Women's laughter echoed through three halls of the otherwise empty ship. It wasn't that Ezra minded Sabine and Katsu catching up while the three of them ran this fairly boring supply mission, it was just that the young Jedi was getting the distinct impression that some of the laughter was directed at him and at his expense. He didn't know Katsu at all, and the history that the two mandalorian women shared he could not appreciate or join in, so he was starting to feel a bit like a third wheel around here. Besides, with Sabine spending so much time with her old friend and there being no real room for privacy on this tiny ship, Ezra's 'training' with Sabine had been put on hold.

As Ezra entered the common area to grab something to eat he clearly interrupted Sabine and Ketsu mid-joke. With devilish grins they both looked over at him, stopped talking, and then burst out in another fit of laughter.

Ezra felt his ears go hot for no reason and distracted himself by rummaging around for food.

"Did I miss something funny?" he asked, uncertain he would be able to handle the answer.

Katsu leaned back and threw her arms over the back of the battered, patched bench the two women sat on. Though she was roughly the same age as Sabine the bald woman carried herself like someone much older. She had a bossy attitude and little patience and seemed more suited to doing things on her own then working in a team.

"Sabine told me that you blushed easy but I wouldn't have believed it without seeing it," Katsu said with a wide grin. "You're about the same color as a gundark's bare ass." Sabine chuckled at that. "Bet that blush if yours goes all the way down, doesn't it?"

"Down where?" Ezra asked innocently, then immediately regretted opening his mouth as the two burst into laughter again.

"I've got something to do in the hold," Ezra stammered uncomfortably and tried to leave but Ketsu put her leg up on the counter, blocking his path and abruptly halting his retreat.

"Don't be in such a hurry, Jedi. Join us. Sabine's been telling me a lot about you."

Just the good stuff, I hope," he laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of his head.

"She tells me you two have been doing some training together and that you're an excellent student."

Ezra contemplated pulling out his light saber and cutting the floor out from under him. Sabine was smirking at him and Ketsu's hungry stare sade it clear that Ketsu was up to date on everything their 'training' had covered. Still Ezra tried to play it cool. Maybe has was completely wrong and just being paranoid and Sabine hadn't told her friend ann the juicy details.

"Oh yeah, you know me. Top student. Training makes the man, right?"

"I don't know. How much of a man did Sabine make you?" Katsu challenged and her eyebrow wagged suggestively. Sabine laughed again and looked over at him with that playful look she saved just for their alone time.

"Katsu said that she wanted to see what you'd learned so far," the colorful manalorian said and leaned forward on her knees. "She thought maybe she could help in out next training session."

Ezra's blush went even darker and he stood gaping like a fish in utter disbelief.

"Sabine!" he exclaimed, mortified, but Katsu didn't seem bothered by his uncomfortability.

"Just think of me as a teacher's assistant," she offered, head tilted back and giving Ezra a sidelong glance.

"Sabine, is she serious?" Ezra squeaked, squirming as Ketsu's eyes ran up and down his body slowly and with purpose.

"Ezra, I'm always serious," the dark-skinned young woman replied evenly. "Unless you're not ready for some real training."

"Hey, I'm always ready for a challenge," he quipped back, pride overcoming his bashfulness, and his answer drew pleased smiles from the two mandalorians.

"Oh, he is eager," Ketsu said in approval to her friend, who nodded proudly. Katsu got to her feet and started to undress in front of a very red and very bewildered Ezra, taking her time to peel away her clothing and making sure Ezra got a good look as she did so. Immediately Ezra felt a stirring in his pants and he was coming to the slow realization that he wasn't dreaming.

"You sure this is okay?" he asked, looking over at his friend and trying not to seem too excited about the other naked woman standing in front of him. Sabine nodded enthusiastically and if anything she seemed more pleased than him about the possibilities playing out before them.

"I think it'll be really fun to watch you," she told him as Katsu sat back down again, legs spread open, her arms back along the edge of the couch. Her breasts were fuller than Sabine's, were tempting and alluring with their large, dark areolas and perky nipples. Her mound was covered by a bush of dark, curly hair, and the bright pink of her inner pussy contrasted in a pleasant way against her dark folds and lips.

"Come on, Jedi, show me what Sabine taught you. She said you were really good with your mouth."

With his heart racing in excitement he knelt between Ketsu's legs and pressed his mouth against her warm cunt, let his tongue drag up her slit and over her clit. He rolled over it delicately, alternating between quick, teasing flicks with the tip to firmer strokes with the whole of it.

"Oh stars Jedi, you are good," Ketsu moaned. Next to her, Sabine was watching Ezra with a lusy stare, his face buried in her friend's snatch, and started to run her fingers over her crotch. Ketsu noticed her tentatively touching herself and smiled at the other woman.

"How's it look from over there? You got a good view?" Sabine nodded. "You might as well take your clothes off too Sabine and come on over."

Sabine was happy for the invite and quickly undressed, tossing her clothes to the floor with Ketsu's to be sorted out later. Ketsu patted the seat next to her and Sabine sank into it, so close that the two women were pressed into each other. Ketsu reached over to her friend and pulled her in even closer, dragging Sabine into a kiss. Sabine didn't hesitate and opened her mouth to Ketsu's explorative tongue that slipped inside her. Sabine moaned low and her hand wandered up Ketsu's firm stomach and found its way to her friend's breast. Sabine took the dark nipple between her fingers, tugged it gently and massaged the area with practiced hands.

Between her legs, Ezra has worked up Ketsu into a slick mess and she broke her kiss with Sabine to address him.

"Come on Jedi, get those clothes off and show me that light saber of yours," she instructed him and he nodded obediently and got to his feet. With the eyes of both women on him he unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. Taking a cue from the girls, he hooked his thumbs under the hem and with deliberate slowness pulled his pants down to his hips, showing off the cut lines of his abs and the 'v' of his hips. He stopped at the bottom of his bush and the base of his shaft, teasing them with the promise of what was to come.

"Oof. Are all you Jedi so sexy?"

"Comes with the territory," Ezra replied, reaching into his pants and pulling out his stiff cock. He stroked it slowly while the women watched hungrily and he thrilled at their lusty stares. "What would you have me do, masters?"

Ketsu beamed a smile at him, then at Sabine. "You're right; he is adorable, isn't he?" She turned back to Ezra and beckoned him over, pointing to her slick pussy with the other hand. "I want you to bring that meat-saber of yours over here and fuck the Force out of me. How does that sound?"

The dribble of pre-cum that appeared on the head of his cock was enough of an answer so Ezra descended on her awaiting pussy. He guided himself into her invitingly warm body and slid in easily, her gaping hole accepting him without resistance. The sensation was unlike anything he'd felt before with Sabine or what he was used to doing alone in his bunk. Her soft, hot walls closed in around his shaft as he thrust into her, exploring inside her and trying to discover just how deep she went. Ketsu groaned in appreciation and she grabbed him by the hips, driving herself against him even as she dragged him closer. Sabine, who was still next to her friend and watching them fuck with wide, hungry eyes, leaned in and took Ketsu by the chin, cut off the other woman's sounds of pleasure by forcing her tongue into her already open mouth. Ketsu continued to moan though, muffled even as she was by Sabine's intrusive tongue, and the two women continued to kiss even as Ezra hammered his rock hard dick into the gasping, shaking woman. Her moans became more pleasing and Sabine reached down in between the two of them and began to play with Ketsu's clit. The slick wetness between her legs became a dripping mess and her back arched suddenly as her whole body quivered in an orgasmic release. Her soft flesh contracted in waves around Ezra's cock and he felt a surge of heat and pleasure as he reached his own climax. He held Ketsu in place against her weak thrashing and drove his dick in as far as it would go, releasing his load of cum deep inside her with a drawn out moan. When he pulled out slowly, a thick mess of cum and juices spilled out of Ketsu's quivering hole and Sabine broke off their kiss to place herself between her friend's legs. With the same care Ezra had taken, Sabine caught the trail of semen that was leaking out with her tongue and licked it up. She placed her hands on Ketsu's legs and forced them open wider, giving her greater access to the other woman's messy pussy. Ketsu panted and moaned while Sabine worked away at eating her out and Ketsu grabbed a fistful of Sabine's bright hair.

"You haven't lost your touch," Ketsu gasped as Sabine hungrily devoured her juicy pussy, and from where he stood watching he could feel his cock getting stiff again. The sight of Sabine's pale, round ass turned up at him while she had her face buried in her friend's muff was enough to give him a second wind.

"Sabine, would it be okay if I stuck it in you while you did that?" he asked hopefully, rubbing his thumb over the head of his prick still wet from its adventures inside Ketsu.

"I think that's a great idea, don't you?" Ketsu asked Sabine, whose answer was muffled by the other woman's pussy. She did, however, raise her ass higher in the air, presenting her tight, dark asshole and quivering opening to Ezra. She even reached around and gripped her own cheek firmly, spreading herself open for him and exposing more of her dripping cunt, inviting him to dive inside.

Ezra wasted no time and pressed the tip of his swollen, eager cock into her pink quim. Sabine gave a cry as he penetrated her but Ketsu held her head where it was by her hair and shoved her back into her pussy.

"Don't stop now Sabine. I want to see our little student pound your pussy till you both pop."

Ezra held Sabine tightly by the hips, pulling her into him each time he thrust forward to maximise each stroke while the wet sound of him driving into her filled the room. Her ass shook with each impact and Ezra couldn't resist reaching down and slapping it as he pistoned in and out of her. Sabine's whimper could be heard around her mouth full of snatch and even Ketsu let out a pleased sound.

"She showed you that, did she? Go on; give her another one."

Grunting with effort at controlling his rapidly approaching climax Ezra slapped Sabine again and she moaned and flinched and pushed back harder against him. She trembled and her pussy gushed as she was gripped in the throes of pleasure and Ezra exploded inside her a moment later.

Ketsu finally released her friend and Sabine gasped for air, her face wet and smeared in the other woman's love juices. Ezra slipped out of her with a wet sound and took a moment to appreciate the sight of the two women, riding the aftershocks of pleasure and flushed with passion.

"Your lessons are really fun Sabine," Ketsu said with a pleased grin. "I should sit in on them more often." Her dark brown eyes turned up at Ezra coyly. "And you, Jedi, you definitely passed. Sabine's a good teacher."

"Thank you, masters," he said and gave them a cocky mock bow.