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"Okay, so I've been thinking about this a lot, Mom leaves all the time and comes back like hours later. Where does she go?" Biana said, leaning back on her purple bedspread, fingering the intricate beading.

"I-I don't know." Fitz replied, with a frown on his face.

"That memory you just showed me Fitz, I have one like it." Biana nervously said.

Fitz sat up. "Can you show me?"

"Okay." Biana complied, closing her eyes and letting Fitz find his way into her mind.

It was the Foxfire midterms, and prodigies were running around her popping bubbles filled with all sorts of sweets. Biana was so tiny she could fit into her locker so she was buried in it, scrounging around for her thinking cap when she heard footsteps coming down the hall.

"Gisela, I told you, I'm never going to tell them." A woman said, in a voice that Biana recognized as Della, her mom.

"Uh huh, that's what they all say." Gisela replied, clicking her tongue in disbelief.

"No, I don't want to tell them." Della argued.

"Honey, when Nightfall comes around, you'll change your mind." Gisela said, a smirk on her face.

Biana poked her head out of the locker.

"Mom? What was that?" She questioned.

"Oh sweetie we were just discussing midterms. Why don't you go play with the other girls?" Della replied, choosing her words carefully.

"O-okay." Biana gave in, slowly walking down the hall, watching her mom pull out her imparter, and whisper the word 'criterion' into it.

"So...what do you think that means?" Fitz said nervously. "
"It's time for a get-together with the crew!" Biana said, very excited.

"Uh no it's not but okay then, I haven't seen Keefe in a while anyways." Fitz replied, walking out of the room to get his imparter.

Biana grabbed her's from the shelf and began to hail her friends.

"Show me Sophie."
"Hi Biana. I'm still asleep." Sophie mumbled, buried in her blankets.

"Haha, we're having people over if you want to come."

In the background, Biana could hear her mom talking to someone about something.

Sophie suddenly froze.

"Biana, did you hear that?"

"Uh no?" Biana questioned, completely incredulous.

"Biana, someone in your house just said 'Stay away from the moonlark'. I'm the moonlark." Sophie paused, waiting for her friend to soak it all in.

"Soooooo can you still come over?" Biana said, trying to distract Sophie from the incident. She knew who said that, and why they said that but was NOT going to tell Sophie.

"Uh..sure." Sophie replied.

Biana was woken out of her beauty nap by a doorbell ringing. Everglen didn't have a doorbell.

She walked toward the door anyways, opened it, and jumped back in suprise.

"You!" She yelled.

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