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(Italic text in par.-Zîv's thoughts)

Team RWBYZ Dorm, Beacon, (May 5th,6:00)

Zîv woke up slowly. She stumbled her way out of Ruby's bed (Why did I accept that?) and looked at the clock. 6:00 am. She knew that classes were around 9, so she had a solid three hours to get ready. She went over to the duffle bag she had set down when she went to bed. In it, she found the student uniform and some school books. These were given to her by Ozpin, who wanted her to have all basic student necessities. Anything else she wanted, Ozpin said she'd have to work for. Apparently her mechanic skills would come to use finally. Let's just hope skills to hotwire and fix a car translates over to a futuristic school.

She went into the bathroom to change, bringing her bag with her. She pulled off her baggy uniform (if you could even call it a uniform) and changed into the school uniform. She honestly hated it. It was tight, she hated having to wear a skirt, and stockings were not her thing. The dress code mentioned nothing about head or neckwear, so the girl kept her bandana on, keeping the scar on her cheek obscured for the near future. She got out of the bathroom, sitting down on the floor and pulling out a book to read some before class started..


Weiss immediately fell out of bed upon hearing that. "Ruby, why did you blow that whistle and where did you even get it?" She heard a voice ask. She looked to see the girl from the forest leaning against the wall in a school uniform, her bandana lifted. "Why is she here?" the heiress asked. "She joined our team!" Ruby responded.

"What? Why would Ozpin let someone we met in the forest into Beacon, let alone our team?"

"I dunno, but it's time for the first order of business!" the team leader responded.

"Redecorating!" Her sister added in. "We have to unpack. Well, except Zîv. I'm pretty sure she keeps everything in her bag."

What followed was an absolute clusterfuck called decorating the team room. Yang was putting up her posters, Weiss was shoving her stuff in any enclosed space she could find, Blake was putting the stuff from her suitcase where it was needed, and Ruby was helping where it was needed, while Zîv watched, reading a volume of The History of the Great War. The result of this decorating was a literal cluster of beds stacked up on top of each other.

"This definitely isn't going to work. Ruby, any ideas?" Zîv asked, confused on how the hell it had gotten this bad. "Oh…. ummmm… We could try bunkbeds!" Ruby responded, thinking it would also give them more space. "That could work." Yang responded, approving the idea. "Wait! I don't want bunkbeds!" Weiss cried. "Weiss, you're outnumbered 3 to 1 on this. Can you even think of a better solution?" Zîv responded, expecting Weiss to not be able to think of one. "Ughhh, fine, we can do that." Weiss said, relenting and getting to work with the rest of the team. The process of turning the four school beds into bunkbeds was a surprisingly easy process. Someone almost died only once! With the whole space issue settled for the time being, Ruby got down to the next set of business. "Classes. At nine we've go-" "Wait, nine? It's 8:55!" Weiss exclaimed, clearly not wanting to be tardy, rushed out of the room. The rest of the team, realising how close it was to class, bolted after her. Zîv could be heard muttering "Fena, fena, fena!" under her breath.

Professor Port's classroom, Beacon (May 5th, 9:10)

"...But I prefer to call them prey!"

They had gotten lucky, or maybe unlucky depending on the point of view. The teacher himself had been late, dragging a cage into the room about 5 minutes after they got there. Which means they didn't miss anything. The only thing that was going on now was the teacher- Port, Zîv thought?- talking about himself. Holy Allah he loved to talk about himself. He'd been talking about the time he'd caught a beowolf, and was getting way into detail (seriously, why do we need to know his grandfather smelled like cabbages?). As he was hopefully finishing up, Ruby was drawing him comically, getting giggling from Yang and Blake and a "heh." from Zîv. Weiss was not amused.

"...A true huntsman must be honourable! A true huntsman must be dependable! A true huntsman must be wise!" Port finished. "So, whom among you do you believe to be the embodiment of these traits?" Weiss immediately raised her hand and responded "I do, sir!" in probably one of the most passive-aggressive tones Zîv had ever heard. "Ahh, Ms. Schnee! Then grab your weapon and get ready to face your opponent!" Port responded, gesturing to a cage with something with red glowing eyes in it.

Professor Port's Classroom,Beacon (May 5th, 9:35)

Weiss had taken a bit of time getting dressed in her gear. Ruby had time to take a nap for about ten minutes. As Weiss walked back into the room, Zîv shook Ruby awake. "Weiss is up, try and stay awake at least until noon, okay?" Zîv said. "Wait, Weiss is up? Go Weiss!" Ruby exclaimed, trying to cover up the fact that she was asleep." Alright! Let the match… begin!" Port said, lifting up his Musket-Axe weapon, swinging it down on the lock. As soon as the lock broke, a piglike grimm burst out of the cage, immediately rushing Weiss. Ruby was cheering on Weiss, while she was absolutely getting pummeled. The grimm managed to disarm Weiss by jamming her Rapier into its horns. As Weiss ran over to the dropped weapon, Ruby tried to give her some advice on what to do. "Aim for the belly, it has no armor there!" (sound advice, let's hope Weiss acts on it before she's a stain on the floor.) Weiss chastised Ruby, before immediately acting on her advice, knocking the Boar Grimm on its back and stabbing it through the gut. "Bravo! It appears we are indeed in the presence of a true huntress!" Port said, Zîv not being sure if he was oblivious to how much Weiss struggled. "Be sure to cover the assigned reading, and stay vigilant!"

As Weiss left the classroom Zîv noticed Ruby going after her. She grabbed her things and looked at her schedule. She had about 15 minutes to get to her next class. Walking out in the hallway, she heard yelling coming from down the hallway. Weiss and Ruby. (Oh boy.) As she walked towards them, she heard Weiss finish what she was saying and walk away. "I've studied, and trained, and quite frankly, I deserve better. Ozpin made a mistake." She saw Ruby round the corner, looking like she was on the verge of tears. Being called childish and unfit to lead by your own partner can do that to you. "Jeez, she didn't pull any punches with that." Zîv said, hoping to find something to cheer Ruby up. "She's right, Ozpin made a mistake." Ruby said, tears forming in her eyes. "Don't say that. You earned the spot as leader, Weiss just doesn't see it." Zîv responded, being upset at the downward spiral that her leader's on the verge of. " But I haven't! She's and everyone else here has trained for years longer than I have, and yet I was the one to be the leader! Why? Weiss could probably strategize better than I even could!" Ruby practically cried, tears streaming down her face. " Ruby, do you know who I define a good leader as? Not someone who can make foolproof plans." Ruby's sobs lessened as Zîv talked " I define them as someone who can make sure that what needs to be done is done." Ruby stopped crying and looked at her. "What?" Zîv continued, "Weiss might be better at making plans than you, but you can easily plan on the fly. Remember the Nevermore? You think Weiss could've done that, you think I could've done that? 'No plan survives first contact with the enemy'. When a plan fails, a good leader needs to get back up and figure out how to succeed, and that is something you excel at. Make no doubt, you earned your spot as leader. "

Ruby was calming down now, responding to Zîv. "Really?" "Yes Really, now lets get to class before we're late again!" Zîv said, dragging Ruby along to their next class.

Aaaah, another chapter done! This one took longer than usual due to finals week, which I did surprisingly well on. In unrelated news, Summer School for me starts on the 7th, so expect me to try and get more out over the summer. Sorry if I sorta made Ruby OOC in this chapter, this is the first majorly canon-divergent conversation I've written.