This one shot is inspired by a conversation I once had with my good friend and fellow author Bl4ckhunter I think two years ago involving 5x10 of "The Flash" and in regards to Lyla needing better security for A.R.G.U.S. when Weather Witch and Silver Ghost broke into one of its facilities. This explores the idea of the agency being better prepared at that facility when the two women broke in and also has a special guest.

Disclaimer: I don't own "The Flash", the 5x10 dialogue, or anything from DC Comics.

Silver Ghost and Joslyn, also known as Weather Witch, had arrived at the A.R.G.U.S. facility and the latter had just used her staff to take out the power generator which helped keep the facility secure. Following this the two women strolled into it where the vehicle the former was intending to use was stored. As they walked inside and came across the vehicle, Silver Ghost was explaining to her partner a bit about its history.

"Ten years and 24 million dollars later, the stealth automobile aka the Sam was born," she shared with Joslyn, who listened while highly impressed by what she was hearing. "Rumor has it that everything under its hood comes directly from Wayne Tech."

They then began peeling off the thick white covering it and uncovered a very shiny, to the point it glowed underneath the lighting above it, and fancy looking vehicle. They both stared at it impressed while rubbing their hands over it in awe.

"Twenty-four million dollar prototype?" Joslyn questioned in amazement as she continued to take in the vehicle. "What can it do?" she then asked her new friend who smiled at her.

"Let's find out," Silver Ghost suggested and with a slight smirk after which she held out the car keys for it. Before they could make it a reality and take it out for a joy ride, all of the lights suddenly turned back on and an army of A.R.G.U.S. agents, led by their director Lyla Michaels who happened to be at that particular facility for some business, suddenly appeared and swarmed on them, coming at them from all sides.

"Freeze," "Show us your hands," "You're surrounded," "Don't move," were all heard in a cacophony of voices around them and the two women quickly lifted their hands into the air, Joslyn looking scared and Silver Ghost looking pretty mad but unable to do anything.

After a bit, Lyla stepped closer to them and addressed them.

"Really ladies? Did you really think you could just stroll into one of my facilities and make off with one of the most valuable cars in our custody and especially since said custody was entrusted to us?" she asked them with an amused smile, arms folded, while giving shaking her head with disappointment at them. "And while you might've taken out the main power generator we happen to be smart enough to have multiple backup generators and that's something you both should've thought of."

Joslyn bowed her head in embarrassment regarding that point about the backup generators while Silver Ghost shut her eyes tightly in frustration. Lyla then continued.

"Also, but sometime last year another supervillain came strolling into this facility and caused a tremendous amount of trouble and because of that incident we greatly enhanced our security to ensure that those kinds of incidents never happen again. I see it was a very good thing we did," she explained while referring to Clifford Devoe, the Thinker.

"Oh and by the way, but there's someone I'd like for you both to meet," she then declared to which the other two women turned their heads to the side in response to the sound of footsteps approaching them. The owner of the footsteps emerged from the shadows and it turned out to be the legendary Bruce Wayne, dark haired and wearing a fancy, well-tailored suit.

"Oh my gosh! You're Bruce Wayne himself!" Joslyn exclaimed in astonishment. He smiled.

"That would be correct young lady. And if you and your friend thought you were going to seriously waltz in here and drive off with one of my vehicles you both have another thing coming. I put a lot of effort in ensuring that A.R.G.U.S. would be able to protect my property and thankfully my investment was worth it," he happily explained to them, enjoying the embarrassment upon their faces while privately shuddering at the thought of if either of them had somehow had gotten ahold of his Batmobile. He then turned towards Joslyn and addressed her directly.

"I've been monitoring and observing your situation and I understand why you've teamed up with your new friend here and why you're doing what you're doing. But returning back to crime like breaking into a government facility trying to help steal one of my vehicles isn't the answer and especially if you're trying to prove to everyone that you've changed," he explained gently to her. "I know you really want to change, make things right, and become a better person and I'm sorry Nora didn't give you that chance. But this is not the way and you can make a better decision on how you'll live your life.

"In fact I'm willing to give you a chance right now in the form of an offer, which Lyla has agreed to, though I must warn you that it's a one-time deal. Either you can come with me right now, leave all of this behind, and I'll take you under my wing and show you a better path and how to atone for your actions or I'll let you be taken in by A.R.G.U.S. who'll either turn you back into the CCPD or they might choose to keep you themselves which would be their right since you helped break into a facility."

Bruce paused for a moment, and then continued.

"One thing for you to consider as you contemplate my offer though, but if you truly want to experience consequences for your actions, allowing me to take you under my wing and working with me will grant you that since there is another belief that lifelong atonement is a far greater consequence than imprisonment. But it will still give you a chance to live a better life and benefit society. So what do you say?"

Joslyn's eyes widened in astonishment, not having expected this turn of events. At this point in her life she'd just wanted someone to accept her and really give her chance and she'd even gone with Silver Ghost since she thought that as her only option. But now here was this famous billionaire offering her the chance she'd always craved for. And of course if she did not accept then, well, let's just say that the alternative was not appealing to her.

She then made up her mind.

"I accept your offer Bruce and yes. I truly want to become a better person more than anything," she answered and with a smile. Bruce smiled back, proud of her decision, and then turned towards Silver Ghost.

"As for you, you're going to be placed in custody for your crimes and it will be up to Lyla here to decide what becomes of you. But hopefully someday you'll also come to your senses and repent and choose a better way to live your life," he said to her seriously yet kindly, to which she responded with a growl. Afterwards he stretched out his arm towards Joslyn in a come hither gesture and she responded by moving towards him and allowed him to place his arm around her shoulders and escort her to away from the facility and to a different life in which she'd learn a better way to live and also serve her fellow humans as a hero while Silver Ghost was placed in custody and led away to pay the price for her crimes.

The End

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