"Hey Sabine, you in here?" Ezra asked as he approached the mandalorian girl's door. "Hera says we've got to finish running the diagnostic on the Phantom and furling it up before her and the others get back and-."

In hindsight, he probably should have knocked first but it wasn't a habit he'd gotten into yet and asides from annoying Kanan on occasion it hadn't gotten him into trouble yet.

"Ezra! Don't you ever knock?" Sabine yelled at him and he froze in surprise like a loth-stag in bright lights. Sabine had been in the process of getting dressed and was still mostly naked, with only a skin tight pair of legging on to obstruct Ezra's lustful stare. His eyes were glued to her chest and her uncovered breasts but instead of being embarrassed Sabine was annoyed. Her glare at the young man could have cut through a blast door and she made no move to cover herself or turn the other way. "Hello? Ezra?" she called out to him and waved a hand through the air. "Anyone home?"

Finally Ezra blinked and the awkwardness of the situation hit him and his face turned bright red. He averted his eyes and fumbled for an apology.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know you were in here and I-."

"It's my room, Ezra. Where else would I be?" she demanded sarcastically and he bumbled on with his apology.

"Well I knew you'd be in here but I didn't know you'd be like this in here and-."

"Ezra, are you okay? You're rambling. And are you sweating?"

"No! I mean yes, I'm okay but no to the other things." His eyes flicked back to her quickly, then looked away again. The tips of his ears were on fire and Sabine suddenly had a thought.

"Ezra, you've never seen boobs before, have you?"

"Of course I have," the young man replied far too quickly and a hand came up to hide his face and block his view of her. Or to block her view of his deepening blush. "All the time back on Lothal. Sometimes twice a day even."

Sabine snorted a laugh at his lame lie and the way he squirmed uncomfortably while he did so.

"So that's why you're standing in my door rambling and letting the cold in instead of coming in and shutting the door?"

"Shutting the door?" He stammered and she sighed and rolled her eyes at him.

"In or out Ezra, just close that door."

Around the edge of his hand he managed to cast her a quick glance and his eyes almost didn't wander to her chest again.

"In or…?" Realization slowly began to dawn on him and he stammered some more and looked back at the doorway uncertainly. Sabine's scolding look didn't abate though and she waited for his answer with her arms crossed impatiently so he finally took a step further into the room and shut the door. He was trying his best not to look at her however and his adorable attempts to hide his obvious curiosity and excitement made Sabine smile devilishly.

"You know Ezra, if I didn't know any better I'd say your ship's never left dry dock, has it?"

"Dry dock?" he squeaked uncomfortably. "Of course I've been with a girl before. What, do you think I'm a kid or something?"

"Really, Bridger?" she teased him and her smile grew as an idea sparked in her mind. She took a step back and sat on the edge of her bed. "Then an experienced man like yourself wouldn't mind showing me some of his skills."

"What?" he chocked out and looked back up at her in alarm as she slowly and deliberately removed her leggings and spread her legs open on the bed. Her pink pussy drew Ezra's eye immediately but he looked away again, though the growing bulge in his pants gave away his true desire. He looked like a rabbit about to bolt but curiosity and lust had rooted him to the spot. Enjoying the looked of torment on Ezra's face as he struggled between his embarrassment and his arousal she reached up and toyed with one her nipples. Ezra's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and he forgot to be bashful a moment and stared at her motions like he'd been hypnotized.

"How about I share with you some of my skills, then?" she offered him sweetly. Her other hand reached between her legs and toyed with her clit. "You can think of it like training."

Ezra had been half-turned up until then as if he was about to leave at any minute but now he turned to face her fully. He licked his lips nervously and his stunning blue eyes were alight with interest. She beckoned him over with a curl of her finger and he obliged.

"You should get on your knees," she suggested in a tone that was not a suggestion and Ezra sank down to the ground in front of her, his face inches away from her mound that he stared at in fascination. "Do you want to taste it?" she asked huskily and spread her lips apart for him and with some hesitation Ezra leaned in and pressed his mouth to her quim and ran a tongue over her slit experimentally. Shivers raced across Sabine's body and her pussy grew wetter while her smile grew. "Do I taste good?" she asked him but Ezra wasn't sure how to respond and just looked up at her for instructions. That would do just fine for her. "Do it again for me," she ordered him and he did just that, dragging his tongue slowly from her taint all the way up to her clit again and she moaned in pleasure at the sensation. Ezra's expression became a little more self-assured as he realized that he was the cause of her pleasure and he smiled as he locked eyes with her and repeated the motion a third time. When he came up, his lips and his chin were wet with her juices that now slicked her pussy and he watched her expectantly, waiting for more instructions.

"Lick my clit, Ezra. Right here," she said and pointed to her pleasure nub and the young Jedi faithfully did as he was told. He pressed his smooth, hot mouth against her and batted her clit playfully with his tongue and Sabine moaned loudly and trembled in response. Since she hadn't told him to stop he carried on, stroking her clit with his nimble tongue and causing waves of intense passion to consume the both of them. Sabine collapsed back on her bunk and lifted her legs onto Ezra's shoulders, dragging him even closer to her, and he responded by wrapping his hands around her legs, holding her in place, and continuing to fuck her with his tongue. She arched her back and grabbed the sheets tightly in her fists as she stifled her moans as Ezra diligently continued with his task. Taking the initiative he sucked gently on her clit and she cried out and a hot rush of juices erupted from her and dripped down his face. He paused and looked up at her curiously, face slick and his chin and neck wet.

"Did I hurt you?" he wondered and she shook her head firmly.

"Not at all. That felt really good."

"Do you want me to keep doing it?" he asked and she smirked at him.

"I want you to put your fingers inside me at the same time."

"Like this?" he asked and pressed a finger against her throbbing wet hole, watching in fascination as it disappeared inside her.

"Another one."

Again Ezra did as he was told and sunk another finger along side the first and she fell back onto the bed again with a lusty sigh. Ezra explored around inside her by touch, forced himself in up to his hand and pressed around inside her pussy, searching for ways to make her cry out in pleasure again. He watched himself work with a hungry look, his eyes taking in the erotic sight laid out in front of him, and his free hand fell down to his crotch and pulled at his dick that was straining to get out of his pants.

"Eat me out too," Sabine breathed huskily and the dark-haired boy took her pussy in his moth some more and his tongue stroked her clit some more. Sabine's breathing came in gasps and she squirmed in the bed while Ezra worked to please her, his fingers thrusting in and out of her quivering quim with he suck and teased at her nub. He'd freed his member from his pants and beat at it furiously while Sabine gushed and soaked the bed and his shirt with her spray.

"More," she commanded him and Bridger put a third finger inside her hole and was met with more resistance this time. She was wet enough that he had only to pull his hand out momentarily and lubricate the rest of his hand with her juices, then all three fingers glided smoothly inside her. Sabine let out a drawn-out moan and spread her legs even wider, welcoming him in. "More!" she begged and Ezra obeyed her. Her tight pussy resisted him though and the muscles in his arm strained as he slowly and steadily forced his way inside her. Sabine moaned and gasped in pain but she didn't tell him to stop so he continued to push until finally her body took him in and he sank up to the back of his hand into her hungry pussy.

"Yes!" she cried out her head tossed around in the throws of passion. The cock in Ezra's hand could wait no longer and he groaned and shuddered as the orgasm hit him and sent shining globs of semen shooting into the air. Hot waves of passion shook him and his rhythm broke for a moment, much to Sabine's disappointment.

"Ezra, fuck me more," she begged him but with a dick already spent Ezra didn't know what else to give her. Her pussy made wet sounds as he drew his hand in and out of it and while it was tight around him he wondered if there wasn't more room to be found. He cautiously withdrew his hand and added his thumb into the next thrust and Sabine sucked in a sharp breath and let out a small cry of pain.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked quickly, a spark of fear in in his eyes, but she managed to lift her head to look at him and shake her head.

"Keep going."

Ezra nodded and pressed his hand back into her and she strained into him, moaning as she did so. His hand was almost as slick as her dripping pussy and slowly opened up to Ezra's intrusion, gaping wide to take in his entire fist. Sabine cried out again as the young man's hand disappeared inside her entirely and she thrashed on the bed, impaled on the end of his arm. He pumped in and out of her, watching the slight movement in her stomach that reflected his hand somewhere deep inside her, and she continued to cry out and breath his name. Finally, at her wits end shy let out a final cry and arched in a way that ripped his hand out of her pussy in a smooth motion. A shower of juices followed and tremors shook Sabine as the powerful orgasm overtook her. Her pussy gaped wide and hungry and inviting and Ezra leaned in against for another taste and the next gush of fluids caught him in the face and he opened his mouth and drank them down.

It took several minutes for Sabine to stop shaking and find her breath and Ezra smiled as he watched her and wiped the back of his hand across his dripping mouth and chin.

"Did I do okay?" he asked her hopefully and she forced herself to sit up on her elbows to look at him.

"You did great," she admitted with a tired smile,glowing from the exertion, and he beamed proudly. "We should probably get cleaned up."

"I should go change," Ezra agreed, plucking at his wet shirt.

"Same time tomorrow?" Sabine asked him and arched an eyebrow. "We'll continue your training."

To that Ezra gave a hungry gin and nodded. "Sure thing, master," he agreed playfully.