities," Kyoko said cheerfully. "And you refused to be a vegetable with me."

"I'm going to go network. Remember that you're in public, saps. See you guys later." Kanae peeled Kyoko's hand off of her and left the group.

"Attention, one and all!" boomed a voice from the raised platform at one end of the room.

"Grandpa matches me! He's the sandworm. They eat ghosts!" Maria supplied as the others turned to see the large, stripey disturbing creaturing holding a microphone on the stage.

"Thank you for coming to this Spicing Up March Party! Now, for some entertainment. I give you… Bridge Rock!" He gestured to the abnormally large egg on the stage behind him. He slithered out of the way (Sebastian, 'invisible' in stagehand clothes, helped move the tail). Every eye trained on the egg as it started to shake.

Then the Ishibashis, all wearing various Bo costumes (Posh, Scary, and Sporty) burst out of the egg like a stripper out of a cake with a "COCK-A-DOODLE-DO!"

Kyoko fell over in a gale of laughter, despite Kuon's, Yuki's, and even Maria's best attempts to catch her. Kuon set Maria on the floor and the three of them worked to right the guffawing ear of corn.

"Normally you know us as Bridge Rock," Hikaru yelled into the mic, "but for one night only, we are… the Spice Bos!" And then the three of them launched into a parody of "If You Wanna Be My Lover" - "If You Wanna Be My Farmer." Kyoko laughed so hard she cried and applauded harder than anyone when they finished. After the music was done, Kyoko (with Kuon and Maria in tow - Yuki had gone off to socialize) headed over to meet her onii-sans.

"You guys were amazing!" Kyoko beamed, waving the hand that wasn't holding Maria's. Kuon was not jealous of Maria (Kuon was totally jealous of Maria).

"Kyouko-chan!" the three crowed, converging on her and trapping her in the middle of a Bo hug. "Glad you liked it," Hikaru added, his face a bit pinker than the hot chicken suit could explain.

"Of course! It's so fun seeing you all dressed up as Bo. And your music is always so good! I wish we could have it on the show more often." Kuon didn't miss the way her smile made Hikaru's face go from pink to red, but kept himself from saying anything. He knew firsthand how easy it was to fall for Kyoko - and he trusted her. And also knew that she was far too oblivious to notice something like her co-star asking her out. Repeatedly.

"We're not the only ones being Bo tonight," Yuusei noted with a grin, taking in Ren's costume. "Man, I wish we'd known. We could've gotten you in on the act!"

"I wanted it to be a fun surprise," he replied with a lopsided grin. He liked the Ishibashis, despite their leader's crush on Kyoko. Heck, he could even see himself becoming friends with them someday (with Kyoko's help, because let's be real, he kind of sucked at making real friends). "Besides, I didn't know you'd all be Bo, either."

"Couldn't ruin it for our Kyoko-chan!" Shinichi beamed, throwing a wing around Kyoko.

"Too bad, though. There's four Bos and only one ear of corn to eat," Kuon said lightly, enjoying how Kyoko's cheeks turned pink. Loving how she picked up on things like that now. How her mouth opened, probably to scold him, when -

"Whoa, what a cockfest!"

They turned, and there was Kijima, grinning. He was wearing what could almost pass for a costume instead of fetish wear, if only because he was wearing an animal-ear headband. "Before you ask: I'm a sexy mouse, duh."

"Hello, Kijima-san," Kyoko said, giving the best greeting bow she could in her costume.

"Aren't you a snack!" he exclaimed. "One I wouldn't mind nibbling on, if you know what I mean." He winked at her. "Right, Ren-kun?" He elbowed him.

"Indeed. I am feeling rather hungry." Stop fucking flirting with her.

Kyoko did a double-take as her grudges popped out, basking in Kuon's ire. "I'm sorry, what? You - you're hungry?"

"We should get snacks, then!" Maria piped up. "I'll be right back."

"I'll come with you," Kyoko began, only to have her little sister cut her off.

"Onee-sama, you're not a host this time! You should stay and mingle. I'll go get Ren-sama something light." Kyoko had given Maria a few cooking lessons, and the little girl may have used those to learn exactly what her favorite people liked to eat. "Stay here."

"Yes, Maria-chan," she sighed. So much for a quick escape.

That backfired. Kuon shot her an apologetic look before turning to face Kijima. "What a pleasant surprise to see you. I thought that this was an LME-only event." Kyoko's grudges danced around him, eating the sparkles from his smile. Such delicious irritation!

"And miss a party?" Kijima laughed. "I'm a plus-one. Technically. Dunno whose, yet, but I'll figure it out. How about it, Kyoko-chan?" He gave an exaggerated bow, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"I'm good, thanks," she said, shooting him her own sparkly smile.

"Aw, you wound me!" Sensing that Ren was at his limits, Kijima changed tack. "How about you, Ren-kun? Feel like swapping teams for the night?"

"I appreciate the offer, but you're not my type." Had this been L.A. and pre-Kyoko, he would've accepted; he had never been picky about gender or types. But this was Tokyo, and far more importantly, he had Kyoko. Which, as far as everything went, meant that Kyoko and Kyoko alone was his type.

"Zero for two!" He stuck out his bottom lip in a pout, then turned to the Ishibashis, arms spread wide. "Okay, the better Bo squad - any takers? This sexy, sexy mouse could be yours for the evening!"

Kuon and Kyoko exchanged a look, then bailed. Kyoko sent Hikaru a little apologetic bow as they escaped, making him laugh. Yuusei linked arms with Kijima, taking him up on his offer, and the three Bos dragged him away. Huh, good to know, Kyoko thought.

"I was kidding about being hungry," the remaining Bo said, once they'd made it to a wall.

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I figured."

"But maybe I could go for a snack." He had that look in his eyes - he was fully Kuon right now, leaning against the wall and dressed like a giant rooster.

His meaning whistled mockingly as it flew over her head. "I hope so, since Maria-chan is going to the trouble of getting you one."

But they were dating, and no one was paying them any attention, so he could give it another shot. "I wasn't planning on that, actually. I was more thinking of nibbling on a certain ear of corn." Okay, so subtlety and Kyoko didn't go together in his head anymore. So sue him.

He was rewarded with the sight of Kyoko's costume cooking from the inside out as her face turned beet red. "Corn!" she hissed, embarrassed but not angry. Her eyes darted around the room, making sure no one was looking.

"I'm pretty sure that you're the corn tonight," he said with an impish grin.

Kyoko started inching away from him, more to tease him than anything, but she couldn't move very fast in her costume. Kuon slunk after her, wing trailing along the wall. A thought occurred to her. "Wait. If you eat corn - or, I guess, if I eat it while wearing this costume - is that cannibalism?"

He barked out a laugh, not having expected that, and had to back up to a respectable distance as people turned to look. He continued chortling even as Maria wove her way through the crowd to them, a plate in her hands. "Here you go, Ren-sama! Oh, and onee-sama, Uncle Tiger is here! He said he wanted to talk to you later."

Ren took one look at the plate and doubled over in laughter. Maria had gotten him a plate of grilled baby corn with butter. After all, onee-sama had told her that Bo only ate the finest buttered corn. "Th-Thank you," he choked out between laughs.

Kyoko stepped on his foot. "That would be lovely, Maria-chan! Where is he? We could go talk to him now."

Maria grabbed her hand and led her away, leaving Kuon to snicker into his plate. On the way, they scooped up Kanae, since "any friend of onee-sama's is someone Uncle Tiger would find worth meeting," according to Maria. Kanae didn't know whether to curse Kyoko (for putting her in this damn cow onesie) or thank her (because she was about to be introduced to the Eltra Duris).

Kuon watched from partway across the room as the four talked, only half-paying attention to the conversation he'd gotten dragged into. Just a little longer, then I can introduce her to my family myself. Sure, he and Eltra had never spent much time together, but he doted almost as much as Kuu. Almost. And if Kyoko had another one of his family members on her side when they eventually headed to California, it was all for the better. Not that anyone could withstand the double tidal wave of Mom and Dad, but he'll help with the extended family. Okay, he couldn't think about that now. But he could think about how cute Kyoko looked in her costume.

Kyoko, meanwhile, was answering everything Uncle Tiger had ever wanted to know about running a ryokan. Which was a surprising amount, but hey, she might as well use the knowledge she'd spent fifteen years learning for something. Kanae asked a few clarifying questions where appropriate, earning her an approving nod from Uncle Tiger. Maria was just happy to have someone else appreciate her onee-sama's brilliance.

"So that's how you made such delicious food for the party!" Eltra exclaimed, as Kyoko finished explaining her training under the taisho.

"Ah, it wasn't just me," Kyoko demurred. "I couldn't have done any of it without my fellow chefs. They were so much fun to work with! I learned so much from them. And Maria-chan helped me come up with ideas!"

"I just helped with the theme, onee-sama," she corrected. "Uncle Tiger, she made up all the recipes herself!"

"Then there's the katsuramuki," Kanae added, ever the good best friend. Plus, Kyoko had given her one hell of a professional introduction to Eltra Duris, probably something else she'd learned at the ryokan. Or had that been from a LoveMe job?

Eltra's head snapped to Kyoko. "You can do katsuramuki?"

"Yes, I can."

"Fascinating." His mind was whirring madly. Lory had found an incredible treasure with this one. A remarkable actress, a professional-level chef, and a fully-trained nakai? Plus, she had won over Maria, a feat all on its own. Lory had created a whole section for this girl and her friend, who also seemed quite promising. "It was lovely to properly speak with you, Kyouko-san, and to meet you, Kanae-san. Maria, darling, you have excellent taste in friends. Now, I'm going to see what that old sandworm is up to." With that, he left to harass Lory about his LoveMe section and when the girls would be debuting internationally. He was bound and determined to have a hand in it… but that is the story for another day.

Some time and snacks later (including baby corn, making Kyoko giggle to herself about cannibalism), she found herself back with the Ishibashis. They were chasing her around the stage for the entertainment of the crowd. They slipped and tripped over each other, showing off the slapstick side of their comedy that usually only she got to do on the show. All was going well until, hampered by her costume, Kyoko stumbled. She was about to fall off the stage. The crowd let out a gasp as the Ishibashis scrambled to catch her, but they were too late.

Kyoko landed in the outstretched wings of the fourth Bo. Kuon let out a triumphant "COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!" as if this had been planned from the beginning. He slung Kyoko over his shoulder as best he could in her costume (man, was corn an awkward shape when human-sized), turned on his heel, and started sprinting for the nearest exit. The crowd parted in front of him and he heard the Ishibashis scrambling and clucking after them, yelling about a food thief. He made it out of the room and ducked into one of the many hidden passages (knowing Lory so well had its perks), listening as the three trundled past. He heard them laughing as they then went back, thinking up jokes for their return to the stage.

"Soooo are you going to put me down?" Kyoko giggled from his shoulder.

"I suppose so," he said with an exaggerated sigh, setting her on her feet. He gave her a moment to collect herself before he swooped in and started leaving little kisses all over her face.

"Corn!" she squealed, but she couldn't keep the smile off of her face. "What are you doing?"

"I believe I'm being a rooster, pecking at an ear of corn." He pecked her cheek again.

She groaned. "Oh my god."

"C'mon, that was a good one."

"That was awful. Dad would be so proud." She slipped her arms around his plush rooster body as best she could, giving him a hug he could barely feel through it. "Thanks for catching me."

"Of course, princess." He caught her lips in a lingering kiss this time. When they broke apart, he brushed his face against the corn silk at the top of her costume. "Seriously, though, how do you do so many stunts in this thing? I had a hard enough time running in it."

"I'm not usually carrying a whole other person on my shoulder when I do it," she replied with a grin. "And lots of practice helps."


"...We should probably head back before people get suspicious," she sighed.

He stepped back unwillingly. "Do you and Kotonami-san need a ride home tonight?"

"Ah, that would be wonderful!" She smiled up at him. "Thank you."

"Alright, just find me when you want to leave." He pecked her forehead one last time before leading the way back to the party. Kyoko gave herself a moment to get her blush under control (she still wasn't used to how affectionate he was) before following.

Time passed. Kyoko got dragged around by Maria, then by the Ishibashis again, and at one point even by Chiori (who was, to Kyoko's intense, flattered embarrassment, dressed as Mio). Kuon kept one eye on her even as he got pulled into another routine with the Ishibashis (and was forced to pose for a variety of pictures with them - but hey, it would help what he considered to be Kyoko's show). Kijima also got in on the action, insisting on posing as if he were about to be eaten (despite the Ishibashis arguing that Bo only ate buttered corn). Then Lory got involved, and Kuon frankly lost track of everything that happened after that.

His sandworm costume was as huge and unwieldy as expected of him, since this was his costume party and he'd be damned before he was outdone. It took an entire team of puppeteers to wrangle it properly, and an additional few to provide the special effects. It was, in short, overwhelming.

Which is how Kuon found himself sitting outside with Kyoko. Despite their increasing tolerance, neither of them were yet fully immune to Lory's antics. So, while everyone else had been stunned to stillness, they had slipped away. They weren't going to leave yet, of course - Yuki had driven, and Kanae also needed a ride - but it was nice to have a few quiet moments together. The cool air helped, too, since their costumes were so hot and stuffy.

"How have you not gotten heat stroke doing all those stunts under stage lights?" he asked. They weren't touching - this was still too public a place, after all - but they were sitting together on a bench on one of the porches, leaning against the wall.

"I have pockets for cooling packs sewn into my tank top and shorts," she replied, gesturing with her green-clad hands. "Plus, I usually don't wear the suit for that long at a time, except for live recordings. If I'd known you were wearing a full body costume, I could've lent you my spares." She leaned over just enough to bump his shoulder.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. Your face was priceless." Then he swore.


"I should've taken a picture for Mom and Dad."

"Corn, if I know our manager at all, he took about forty. You just have to ask him. Plus, we still need to get a picture with Maria-chan, so we can send them that." She rolled her eyes. "I'd say that we should take one now, but neither of us have pockets, which means no phones."

"And these costumes are not made with selfies in mind." He flapped his wings to emphasize his point.

She giggled. "They really aren't. Remember that meet-and-greet?"

"The one that made a blood vessel in the producer's eye pop?"

"Exactly." She wanted to lean against him, to tuck herself into his side, to have him place his arm around her - but they couldn't, not here, not yet. So she just grinned up at him, her dork in rooster armor. "Want to go get that picture with Maria-chan before she has to go to bed?"

"And then get out of here? Please." He stood, offering her a wing up, which she took. "Back to the chaos, then."

"Please, when have we ever left the chaos?" She gestured to their outfits.

"Fair point. Lead on."

They went inside and took pictures. They posed with Maria and Lory, with Maria riding the sandworm like a cowgirl and Lory pretending to be about to eat them. Kyoko posed with Bridge Rock twice - once, with her face showing, for them, and once, covering her face with her hands for the band's social media. Having Bo be a secret just worked too well for publicity; they didn't want to ruin the magic. But they still wanted a picture with her. Kyoko captured Kanae and managed to get her to pose long enough for a "best-friends-forever" picture in their theme-matching costumes. Chiori laughed at them but joined in the next image, giving Kanae bunny ears. Kijima then threw himself into the picture, literally, knocking Kyoko over in the process. That action shot was one for the album - as was the subsequent shot of Kuon physically lifting Kijima up and tossing him at the three other Bos, claiming that he was their problem tonight. (Kanae caught a picture on her phone of Kyoko's totally-not-drooling-over-her-boyfriend's-strength expression, which she would not not use as a bargaining chip in the future.) Yuki then got dragged out from behind the camera and into the photos, Kanae taking his phone because if I have to have this god-awful outfit memorialized then your weird superpower does too. Kyoko and Kuon posed with their manager, pretending to try to figure out the buttons on his phone front. When at last they left, Kuon walked the girls to their door and Kanae marched inside to shower off the costume smell. Kyoko lingered just long enough to wish her boyfriend a proper goodnight.

In the end, it was a great way to spice up an otherwise boring month.

Did you like it? I hope it made you laugh! :D