The year is 2023. For four years now, the northeastern part of Syria, commonly known as Rojava, has been fighting against the republic of Turkey. Although there is no officially declared war, the Turkish army attempts to push deeper and deeper into the territory. They were allowed to attack by the former U.S's president's removal of troops, and emboldened by the current ones refusal to return. The coalition that controls this area has managed to suffer minimal territorial losses, but they cannot hold out forever.

30 miles north of Tall Temr, Turkish occupied territory, Syria,(2023,May 3rd 1700 hours)

Why couldn't they just send someone else?

This was the one thought going through 16-year old Zîv Jaf's mind as her militia group moved down the road in a truck convoy, moving to help defend against Turkish forces. She was wearing camo from head to toe, barring the black boots that were on her feet and the grey bandana on her face. She also had a backpack with survival gear and extra magazines in case she was stranded or stuck away from base for an extended amount of time. She was Kurdish, and had dark, shoulder-length hair and tanned skin. The weirdest part of her was her eyes being a dull grey. Nobody could figure out why exactly they were like that. Some guessed, but nothing completely matched up. "how far are we from the outpost?" Someone from the front of the convoy called out. "about 15 minutes out!" came a response from somewhere in the tangle of trucks.

"I can't wait to kick these Turks asses!" someone in her truck said. By her observations, the guy was younger than her, probably his first time outside of base. He had short, curly hair, and had a slightly tanner skin tone than Zîv. "Don't act like hot shit kid."Zîv responded. The boy seemed to be irritated. "Why are you such a downer? We're gonna push back the Turks from our lands! We'll be heroes!".Zîv sighed and responded "Kid, there is no such thing as heroes. All we are are people trying to survive against a force that's trying to take our land. The moment you get ahead of yourself, the moment you see yourself as nothing more than a normal soldier, you are dead. Remember that." She was pretty sure he didn't listen, but she didn't care. It at least got him to shut up. She looked down at her rifle, a Steyer AUG she'd had since joining the militia. She liked to pick off enemies at range with semi-auto, but she was still decent at mid to close range with auto. This was most likely going to be a close distance fight, so she kept the scope that she uses for long range combat in her pocket for when she needs it.



As soon as Zîv heard that, she and the other people in her truck barreled out into the road, looking for cover. She ducked down behind an old truck bed. Scanning the area, she noticed three Turkish soldiers who were shooting at other militia members hiding behind cover. At the angle the Turks were shooting, the militiamen couldn't get a shot off. She readied her AUG and fired three shots, three bodies proceeding to drop a second later. She ran over to the group, which consisted of six. "We need to get out of here," one of the militiamen said. "Well we can't do that with these Turks everywhere." another said. "I think I spotted a garage a bit back, I could probably find a car to jury rig." Zîv responded. The small group started heading to where the garage was, dodging as many Turks as they could. Any enemy that was unavoidable, met a quiet end.

By the time they made it to the old garage, it was almost sundown. Zîv told everyone to get in a van while she jury-rigged it. "I got it!" she said as she heard the hum of the old engine. As she was about to fit herself in the car, she saw the barred door crash into itself as a Turkish army squad burst through it. "GO! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" She yelled at the driver as he pushed the van through the old garage door, ripping it off and driving off. The soldiers started pouring in."Teslim olun! Etrafınız sarıldı!" they were saying, telling her to surrender. But, as she looked around the room she saw one thing, she realized she was done. But there was one last thing she could do.

If I'm going down, I'm taking you bastards with me!

She aimed her AUG at a small pile of propane tanks in the corner and fired.

And then all she could see or feel was black.

Unknown location, Emerald forest, Remnant.

Zîv would find herself aching all over her body, in the middle of a forest.

Wait, why am I in a forest? I live in the middle east!

Although she was confused, the priority for her was making sure that she had everything on her.

Gun? Check.

Bag? Check.

Food and water? Check.

Extra mags? Check.

Emergency radio? Check.

"Okay good, thankfully I have everything I could need" She said as she pulled the radio up to check frequencies." this is Zîv Jaf of the Syrian Democratic Forces! Does anyone copy! I need help, I'm lost and I cant see any notable-" She paused as she looked up at the sky. How has she not noticed it before? As she stared at the shattered moon in the sky, she only had one thought.

Where am I?

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