This is my first marvel Fanfic and I hope you enjoy it, I got this idea from a TicTok and have been hooked on making a fanfic. Read and Review! Also, I may or may not have stolen the sparring sequence from myself. No romance involved, in this story, the avengers are not split up.

Peters POV

Alvara was tough. She had that aura around her, like Nat or Thor. I had seen her in gym class and she was amazing. She was super flexible and agile. She was one of MJ's best friends and they were the perfect pair of friends, quoting vines every other minute and laughing at each other.

So you could expect me to be confused when she appeared in Stark Tower. Sam told me she was his niece and she was moving in. Then came the next wave of new information; she was an Avenger. Her alias was Artemis and her powers were Illusions and Lighting. It was awesome.

We hit it off and she told me about herself. She was from NYC and she could do any accent. She was fantastic and I could see why MJ liked her. Then I popped the question "Wanna train?" With a smirk, she said, "I thought you would never ask." Needless to say, I got my ass kicked that day.

-2 weeks Later-

It was Monday; Training day. Cap usually organized this and I was always happy to participate. The other people there were Nat, Bucky, Mr. Stark, and Alvara. I had always got the feeling that Mr. Stark didn't like Alvara, my suspicions were confirmed that day.

First, we started sparring with wooden sticks and I was paired with Alvara for the first match and our spar went like this; I charged with my stick raised above my head (like an idiot) She blocked and retaliated with a hit and I blocked and kicked but she sidestepped. I tried to hit her again but she blocked and kicked my stick breaking it into two. She tried to strike but I caught the stick with my two sticks and smiled to myself knowing I had won.

I threw one stick at her eyes which she shielded with one hand and I took my chance stepping on her extended stick and pushing up the other one of my sticks against her chin, I was around an inch away from her face, I said "It was bound to happen sometime," With a confident smirk.

When she smiled I knew something was wrong, she grabbed some of my hair and one of my hands, folded her knee and tucked it under my leg knocking me off balance, and forced it into the back of my knee sending me tumbling towards the ground, she grabbed my arm while I was lying flat on my stomach and pulled it up so hard I had to bite my lip to stop from yelling in pain.

As if that wasn't enough she took her elbow and put it in between two vertebrae, on my upper back. That was when I couldn't control my voice and cried out and she noticing this put less pressure on her elbow but kept my arm in the air and she said, "well clearly now is not that time,"

I had almost blacked out, but I managed to choke out "you won now stop," she let go of my arm and helped me up.

After that, we had a break, and then it was round two. This time the two people who won were to spar, Mr. Strak and Avlara (Cap and Bucky were black and blue, and though Nat had won she had to go on a call) were allowed to use powers, Mr. Strak had to use one of his older models to stop himself from killing her.

They began and it was almost as fast as light, I couldn't see anything, only blurs and beams of light. I heard a yell and a female voice curse, and I was thinking well Mr. Stark has this one in the bag but then I saw the whole scene change. We were now in the sky, then in a forest, in a cabin, after that the scenes kept changing faster than I could keep track of, and I fell to my knees from dizziness and I realized this was affecting Mr. Stark too. Soon she swept his leg, and he fell to the ground.

He was dizzy and on the ground, she was standing and it sort of amazed me that this 16-year-old could take on one of the most experienced fighters and still win.

Then I saw Mr. Stark's face and I was gaping, it was a look of pure loathsome. To further prove my point he said "If you were my wife I would put poison in your coffee," Without missing a beat she said "If you were my husband I would drink it," Then something even more surprising happened, Mr. Stark's face broke into a grin and he said, "I knew I liked this one!" We spent the rest of the day just chilling with MJ and Ned like normal teenagers, hoping that tomorrow would be the same.

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