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Author Notes: This fanfic is unbeta'd so all mistakes and typos you find are all mine. I have written this fanfic for the 2021 Harry Potter Crossover Multifandom Fest and it is also part of the 31 Days of Shipping Spring 2021 challenge.

Prompts that was used:
A slash ship
Date night

This fanfic is a sequel fic to another Nick Miller/Harry Potter fanfic of mine "A Little Push From A Friend"

This pairing and the date night prompt was requested by MissInara2020. MissInara2020 I hope you like this fic and I hope everyone else likes this as well.

Nick Miller frowned as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. Today was his first date with a man who he had developed some romantic feelings for.

He felt very awkward and nervous, afraid that he would say or do the wrong thing and that he would accidentally cause his date to stop liking him. The man who he was going to go on a date with tonight was a thin bespectacled man with short messy black hair and really pretty green eyes. This man was the same exact man who Nick had a crush on for weeks and it was only yesterday that they had both confessed feelings for each other, the confession followed by the other man asking Nick out.

Nick gave a sigh of dissatisfaction as he stared at himself, not sure if he looked good enough.

He was so bad at this and his last serious date with someone felt like ages ago. His hair looked alright, he supposed. He had brushed his teeth and had a shower, during which he had washed his hair as well as the rest of him. He was wearing a pair of black pants, black enclosed shoes, and a button up black t-shirt.

After Nick did up all the buttons on his shirt and laced up his shoes, he grabbed some of his money, his key to the loft and left his room.

"So how do you think I look?" Nick asked his roommates once he got out of his room and saw Jess and Winston watching TV.

Jess and Winston looked at their friend.

"You look very handsome..." said Jess.

"You look good" said Winston, giving a slight nod of approval.

"I'm glad I set you two up, I'm sure you'll have a great time together" said Jess brightly.

At this Nick gave his friend a slightly annoyed look, "You didn't set us up together! We did it on our own, your help wasn't needed Jess!"

"Well, I gave the two of you the push you needed!"

Nick rolled his eyes, "Sure, whatever Jess.." said Nick. "See you later" he then added a moment later before leaving the loft to go pick up his date.

After leaving the loft Nick went to the apartment building where his date lived, feeling nervous. He knocked on the home of his date and waited.

Soon Nick heard footsteps and the door opened to reveal Harry Potter.

Nick smiled at the sight of Harry and he thought that the other man looked great. His short messy black hair looked brushed and neater than it usually looked. He was dressed in a pair of long black pants, a long-sleeved button up blue shirt and black enclosed lace up shoes.

Harry had a smile on his face when he saw Nick and he was staring at the bartender with those pretty green bespectacled eyes of his.

"Nick! Hello" greeted Harry.

"Hi Harry, you ready for our date?" Nick asked.

Harry nodded, "Yeah, I'm ready" he said and after saying this he shut the door behind him and locked the door.

"So, restaurant and movie, was it?" asked Harry.

"Yeah" said Nick.

"Great! Let's go" Harry said, still smiling.

Nick and Harry soon left Harry's home and the bartender soon drove them to a restaurant.

The restaurant that Harry and Nick entered after arriving there wasn't anything too fancy but it was nice and it had a pleasant sort of atmosphere. There was music playing, the smell of good food was in the air and the interior of the restaurant was nicely decorated.

It wasn't long before the pair got seated to a table for two and the two men sat down. Shortly after a waitress approached their table, gave them a menu each and left them alone.

Nick and Harry after deciding what they wanted to eat and drink ordered their meals from the waitress who after writing for the orders down left the two men alone again.

Now that they had ordered their meals, the two men were alone together again. This was their first date together so both men felt incredibly awkward and for a few minutes sat in nervous, awkward silence, just staring at each other. The two men were glad when the drinks arrived to the table.

Soon Nick wanting to try to get to know Harry started to engage the other man into conversation.

Nick wasn't good at talking to people, even if it was with someone he was romantically interested in, so he was extremely awkward as he talked to Harry.

"So…er what do you do for work?" asked Nick.

Harry stared at Nick for a brief moment before answering, "I work at a coffee shop" said Harry.

"Cool" said Nick. "And er…so what kind of stuff do you like?" asked Nick. "I like sports and movies and drinking and TV"

Harry grinned, "I like that stuff too and I like to read sometimes"

Nick grinned at the fact that he had some stuff in common with Harry. He then asked what kinds of TV shows and movies Harry liked and for a short time they talked about the different kinds of movies and tv shows each other liked until their food arrived to the table.

The pair was silent as they ate and drank, both men still felt a bit nervous but so far they were enjoying themselves.

While they ate and drank, Nick hoped he was making a good impression and wasn't making too much of an idiot of himself. He really wanted Harry to continue to like him. He hated that he was so bad at talking to people.

After eating and drinking Nick and Harry talked again, getting to know each other more. They talked about family and a bit about their past romances.

Nick told Harry about his family, and about his ex- girlfriend Caroline and how she how dumped him without even telling him why.

Harry stared at Nick with a sad look in his eyes, and Nick didn't like it so he quickly said, "So, uh what…what about you? Do you got any family or past relationships?"

Harry gave a slightly humourless laugh, and the sad look in his eyes still remained there "Yeah, I have had some relationships but well, I haven't really had the best luck when it comes to romance and about family….Well , my parents were murdered when I was a baby and I was raised by relatives who pretty much hated me but I have a couple of friends who are sort of like family to me and one of my best friend's family always treats me like I'm part of their family"

Nick stared across the table at Harry with a shocked look in his eyes. "Shit, I'm sorry Harry" he said.

"Thanks…..So, what kind of movie do you want to go see?"

Nick gave a shrug of his shoulders, "Whatever movie that looks good, I guess."

"Sound good to me" said Harry.

They talked a bit longer with each other about more trivial topics of conversation until they decided to pay for their meals and leave the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant they went to the movie theatre where they decided on some movie that was playing and after picking a couple of seats they sat down together.

As they watched the movie they sat in silence together watching it and they found themselves quite enjoying the rest of their date. The movie was good and while they sat beside each other they held each other's hands.

When the movie was over the pair was still holding hands and continued to hold each other's hands with their fingers intertwined , until they went back to Nick's car.

Nick soon took Harry back to his apartment and he walked with his date to Harry's home.

"This was nice Nick, thanks" said Harry when they reached his front door.

"Yeah….Yeah , it was nice" said Nick, a grin appearing on his face.

Harry then pulled Nick in towards him for a kiss, a kiss that Nick was more than eager to return, the bartender bringing his hands to cup the sides of Harry's face softly. The kiss wasn't very long, it was chaste and awkward but it was nice and when they parted it made the pair wish that it hadn't ended.

They stared at each other for a moment or two after separating from the kiss, both with smiles on their faces.

"We er…should do this again Nick" said Harry. "I'd love to go on another date with you sometime soon"

Nick smiled happily at Harry, "Yeah, I want to too."

Nick then soon left Harry's home with a smile still on his face, already looking forward to the next time he would see Harry.