"Let's go and sit down," muttered Humphrey, who led Jack by the hand to the side of the bed and sat down on the mattress. Jack sat next to Humphrey; hands still clasped together. They looked at each other, then Jack leaned in, pressing his lips softly to Humphrey's. He let Jack linger for as long as he felt comfortable, attuning to his body language, feeling him pull away gently after a moment or two.

Humphrey let go of Jack's hand, pushing the lapel of the man's coat from around his shoulders and letting it fall to the bed. Humphrey hovered around Jack's neck and jawline, dancing with the atmosphere before Jack arched his neck, allowing Humphrey's pursed lips to trace themselves along the soft skin.

Jack's hands cupped Humphrey's face as he did so, fingers splayed across his jugular, feeling the rising heartbeat beneath his fingertips. Humphrey appeared before him again. They pressed their lips together with a deeper urgency than before. Quick breathes, chin to chin, hands tangled in hair.

Jack pulled away, looking down Humphrey's slender frame. "Can I touch you?" he asked, almost stuttering.

Humphrey took Jack's hand in his and pressed it to his crotch, groaning slightly at the touch.

"Is that alright?" Humphrey asked. Jack nodded, moving his hand back and forth over the bulge that grew in Humphrey's trousers. He could feel the colour rising on his cheeks, the sound of his heart thudding in his head as the blood started to drain away. "If you want me to stop, just say," Humphrey whispered, not taking his eyes off Jack.

Jack pressed firmly. "I don't want to stop," he replied, taking Humphrey's other hand in his and pressing it to his own crotch, never once breaking eye contact. There, Humphrey could feel Jack hardening under his touch. He rocked his palm back and forth, gently massaging the man's growing erection.

"I haven't done this in a long time," said Jack, his breath quickening. "And I've never done this with a guy before."

"We can take this as far as you want," replied Humphrey, leaning in to Jack and pressing a kiss to his jawline, then down his neck. Small moans escaped from Jack's lips as Humphrey delicately kissed Jack's jugular.

Humphrey sat back, taking his hand from Jack's crotch, and began unbuttoning his shirt, from top to bottom, still rocking against Jack's palm. Noticing this, Jack did the same, beginning to take off his shirt but then pulling it over his head and casting it aside. He hurriedly assisted Humphrey with the final few buttons, pushing the shirt from around his shoulders and letting it fall to the bed in a crescent shape around Humphrey's hips. Humphrey and Jack threw their arms around each other, pressing tightly against one another as they fell back on the bed.

Jack lowered his head to Humphrey's nipples, delicately licking the small nibs there with the tip of his tongue. Humphrey shivered in delight. Then, with the flat of his tongue, lapped at them, swirling around and around, paying attention to each in turn. Humphrey cradled Jack's face as he did so, kissing him on top of his head gratefully.

Then, Jack's hands wandered back to Humphrey's crotch, palming his erection through his trousers whilst Humphrey fumbled with Jack's belt. With all the blood draining from his head, his fingers lost their dexterity, but Humphrey managed to draw out the leather from the hoops and cast the belt aside with their shirts. Then, he got to work on his own belt, letting it coil next to Jack's and feeling the satisfaction as he popped open the button on the top of his trousers. The strength of his erection loosened the zip.

Jack rolled beside Humphrey, whipping off his trousers and socks, giving time for Humphrey to do the same. Then, they lay there, both in their boxers, ready to see what would happen next. The men rolled back to face each other, inching closer, joined at their crotches, pushing their erections together.

"Is this too fast?" asked Humphrey, breathlessly.

"No," Jack shook his head, cupping Humphrey's cheek and kissing him ardently. "I want this. I want you."

Humphrey rested his forehead against Jack's. "I want you too," he whispered, kissing Jack lovingly. Their breath, hot and heavy, danced from mouth to mouth as they rocked back and forth, the gentle sway of their union soothing them both. "Can I take your pants off?" asked Humphrey.

Jack nodded and tugged at the waistband of his boxers, the head of his cock slipping out as he inched them down further. Humphrey took over, pushing them down over Jack's thighs and down around his knees, then pulled his own off, whipping them past his ankles and onto the mound of clothes. When he returned to Jack's embrace, Humphrey found he had done the same. The two of them stared down at each other, their erections rubbing against each other. Then gently, Jack took Humphrey's open palm and guided it to his cock. Humphrey took it in his grip and began to pump gently.

A small moan escaped Jack's mouth as he relaxed into Humphrey's hold, revelling in the feeling of Humphrey's hand working his shaft.

"Oh god," he whispered, his head rolling back.

Humphrey gave a breathy chuckle and began kissing Jack's neck. Jack's hand wandered south and grabbed Humphrey's cock, working his wrist up and down fluidly. Now it was Humphrey gasping and moaning into Jack's neck.

They returned to each other's mouths, hot slick breath, chin to chin, hardly concentrating on what their lips were doing as they pumped their hands faster and faster.

"I won't last long," Jack confessed, his voice hitching in his throat.

"Is that okay?" asked Humphrey.

"God, yes," replied Jack, but Humphrey wasn't sure if he was replying to his question or exclaiming in ecstasy. "Are you close?" Jack asked.

"Yeah," Humphrey panted, thrusting his hips into Jack's grip, feeling the tension build in his balls.

Jack worked his hand faster, and Humphrey tried to match him. Soon, Jack made a deep humf noise and Humphrey wasn't sure whether he was trying to say his name or hold on just that bit longer, but it didn't matter, as reams of come exploded from the end of Jack's cock over Humphrey's hand and arm. The look on Jack's face, the raw rapture of him bucking into Humphrey's hand tipped him over the edge as he let out a guttural groan, shooting come all over Jack's chest.

The two men panted, hurried breaths on their lips as Jack still shuddered with delight in the dim lamplight. They rolled onto their backs, winding down from the high. Humphrey reached over to the bedside table and took out a few sheets of tissue, leaning back over to wipe his hand and arm, then Jack's chest, who Humphrey figured was still seeing stars behind his eyes.

Then, he put the crumpled tissue on the bedside table and snuggled down next to Jack, finding his place in the crook of Jack's neck. Jack bent his head down and rested it on top of Humphrey's.

"Was that okay?" Humphrey whispered into the dark.

"It was perfect," replied Jack.


As soon as they could get through the door, Jack and Humphrey barrelled into Humphrey's hotel room. Jack closed the door behind him with a thud, pulling at his wet suit jacket and letting it drop to the floor behind as he kissed Humphrey towards the bed. Humphrey mirrored him, discarding his clothes in a trail as they made their way into the room.

"Do you want to have sex?" Jack asked, between kisses.

"Only if you want to," replied Humphrey, loosening his tie, dropping it without care.

Jack undid a few buttons on his wet shirt that still clung to him, before getting impatient and pulling it over his head. "I think I want to," Jack said, his lip curling into a smile.

"Same rules apply," Humphrey told him, shrugging off his shirt and pulling Jack in by the waist.

They kissed their way hungrily to the bed, before breaking apart and taking off their belts. They stood on either side with the bed between them. "I've never done it before," said Jack, as he dropped his belt with a thud and began taking off his trousers.

"It's easy enough," said Humphrey, doing the same. "I'll be gentle." Jack smiled and peeled away his trousers down to his ankles, stepping out of them. "I'm usually on top though, if that's okay?" Jack paused at Humphrey's words; his brows knitted together. "I'm usually giving, rather than receiving," Humphrey clarified. "It's called being on top."

"Oh," Jack nodded.

"Is that okay?"

"How does it feel?" Jack asked, tentatively.

"Good, I hope," laughed Humphrey breathily. Humphrey noticed Jack's reservation and sat down on the bed. Jack followed him, twisting their bodies around to face each other. "We'll take it slow," Humphrey echoed. "Any time you want me to stop, we will. I promise."

Jack patted the back of Humphrey's hand as he lent on the bed to steady himself. "Okay," he whispered. They both leaned in, kissing softly, then with more fervour as they both twisted their legs onto the bed and lay down, pressing their frames against the other, starting to rub their crotches together.

Wordlessly, they took their pants off and socks off, remembering what it was like to be here before. But instead, Jack straddled Humphrey, hooking his legs over Humphrey's hips, leaning forward to enclose both their erections between their stomachs, the pressure of them pushed together creating a tight, hot well for their cocks to rub together. Humphrey and Jack moaned into each other's mouths, beginning to gyrate against each other.

Humphrey's hands flew to Jack's arse cheeks, massaging the skin enthusiastically.

"Can I try something?" he asked, gently.

Jack moaned in agreement and Humphrey's hand gently roamed up to the cleft of Jack's buttocks, where the skin met the bottom of his back. There he pressed the full pad of his middle finger and gently worked it, circulating on the skin.

"How does that feel?" Humphrey asked, as Jack kissed down his neck.

"Nice," Jack cooed into Humphrey's ear.

"Want me to go lower?"

"Yes," breathed Jack, as Humphrey traced his fingers down Jack's arse crack, delving between the plush round cheeks to Jack's puckered entrance. Humphrey did the same, gently moving his middle finger in circular motions against Jack's heat. Jack moaned in response, his cock instantly hardening further. "Oh God," he groaned, stopping for a moment to revel in the sensation.

Jack closed his eyes and licked his lips, his head on Humphrey's shoulder as he acclimatised to the feeling. Slowly, Jack's entrance began to open, and Humphrey hovered for a moment, waiting for Jack, who eventually rocked his hips back against Humphrey's finger. Slowly, his finger eased inside of Jack and as the thrill of it mounted, Jack arched his back, lifting his head from Humphrey's shoulder and groaning loudly.

"Is that alright?" Humphrey asked, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Yes," Jack stuttered, still rocking back and forth, making his own pace.

Humphrey pulled his finger out, and Jack opened his eyes, ready to protest. Humphrey bent his head forward and spat on his hand, working the saliva over two of his fingers, and then resumed his position between Jack's arse cheeks. Slowly, he inserted one finger again, then readied the other, slowly inching it forward as Jack rocked back. The tip of his second finger caught on Jack's rim, causing a shudder, a mix of surprise and reservation, followed by satisfaction as he adjusted to the feeling.

"Are you okay?" Humphrey asked, as Jack quickened his pace again.

"Yes," he said, leaning forward to kiss Humphrey passionately, his tongue battling for more. "Yes, yes," he said, gathering speed.

"Are you ready for me?" asked Humphrey.

"Yes, I think so," replied Jack, pushing back so far that Humphrey's knuckles were almost buried inside him.

Humphrey pulled his fingers out and Jack sat back on his heels. "It might hurt a bit at first, but I promise I'll be gentle," said Humphrey, as he moved around behind Jack, kissing him from his lips, then his cheek, then behind his ear, then the nape of his neck.

"I trust you," Jack said softly, turning his head to catch Humphrey's lips in his.

"Bend over," Humphrey told him, guiding Jack down with a gentle hand on the back of his neck. Jack did as he was told, up on his knees, folded at the waist, forehead against the mattress. Humphrey spat on his hand again and worked it over his cock, positioning himself between Jack's arse cheeks.

"Humphrey, please," Jack begged, pushing his arse back to meet Humphrey's tip. Slowly, Humphrey inched himself forward. At first, Jack hissed, as Humphrey's cock was much rounder than his two fingers, but eventually, Jack rocked his hips back to greet him, taking an inch more of the man's length each time.

Eventually, Humphrey hit Jack's prostate, earning a deep moan from both of them. Humphrey reached around to Jack's front, grabbing his aching cock, and began pumping. Humphrey lent his head forward and kissed down Jack's spine, earning a shivered moan in response.

"Is that okay?"

"Mhm," Jack whimpered, bucking his hips against Humphrey's hold and cock.

In tandem, Humphrey began to work, sliding his hand along Jack's cock as he slid out of him, before bringing them back together, earning a gasp of delight in response from Jack. Humphrey set a good pace, not too fast, allowing Jack to revel in the feeling of being pleasured from both angles.

Slowly, Jack raised his head then knelt up to full height, his head next to Humphrey's. Jack rested his head on Humphrey's shoulder, as Humphrey adjusted himself to a better angle, thrusting up into Jack from below. Humphrey's free hand found its way to Jack's collarbone, rubbing the skin sensually, then inched his fingertips up towards his throat, holding it in the same delicate manner he had the man's cock on their first encounter.

"Do you like it?" asked Humphrey, grinding his hips, sweat beginning to break on his brow. Humphrey began biting his bottom lip.

"Yes," Jack smiled, as Humphrey panted into his ear. "I want you to fuck me," he said.

"With pleasure," the man replied.

Humphrey removed his hand from Jack's throat and guided him back down to his previous position. Jack replaced Humphrey's hand with his, pumping his own cock whilst Humphrey gripped onto Jack's hips for better leverage.

He gathered purchase, his pace quickening as he thrust in and out of Jack's tight hole. Jack's elbow was hammered back and forth as he gasped into the mattress. Humphrey pulled Jack's hips back, slamming them down onto his pelvis, grunting with every movement, feeling his cock tense with his mounting orgasm.

"How close are you?" he asked, his voice stuttering, barely there. "Jack?"

A moan rolled out of Jack as he came hard and fast onto the mattress, teasing out every last bit of come from cock, panting heavily. The sound of it pushed Humphrey over the edge, and with a few short thrusts filled Jack's arse with his hot, wet seed. The sensation earned another satisfied whimper from Jack whose knees had buckled. Humphrey slowly eased his cock out, rubbing Jack's back affectionately, and collapsed next to him.

Jack was in a heap, so Humphrey curled his arms around him and drew him in, kissing him on his forehead and cheeks affectionately.