Unbeknownst to mankind and heroes there was but one person who stood at the peak of strength beyond even S Class rank 1, the hero for hobby Saitama.

But now that man stood not only on top of heroes but monsters as well. One would think such a position was something to be highly valued or pleasant to reside in, however Saitama felt that the job left much to be desired.

Under normal circumstances he probably would've actively avoided playing the role of Monster King at all, but through some persuasion on Psykos part he decided to try it out for a bit.

It wasn't like he had anything better to do. Though having to communicate with monsters directly and attempt to reform them wasn't what he was used to. Normally he'd just punch them and head home. But if monsters never stopped showing up to attack people... maybe it wouldn't hurt to see if he could change their ways. The results he was getting from his new so called "subjects" was mixed to say the least.

THUMP* The headless corpse of a mysterious being fell to the floor, his arms were long bloody cleavers and his body was covered in bandages. Other less power mysterious beings who had an idea in their head to dethrone the new king scurried away in fear.

"What is that strength!? One of our demons just got fucking obliterated in one hit!" One monster exclaimed.

"G-guess we'll have to serve a human now... at least he's strong."

If Saitama felt a monster was beyond saving or redemption usually he didn't bother talking to them. This only happened when the monster showed very obvious and very blatant murderous intent, criminal behavior, or significant annoying attributes. Otherwise a majority of the time Saitama usually disregarded them as either annoying or weird looking things, but in small cases he became a little bit more proactive in dispatching them.

What was his name again? Regnant Skewer? Well, that guy seemed like bad news. Covered in blood and monologuing about killing people? How come so many monsters do the exact same thing but say it in slightly different ways each time? Man, I have my work cut out for me. I never had to consider looking at monsters from other angles before...

Saitama spared humans because the police and justice system were supposed to handle those problems. Monsters however did not have the same protections, probably because most monsters did what Regnant did, but if the monster hadn't done anything than he didn't have a problem with sparing them. Society would still look at any monster with fear and skepticism...

Saitama hadn't considered the morality of killing monsters until just now and if it was unfair that they didn't have any representation compared to humans. Could a monster be judged the same way as a human? Could they be integrated in society more than they were?

Normally he was of the mind for Monsters that if you weren't bothering anybody negatively you should be able to live. That was his bare minimum level. But now having to lead a bunch of them and establish peace with humanity in a more defined way... Saitama barely knew where to start or think.

I'll just have to rely on Psykos then to fix those problems I guess. She just wants me to beat up a few strong ones here so the rest don't scatter and cause chaos, I shouldn't have too much trouble doing that. Though all these 'assassination attempts' are starting to get on my nerves.

"Let's just get this over with. Anyone else who wants to fight me just come out already!" Saitama yelled out.

Hopefully he would be able to clear out any other problematic monsters. If there was one thing he could do easily it was punch things.

"Tch! Hey King Baldy!" Another Mysterious Being called out to Saitama.

Saitama's eye twitched, and he turned his head towards the source of the noise.

"Hey! Who just said that! Show yourself so I can punch you!"

Down from a stone ledge above a large and ugly looking monster jumped off and landed on the ground, making an impression on the ground with his feet.

"Me. You can call me Fuhrer Ugly. You got a problem shiny head?"

After Saitama saw the monsters appearance he relaxed. "Normally I would be. But it looks like you have it a lot worse than I do."

Fuhrer Ugly raised an eyebrow. "Huh? Why is that?"

"You look like... you just got out of a terrible accident. So you must be going through something difficult, and can't help but take it out on others." Saitama shrugged.

"Asshole! I'll fucking kill ya for that insult!" Fuhrer Ugly ground his teeth in rage and fury, his muscles bulged from under his shirt and his grew a five feet taller.

"Unluckily for you I get stronger the more self loathing I feel. Now, I'm gonna trash you until nothing of you is left! Gah- "

In an instant Saitama's fist collided with Fuhrer Ugly's body sending him flying into the wall and into unconsciousness. Due to feeling sympathy for the ugly creature Saitama had decided to spare him, even though technically he started it.

Some people seem like like they have it hard. Jeez, and here I am worrying about my lack of hair. That guy looked like he just had his face smashed in or something.

Suddenly Saitama noticed a round orb of light coming straight at him from the side. He sidestepped the ball of light and watched it crash into a pillar vaporizing it.

"You should be careful with those fireworks, someone could get burned by that."

Coming into Saitama's view was a disheveled looking man, wearing tattered clothes and a fake plastic crown.

Jeez. Another person down on their luck?

"You must be our new leader, Saitama. I find it very interesting that it was another human who dethroned Orochi. But you know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall."

'Who even says that anyway?' Saitama wondered.

"You don't look like a monster. More like someone down on their luck. What's a normal guy like you doing down here with monsters?" Saitama asked.

"Oh I'm far from a normal guy. But if you must know I used to be a normal civilian similar to yourself, but it all changed after my descent into the outcasts of society. I was fired from my job and became homeless, lost and confused. I soon came to view Humans as but a blight on this beautiful Earth, and myself. But before the moment where I decided to remedy this with death it was GOD who revealed to me that I had discovered the truth of humanity. That I was right, and that I had further purpose in life than in death."

Many spheres of light rose surrounding the man, lighting up seemingly from nothing.

"As such God gave me this power to exterminate the parasitic race known as humans, who are still yet sucking away at its life force. I became the being known as Homeless Emperor, the one destined to obliterate humanity off the face of the Earth and return it to its previous state of natural beauty." Homeless Emperor explained.

"Uh huh." Saitama dozed off midway through the story. It was interesting the first time, but after hearing countless people and monsters monologue their entire life story sometimes you get tired of it. Saitama got the general idea of it though, at least he thought.

"So what will it take for you to calm down?" Saitama asked.

"Gyoro Gyoro believes you are worthy to lead us. I simply wish to test such... by seeing how you fair baptized by the fires of God." Homeless Emperor raised a finger, another flaming golden orb suddenly appeared above him.


For a moment Homeless Emperor hesitated. "R-really? Your just going to stand there and take it?"

"Sure. It's not like it'll hurt or anything. I haven't got burned since I was a kid. Nothing has really touched me yet so far, so what would a little light like that do?"

"Very well. I suppose we will see if you're bluffing."

Right then and there Homeless sent a barrage of flaming orbs straight towards Saitama, who promptly swatted each and every one of them to the side. Upon seeing one successfully hit his head but harmlessly pass through, the Cadre stopped

Homeless Emperor grit his teeth. "No damage at all. So you're defensive capabilities are such that even the heavens cannot touch you?"

"Uh, I guess so?"

Homeless Emperor nodded. "Perhaps it is a sign. I shall meditate on this."

"What a strange guy. Those balls of light were kinds cool, like a... Wizard in a fantasy game." Saitama said, reminiscing of his past times playing RPG's.

As Homeless Emperor walked away from the King in thought, he noticed a small black creature sitting down on some rubble.

"Hello my fellow Cadre, care to try your luck against the new King?

"Nah, I think I'll claim the title a little later. Now that I really think about it, it could actually be pretty fun sitting back and seeing the chaos that a human King of the Monsters brings. Seeing baldy face humanity as a traitor to his own race should be really fun to watch." Black Sperm said with a devious expression.

"An interesting course of events our Association has taken. Unfortunately it puts my mission to eradicate humanity on hold." Homeless Emperor said in a regretful tone.

"Whatever you say... but if he doesn't mind, I might stick around the King and see if he has any weaknesses I can exploit later.

Black Sperm jumped off his rock and the two parted ways.

"Hmm?" Black Sperm noticed one of their resident Demon level monsters coming towards his direction, DO-S.

"What the hell are you wearing? I thought you were supposed to be some sort of dominatrix?"

Black Sperm couldn't help but noticed her drastic outfit change. Instead of her usual scantily clad black leather straps covering her body, DO-S was instead wearing completely normal clothes. A T-Shirt with a flower on it and Jeans, not unlike what a human civilian woman would wear.

DO-S blushed, but with an angry expression etched on her face. "Our stupid King took my whip! And wouldn't give it back until I put on something more modest!"

"Heh, a monster already changing to a humans ways? That's some good comedy right there if I haven't seen any. Honestly hilarious." Black Sperm said cracking a smile.

"Y-you can say because you're a Cadre! Not all of us have a choice in listening to him. Can't you kill him for us or something?!"

"Yeah, we're on top of the food chain and all that I remain with free will. But why use that freedom to waste my cell count against someone who took out two Cadres already and pacified the rest? No thanks, Saitama seems like he'll make a decent enough puppet for Gyoro Gyoro. Why interfere in that?"

"Huh. You think he has a plan for that human?"

"Pff, he set up this whole operation! Of course he has a plan. You think Monsters just suddenly just work together for no reason? It takes a lot of power and brains to figure out how to get a bunch of crazy powerful ego maniacs working together. If you're smart you should be able to read between the lines, Saitama is just another Orochi. A dumb but useful enforcer for keeping all the fodder in line."

"I suppose I have considered that... but we're all here because we share a similar goal."

"Yeah sure, well I think I might have a little mission for you."

DO-S seemed surprised. H-huh? What does a Cadre like you need of me?"

"You're human looking enough, how about you try to 'befriend' Saitama and figure out how to mess with his head. Maybe give me some pointers for the future."

"You think I haven't tried to get him under my control?!"

"Ha. I meant the normal way, like, actually act like a human to fool him into entering a genuine relationship with you. I know it's rich coming from me, but it seems like your best option here. You don't have anything else going for you besides kind of looking human... if I squint my eyes a little."

DO-S became silent, and went deep into thought.

"I'm gonna go interrogate the King a little and see his attitudes about things. You can help me figure out how he ticks or you can do your makeup or something, I don't particularly care." With that last statement Black Sperm hopped away.

"Seduce the human King with a genuine relationship... " DO-S repeated the Cadres advice.

"D-damnit! He's probably right, I just have to adapt to this change. Until eventually I can take advantage of Saitama's kindness and use it against him. I will then humiliate him for making me change into one of my minions outfits!" DO-S said to herself, before following Black Sperm.