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Psykos was never one to live by mantras, it was beneath her to follow the same advice the less intelligent masses clinged to. There was one one in particular that she found quite abhorrent, that if one wanted a job done properly that they'd best do it themselves.

Such logic didn't quite make full sense to her and even seemed to be the antithesis of her own actions so far for the past years. For a task that she'd given herself as large in scope as the total destruction and replacement of humanity, no one individual, not even herself, could ever hope to accomplish such a large undertaking utterly alone.

That was why she started building up her own monster army through a few different proxy organizations, none of them were significant besides her largest one being the Monster Association. The point here was she wasn't working alone but delegating some of the work to subordinates.

Of course running an organization comprised entirely of monsters could be rather troublesome at times. But she was not going into this situation unprepared.

With her own projects and research on Mysterious Beings she'd managed to create a couple psychic controlled 'meat puppets' that would be able to work as the military advisor for the Monster Association while also fulfilling some of her other goals autonomously for the most part without her supervision and presence.

This would be made easier by them possessing a personality nearly identically imprinted from her own. So alongside letting the puppets work on some of her projects she could just as easily tap into that psychic link to control and speak through them to others as if she was there, and command the Monster Association through it if she wanted.

That left her the ability to work freely behind the scenes with an extraordinarily lighter workload, allowing her more time to carefully plan the destruction of humanity. It really was a thankless task, but nevertheless Psykos dutifully worked on it. Continuously preparing for a war against the Hero Association.

Though sometimes Psykos found she had a little too much free time on her hands. Sure she could continue working on her various projects but there was only so much one could do before being forced to wait for results on experiments, or get burned out engaging in repetitive work. The end result was that Psykos felt herself grow rather bored of what she did most of the time, despite how important to her all of it was.

She considered the ways she could alleviate her boredom so she could easier work. A hobby on the side? It was something to consider for sure, but really there wasn't anything Psykos could think of in the way activities that could provide proper mental stimulation for someone as intellectually driven as her. Perhaps another form of stimulation then, maybe something more physical?

She considered it for a moment. Ever since the vision she had in high school Psykos had decided to completely reject mankind's way of life. The degenerate filth that was humanity had proven themselves nothing better than the waste they produced, after what she saw had become of them. So the thought of intermingling with the ones she sought to destroy was something that repulsed her a bit.

Yet still being human herself Psykos was not completely able to ignore the base instincts and hormones inside her that still existed. At times she considered making herself a Mysterious Being, but she pushed that idea aside. Rejecting her humanity sounded enticing for someone like her but she felt it would be too risky to her many plans should the process go wrong.

Participating in that sort of transformation would change her physical appearance, impulse control, intelligence, and ego, potentially warping them to an unrecognizable point potentially rendering her greatest asset useless, her human intelligence and planning.

Psykos felt herself teetering on the edge of her humanity for a while now. Having spent so long away from her own kind behavior she completely neglected to take care of her human physical needs.

As painful as it was to admit she had honestly never considered pleasuring herself much due to her work consuming her, now with all this free time on her hands perhaps she did need that one certain type of stress relief to take her mind off things momentarily.

Masturbation was certainly always an option and so were creating her own toys to play with, maybe she could ride a specially built machine for her during idle time. Psykos internally laughed at that ridiculous idea. Mixing work with that sort of pleasure would be a disaster, even if the work in question was something that pleased her, she couldn't allow herself to get distracted by lustful desires midway through working on an important or otherwise vital project that needed her undivided attention.

No, simple masturbation at home would be too easy. She needed just a little bit more than that, perhaps she could have some fun with a guy and have them stroke her ego a little while getting some physical pleasure out of it. She was confident in herself, and didn't consider her physical appearance as anything other than beautiful. But despite this Psykos felt she had often been overshadowed by her former friend Fubuki during her high school years, as such even before her future vision she hadn't had very much in the way of romantic encounters or dating...

So to ease her worries in that she was still desirable, and as a means of passing time and to take care of her physical needs she'd go and leave her little bunker and fuck some lucky guy until she was satisfied enough. Honestly thinking about it more that was probably all she needed, a one simple one night stand. Then she'd be able to properly focus on her primary objectives again.

Psykos strutted along the empty sidewalk of the City Z ghost town wearing an unsuspecting hoodie and medical mask. She walked in the empty road in part to clear her mind with the fresh air and in part because City Z was where her main base of operations was. Although she hadn't openly done anything to warrant the need to hide her identity Psykos wasn't too keen on letting her appearance out to the public too much, should someone from her past recognize her. So she wore some basic civilian clothing she had lying around.

Though… it was rather snug fitting, and now a bit uncomfortable due to her bust size. She had owned the hoodie since her highschool years, why she still kept it around Psykos wasn't really sure. It reminded her of her own physical growth, that was something to be proud of at the very least, if how tight it was around her chest was any indication.

Now where to find her man… it could take awhile, first she'd have to leave the boundaries of ghost town and then wander around the more inhabited areas first. Then find a convenient excuse good enough to lure a man into a private area with her, but that part wouldn't be too difficult given her attractiveness and charisma. Any man with a brain, or even none at all, would fall for her.

Out of the corner of her eye across the street Psykos could make out someone. A plain looking bald man wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. He seemed to be holding groceries too. Huh, would it really be this easy? Well, she supposed he would have to do. The man's face wasn't very much to look at but that wasn't what she was looking for here.

Wait a minute, what was an average looking civilian doing wandering around in the abandon area? Did he live here? That odd fact alone at least warranted some investigation of him on her part. So Psykos approached the man, following him a little bit from behind and eventually walking up to his side.

"Oh uh, hi." The man with the bland expression noticed her presence.

"Do you live around here?" Psykos inquired.


"How interesting, you know this place is the ghost town right? Why would you live in such a dangerous area?"

"Rents dirt cheap, can't really afford any other place."

Really? Was the guy so poverty stricken that he'd risk his life daily in a place like this just for a roof over his head? Another one of humanity's rampant problems Psykos supposed. Well perhaps she could at least make his likely short life a little bit better for a moment before he bit the dust against one of the local mysterious beings. At was the least she could do.

"You know I happened to live nearby too, so that would make us neighbors."

"Really? That's pretty cool." Psykos noted the mans expression lighten up ever so slightly with a smile. So he was capable of emoting then.

"Indeed. Would you mind if I come over to your place for a visit? I'd like to get to know one of my neighbors a bit more, if that's alright with you."

"Sure, I don't see why not. Didn't expect to have people over though... didn't eat yet either, I guess I could make us some ramen... oh by the way I'm Saitama."

"Nice to meet you Saitama, you may call me Psykos."


"Well uh, home sweet home." Saitama introduced his apartment.

After a rather short tour Psykos learned that his apartment was made up of four main rooms, each one compact and pitifully small. The main 'living room' had a TV, laptop, a bookcase, then a few small pieces of furniture that all together took up half the already small room. After looking at his sleeping arrangements Psykos wondered how anyone could live in such a claustrophobic space. But if Saitama was a poor as she thought then Psykos suspected the lack of space probably wouldn't have bothered him much.

She didn't have that problem to deal with of course. Having used her hundreds of subordinate monsters and drones to clear away the subterraneans expansive underground fortress. She wasn't wanting for living space nor did she even need to pay rent. In fact she had a whole mining operation that gave her quite a lot of wealth in the form of precious metals and gems.

Psykos went and laid sideways on the floor. One hand propping up her head and the over over her waist, in an attempt to put on a seductive pose. She eyed Saitama in front of her who was sitting cross legged

"I don't suppose you'd mind entertaining me would you~" Psykos purred from her position.

"Oh uh... there isn't really a whole lot to do here besides watch TV. Well I guess I have this one pretty cool manga I'm reading if you want to look."

Huh?! What the hell! Was he some kind of idiot!? Could he not tell when a woman was interested in him? Or was he just oblivious? Psykos didn't put it past Saitama to be socially incompetent or just inexperienced in general given how simplistic he looked, acted, and lived. If that was the case then she'd just have to take the lead here, her leading things was perfectly fine.

Sitting up Psykos huffed. "Saitama have you ever had a girlfriend, or any romantic encounter?"

"Not really. I mean there was this one time in high school I kissed a girl, but it never really went anywhere..."

That explained a little bit. "Do you think you could do me a favor Saitama?

"A favor?"

"Yeah... but first come closer Saitama."

"Okay?" He scooted barely an inch.

"I meant directly in front of me." Saitama complied though visibly confused.

Just as he got within arms reach Psykos leaned herself in then pressed her lips and body on his.

"H-hey! What's the deal?!" Saitama pulled away.

"What is it? Aren't you interested in me?"

"What? I don't know, we just met today! I'm not sure if this is something neighbors do normally, especially when they first meet."

"Are you gay?"

"What? No!"

"Then what's the problem? Don't you want me? I would've thought a man living alone would've wanted a beautiful woman all to himself."

"Uh, I just thought we were going to hang out and talk or something. I didn't really expect you to be that type to initiate this..."

"Well. I don't intend to leave until I get what I want, and what I want is you. What do you think of that?"

Saitama closed his eyes and sighed. "Jeesh you're really pushy about this... I mean uh, I'm not really used to this sort of situation... I guess it's been a little lonely here sometimes, but this is kinda fast for me... " He trailed off.

"You know I've been lonely too. As two lonely people and consenting adults it only makes sense that together we relieve each other right?" Psykos questioned.

"I didn't exactly consent yet..."

"Tch! Look... do you wanna have sex with me or not?!" Psykos said with an annoyed look.

Saitama had a thoughtful look for a minute before he finally made up his mind. "Sure... I guess I've been a little pent up lately... "

Finally! Psykos continued her previous motions then fell upon him, now fully pressing up her breasts against his chest and her mouth against his. Her tongue desperately trying to explore the inside of Saitama's mouth.

Wanting to get comfortable, Psykos got up for a moment to take off the hoodie that she'd been wearing, revealing underneath her large breasts barely held up and covered by a bra.

"Woah... Can I feel them?"

"Do whatever you want~"

Psykos moaned as Saitama's hands firmly grasped her breast from underneath her bra, squeezing and playing with them. She rewarded this action by undoing the bra strap from behind, now revealing her voluptuous chest in its full glory. Psykos threw her bra off to the side with her hoodie.

"How about we move onto something more interesting?" She tried a seductive tone.

Saitama nodded as Psykos went below to his waist and removed his pants and underwear, revealing his erect penis. Psykos stared at it momentarily before putting it into her mouth and sucking.

Nnng, I believe this is how I do it... if those videos are to be believed. Fuck, my mouth is already getting sore from gaping to fit it all in. But I won't let a little soreness deter me, despite this being my first time.

"Nh Uuh." Saitama moaned.

"Mnfgh!" Psykos made a noise of surprise as Saitama ejaculated a load of sperm into her mouth and throat. Gagging a moment at the bitter taste of the semen, but she kept her mouth on and forced herself to swallow it.

He's finished already? Well I guess it can't be helped if he's a virgin. I am too anyway. Hell, he hasn't even made me cum yet.

"Hey Psykos can I... suck on them?"Saitama gestured to her chest.

"What did I say before? Go ahead."

Saitama accepted the confirmation moved in to put his mouth over her right breast and nipple, with another hand fondling Psykos left one.

"Ahn!" Psykos couldn't contain a moan as both of her breasts were being pleasured at once. Hard and progressively faster.

"Nnng, d-don't squeeze s-so hard!" As Psykos felt the pressure on her breasts lighten, and the area in between her legs started to get wet, hot, and needy.

"H-how about we move onto the main event?"

Psykos repositioned herself on Saitama, taking off the rest of her pants and panties then aligning her hips and womanhood to his penis. Moving his cock to her entrance she slowly pressed down on it, then in another motion Psykos forced it in and felt Saitama's dick fully penetrate her. She let out a half scream and moan, feeling her legs twitch uncontrollably.

"F-fuck! Fuck me!"

Slowly she rose her hips only to then slam herself down on Saitama's crotch, once, twice, and more, with each thrust hitting her cervix and making her legs shake. Psykos felt her face get flush and something swell within her.

"Oh~ Oh fuck~" Psykos felt her legs buckle under her, and she fell forward onto Saitama's chest. Her lower half trembling in an orgasm.

"That was pretty good. Let me try now." Saitama said, his expression changing into something more serious.

Psykos gave him a confused look before her expression changed back into one of pleasure. As Saitama himself started to thrust into her at a steady and hard pace. Harder and faster then she did.

It was overwhelming her senses, Psykos moaned and whimpered as she came again and again from the repeated motion. She wrapped her arms around Saitama's shoulders and squeezed, then forced her mouth and tongue into his for a passionate kiss. Psykos felt him grunt, another orgasm, then her muscles spasm as she felt her body go numb as he finished inside her.

"So... that was something." Saitama said in a daze.

Carefully he took Psykos off and moved her to the ground, before standing up to stretch his arms. Seeing Psykos still lying there with her legs still twitching he grabbed and setup his futon for her to lay on.

"Hmm, kinda hungry now." He said to himself.

"Hey Psykos, want to eat some ramen now- oh." It seemed to him that Psykos had fallen asleep.

Saitama sighed, rubbing his head. He wasn't sure what to think of his new 'neighbor' he had. He didn't really expect this to happen, maybe a quick talk about their interest while eating together or something? But he didn't expect her to demand sex, and he wasn't sure why he gave in so easily. It was all so sudden, and weird. What kind of neighbor was she?

He studied her naked form closer, maybe he should put her clothes back on now. Or did she want a shower first with all that sweating, he sure needed one now.

Wait did he cum inside her? Shit! Now it was leaking on his bed... he'd have to clean that later. Then deal with whatever problems came after sex... children? Girls didn't get pregnant instantly did they?! Wasn't there some sort of pill they could eat to take care of that?

Saitama sighed deeply. He'll just make some food first, then ask her about it later. Hopefully she acted a little less crazy when she woke up. He hoped.